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By The.Wanderer 8063 0 66

Bella Sharma is a writer by profession. Although her chosen genre of writing is hardcore crime fiction and spy thrillers, she's a closet romantic at heart. But seeing her parent's perfect love marriage crumble in front of her eyes, she had lost ...

Trapped By The.Wanderer 8063 10 66

Bella Sharma is a writer by profession. Although her chosen genre of ...

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Taarey two shot: His Angel Her Stranger
Taarey two shot: His Angel Her Stranger By Shalini_Taarey 177 3 1

Love doesn't care about reputation, money,fame, rich, poor Love means only ...

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Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather By -Archi- 233407 185 61

Arranged marriage was an age-old story that Khushi, the youngest of the ...

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A Con Girl
A Con Girl By Aditi 434 1 7

This is a story of Omkara being drug addict married to Gauri at his ...

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Entangled By sarah24998 20297 34 48

can love blossom between a mature young guy and an Immature young girl in ...

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That last ride towards MY DEATH
That last ride towards MY DEATH By Shivi 1734 15 8

Sometimes things are not in our control and our mind starts giving us a ...

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Sacrifice For Immortality
Sacrifice For Immortality By Nikita 1039 5 7

Immortality... Who doesn't crave immortality? To have an eternal life, free ...

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My Perfect Wedding
My Perfect Wedding By Poonam..../Piya 1641 13 35

But if ur wedding have done to one unknown person.. u dont even saw him ...

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Pragmatic By Silver-Topaz 3193 27 14

Arnav-Khushi's remarriage was cancelled. Arnav did not turn up for the ...

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A Wedding To Remember
A Wedding To Remember By The.Wanderer 3266 5 22

"My wedding was probably the most memorable wedding ever," she said. ...

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Taarey three shots Beparwaiyan
Taarey three shots Beparwaiyan By Nupurjaishwal 378 5 2

The story moves around Taani and Rey . It is a three shots by nupurjaishwal

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The Love Between US
The Love Between US By Dipika 2874 35 7

The story starts just before the fake break up. Taani coming to know about ...

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Hit Wicket My Heart 2.0
Hit Wicket My Heart 2.0 By LifeDramaFicTns 1692 13 8

Arnav Singh Raizada is 27 years of age rakishly handsome, and the Captain ...

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Obsessive Love
Obsessive Love By Manasa.G 12600 22 18

He was a cold hearted and matured-more-than-his-age kind of guy. Like an ...

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A Second Chance
A Second Chance By Aditi 3893 31 7

What happen when you see the most beautiful bride of the world, who isnt ...

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Beauty And Her Prince
Beauty And Her Prince By Hope 108774 32 25

Arnav Singh Raizada, the most eligible bachelor in India and a BIG mystery ...

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Love is all you need
Love is all you need By LizzieBennett 1033 0 7

A romance with original characters (OC), featuring AshNi from Kuch toh log ...

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