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Posted: 14 years ago

For individuals who make the Indian TV Serials. 

Below is my frustration with Indian TV Serials.  They all start out nice, then get prolonged for no reason, then to keep it going they make story lines that are too far fetched.  Does anyone feel the same way as I do?

Why is it that only one person gets picked on?   Why is it that they prolong their plays whereby it starts to be too far fetched.  Take Kusum for instance, it keeps going and going and going.  It's become another Bold and the Beautiful.  Everyone is marrying everyone.  And only Kusum and her daughter get picked on.  Take Piya ka Ghar, Rhimjimm gets dumped on despite proving herself innocent numerous times.  It's also being prolonged for no reason?  End it already!  Take Pancham for instance, has Godly powers, but loses it cause he made a mistake!  Does God make mistakes?  Does that make sense?  Rama and Krishna didn't so why would Pancham?  Is he not incarnation of God?  

The funny part of it all is, that  I spend the time to watch these plays, the moment I get bored and stop watching it, they end the play.  Take Lipstick, started out as a great play, then they brought in  black magic, which was fine, however it didn't tie into the play anywhere?  I kept thinking why they would introduce a topic and not tie it in some how.  What was the reason behind it?   Then they kept coming up with bogus story lines!  Puhleeeeeeeeesh, don't insult my intelligence.  I stopped watching and shortly after they ended the play and I missed the ending.  Big Deal!!

Keep it short and simple.  They all start out nice however when you prolong the play it just loses it's message.  Take Astitva what a nice play, now it's crap!  Full of stupid story lines.  Then take Piya ka Ghar, it's been going on and on, it's time to end it.  You could have ended it  a long while back, killing Avinash and Malini wow!  Hellooooo! 

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Posted: 14 years ago

Hi Flash

  This is a very good topic to have a discussion on. Let us all pour our thoughts on what we feel about this....I totally agree with you when you say that the Serials are prolonged for no reason.They show all sort of unbelievable things we keep seeing them. In serials, anything can happen. Maybe one day, we will end up seeing a ghost marrying a living man....I do not wan to hurt anybody's feelings here, but this is a fact.

  In KSBKBT, a man has plenty of wives. Mihir had two ladies in his life, so is his son Karan. So, Ekta believes in the concept of "Following the elders". But, could she not take up the good qualities of the elders and leave out the bad ones?

   Its the same case in KZK. Anurag has had 3 wives in his life, Komolika, Prerna and Aparna. Prerna loved Anurag, married Bajaj. Then left him, married Anurag. She then came back to Bajaj. This is so awful!!! Prerna was mother to Bajaj's grown up kids, then had Anurag's kids. Again, went to Bajaj and had a daughter of his.

   Same is the case with all serials. When the writer does not need a character, he/she has full liberty to dump a character, much to the shock and surprise of viewers. The disappeared character  is sometimes so very important a character that the writer forgets even that. Even though the absence of a character does make a difference to the viewer, the writer is happy proceeding like that. Infact, starts to think about the next disappearance act.

  When we talk of disappearances, we have to talk of re-appearances. Again, it is the will and wish of the writers to push in an old character who was not to be seen for years. The readers again have to digest this drama.

   Again, when we talk of lack of naturality in some serials, i think we can write pages after pages.

In Kyunki, we have witnessed so many instances like this where the whole family is buried in sorrow. To speak of some recent ones, Mansook's death , Vishal's death, followed by Ansh's death etc...... I don't tell that actors here, fall short of emotions. They are indeed, good actors. No second thoughts about this. But i somehow, feel that even when such depressing moments come, we see that all ladies of the house mourn for just one day and then start exhibiting their beauty with so much of make-up, jewels, gorgeous saress and what not!!!!. This does not provide reality to the happenings. Sometimes we tend to ponder that this bout of sorrow followed by so much of regular activity is not that natural and we cannot digest it.

After Ansh's death, we saw Savitha and others brood over this for so many days. But the costumes they wore, especially Gayathri's sarees and make-up, never ever suggested that they were still mourning for a dead person who was so young in age. Come on, this is really hard to believe!!!

Damini and Ganga are crying over everything just bcos Tulsi is in jail, we have to expect them to be sobre.... No, they are as always, draped in beautiful sarees, have make-up to the core.......etc.

After Gautam leaves Shantiniketan, Savitha is waiting for him on Karan-Tanya's wedding day. She is sad that Gautam is not coming. The very next scene, is where Savitha dances her heart out in the party to some modern day music. Can anyone believe this?

When the writer feels the story is not proceeding well, they decide to take a leap.

Kyunki has already seen such leaps before. But the characters , after every leap, do not show any drastic difference in their age or the way they dress. SAvitha looks the same after so many leaps. Gayathri looks like a teenager even now. Mihir looks handsome as ever. The only person who looks her age is Baa. Now , Kyunki is all set for another leap......I just wonder what Ekta is upto....Maybe, even after this leap, Savitha will not have even a single grey hair, Gayathri will look all the more beautiful with all sorts of make-up and will look more younger.......I cannot believe this, as it is far , far  , far away from the original. This does not bring us so very close to reality.......Ekta needs more of originality in her serials. This is my thought.....

Ekta, loves to experiment more and brings about happenings that are really very hard to digest.....She gives much importance to the way  her characters look, leaving the situation and circumstances in which the story is....]

When the serial gets boring, the central character is given a make-over. In JJKN, the make over has happened to the extent that Jassi is not recognised by anyone. Even her mother does not recognise her. Can this ever happen? If yes, why doesn't it happen to me, lol??? I can be away from all known faces, certain people i feel interfering in my life.

The greatest thing about serials is it must be the only place where a man and a woman can marry as many times as they would please.

But, all said and done, we ladies keep seeing these serials and scolding ourselves for seeing them. We have to voice our thoughts about these. Kya pata, this message of ours might reach the ears of the concerned person.



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Posted: 14 years ago

Most of the TV serials, especially produced by Ekta Kapoor start out with decent messages like family values, respect for elders, benefits of joint families, best friends for ever and Best couples like Tulsi and Mihir or OM and Parvati. But all of a sudden these producers start dragging the story with non sense twists according to their convenience. All these makers of Serials are only money minded. They play with the viewers feelings. Any time viewers try to relate the good story with real life, the serial takes a wide turn and you start thinking, this is not what I was expecting. This does not happen in real life.

Ekta Kapoor or Ajay Sinha or any other producer, Director are showing that every main character has to marry at least more than two or three times. Why? I do see this in real life that every man or woman either has to marry more thn once or have to have extra marital relationship.

If any character quits from the serial, if they cannot find the replacement, producer will either kill the character or in coma or accident etc. It TRP's not high enough, they will force the writers to change the story to get the high TRP's at any cost.

Now the rumor is that Ronit Roy has resigned Balaji Films. You will see Ekta showing a big twist in both serials to show Ronit that she can make money without him.

This is totally wrong. When we loose a family member, what rest of the family goes through, Ekta Kapoor or other makers can never understand the pain.

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Posted: 14 years ago

I agree. Most serials start off nice but as time goes by it becomes prolonged and boring. In fact I thought some of the recent episodes of Astitva...Kahani, after the leap, were not necessary where they show playing Holi, or Astha getting involved with the professor, etc. they have already shown in many ways that Simran is a supporter of Truth...blah..blah...blah, but why show that time and again. Why introduce Vistor and Divya just to killed in the shows after 2  or 3 episodes!!!

I feel even some of the Jassi episodes are just to make it longer. Keep the serials on track and simple and sweet.

My 2 cents!

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Posted: 14 years ago

Hi Guyz

i also agree with what is bein said on the matter n believe what u guyz r sayin is tru about these serials

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Posted: 14 years ago

Hi Flash

Thanks for starting a very nice discussion. For my part, I agree with what you're saying, but there is another reason for our soaps dragging on and on.

Take Ekta Kapoor for instance. She gets Rs. 900,000 per episode of any serial that is aired on Star Plus. For shows on Sony and Zee, the figure is even larger--about  Rs.1200000 per episode on Sony. FYI this is because Star India Pvt. Ltd. has a twenty five percent stake in Balaji Telefilms. (I may have got the percentage wrong btw, it may be more.) So if she is getting a fat paycheck from these guys, then why should she forgo that by starting a new serial, which would take time, not to mention the money that would be spent on its advertising and marketing. Also money would be spent in looking for a suitable lead pair, (take the case of Angad and Kripa). So she tries to play safe by stretching her ongoing shows like Kyunki..., Kasautii..., al. Also a new serial would not get high TRPs like Kyunki... and Kahaani... which is what she gets paid for. Her serials start out well but then peter out after a while because she has so many new serials on the floor that she cannot give her attention to  all of them. Many people who are working in her serials or in her films haven't even met her, for example (Prithvi, Isha Koppikar etc.)

 I don't know about other producers, but I think they are faced with the same concerns. To start a daily show is very time consuming, hence, once it starts, the makers don't want to part with it, Take Tony and Deeya Singh, for example, first they deliberately stalled Jassi's makeover, then they deviated from the BLF track, all in an effort to make JJKN run for as long as it could. It was only when they got a one year extension from Sony, and an ultimatum saying that the show would be pulled off air if they don't show the makeover soon, that they relented. THis is also the reason why serials that start off well soon turn into inane dramas once the makers have nothing else to show in the main track. Piya Ka Ghar is a classic example. The title itself has lost meaning after the leap. I mean the story was about Rimjhim getting her Piya ka Ghar, wasn't it? Well she has already got it, then what's the point of continuing with it, but for some reason,(money?) the makers are continuing with it.

As for the people who are watching it, well they're watching it because they don't have any other choice. There is a dearth of original shows on TV. there's Batliwalla... a remake of the Kumars at # 42, Jassi which is a remake of Yo Soy Betty La Fea, KBC, a remake of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Originality is extinct. The blame for this sorry state of Indian television lies with us. If we stop watching these inane shows, they will stop making it.

As for Astitva, I think it's a very good show, and it remains the most watchable post leap show as well, but again I fail to understand what need there was to show the leap. Like Ekta, Ajai Sinha too resorted to the leap mechanism after he had run out of ideas. He could have started another show, especially since Astitva had already been going on for at least 2 years, I think. But he didn't do that. I have to admit though that the makers of this show haven't run out of ideas post the leap. Relevant themes, albeit controversial, continue to be examined.  Having said all this, though, I would like to ask everyone who is taking a part in this discussion: Is Kasautii's second generation better than the Prerna-Anurag-Bajaj trio of the first one? Does the Garv-Isha-Megha triangle hold more promise than the Avinash-Rimjhim-Malini track? Do you prefer to watch Gautam-Damini-Ganga rather than Tulsi-Mihir?

These are my views. I would love to hear everyone else's views regarding this. Thanks again Flash for starting a very pertinent topic. 



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Posted: 14 years ago
i tottaly agree with you flash!! they always do taht!! and also they totally forget about some of the chracters especially in KSBKBT....ekta just forgets about all the ppl (ex.daksha, chirag etc.) and keeps focusing on 1 stupid topic.....ansh's death... how stupid!!
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Posted: 14 years ago

hi flash. welcome.

 u start a wonderful topic. for  i think most of us were wating for.

good job. i,m agree with u what u said about it. so tru     Clap




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