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Posted: 13 years ago

Hey guys!

Over at the Nach Baliye 2 forum some of us touched on the topic of Live-in relationships...but due to the danger of the topic veering dangerously off-topicLOL i decided to shift discussion here...Wink

Salaam Namaste explored the whole concept of Live-In relationships...and i hear that there were many critics who slammed the movie because it did not portray 'indian values'

But you see, now i am confused. why? Because many a time you see television stars and they live in the same house...

Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar etc etc

So...if live-in relationships DO happen...then why was SN bashed for showing that? and why did the makers market it as "something that will shock everyone" LOL lolz man am i confused or what?Wink

So, ANYWAYS, i know that there have been many topic on "is marriage really needed?" and this one kinda relates to that, but is a little bit different (had to say that else mods may close topicLOLWink)

What do you think of Live-In relationships?

Do you think that they represent the 'indian values'? Or is it something that isn't related to values. it's just different?

If you are living the life of a married couple, then why not just get married? i know there IS whole arguement on that, that you just need to love, don't need an authentication certificate...but i would like to know any other reason...simply for the fact that I'm curious :P

So...what about the kids? whose name would they go by? the mums or dads?

anyways, mostly im just asking what most Indians feel about Live-In relationships and if this is wide-spread or just restricted to the rich and famous?WinkLOL

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Posted: 13 years ago
wait Iqbal and Neha dont live together?? can u clear that up. Well i support the whle getting married thing, and so I dont support living together before marriage. Its very simple, you dont need to live together to get to know someone. And if you can live together then why not just get married. I think living together isnt apart of any culture, it was just made for the convience of the generation dat doesnt want to get married for whatever reason. I like SM, i mean..they do get married at the end.
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Posted: 13 years ago
Living in is an easier version of marriage.
In case you are not compatible you can just walk out without having to go through the process of divorce.
Some people who are just scared of the Tag of Mr/Mrs go for this.
It doesnt represent indian values at all.In fact it is not accepted in Indian society.Of course Living in is legal in india and is concerned with mostly the rich and the famous.buts that That!
It doesnt go beyond that.
Though i belive its more of a personal choice.I myself wouldnt go for a live in beacause i would say people who believe that their relationship wouldnt last long go for this.And faith and trust in most important in a relatioship. Smile
But of course there are some people who dont believe in the institution of marriage..Actually all this should be one's personal choice But in India is considered immoral!
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Posted: 13 years ago
Personally, I have no problem with live-in relationships. I know people who have live-in relationships, and are very happy infact they are more happy than those who are married!! They feel that things change after marriage, and I believe that too. I know that this goes against Indian Values, but it is my personal opinion. While I have no problem with it, and don't think anything is wrong with having one. I really can't see myself in a live in relationship, I think I would prefer to be married. Edited by bollywoodcrazed - 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by FairyAngel

Even though I was raised in the US since I was 1, I am still dead set against live-in realtionships. I think its is morally and ethically wrong. Why do you think god created the holy aspect of marriage. I also feel that people who live together before they are married, don't really love each other. Besides, think about the harmful effect on children that result due to this. I personally have some friends who are facing that very situation like this, and to tell you the truth it is tearing them apart litterally! Anyways I just thank god that my I'm not facing anything like this!

                    &nbs p;          &n bsp;          Heart Always
                    &nbs p;          &n bsp;          FairyAngel

i totally agree with you!
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Posted: 13 years ago
i dont think theres anything wrong with live in relationships...marrige is a big cometiment and peole live together before marige to see if they can adjust with each other.
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Posted: 13 years ago
i support live-in relationships.....i mean ya why dont they just get married? but marriage does change a lot of things.....u start takin the other peron for granted.....u dnt give so much importance to him/her....i think live-in relationships are gud for a yr or two.....n after tht if u think tht the person is right for u n u think tht u can spend ur life wit him u can get married to him....but if ur views change abt him thn u can leave him without gettin divorced.....well i dnt think they represent indian values....but now india had becum really bold n i think in the next few yrs ppl will be able to digest the fact tht live-in relationships are not such a big deal.....but i dnt really see myself livin wit a guy i wud rather get married but i dnt think they are anythin wrong in it.....
there are so many celebrities who lived/live together....therez lara dutta who lives wit her bf, manisha had a live-in relationship with nana patekar and almost all american celebrities live together for the shortest they breakp up so fast....get a life ppl....ur life is just breakin up and hookin up....well kisna i think it is a very interestin topic Embarrassed ....can go on and on with it
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Posted: 13 years ago

Originally posted by ana1

i dont think theres anything wrong with live in relationships...marrige is a big cometiment and peole live together before marige to see if they can adjust with each other.

I agree with you. Before I got married to my husband, we lived together for almost 2 years. By living together before marriage, we saw each other's true colors.


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