Debate of the Day: Reel or Real?

Posted: 13 years ago

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Reel or Real 


Aaj kal ke shows, real nahi, reel zyaada hain. Meaning they are far from reality, what they portray is 90% fake, yet we still want to be like them, or be in a similar environment. We think that if a woman in TV or Movie can afford expensive clothes, have expensive jewelry, they are high class, we can too, and we have to act and dress like them as well. (hey it won't hurt being Bipasha (for John) for a day )

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Are we making mistake by comparing ourselves to the reel world, and their lifestyles?

The Movies, dramas, and music videos are portraying more of a western religion, but not showing as much as eastern. We are becoming westernized, day by day. Is it because its necessary to look and act westernized to fit in? Although we shouldn't forget people watch movies and dramas as a form of entertainment, we should also not forget we are from the real world.

Recently, a man tried to do a stunt from Krrish, he was fascinated by it, but forgot, its humanely impossible, and while doing so, he almost lost his life. Are we forgetting that this is just a form of entertainment? Most people don't survive after doing plastic surgery, how is a character supposed to have 3 of them?! We go beyond the real. Can we assume after an accident, you are going to look like some Sushmita Sen or Aishwarya Rai?!! I really don't think so!

 We see smoking, and close scenes between the characters, and directors always say "these are realistic characters", are we actually like those "realistic characters?" Are they portraying us the correct way, is our generation shown correctly?

 I just came back from vacation, and I loved the kurti and skirt, Kituu used to wear before, and I just went crazy looking for it. Maybe it might look good on her, but would it really look good on me, or I'm thinking it would because I liked it on her.

There was this girl, who couldn't watch KkavyAnjali, because her brother kept on hogging the TV and she got fed up, and eventually committed suicide. Just cause she couldn't watch a show.. My point is, Is the entertainment industry affecting us and our thinking too much? Do you think we take too much into our heads after watching a form of entertainment?  



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Posted: 13 years ago
interesting ................ Big smile i was often thought kay women of tv itni heavy........heavy............sarhis aour jewel kay saath kitchen main kaam kaisay ker laiti hain mujh say too nahin hota...... Wink even meri mother too kehti hain kay kitchen main hootay huee dopata mat lia karo jal jaee ga LOL mager na jany kioun in ki sarhiaa nahin jalti LOL
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Posted: 13 years ago
Very Catchy topic Wink And yes.. the entertainment industry highly affects the viewers.. BUT.. i think viewers should learn to get OVER the influence of the moviw\soap soon after they finish watching it. They should definetely learn to control their addiction (if they have it) and anxiety caused by watching certain pieces of art. Entertainment like Soaps and Movies are made to help us reduce stress and be happy... and not to make our lives MORE miserable LOL.
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Posted: 13 years ago
very catchy topic.. are we making a mistake? mistake? thats a hard thing to determine, it depends on how u define mistake and what ur beliefs are.

but is it practical or realistic? definetely no. Its a film and its something fictional. People have to learn to draw the line between fact and fiction. We have children trying to emulate Ninja Turtles stunts or WWE stunts and at leasy its understandable (NOT ACCEPTABLE). Their children and they cant differenciate. But adults attempting is ridiculous.

I think as humans we relate too much to these fictional characters subconciously. We begin to think thats that is the way of life and start to emulate their every move. Thats when trouble steps in. Why, people on IF fight for their stars and that their star if better than the other, They fight for character even though they know these characters are purely fictional!

I think people need to be educated and reminded about this matter time and time again!
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Posted: 13 years ago
Nice Post.. Clap Clap
Yeah Entertainment Industry does effect us fr watching those serialss. Cuz how more time we watch how more we like it na..
Isliye sum ppl can't b away from d TV..
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Posted: 13 years ago
Big smile Reel and Real are very different from each other.. but the thing is we are soo addicted to the telly soaps most times we hide ourselves in those and find it difficult to accept real stuff infront of reel Embarrassed Big smile
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Posted: 13 years ago

its very true reel aur real are very different! REEL IS MODERN FAIRYTALE. As PREETYGURIA said 90% is fake, 100% agreed. When we were kids we  placed ourselves in cindrella's shoes in hope that someday i'll meet my prince charming. Nowadays we place ourselves in lead actresses' shoes in hope of having the handome, smart, irresistible actors.


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Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by prettyguria


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There was this girl, who couldn't watch KkavyAnjali, because her brother kept on hogging the TV and she got fed up, and eventually committed suicide. Just cause she couldn't watch a show.

Did this really happen........then its too much......this shows that the gal was not matured she must not be exposed to such gradually children grow up they realizs that this all fake.......and comparing ourselves to TV is more worse.......v shud know the difference btw reality and artificialness.......v shud not get attracted toward materialistic things.......on the contaaray watch TV as a sorce of entertainment......thats it......and not relate ourselves to them.......but COPYING them is not TV serials shown in todays world have cool to an extent it is not wrong to cpoy them........but at the end of the day.......v shud be what v r......and not an imaginary character

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