Box Office earnings Vs Critic view

Posted: 13 years ago
My question to I-F members is what makes a film successfull eventually is it a critics view point ? Is it your and my opinion about the latest film - example KANK ? or is it the revenue the movie eventually makes at the box office.

All of us are reeling from the various reviews we read here and in the papers about how KANK is . Some of us who have watched the film are telling the other how they loved it or how dissapointed they felt. Some said this films theme was too bold and Karan Johar should stick to his mushy love stories. While others are trying to decide whether to see the film in the big hall or wait for it to come on the DVD !!!!!

 But is this going to decide whether KANK is a hit or a miss ????????Or will eventually the money KANK will make at the theatre , will that be the decision maker ?? As for our crtics and their judgement and our personal opinion ofcourse, when have we ever unanimously agreed on any film. You may have liked RDB, while i personally felt i hated it because of its ending. But is my and your opinion important with due respect to it ???

Rang De BasantiRDB and Fanaa have raked some 200 crores at the box office and are then termed a super hit. Now producers and Distributors are betting around 90 Crores on ShahRukh Khan's release KANK and later DON .

The unprecedented success of Krrish has already collected Rs 150 crore (and counting, according to director Rakesh Roshan), bringing it into the league of the top five all-time grossers of Bollywood. It has also brought actor Hrithik Roshan back into the reckoning.(Courtesy Rediff news)

"The historic first week billing of KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA is a slap on the faces of all 'soothsayers' who predicted doomsday for the film at the box-office. " (Courtesy

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
Do you think the success of a film is based on how much it grosses in the box office ???

Or its what you and me think about the film ?

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Posted: 13 years ago
i agree its the box office collection
will come back to it later hopefully Embarrassed
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Posted: 13 years ago
box office collection, because it grabs the attention of the moviegoers if they find a story interesting and after that it is about how long can a film hold the attention of the moviegoer, how many weeks?

Everyones opinion is different but eventually a film will run on story because if the story is good people will tell others and they will and go see it for themselves. If the story isnt good, the first week collections may be good but after that if people tell others hey the story sucks then the others who havent seen the film wont spend money and box office collections will drop after the first or second weekend.
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Posted: 13 years ago
Personally, I have never gone by the Critic's view. I find it biased. Just my opinion. No offence. Even biggies like Taran Adarsh ... I have noticed sometimes write a review thats completely opposite of what I thought of the movie, so I dont go by their opinions anymore.

About Box-Office collections ... again I really dont think they are all that great to go by. Movies like Gadar earned sooooo much ... and my personal review of the movie was not a great one. Same with movies like Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai & No Entry. They earned good money at B.O. .. but I didnt think they were that great.

So for me ... I usually tend to make a choice based on online previews, TV promos, star cast, and just a personal instinct. And whenever I've made a decision based on these, I've usually enjoyed the movie. I dont watch that many anyways so I have to be choosy Tongue

Btw, Great topic Aparna di! Clap
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Posted: 13 years ago
i think its the boxoffice collection, when a film releases a whole bunch of pple frm all the diff parts of society watch tht film and if they like it, they go watch it again and again. And when the film is accepted by the whole public it becomes a success. as for the critics, i don't think tht 4 or 5 pple who have different point of view and a flair for writing can say tht a film is a hit or a flop compared to the hundreds who go and watch the film and come out liking it. At the end of the day public appreciation is wht makes a star and a film. If the film receives full marks frm the critics, the audience might reject it and a prefect example is OMKARA, which received gr8 reviews frm the critics but the audience didn't accept the film. Its very rare tht the audience and the critics agree on one decision. So i think tht the box office collections matter the most becuz thts wht the film industry is all about.
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Posted: 13 years ago
well firstly its the first week box office earnings that declare hit or miss for a film but then u need to look at how many people go back to watch the film again that gives a sense to what people think of the film if repeat takings are low that that means that the film was prolly not what it was cracked up to be since some people go to watch a film for their respective fav actor or actress
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Posted: 13 years ago
Its definately a box office collection which predicts a movie is a hit or flop. A critic can give a review for a movie..but can't predict the outcome...look at bunty aur babli...critics bashed that movie soo much...n look at the was a huge all depends if a viewer like u or me like the movie..if we do...we're definately gnna spread the word that its good/awesome n go see it...if u tell it to ur friends/family that...they will 99.9% gnna go watch the movie in which the producers n distributors for that movie gets money.
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Posted: 13 years ago
I think it depends on how much the movie earns as the box office.....sumtimes critics can be wrong and film that they might have thought would be a big time flop may suprisingly turn out to be a huge hit....for example i always go by Taran Ardash's reviews for new movies and most time he is right..buh recently he has given a wrong view on Phir Hera Pheri and KANK...he predicted that PHP would b flop or atleast average buh instead it turned out to be a hite....and on the other hand he had predicted KANK to b a blockbuster buh i dont see that happening...buh he was true on predicting about Fanna and Krrish as both movies did excellent earnings at the box i really think that the movie gets it Hit/flop status depending on how much it earns.....i really dont think critics can alwayz be 100% correct and by the way everyone has a different a movie is only declared hit/flop after seeing how much it gross at the box office

Luv Rashi
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