can a mother be cruel??

Posted: 14 years ago

i  wish to share with u all something which happened in mumbai and it was all over in newspapers and on tv most of u must have seen it

this is out of topic subject and i really dont know where to put it so mods please excuse me for that/ this story touched me and moved me to tears. how can any mother be so cruel

please talk to me on this if i let it out then mayb i can be calm.

again  i m sorry this is not related to jassi but since u all r my friends i wud be comfortable talking this to all of u


Neighbours turn guardian angels for Dhruta
   By: Dipti Sonawala

   January 19, 2006

"The girl is suffering from battered baby syndrome. Her body is swollen, she has multiple abrasions and her left arm is fractured"

Four-year-old Dhruta, who was admitted to Thane civil hospital after she was brutally beaten and burnt by her stepmother, Vaishali Jadhav on Jan 17, now has only her neighbours to turn to. In fact, it was a neighbour Arun Amdekar who admitted Dhruta to the hospital on Tues. Dhruta lives in Vijay Park building on Ghodbunder Road with her father, stepmother and stepsister.

Neighbours fight for custody

Neighbours horrified by Dhruta's condition (besides the burns, her arm has been fractured), are attending to Dhruta at the hospital and have also vowed to fight for her custody once she leaves the hospital.

Says a neighbour Kavita Koyande, "Dhruta cannot be left with these inhuman people. I am ready to take care of her. She is such a sweet girl, how can they beat her?"

Another neighbour Rahul Gupte says, "The girl has been so badly beaten up that that her body is swollen. We are not going to leave Dhruta alone in the hospital as we fear that her folks will kill her. When this girl was undergoing treatment, her father was not present. I don't think he should be allowed to meet her again." He adds, "We are going to try our level best to fight for the custody of this girl." 

'Dhruta's brother missing since Oct'

Meanwhile, Dhruta's elder brother Tanmay Kurlekar (11), who was also being tortured by the stepmother, is no longer on the scene. While neighbours suspect something amiss, Dhruta's father, Manoj Kurlekar, who has otherwise kept mum on the entire issue, says that he is in some boarding school in Bhiwandi.

He refused to give any further details. Says Arun Amdekar, "The stepmother also tortured Dhurta's elder brother in the same manner. Once she burned his foot by pouring hot oil on it. She now says that she has sent Tanmay to a boarding school in Bhiwandi but we don't believe her. We are going to look for the boy."

Dhruta was being tortured for months

Says Vaishali Amdekar, Arun's wife, "This is not the first instance of Dhruta being beaten up. This has been happening for two to three months now. The woman used to beat the little girl almost everyday for some reason or the other. We could not do anything when we heard the poor girl screaming because her stepmother used to lock the door and beat the girl. But on Jan 17 the situation got out of hand and we thought she would kill Dhruta so my husband called the police."

When metro spoke to Dhruta about what happened on Jan 17, she says, "My mother banged my head on the wall." She also added that on several occasions her stepmother hit her with frying pans and brooms and bathed her in freezing cold water. Dhurta also has burn marks on her leg and palm of her hand. Now she cannot stand on her feet as her legs hurt a lot.
Stepmother had thrown Dhruta's photos away

Asmita Lotankar, a neighbour, says "This woman had thrown all of Dhruta's current and old photographs in the garbage bin. The watchman found them and gave me the photographs. I really wonder what she was up to. I really hope her brother Tanmay is safe."

Lotankar also suspects that Dhruta's stepmother is not really married to her father as she still uses her ex-husband's name (Vasant Jadhav). When metro asked Kurlekar about his earlier wife he refused to reply. Neighbours claim that she had killed herself.  

Dhruta's father has refused to comment on the issue
Neighbours beat up stepmom and father

The stepmother, Vaishali Vasant Jadhav, was arrested on Jan 17 after Dhruta was admitted to hospital and a police complaint was filed by the neighbours.

However, she was released on bail on Jan 18, following which she was accosted in her building by her neighbours and dragged to the police station again. Apparently both Vaishali and Manoj Kurlekar, Dhruta's father, were beaten by the neighbours when they came back to the building on Jan 18. 

Investigating officer, API DN Patil from Kapurbawdi police station, says, "We arrested the stepmother after the complaint was made but had to release her because the court granted her bail. But we are working on the case as we have heard that the girl has fractured her hand when she was beaten up."

share ur thoughts please

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Posted: 14 years ago
OMG....thats too bad Cry Cry Cry
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Posted: 14 years ago
My God.....Sometimes it becomes hard to believe that we're HUMANS Ouch

How can ANYBODY ever beat a four year old child,and that too - A Woman ! Ouch I can expect this of the male sex,but the female sex is wayy too humane to be even thinking of doing this Event to a stranger !

I do not any other reason of THIS treatment,other than theone that this Woman ( she does not deserve to be called one ) is Mentally Insane,Sick,and ill - psyched. Ouch

Talk about Humanity Dead
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Posted: 14 years ago
yes prachi i agree with u. its totally insane and i think u didnt see this on tv, yday it was on aajtak and starnews special segment
if u see that then u wud also have tears in ur eyes
someone just touched the childs head and she started crying.
it was too bad Cry
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Posted: 14 years ago
This is so horrid! i hope someone decent takes over the kid.
The missing brother scene is also very fishy.
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Posted: 14 years ago
Hey CB.... there are members who are genuinely looking out for articles like this to discuss in the members lounge and debate in the debate mansion.. Smile

and yes that female needs a life Angry Dead
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Posted: 14 years ago
Sad but oftern true, I don't know how it's dealt with in India (seems like no real police action was taken), but in the west social service organizations and police would go after the criminal...father could be considered an accessory as well. Her brother may be dead, and they're trying to cover it up by saying he's "away at school".

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Posted: 14 years ago
i know jas i was surprised that the female was let off on bail and now both wife and husband r absconding

if u had seen what i saw on tv it wud make u cry too
this girl seems so innocent and her cries wud melt anyone but the cruel parents
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