Ekta Kapoor is angry at TV awards

Posted: 13 years ago

We all know that the serial queen Ekta Kapoor has her own set of rules and no actors can defy her. Ekta seems to be quite annoyed at Indian Television Awards (ITA) since her flagship serial Kyunki Saas Bhi kabhu Thi was not nominated for any category. She was angry to such an extent that she did not let any of her actors be a part of ITA

Can we stop Ekta from being the Big Boss of all the actors that work for her serials.. Share your views..


Mumbai, Dec 2 (IANS) Reacting to television producer Shashi Ranjan's allegations that she did not allow her actors to participate in his Indian Television Awards (ITA), Ekta Kapoor says she is too dignified to stoop to such levels.

'I had made it clear that since my flagship show 'Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi' wasn't nominated, I never wanted to go for the awards or make the effort to write the script for my soap in a way that would free my actors to attend the awards. They had to shoot and naturally that was top priority for us,' Ekta told IANS.

'Someone from the awards committee called and requested us to adjust our schedules so the actors could attend. I told them I'd try. Not once did I ask for the winners' list, as alleged by them, nor did I mention the absolute blacking-out of 'Kyunkii...' from their nominations.

'I was told by a Zee authority that my serial 'Kkasam Se' and its leading man Ram Kapoor would win.'

She can't get over the way her most popular serials were ignored.

'Since STAR Plus didn't sponsor the Indian Television Awards, they didn't want to give 'Kyunkii...' any nominations. In fact, the only STAR serial nominated in the popular categories is off air now!'

Ekta pauses for breath and declares, 'That's when we decided that we at Balaji Telefilms wanted to be no part of this blatant charade. Two days before the awards, I told Ram Kapoor on the sets in front of everyone that he'd win. He graciously replied he'd rather complete the episode than attend the awards. The whole unit of 'Kkasam Se' heard what Ram said.'

As for asking for the winners' list, Ekta smirks, 'I knew the winners from before; I didn't need a list. When they got to know I was upset, they offered to 'adjust' whatever show I wanted. I refused to accept this candy offering.

'Still, I sent the actors for the awards. But I repeat I never asked for a winners' list, and never mentioned any such thing to Shashi Ranjan or his wife Anu. God is my witness.'

Ekta gets emotional.

'It's not in my breeding to play such dirty games. I'm too dignified to stoop to such levels. And yes, just to let the actors of 'Kkasam Se' attend the Indian Television Awards I reluctantly altered my script. The Ranjans are lying if they say I asked for a list of winners.'

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Posted: 13 years ago
so this means ! no one woh works in ekata drams will not come to ita awards!?
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Posted: 13 years ago
LOL Interesting...But KSBKBT is boring these days...I dont know actually coz I see it no longer...
But just because one of her serials wasnt nominated, Ekta shouldnt do such a thing like not allowing her other actors to be part of ITA... Confused Ouch
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Posted: 13 years ago
She's meann omggg Those Actors can enjoy ITA..omggEdited by *Sexi-Ash* - 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago
i dislike saying it but i agree with Ekta, ITA awards r completely biased to other channels, i dont even think tht KGGK, KZK, KTH or KAA got many awards. i cant believe it though why wud they not include KyunkiConfused
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Posted: 13 years ago
She is basically contrdicting herself. She says she never asked for the winnerslist and she would never stoop that low, but at the same time she cries and accuses people for not nomitating her "best serial". And because of that she wasnt planning to give any of the actor a day off. Well isnt that stooping low too. Even worse she is backstabbing her own people. She is basically saying that Kyunki is better than Kasam Se and should have recieved the awards instead of Kasam se! Its so unlogical and so unprofessional if you ask me. Its not up to her to decide which show should recieve and award and which show shouldnt. Whats the point of and Award function in that case?! As a professional she should not barge her nose in such drama's and when her actors get nominated she should have the professionality and the decency to give them a day off and compliment them and be happy for their achievements, rather than backstabbing them!
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Posted: 13 years ago
Ekta is an arrogant and rude woman.I agree she is successful and she is smart but humbleness isnt a word in her dictionary. I am proud as a woman that she has achieved so much in such short time but as a human being she is way below in the ladder.

She harasses most of her stars and gets away with it too.

I wonder how she ever thot her idiotic and foolish soaps on Star(read KSBKBT) and its effeminate hero would ever win.

Kasam se deserved it and she had no right to publicly announce,that he is the winner, to Ram wherein he had to make a choice (talk of being between the devil and the sea).

She deserves to be brought down a peg or two.Hope someone sues her !

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