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Note : we are still working on getting all the archives from past. Open this post to compile every thing before opening this post for everyone's view. Please note some of the topics form past might not be appropiate based on recent changes..please don't take the topics as example untill we are finished updated and opening this post.

Discussion:Relation Betw Kitchen & Female
NRI Kids Always Teased in Movies
NRIs-Their potrayal in Bollywood movies .
is being short heighted a curse?????
Non Vegetarians Animal Activists - Moral?
Endorsements - Go Team India
Most hyped movie of all time
Why was Water banned??
NRIs-Their potrayal in Bollywood movies .
Discussion of the Day: Virtual Flirting
Discussion:Relation Betw Kitchen & Female
NRI Kids Always Teased in Movies
Can Culture Be Superior?
Sachin should quit one dayers.
Possessiveness is a positive quality!!
Mallika Sherawat in Hollywood.. ur views
SRK.. you aren?t cool, so stop trying so
Red Battlefields of Bengal!
New WOW ...Big time surprise master!
Shopping: A Hobby or An Addiction?!!!
My Woman of substance
Ban of underweight models?
Moving in with prospective life patner ?
Women being ambitious... Is it a crime?
u prefer arrange marriages or love
what is the point of debates?
Criticism vs Bashing!!!
Is it hard not to cross IFpersonal space
Women on physical abuse
Space Exploration - do we need it?
Cultural Treasure Should Be Returned?
your views abt Divorce?
Amitabh Bachchan as President of India?
Do we mean it when we say the word LOVE?
TEENS vs OLD(ER) people!!
Indian culture and traditions
Is the Indian Education system good?
World wud b better if it was run by women
Public Kissing Right/Wrong?
Boring Peoples
Our new WOW : Some just shine
Is Going To Mars Important?
Taj Mahal: A Fine Example of What?
Uncle!!! Aunty!!! Bhayya!!! Didi!!
Patriotism still relevant???
Bad handwriting. A hindrance in success?
DOTW: Secret Agent of SRGMP
Racial Discrimination in Big Brother show

What makes you Proud of India?
Does maturity necessarily come with age??
Winners of Debating Championship V
Does a baby complete a "woman"?
Kundaly/ horoscope matching is imp?
How to deal with Death?
Age Limitations?!
comic license, is there a limit?
The Secret world of BLACK MAGIC
Do aliens exist?

~*~ Debater Of The Week ~*~

Debate Championship V-6th & 7th Jan '07

Saddam Hussain execution- do you agree?

Virtual Friendship

A longer lifespan: Would you choose it?

What Will U Sacrifice For Ur Loved Ones??

Why do we make New Year Resolutions?

Member Of The Week!

Is fake sympathy right?

Being a vegetarian is better...?

IIT: Brain Drain or lack of opportunity?

Next superstar of Indian cinema....Kaun??

*QUIZ* : Dec 22, 2006 - answers posted

Does AB deserve Indian of the year honour

WOW this week : RESERVED for Abhi........

Can Father be a Mother For a Child?

Ekta Kapoor is angry at TV awards

Is Education Important

Banning Child Performers, Right or not?

Forward this email in 10 mins OR ELSE....

girls - fat or thin?

Sale!....Hurry while stocks last....

Saddam Trial - Is it fair??

Brain vs Heart: The never-ending debate!!

Eve-teasing: college prop to ban girls

Life without Internet!

"Bloody Indians"....Jolie's bodyguard

Ethics or Success. What's more important?

Minors and Internet addiction!!!

Rape Law in Pakistan

4th Debate Championship

Miniskirts+ flirtish behaviour=rape?

Americans answered their President

Should TV shows be rated like Films?

Discussion: What is LIFE(Uff yeh Zindagi)

Do good looks give you an edge over ...

Women alwayz suffer

Israel & India

Why is Bush blamed?
Are you an Internet Addict?
Why do People take to Roads?
Debate:- Does Love Still Exist?
Are the pen and paper redundant?
Live-In relationships
Is Mumbai world's rudest city?

Adopting kids from poor countries
Veil Off........and i will hear you out
equ. of intimacy & fidelity in marriage
Did any book create impact on you?
Is Friday the 13th really unlucky or not?
Is it necessary to fire crackers?
Indians kill English?
India Forums ke side effects!!!!!!
Hindi in South India
Which deserves the OSCAR? RDB or LRM?
RELATION: Make or Break
SRK Acting abilities getting older?
Will You Fall In Love ???
~~Debater Of the Week! ~~
To makeup or Not to Makeup
GOD real or just an imagination
Wht if a celebrity breaches IF's laws?
Is India going too easy on Terrorists?
Plus sized women should only wear Sari's
"Researcher of the week" is.......
Talking about people's weight/appearance
Lying about virginity
Working women?
Denizens of Bolly Vs Denizens of telly
"Researcher of the Week" is...
Discussion: Is "thin" IN??
which movie deserves Oscar nomination?
Khoda Pahaad Aur Nikli Chuhiya: ur take?
Drinking Milk after eating Fish
Depending on 'saboots'. Is that right?
Is there anything wrong being single?
Courtroom - Case 2
Marriage Wars: The Root Cause
DID you Know?- MUSIC
How fair is the Duckworth-Lewis method ??
long distance mariages/relationships
Discussion: Round Round Round
Daughters: A Boon Or A Bane!!!
Amitabh Vs. Abhishek
Boys & Girls:Can they be just friends?
America - the best place in the world?
DHOOM 2 or DON - Your choice?
Do you think Rani is over-rated!!!
And "Researcher of the Week" is...
Internet-A boon or bane
Discussion: Your opinion on Net Romance
worst actor/actress
Best movie of 2006
Quiet/Shy or Talkative
~Debate~ Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka Vs Kasam Se
No Cellphones Please?
Why Only Daughter-in -law!
R Indians good at adapting western movies
Should eliminated contestants return?
Television vs Books which is more useful?
what would u do in this situation?
Ban on Cold Drink [PEPSI/COLA]
Debate of The Day!! -- RAKSHA BANDHAN!!
For those who like science!

Modern Marriage (NDTV)

~DOTW~ Buffie

Advertising.. Does it work???

Ball tampering charges - Your views

Debate of the Day:Controversy around KANK

Box Office earnings Vs Critic view

Why is it that,Pakistani soaps and movies

UK terror plot.............. all planned?

~ Debator of the week ~ *MNMS*

American English or British English?

hollywood vs. bollywood

Buffie Vs Mkzara- Battle begins

Indian tv serials are ruining us


Debates Mansion Archived

Debate Championship III-4th and 5th Aug

~Debate: Kavanjali Vs. Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka~

Debate Championship!!

Debate: Arrange Marriage Vs Love Mariage


Debate: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna -Overrated?

Debate of the Day: Good vs Evil

Abroad children...and their parents!

Debate of the Day: Online friends

Debate of the Day: Reel or Real?

Debate of the Day: Girls vs Boys

Debate Of The Day: SRK Romances A Tree

Everybody's Aunty&Uncle

~Member of the Week~

Pre-Marital Sex?

Would u call this a true friendship?

Da vinci Code...Dan Brown

hindu and muslim


~* Debator Of The Week *~

does cast matter in love?

Do you talk lyke dis?

~*Debator of the week*...


Can you see god in your husband?

India and Pakistan

Is there one God or many Gods ?

Cousin Love/Mairrages

Can Man-Woman/Girl- Boy be Just friends?

Debating Championship II- 25th March

Astrology, Fortunetellers, and BirthChart

Romantically Involved Cousins

polygamy and Purdah - Woman's view?

~*Debator of the week*~ - Eisha

Help Me Solve the BIGGST mystery EVER!!

M.F.Hussain's nudes - Hindu tolerance !!

Internet addiction and lifestyle

do looks matter?

Offensive drawing of prohphet muhhammad

Debator of the week- Debating Champion

Can Money buy Happiness?

Artists: Emotional or imaginative!?!

india vs not-india

underage smoking in schools, public place

DC - Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

Facts about TV Shows and Reality

Loosing Virginity Before Marriage-DOTW

Horific Violence in The Internet

Is Bin Laden is Spiritual Hero??!!?

Should Saddam Husein given death penalty

~*Debator of the week*~ -RINDAM

can a mother be cruel??

Are we Asians Racists ?????

Lesbian marriages

Operation Blue Star

Segregation in classroom-ablity based

would you convert into a christian/muslim

Age differences..




The Media , Press and Celebrites!

Breastfeeding in Public

Would You Marry a Single Parent?


what happens after death?

Do you agree with Bush?D*O*T*W

divorce, widow & marriage *dotw*

real culture or fake?

HIV test before marriage..

Why are Ekta's shows so popular?

Debater OTW - Vishesh

punjabis and the general impression

Debater OTW - indygirl

would you convert for your SPOUSE???

Do u beleive in aliens?

Should there be a dress code??

Do u believe in ghosts, spirits????/

gay marriages???

suicide??? right or wrong?

Why you do or do not eat meat?

sex at a young age.

DEBATE: My Pic as Avatar

women - drinking,smoking ,partying

A 3rd world country,India or USA?

Abortions - Are they legally Immoral?



what is love

Indian TV Serials (Your Views)

Loveless marriage or Divorce

would u leave ur parents for ur love??

Punishment for a rapist

Love and Sex!

TV Serials and Marriage

Internet-Curse or Blessing for Teenagers

 PS - Thanks to our GM ,Bhaskarand other dev team to intiate and help collect the archive links.

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