Debating Championship II- 25th March

Posted: 13 years ago

The topic :"21st Century: Are we really moving forward in the right direction?"

Let me introduce the Contestants to you...

Arguing FOR the topic are: "Yes" we are moving forward in the right direction.

Delilah (Sara)

Loony Tunes


Arguing AGAINST the topic "No" we aren't moving forward and making real progress

Paki Princez



gk_09 (Gurprit)

Now the sides i have picked are random and plz do not PM me and ask me to make changes . By my letting you contestants pick the topic i have already made the topic very simple .Wink

The fun about debating is to think out of the box and keep feelings and emotions aside .

Please present facts and examples  as much as possible to make your debate the winning one !!

Before we begin, let me reiterate the rules for this debate. Contestants are advised to make themselves familiar with the rules:

Rules for the Debating Championship

1)To abide by the rules of FAQ and post:"Important to all members of DM ".Please do read the 2 posts before starting the debate .

2) Please recognise the members on your side of the team and only debate against the opposing team .

3) After the completion of 48 hours , the post will be locked and no further comments can be added or erased .

4) Only the contestants may particpate and post to this debate . Any other comments will be deleted by the Development team.

Date of the debating championship - 25th March (Saturday morning U.S time/Saturday evening IST)2006 -

Time : At 9:00 A.M U.S (Eastern time )/ 7:30 P.M India time.

The Competition will last 48 hours , giving enough time for all particpants to respond from different time zones .

Please note
Most debators are busy in the morning of the 25th March ,and i haven't been able to coordinate who will start the debate . Therefore all enlisted particpants , plz feel free to begin the debate whenever you have time .The topic will be opened at 9:00A.M

Wishing all the particpants "break a leg "Smile !! This post will be opened now on Saturday morning !!Tongue

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Posted: 13 years ago

Society moving ahead? People think that society is moving ahead. Yes, there is no doubt that society is moving ahead, the quesion is whether it is headed in a positive direction or a negative direction? And it is most definately headed in the most negative direction imaginable.

Technology? isnt it used as a factor to measure the strength of a society? Why is something considered a strength if it is killing people? Wars have always been hazardous but technology made it worse. in the beginning og the 20th century, during world war 1, a new form of fighting, known as trench warfare was used and there were new weapons. this caused more people to loose their lives. realizing the great loss of this war, it was named the "great war" because people did not think a war could possibly be any more damaging. however, humans always want more so about 2 decades later these people created a much stronger weapon. the atomic bomb, thrown at hiroshama and nagasaki by USA to end world war 2 killed many people in the most horrific means possible (i have pics if u ppl wanna c but i dun wanna post thm in da post). those who did not die were left with diseases such as leukimia (sp.?-i never spell rite but if u noticed i am in this debate). man generations were destroyed. Yes, i know this was in the 20th century but these technological "advancements" led to the destruction caused in the 21st century. weaponry. Wars are used as a key to measure the "advancement" of a country and this "showcasing of power" is killing people. If killing people means adancement to you then you need to go and need a psychiatrist and im serious.

it is not oldy about destruction in warfare, society is heading downhill as well. Family values have lost their meanings and importance. people want to be "free" and independant" and they neglect the fact that they have responsibilities towards their family. for example, children disrespect their parents and other elders. everyone is out to fight for the cause of "freedom" and they forget that they have duties towards people. younger generations look at these family traditions and values and see them as "old-fashioned" of "out-of-date" or they feel that it does not "apply" to them. the youth of today want to lead there life their way regardless of its effect on those dear to them

it does not end here, there are many more situations in daily life that point towards a negative path but it it late and im tired and sleepy so im logging off i will be back later to finish up what i had to say

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Posted: 13 years ago

One cannot imagine a coin without two sides. Likewise everything under the sun in this world has two sides to it.

Technology is at its epitome of development. One cannot imagine life now without all the comforts that technology provides us with. (Let me give an example: Imagine our lives now without IF!!). The advent of the internet, emails etc has brought us closer making this huge big world where we are physically miles away from our relatives into an electronic village. To say that there is the loss of the human touch is not right cause even though we are using machines it is still the human mind and heart that works behind it.

"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village" – Marshall McLuhan

The very same technology has given the media the power it has today. By the use of the media in its various ways people are able to voice their opinions much more effectively. So people are able to take part actively in discussions and state their opinions instead of just suffering in silence and thus make a difference. The power of the media is such that when used wisely, it brings to light all the injustice that occurs making it difficult for the perpetrators to hide from the common people.

"If liberty and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in government to the utmost." - Aristotle

While it is right that we witnessed the horrific destruction of lives due to the wars, hydrogen bombs, etc, there are equally vociferous efforts all over the world to regulate and control their use. This indicates the mindset of the people who are definitely heading in the direction as far as their thinking is concerned. As what matters is the thinking of the individual. Wherever there is destruction and war, there are also other normal fellow human beings who do their bit to ease the suffering of these people in whatever way they can thus keeping our faith in human compassion alive.

"The test of a civilization is in the way it cares for its helpless members" – Pearl Buck.

People nowadays no longer show indifference towards another nation's suffering. There are various international organizations like MSF (Medicines Sans Frontiers) that serve the people irrespective of the nationality, color, caste or sex. Any natural calamity in any part of the world indeed affects all of us even if we do not have any relations there. Along with the care and concern shown by the people during the tsunami, it was also technology that helped in getting quickly across to the affected.

Nowadays there is increase in the equality among the two sexes. Whether it is education or in the work place or in the sports field, women are finally being given more and more opportunities to showcase their talent to the world. Just a few decades ago the concept of home – dads wouldn't have existed. This is definitely yet another step in the right direction. Nobody would have imagined this progress in the beginning of the last century.

As time only moves forwards likewise growth and progress should and will always be in the forward direction. There is no development that does not have a disadvantage to it. But what is needed is discretion and the courage to choose what is right over what is wrong.
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Posted: 13 years ago

Society is NOT moving ahead in the right or positive direction.

Simply because of these three reasons.




Drugs and Alcohol..yes there were drugs and alcohol in the past but look at all the drunk and alcoholics out there! There are way too many, to many people are dying from drugs such as smoke, weed, tobacco, etc. There is no stop to this! When will all this drug and alcohol stop?! Never! So are we moving in a positive direction? NO! Innocent people die because of some drunkards driving out there! There are smokers that are dying in the streets because they have no money cuz they spend it all on drugs! And what is society doing? Nothing..they are trying to help..but that help isnt really making a difference! Atleast 1 out of 5 people are dying because they dont have enough money, they are drinking, smoking, etc.

Abortions! Yes, abortions happened more often in the past in India or wherever..but it hasnt stopped! I watched on the CBC news one day that people find out the sex of the baby and then if its a girl they get an abortion!! The reporter talked to the doctor after to see if he would admit that he tells the sex of the baby to the patients..and he said no..but he did..since there was an undercover video being made while he told the patients. Now is that positive? NO! Why are all this abortions being made? Just cuz the baby is a girl?! Its ridiculous.

Family. The children do not want anything to do with there parents! What kind of respect is that? Parents arent respected by there children, although the parents have given there children everything! Why arent they respected? Because they think there parents are old-fashioned and know nothing about the new generation! Is that true?! The children dont want the parents to live with them, visit them..instead they put there parents in an OLD FOLKS HOME! Now isnt that great respect?! Uh..NO! What can be done about this? Nothing..the children think they are so cool and mature..that they dont need there parents..

There is also technology which I wont talk about as much since many people have disscussed technology..but look at 9/11..what a superb plan Bin Laden made to kill innocent people! 9/11 was the most horrifying day ever..and due to new technology..terroists were able to attack the the twin towers in New York and kill innocent people! Which leads us into security! How come there are so many security checks to get on to the airplane now? What has happened, happened! Now all the airlines have very strict security..but how come there was no tough security when 9/11 occured??

Obviously..the society isnt moving in the positive direction!


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Posted: 13 years ago
Hi. First of all my name is Amna. LOL LOL

Second off all I think that the society is not moving in the right direction. I agree we have made some progress but is it the right one.

My first argument

There is so much pollution in the world. Did you know 1 Car= 10,000 trees

We have polluted our earth. We have so many cars now. I mean scientists are still trying to find a way to get rid or to undo carbon dioxide.

Did you know scientists belive that there was life on Venus before.

If you didnt know then read this:

What have we achieved??? I mean if you put 50 ppl in a room and leave them in for 10 dayz. They will survive.
If you leave them with a car they will die.

N they also belive that the life ended because there was nothing to undo the carbon dioxide. Doesnt dat kind of relate to our situation??? Cuz we have no idea how to undo Carbon Dioxide.

I dont think walking to some place might hurt you. I mean sometimes not using your car is okay. Cuz then you dont pollute it.

N in lots of countries trees are cutting down like crazy and then they promise to plant a tree when they cut one. But lots of ppl arent doing that.

So what have we achieved we are kind of killing our planet. Cuz of not enuf trees and polluting it dat much so it turns into venus soon. LOL

My next Argument:


As you all know in the future we are going to run out of water.

Hmm..... wat do u use water for???

water my lawn, wash my car, use it on sumthing really stupid....

But do you know wat sum ppl waste water on things like those I have listed. We are going to run out of fresh water. Lots of countries dont have enuf already. So they ask other countries to supply it. We supply water to USA n they supply us wid Fruits. Datz a fact.

We still have lots of water but sum countries dont. I think by using water on stupid stuff we r just wasting it.

Like on tv we watch commercials that are abt water... But are v even following them...

My question to you is "Have you ever thought abt saving water for tommorow??

I will add sum more things later. Smile

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Posted: 13 years ago
How are we heading in a right direction??????

LIke Javz pointed out abt wars and how they killed so many ppl...

How are we heading in the right direction if there are still so many ppl getting killed in Iraq..

So many ppl died in Iraq cuz of sum stupid decision of Bush. I mean they just show how many US army ppl killed but now how many ppl they killed.

The only reason they went there was to get the oil. Cuz as you all know Iraq is filled wid it. N so datz y they went to attack Iraq for oil. Iraq was running better wid Saddam.

So if you think about it, we are heading in da right direction.

First it was Afghanistan, then it was Iraq. N now they are planning to attack Iran.

I mean why would u kill so many ppl who are just innocent. Ouch Cry

If you think killing ppl n attacking countries that arent rich or in poverty is gud.... then I cant do anything abt it. Smile Edited by CuteFairy91 - 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by loonytunes

Are u really expecting the world to be perfect? Every society has problems. It's not what those problems are, but how we deal with them that indicate the direction we're heading in.

No I do not expect the whole world to be perfect. There are so many communities that are not getting the support they need.

Today, we have COUNTLESS campaigns (anti-drug etc.) discouraging people to smoke and take drugs. Kids are educated at school to not indulge themselves into all this. We haev celebrities doing ads that discourage smoking. We haev laws, rehab centers etc. to deal with people who do DO this stuff. The government and society as a whole hsa done everything it can to stop people from indulging in these harmful activities.

If the government has set up all these facilities..then why hasnt this all stopped? In Vancouver BC..there are so many people out on the streets in every corner..there are druggies that hang around there. Who teaches them? No one..

Female foeticide occured FULL-FLEDGEDLY before. The fact that it has gone down significantly (globally) says a lot about the direction we're heading in. Today, it doesn't matter to any educated couple whether they're having a boy or a girl. Yes, it still happens in some places. But the number has gown down significantly. We would not be moving in the right direction if the number was INCREASING.
I'm not denying that this is a problem that needs to be dealt with. But, female foeticide is an age-old problem and to get rid of that problem is going to take a lot of time. The key to that is education.

There are some people that have been eduacted about how killing girls isnt the key..but they dont listen..what are you going to do about that? Yes, the number of girls dieing has lessened by a lot..but there are many girls that are still getting killed because of abortions! How are you supposed to teach educated people?

Education has been given more importance in the 21st century than it has ever been before. This in itself is a sign of progress. Have you ever given a thought about where these female foeticides happen? Most of them occur in thirld-world countries. i.e. countries where the education level is low, especially India and China. This problem isn't going to be solved by the snap of a finger. However, the fact that this act, which was far more widespread before is mostly being carried out in third-world countries speaks volumes about how far we've come. Yes, it still exists but at least we're moving in the right direction with it.

I know its not going to stop by a snap of a finger and I never said it I said before there are educated women that are still getting abortions..why is that?

This is an issue that's very subjective.  It differs from person to person and from family to family. Firstly, you can't generalize a generation and make a sweeping statement saying "Our generation can't respect their elders". I belong to this generation. I respect my parents, I know countless people who do.  On the other hand, I also know countless people who don't.

I didnt mean to make a sweeping statement, I meant that most of the kids in the new generation dont want to speak with there parents.

It depends on how you've been brought up, what values you've been given, what friends you've hung out with etc. There are a lot of factors! Yes, there are a lot of people who abuse their parents and throw them out of the house, mercilessly and such kids should be.... Angry

What can you do about those kids? They have been taught very positive values..but do the kids care about those values? No..they dont care..all they care about is to get there own house..and get far away from there parents..the parents that have brought them this far..parents who have produced so much money by working double shifts everyday..just so they kids can get education go to college/university and become something!

But have you ever thought that the Old Folk's Home which you uttered in such a disgusting manner might be a much better place for these elderly couples than home itself? If their kids don't want to take care of them, at least society has created a place where these people can go and live in peace, instead of being abused at home. There are provisions where these old parents can go and stay and they don't have to spend the last years of their life on the streets. That is a big thing!

It wasnt my attention to say Old Folks home in a dusgusting matter. Yea maybe those Old Folks Home are a better place for the parents..but whenver I see on television that the old parents are at the Old Folks breaks my heart..I see them crying..wishing that there kids would come and take them back home..I once saw a old women saying..'my son said he will be back in two days and take her home' but shes like 'it has been 2 years and I havent heard from my son' you know how sad that is? Yea its a BIG thing that there is a Old Folks Home so the parents can stay in and yea it is better than for the parents living on the streets..but are the parents happy about living in the Old Folks Home? Not the majority..

As I said before, machines and technology don't operate by themselves. Just because some fanatic and extremist abused technology doesn't mean that the entire society is going in the wrong direction. For every Osama Bin Laden that supports this terrorism, there are a million people who oppose it. You do the math. If the technology you're referring to is the airplane, I think it's done more good to our society than harm. Most of us USE it, there are some who ABUSE it. Simply because of those few that abuse it, is it justified to label the entire society as misled?

Im not saying because of technology the entire society is misled..there are many reasons that I said before that the society is not going in the positive direction. And about the ones that abuse the technology..whats happening to them? Nothing..and kids in the third world country are now HELPING load guns, creating bombs, etc. Third world countries are the last to get technology and education.. but how the kids know how to build a bomb when they dont even know what 2+2=? 

Now to the next point..starvation..

Im sure most people heard a Tsunami hit New Orleans or I think it was a mudslide or earthquake that hit India..

Tons of food, money was sent..but how come that wasnt enough? When the earthquake hit India..many people sent out money..and I think it was on the radio that I heard..not as many white people (I do not mean to offend any one by saying white..I didnt know what else to say) sent out money as they did when the Tsunami hit New Orleans..why is that? But that wasnt the point I was going to disscuss..the point was..the money that was sent to help the starving people in India..didnt reach them..I also saw on the some hundred of thousands of dollars went missing?! Again..leading into the security of money..what happend to all that money? Yea..why not keep the money then sending it to a country that just had an earthquake hit it?

(This has nothing to do with the debate..but earthquake hit on my birthday..Oct 8Ouch)


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Posted: 13 years ago

Originally posted by CuteFairy91

How are we heading in a right direction??????

LIke Javz pointed out abt wars and how they killed so many ppl...

How are we heading in the right direction if there are still so many ppl getting killed in Iraq..

So many ppl died in Iraq cuz of sum stupid decision of Bush. I mean they just show how many US army ppl killed but now how many ppl they killed.

The only reason they went there was to get the oil. Cuz as you all know Iraq is filled wid it. N so datz y they went to attack Iraq for oil. Iraq was running better wid Saddam.

So if you think about it, we are heading in da right direction.

First it was Afghanistan, then it was Iraq. N now they are planning to attack Iran.

I mean why would u kill so many ppl who are just innocent. Ouch Cry

If you think killing ppl n attacking countries that arent rich or in poverty is gud.... then I cant do anything abt it. Smile

No i dont think that killing people and attacking countires that arent rich or in poverty is good.

Killing people for one's own selfish needs and wants is never good and cannot be justified. so saying that Iraqis were better off during Saddam's reign of terror is not acceptable. Because even then they suffered of untold horrors and a denial of their basic human rights. People were killed even then during his reign. Saddam did all this to keep himself in power and satisfy his lust for power. So the Iraqis were in no way in a better position before. That doesnt i support Bush's decision in any way or say that it is right. But his invasion has also brought to light the relentless efforts of many others who are there in Iraq trying to help them. Also the people in America themselves do not support him the way they once did. The fall in his approval ratings and the steady loss in the authority of his ally Tony Blair's are enough to indicate this.

The common people are not blind to all they do. It indicates the their thinking that they do not support the senseless of human lives.

In Aghanistan the invasion was carried out to catch Bin Laden. It is more like a case of senseless individuals going to catch a mastermind criminal (i am not giving him any credit here so dont misunderstand me). But it did bring about the fall of the oppressive Taliban government giving the people some amount of freedom which is every human's basic birthright. the women who were made to sit at home and made to feel worthless finally have the freedon to go out of their houses.Though i agree a certain amount of fear and security does exist, it is still a beginning. the young girls and boys who were denied basic schooling, elemenentary education  can at least hope for education. Medical aid and relief can finally reach these helpless people which would have definitely not  been possible during the Taliban reign..

Change never happens overnight but every step in the forward direction no matter how small has to be accountted. I dont hink there is any instance in history when freedom was obtained without the loss of lives. I mean look at us Indians, we struggeld for more than a 100 years to get our independence. In  the process many lives were lost but does that mean we shoukd have suffered the oppression and just accepted it in  silence??.



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