~Debate: Kavanjali Vs. Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka~

Posted: 13 years ago

Hey Debate lovers and T.V show fans we have something new and exciting for you this time. A debate battle for the T.V show enthusiasts!! Which show according to you is better - Kavanjali or Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka? 

Nimmo Vs Kavyanjali

So the common factors between the shows ofcourse are the one and only Soap Queen Ekta Kapoor and the hot, good-looking and talented Ejaz Khan.  However there are many differences.

Kavanjali is a full fledged drama on Star Plus with the usual twists and turns.  On the other hand, Nimmo is aired on Star One and is supposed to be a light comedy show. 

Now we are asking all the television buffs to step into the court and advocate for what show they think is better.  You are the advocate and you give the proof for why you side with one show over the other.  Plot, actors, channel, chaska meter ratings, trps, etc etc - use anything you want in your serial's defense Wink

What's your choice - Nimmo or Kavanjali?  Get ready to defend your favourite show !!Wink Best of Luck !!Thumbs Up

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Posted: 13 years ago

You cant really compare the 2 shows because Kavyanjali is a year and half old while Nimmo is only 4-5 months old...Confused and because they're totally different, one is drama and the other is comedy.

Both shows are good because of Eijaz Khan..But overall Kavyanjali is better because the love story and chemistry between the 2 lead actors is really touching...The show has that extra spark which is maybe missing in Kya hoga Nimmo ka..

Eijaz is cute and funny as Kunal in Nimmo but you just fall in love with him in KA where he plays Kavya/Soham....He is amazing.Embarrassed

I'm not gonna say anything about trps and stuff coz Eijaz is in both shows so I want both of them to do wellSmile 

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Posted: 13 years ago
Both shows are from different genres so both are nice. If both of the shows were drama..then I would defend one show.But we're comparing 2 shows here that belongs to different genres so I like both.

Nimmo for comedy and Kkavyanjali for twists and turns. Either by hook or crook..Balaji Telefilms knows how to keep audience glued to their TV sets these days be it a drama or a comedy!
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Posted: 13 years ago
thats a good debate QuestionClap
and 1 important point---both showz have a heartthrob---EJAZEmbarrassedEmbarrassed so definately gotta love both shwz for 1 reasonWink

well....i wud definately say Kkavyanjali is better than Kya hoga nimmo ka because KHNK is funny BUT Kkavyanjali has a story of 2 loverz that wud do anything for eachother. KHNK is just comedy that shows a couple who faked their marrige due to some contract.there is NO cemistry at all between the couple cuz the wedding is FAKE!
so thats y Kkavyanjali is better than KHNK!

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Posted: 13 years ago

Hey!! great topic!! Big smile

Lets see...
KA is a heavy duty drama with twists and turns at every point and KHNK is a light comedy drama with some twists and turns.

(Plus points):
--Eijaz Heart
--The chemistry between Eijaz and Anita
--It has been going on for quite a while (nearly 1-2 yrs) so the story is well developed
--It has some good twists and great actors
--It has the prime time slot of Star Plus

(Minus Points):
--Toooooooooo many twists and turns
--too much heavy duty rona dhona
--too confusing at times
--a little drag

(Plus Points):
--Many light moments
--Great and experienced actors (dara singh, dolly thakore, navneet nishant and OFCOURSE eijoo Embarrassed)
--Fresh face for Nimmo (sanjeeda)
--Not too heavy duty
--Not too sad or depressing

(Minus points):
--Has started only 4-5 months back.
--Sometimes too predictable
--the humur has become less
--Is shown on star one

So in conclusion, I say that i love both the shows a lllllooootttt!!! But if i HAVE to choose, then
I choose KHNK, but that is just my opnion Smile


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Posted: 13 years ago
i like Nimmo b/c it doesnt have the heavy weighted emotional stuff......it has teh drama but not the melodrama....KA was good before but now it is filled with ekta's trademarks
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Posted: 13 years ago
i like kavyanjali.....
becuz the chemnistry btn eijaz n anita is just awesome....
n i like the storyling of KA....
its way different than any other ekta serial....
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Posted: 13 years ago
i haven't seen KYNK, but i've read many updates and reviews and it seems to be a great serial, esp when ejaz is playing in it!
but i'm watching KA and i think it was really rocking in the beginning, but nowadys i'm losing interest and that's really sad, because the starcast is good and the story was good too!
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