do looks matter?

Posted: 14 years ago

jjkn (jassi jaisi koi nahin) is the perfect debate on this subject. From an ordinary plain Jane to a runway u think that jjkn is giving the wrong message? 

when jassi was plain, she did not get the same respect and gratitude that other employees recieved who were better looking than her, and after her makeover, she was overwhelmed by how much society accepted her and wanted to see her more, rather than critisize her looks.

Is the show giving out the wrong message by saying that every plain girl can get respect only by changing their outer appearances to please society?

What about people who cant change their outer appearances? (due to certain accidents, obesity (no offense), or birth defects) do they not deserve the same chance, even though they cannot immedietly, or not at all change their appearance to become beautiful like jassi?



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Posted: 14 years ago

Hello !  I haven't seen JJKN for last 3 mths( I am in HK , and my cable does not support Hindi channels). 

What  all I know about the show is through IF - and believe me,  I seems that I havn't missed out single episode . Thanks  to our nice updaters.

Well to say about this topic -  DEAR  this is life  and people are like that. Trust me - if u are BEAUTIFUL OR RICH, you get all the respect in the world  but  if you are OBESE/ BIRTH DEFECTS or are a simple plain girl/ boy, no matter how intelliegnt you are - you will find it very difficult to find your RIGHT place in the society/ job.

The show is just trying to tell the truth - how WE react/ respond to person  based on his/her looks and her dress-up.

U, ME, almost all of us react in the similar manner  but as JJKN is Bread and butter for D&T Singh, they are making it a little loud ....... Chalta hai yaar


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Posted: 14 years ago

hia ll,

   i feel dat looks are not everything but atleast something well after all ur first impression is ur last 1 im nt saying dat its sum1s fault being ugly or something like dat but yeh its his/her fault if she does wat jassi did dress horribaly like dat n those hair suits n hair style i think even if ur nt pretty u can dress nicely n present ur self nicely i tell u dat would help u a lot n raise up ur confidence level

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Posted: 14 years ago
i agree with the fact that it is not fair to anyone to suffer in life
because of the way they look....but this is just how people are and
its not easy to tell people how unfair this is. no matter what we do,
people will still be judged on the way they look. jassi is a good
example, but the show went a bit too far on the looks part. if there
are people like armaan sir in this world, then people wont be
laughed or discriminated because of the way they look....

- sanju Smile
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Posted: 14 years ago

the question of fairness aside......the fact remains that a person catches your eye, attention if he/she has something unusual to offer(beauty, money, confidence,extraordinary talent at something), however to maintain that attention one needs to have some wisdom ,grace and good heart(however this only comes into play in long term serious commited relationships).let us be honest...if you had to choose between armaan and nandu , who would you pick ? or if you could date ash or next door obese nieghbour(with a golden heart)...who would a guy pick?? in short looks do matter...... atleast in short term relationships and creating first impressions.

          there is a reason why cosmetics and fashion industry has thrived through ages.....people have used anything and everything(from cow dung to freshly drained human blood) to keep them looking young and beautiful. some people these days treat plastic surgery as a visit to spa...and there is a reason to this madness.looks can get you far in your life easily .

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Posted: 14 years ago
I agree,pj04.
Everybody like to take the higher moral ground and say that "hey I really dont care about the looks"but almost everyone does.there are always those rare people who get to know someone well and fall in love with the person.Those occassions though are like one in a million.
I think it is even worse for a girl as most people expect to have gorgeous wives/girlfriends etc.So they indulge in all these makeup things and spend a fortune on it sometimes.In th elong run, I am not even sure its worth it but I guess thats how the world is
I think Beauty is a necessary evil.
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Posted: 14 years ago

Hi pj04,

I dont quite agree with you.  Good looks alone can get you nowhere.  I have come across many girls who are extremely good looking.. just talk to them and you will come to know how naive they are in terms of worldy knowledge.  You mean to say, you can have a girlfriend with just good looks ?  who cant stand straight while communicating ?  With the modern world that has so much offer, one can just make her/him look beautiful. that is not the end..

While Beauty IS a NECESSARY evil.. it is not all..

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Posted: 14 years ago
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