Next superstar of Indian cinema....Kaun??

Posted: 13 years ago

The three Khans took over from where AB left...Khans are now aging..Their era is almost over….The smart SRK has adopted alternatives like KBC,albeit he wouldn't confess for all the tea in China that he feels outdated, but its evident no mater how much he tries to shroud his insecurities under a blanket of pomposity(which is pure hogwash...Living in denial)..….Salman no longer delivers solo hits….Aamir was never in the race for superstardom in the first place,he works based on his own rules,comfort and ethics in his idiosyncratic style….I can safely say the younger lot have taken over…


So in your opinion,who has the potential to become next superstar….The winsome Abhishek(who's getting a little annoying offlateAngry) or the perfectionist Hrithik….Or is it Kareena's beau Shahid(Who yet hasn't delivered any award worthy performance)….OR are the Khans invincible……Wink

I'd be a fence sitter in this debate,more of the Devil's advocate….LOL

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Posted: 13 years ago

Hi All!!!

First let me reveal my predictions:

1)There is lot of potential in the Indian Film industry,we don't have any dearth for good heroes.So we may have sweet surprises .

2)Super Star post is highly political,relative post.It differs from the parameters we take account of.

3)Finally, I feel Abhishek will be  the winnerEmbarrassed as he is the only eligible person among the choices you mentioned.Hritik,uff!!! So unusual....he can beg his papa roshan to make some Indianised Spider man rather Machhar Man Film,it will be a hit commercially.All are in trance of DHOOM2 but to become a superstar one needs to do several good roles apart from body building...



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Posted: 13 years ago
I think first in line will be Abhishek and he will have a tough competition with Shahid Kapoor. Its a matter of Shahid getting some good films. I can surely say he knows how to act and dance.
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Posted: 13 years ago

@ Abhi ji....Shreyas and Shiney are good actors...But Shiney is just 4 films old,all 4 not being great commercial successes...Shreyas was good in Iqbal,but that movie didnt catapult him to the numero uno position,it only earned him critical acclaim....Both these actors yet have to prove their star status by delivering hits!! besides,they dont enjoy any fancraze,another desideratum for stardom!!

@Neelam Ji...Shahid's a good dancer,low to middling actor...But what about screen presence???He has no screen presence at all..Besides,Shahid too hasnt delivered any blockbuster hits..

@mythili...Hrithik just an eye candyShocked..Ok,in Dhoom,he was just that Embarrassed...ummmm,On second thoughts,No,HE was more than just an object that can be drooled at.....He redeemed what was otherwise a
very typical and boring script and even made up for the lack of acting prowess of his co-star Ash!!...But tell me you havent watched Lakshya,Fiza and Koi Mil Gaya..They werent your usual potboiler-esque roles...Especially Koi Mil Gaya.....After Sridevi in Sadma,it was HR in KMG who played the role of a mentally retarded person with conviction,honesty and sincerety......Watch Ajay Devagan in Main Aisa hi hoon,you'd know why Hrithik's performance in KMG is still talked about!! ....Thus Hrithik CAN act,very well!!

ABhi yet has to deliver a solo hit,all his hits have been multistarrers or with his dad..What is Abhishek sans his Bachchan lineage,his dad who has monopolized every camp for his beta dearest.....He's overrated by the media!Period!~



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Posted: 13 years ago
I dont want to predict .. however, I do wish that Hrithik is the next superstar. He is the ONLY one right now who truly deserves it.
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Posted: 13 years ago
Abhishek might last long in this film industry, may be he will improve too. But don't think he can be a over-night "sensation" like his dad after "Zanjeer" or Shahrukh was after "Diwana" or Hrittik after his debut film "Kaho Na Pyar Hai". Abhisekh surely has the capabiity to make his way slowly to people's heart(like Rani) but somehow lacks the charisma and the zeal to be seen in the seat once occupied by his dad and later by Shahrukh. To me Hrittik is far more competent and is in a much more commanding position than any other star of his generation where he can choose his films, co-stars, roles, pay-check, etc.etc.
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Posted: 13 years ago

Abhi ji,I told you I'm simply playing the devil's advocate… Wink Which isnt easy,as I'm made to say snide things about my favouriteCry..None of these being my own opinions,just trying to provoke the fansBig smile

But I agree about what you said about Hrithik…He has had 4 hits out of the 13 movies he has done,3 hits being his home productions,and the other two being multistarrers....

Home productions where roles are written keeping him in mind,and definitely the comfort level with his dad would be more than with other directors.....

Dhoom 2 would've been a hit even if the character of Aryan was played by Akshay Kumar or Salman Khan or John Abraham,Dhoom wasnt the litmus test....Post Dhoom,every media person has embarked on a Hrithik glorification trip,which I find to be meaningless,as he still has a LONGGGG way to go before he can be called a superstar..All the glorification can be dismissed as poppycock,as the same prestigious Fourth Estate would switch loyalties if Abhishek delivers hits next year...The true acid test is the upcomming historical Jodha Akbar

One good year doesnt catapult anyone into superstardom,the success needs to be sustained!!....If ABhishek's Guru(which is an out an out ABhishek movie) works,and if ABhi can follow it up with successive hits in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom,the upcomming movie with Rani(which is again HIS movie),and in his upcomming movie with Priyanka,then the tables will turn.... Tongue ....It would be interesting to watch who is more successful and can sustain the success....Besides,ABhi has the added advantage that he shares a good rapport with almost everyone and doesnt have any egoes which stop him from playing second fiddles to SRk ,Ash and Hrithik....Thus he's in everyone's good books,and a good PR is very salient!!

Actully,Both Abhi and Hrithik have advantages AB and SRK didnt have...Hrithik's dad is a leading director,and AB's dad is a legend....AB and SRK came in without any family support and backing,and made it big on their own...their claim to fame wasnt their lineage as in Abhishek's case,nor did they have director daddies to make movies for them....



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Posted: 13 years ago
No mention of Saif Ali Khan!
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