The Spirit of Debate Mansion

Posted: 14 years ago
The Debate Manison is a section on IF for various members to come in and debate, discuss, and express their opinion on subject matters that are close to them. Along with several heated debates the spirit has always been of learning, expanding ones horizons, gaining perspective and of course delivering the occasional debate smackdown.

However, since debating can be passionate, sensitive and personal - every now and then we have unpleasant situations where sentiments are hurt and simple things spiral out of control. Through this post here, I hope to remind everyone, members and visitors, about the spirit of debate - so that we can debate passionately and still have fun and peace.

Please remember, a debate is a form of structured argument. In a debate two or more sides will present their perspective on an issue, and provide arguments in favor of it. The subject matter will range from something serious like political views, to something very light hearted like favorite TV shows. The subject matter is diverse and so are the people and opinions. Since this is 'debate' you will come across people who share viewpoints - be it political, social, moral, religious, economic, social or philosophical that are radically different from you.

Just because someone's viewpoint in a debate completely conflicts and contradicts yours does not mean that they are trying to insult you or be offensive. Similarly, as part of debate the opposing sides will question you, point out contradictions or gaps in your position, and analyze your perspective in detail for flaws. Such questioning and contradiction, is not a form of attack - it is an essential part of debate. If you have watched presidential debates, or even debates in school, every viewpoint will be minutely questioned in order to weaken the opposing sides.

So when you come to debate mansion, bring an open mind. You will come across a wide range of perspectives, and will need an open mind not to embrace them, but to understand them in comparison to your world views. You will need an open heart, to be willing to take critique sportingly and graciously. You will need passion, to make the best argument possible for your position - but you will also need to have patience and temperament - you will be questioned, if you plan to say something, you must be prepared to rationally defend it. If you find yourself lacking in any of these, you may have a hard time.

Of course every now and then in the heat of argument someone will cross the line. Think twice before you post, especially when matters are sensitive. Try to think of it from the other person's perspective and do your best to avoid something that maybe offensive. Think twice before making assumptions about the post. Is the person genuinely being belligerent and offensive, is it actually an expletive or crass language - or is the person merely expressing their view and questioning yours. Its not an offense until its an actual derogatory attack, you cannot take offense for debating.

If you genuinely suspect that its a personal attack, or the person has cross the line in any matter - immediately report the post. Do not attempt to argue further, do not attempt to get like minded people together in attempts to smother out a viewpoint - this will only make matters worse. Once reported please allow the Dev Team to resolve the issue in an appropriate manner.

We at Debate Mansion want to encourage healthy debates on all subject matter.  We do not like to censor or stop people from debating unless we have genuine code of conduct violations on hand. We hope that everyone understands the spirit of debate and appreciates it and follows it - so that the members do not have to face locked topics and limitations - because of a few.

As Always - Why so Sirius? ENJOY!

The following are helpful links for those who want to further their debating experience

Logical Fallacies - Because it makes no sense whatsoever
Argument- Because it is not always about crazy people fighting
Facts vs. Opinions - Because none of us wrote the book of truth

I'm almost contemplating making this required reading and conducting a test. ๐Ÿ˜†

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Posted: 14 years ago
This topic will also serve as FAQ and Helpdesk topic for DM.

Any questions on DM, COC of DM, old topics, other DM questions/concerns - ask away.
Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks RTH dear...
Maine apna dimaag khol ke rakha hai DM ke liye
Posted: 14 years ago

The charm of DM lies in the  varied viewpoints expressed. If everyone were to sing the same tune there wud B no DM but just a fan club ! So enjoy ..for variety is the spice of life !

Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks RTH

this RTH its much apprecriated and was needed
Posted: 14 years ago
one cant have ones cake & eat it too LOL. U cant be debating & not expect someone to post contrary views
Posted: 14 years ago
Its very simple, they had it in one of those sticky's up there
Debate the topic, dont debate the person
Posted: 14 years ago
Originally posted by chal_phek_mat

Its very simple, they had it in one of those sticky's up there
Debate the topic, dont debate the person

In other words - Don't shoot the messenger๐Ÿ˜†
Posted: 14 years ago
spirit of debate mansion is ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Posted: 14 years ago
I think debating is fun as long as people aren't self-righteously sarcastic. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Sometimes when people think they necessarily hold a moral higher ground, it's extremely difficult talking to them.

Mutual respect solves a lot of problems...

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