TEENS vs OLD(ER) people!!

Posted: 13 years ago

Teenage is the "imbetween age"

teens are too old to act childish

yet they are too young to be considered adults.

Teens are often stereotyped as being rebellious and "bad". Some are, Some are not.

Why do you think teens are stereotyped? What is the general description that comes to mind when one thinks of teens? Why is there this constant battle between Teens and old(er) people? is it justified?

teens...what is your description of a teen. do you fit those characteristics? have you been treated differently because you are a teen?

adults...what do you think of teens? what were you like as a teen? as an adult and as being a teen once (loong long agoWink) why do you think society..mainly adults...view teens they way they are viewed? o you agree/disagree?

these are some general questions to get everyone thinking...you can talk about more than what i have included and you dont have to talk about everything i mentioned either


i would like to dedicate this thread to my dearest sweetest old(er)Wink friend aparna diWink and to all my fellow pesky teens out there

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Posted: 13 years ago
LOL This is a fun topic, Jav!

Well, I stopped being a teen last year, so I guess I come under the Old(er) people group Tongue

I dont think all teens are bad and/or rebellious. From what I have personally seen though, they are regarded as silly or bird-brained by some adults (not all! I am not stereotyping anyone here). I think the main reason is that at that age your parents still mostly take care of you. You are regarded as irresponsible as you aren't earning your own money and legally you are still a minor.

That impression has been formed by most. I disagree as I have seen teens or younger ones act more mature than adults.

Though a friend of mine said that I sounded too mature for a teenager even when I was one. LOL Ouch But, personally, I dont think I was completely mature as a teen. I changed a lot over the years - especially in terms of my thinking and ideologies.   

Anyway, thats it from me. Can't wait to see Aparna's answer to this. LOL
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Posted: 13 years ago
LOL mystica di....you just got out of your teens last year? Shocked i dont believe it...your posts are soo not-teen-ish LOL...you really are a very mature person (dont worry i reacted like this when i found out megz was my age LOL)

yup im waiting for aparna di's answer as well Wink

i refuse to comment on the topic till aparna di has commented Wink
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Posted: 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago
My god Jav......BAD Jav BAD Jav AngryAngryAngry!!! I am tempted to twist your ear just nowAngry !!         &a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;nbs p;        &a mp;a mp;a mp;n bsp;&nbs p;        LOL

So this is what i was like and are most teanagers like :rebelious, have strong, rigid views, love having fun, are impatient, and hot blooded!!

As an adult you tone down in many ways. Although i can assure you i have more fun than i used to as a tean as i had too many restrictions then!Wink

But whats different about some teanagers are they are easily influenced by an adult they trust. Now this is where one hopes you are influenced by an enlightened, intelligent and an adult who's basically a good human being!!Amen!!!Smile

Frankly i haven't met many teanagers for a long time except on this forum. So i will base my opinions of teans based on it.There are two kinds of teans basically. First kind that impresses me , as i think they are very mature for their age in a postive way. What makes me respect them is that many of them speak with intelligence and they seem so well read that its a pleasure knowing them.They are the teans i have faith in !!!  Yes its you Jav, heartgirl, wildblossom , groovychick,hazelgirl,MonicaA#1Actress, Signora, LT and many such level headed teans.( Sorry if i forgot some.....Embarrassed)

While honestly there have been many kids here that makes me think " Oh gosh whats happening to the youth of today!!"Cry I honestly worry about them!! UnhappyI feel they are getting mislead by whatever adult influence is around them. What they seem to lack is basic intelligence and it seems like a waste of time even having a dialogue/debate with them!!Their posts are full of hate. They hate other religons , they hate other cultures, they look up to dictators and terrorists!!! Those are the times i feel disappointed in the teans!!Cry

But its the teans like i mentioned and named , the former kind, that makes me believe, these good kids out number the mislead ones!! Over all i must say the youth or the tean of today make me believe we are in safe hands!! Wink Edited by Aparna_BD - 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago

Originally posted by Aparna_BD

But whats different about some teanagers are they are easily influenced by an adult they trust. Now this is where one hopes you are influenced by an enlightened, intelligent and an adult who's basically a good human being!!Amen!!!Smile
I think therin lies the problem as to why some teenagers are the way you described them (the bad onesTongue). When I was a bit younger (13/14) my mum and dad went on holidays for a while and I stayed with a cousin. I used to love my cousin too bits and indirectly she was my role model, however upon reflection of my times with her I've come to realise that the influence that she had on me was very bad. The stuff that I got up to isnt something that I boast about. So what I'm trying to say is that adults in which teenagers put there trust in have a responsibilty aswellSmile 

Teenagers can be very moody aswell and have quite a few mood swing, however in defence of teenagers I blame the hormonesBig smile It all depends on the company you keep at the end of the day. Primary and secondary socialisation are immensely important in a childs life and those that respect dictators etc are the ones who have been misguided.

I know what you mean Aparna about those teenagers that have no respect for other religions, cultures etc. I'm part of an equal opportunities commity and I have to be honest and say I sometimes get disheartened and feel negative about everything, because some of the views that teenagers hold are not nice. It's all down to ignorance.

Teenagers are carefree because they dont have the burden of responsibility. I dont like the fact that some adults think that every single person younger than them should listen to themConfused

I think I'll shut up nowEmbarrassed(im trying to avoid doing my coursework!)Dead


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Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by jetmania

I dont like the fact that some adults think that every single person younger than them should listen to themConfused

I think this is a very Asian mentality. I somehow hate it too. Its called being "patronizing"!!!!! People think the older you are , more you know.

 I honestly believe in "knowledge". I respect a teanager who can debate with me with knowledge and back up their statements with proof. It shows to me they are well researched and know what they may be talking about. I have tean debators (some times older) that make arbitary statement and can't back them up with research ........................Now thats where i think WHY AM I WASTING MY TIME?!!Tongue

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Posted: 13 years ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Tongue ... well done Javs... u deserve something more than just a round of applause!!!!! Clap ( Wink )

Well .. in my own case i think that teens r like molding clay... mold them where u wish to and want to... the whole whole responsibility is with the PARENTS of pesky teens LOL Wink ...

Wht my parents did was that they made an open communication channel b/w them and me... Can u people believe, i was invited in my mom papa's hot heated mature and decisive discussion over a problem they were facing, at the age of 12!!!!! and one time they even took up my suggestion over an issue, coz it was logical and i tried them to look the other way round... and they accepted that!! This is the point where parents need to understand that though teens r not that mature but still can come up with a matured opinion sometimes... let them come to give their opinion.. if no opinion given..not to worry.. teens r listening the discussion and r definately learning from it to look at it from a different angle..

Teens need to be made responsible for something.. like what my parents did was to give me pocket money (big amount every month) to purchase computer years ago.. i was hardly 13 then... and i was collecting that and when i purchased my computer... I was on the top of the world to purchase something BIG through my savings..

Well i agree that teens r rebellious.. fun loving..hot blooded and impatient (thanks to jetmania to give a solid reason of harmones and saved all the teen fraternity Wink ) But then if not this much.. then wht is left ???? Confused

and why do people expect we TEENS to behave like mature adults like them Tongue .. we need to differenciate ourselves from them as we r TEENS and they are OLDIES LOL   LOL

and Aparna ( sorry di.. but i think that this is the major identifying characteristic b/w the adults and the TEEN gang in this topic LOL Wink Don't mind di.. oo sorry.. Embarrassed ) u r correct in the statement u made that teens need an adult to influence them.. and for that.. i think FLEXIBLE parents r the best..parents need tell them the right and wrong and the pains of life to understand the reality... and that ke paisa trees par nahin oogta..(my mom told me this)... but should also respect the teen thoughts and opinions...i just mean to say that give them to space to grow.. Teens aren't going the sterotyped way as u think so!

to me teenage is that age where ur ideologies and thoughts and the self-discovery phase begins... here the a guide is very important that points the right way for u.. it is just u to go where u wish to go.. mom told me abt drug addictions, smoking and other things that teens take up.. along with her and papa's life struggle and after hearing all the experiances, i was ready to make decisions by myself (definately with their consent)... they trust me and let me free the way i wish to be... sort of wht people say the generation and communication gap finished b/w me and my parents ... only because of their open mindedness and the courage to believe me...

As far as the teens and oldies war is concerned.. it will b there till the end of this world.. no body can change that as Some adults think that these teens talk non-sense and then we may blame them for not going with the running time...( seriously i give credit to Aparna di for not doing this "ZULM" to the teen gang Big smile )

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