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Posted: 16 years ago

Please read the rules mentioned in this topic before posting in Debate mansion. Do adhere to the rules mentioned in the link below in order to avoid corrective actions from DM's development team. Any concerns PM DM Dev or GM's.


Link :


Regarding some ground rules :


Dear Members,


    We have again evaluated a few of the India Pakistan related sensitive issue threads of the recent past in this section. Our inference is that, not one single topic was able to maintain a rational debating and each one turned into a battleground and hurt the sentiments.


    Not one single India – Pakistan, Hindu-Muslim topic has sailed smoothly without abusing, insulting a country or religion or attacking members. Members haven't been able to stick to the topics objectively and radical behavior has taken the drivers seat while objectivity paled into oblivion. Here are a few of those "derailed threads":



   Interestingly, the opinion of one set of members (During our interaction with them on PM) was that it was only a few sensitive members who missed out the objective of the criticism and took it personally.


    A while back there was a topic pointing fingers at India's action and this time it was few of these very members who took it personally and crossed lines of debating and resorted to personal attacks. Pakistanis are not allowed in Mumbai hote  This proves yet again, that NO ONE can take criticism of their own country in a rational way and keep the debate on track. Last week we saw how a topic on issues in Mahabharata (Were Pandavas cheaters?) affected the sentiments of many and we received several complaints on them. Some voiced it directly in the thread while others chose to PM it or report it.



   In all these debates, a lot of personal attacks have taken place, many a line of decency has been crossed, many sentiments have been hurt and many IF COC rules have been broken.



     So, henceforth , the Debate Mansion Dev Team has taken a unilateral decision – Hindu- Muslim-Christianity, India Vs. Pakistan,  topics touching upon harboring terrorism, criticism of religion or culture, or any  such sensitive topic  whether published as articles, or featured in global television, or hot enough to be debated SHALL NOT be allowed to be posted or discussed at Debate Mansion. If anyone finds a topic like that posted here, you will simply report it and post no comments in favor or against it. Bottom line is - no mudslinging, personal attacks, sarcastic insinuations or abuse of any country, culture, creed or religion shall be entertained here. 



    If there is any personal attack, that post will not be replied to by the other party and this personal debate or "verbal kabaddi" will not be allowed. If you find the post distasteful, copy it, as well as the page link and PM it to any member of the DM DT or GM's. Or simply report it. We will take necessary action. Third parties, you will do the same, simply REPORT. No personal advice to any on the threads.



   Any member found violating the rules will be dealt with very strictly and will receive the warning meter right away. No personal attack , direct or indirect  digs, sarcastic insinuations or defense is allowed .If any member here who is a participant in the debate is found breaking this rule will surely face the warning meter.



     Hope that clarifies our stand. Also as per this new rule all such topics now open or posts made on the same issues will be taken care of as the DT feels best, by either trashing those posts or closing the topics.




Debate Mansion Dev Team.




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Posted: 16 years ago


Additionally based past / current posts as of Feb 07 2008.


Acknowledge following point as heads up and warning to maintain forums decorum based on members inputs, questioning DM's tolerance level , reports and considering supposedly matured adults here

    Be considerate on personal point of views, there is no need to disregard someone's POV as thrash (profane word used like ur views are bs), contradict using right/considerate verbiage adding substantial back up clarification. Profanity alert, avoid profanity for no rhyme or reason. Stop indirect remarks, something not liked ,report it, DO NOT make personal digs, makes oneself no different, if doing the same for the sake of squaring out. Quit SPAMMING, understood there is a thin line but spamming is killing debates, take things that are personal on PM's, no need to take it up on public forum. BTW insults on PM are also subjected to strict action. Doing things personally is justified, if someone else does is a problem. Why? try to do what you expect, which is obviously lacking here. Dev team based on inputs is going to take strict action on people leaning towards insult, profanity and after this warning explanation take back seat. No matter for whatever reason COC should be adhered to.
  1. Finally help us, help make DM what it is meant.

Feel free to PM DM Dev team for clarifications, we are not goin to tolerate profanity, spamming and personal remarks any more. Please refrain.



DM Dev



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Posted: 15 years ago
Hi DMers,

There have been too many reported posts and complaints in the recent weeks about sarcastic posts. Such posts have triggered quite a bit of indirect or direct mudslinging attacks disrupting the flow of the debates and have created bad vibes in the section. Sarcasm per se, is not bad but overuse or misuse of it surely has the capacity to ruin a good debate and affect the environment.

Topics are for healthy debating, state your points clearly with proper reasoning and restrain from resorting to any sarcasm to drive home a point. We will not tolerate it any more. If anyone is found making sarcastic posts, instigatory posts, retaliatory posts, getting personal, attacking another member directly or indirectly, strict action will be taken against such members. Please take this as the final warning!  If you find any such posts, DO NOT try to give a fitting reply, or try being the moral police, but simply "REPORT" it.

Let us take the necessary action.

Please help us in keeping the section positive, friendly and welcoming.

DM Dev Team

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Posted: 15 years ago

In the pretext many of the recent very insensitive, inconsiderate, decorum breaker topics and posts, that are related to Terror Attacks in India, we feel the need for this post to warn and remind our dear members on the rules

  1. Follow COC,
  2. No religiously instigating / inconsiderate topics allowed. We discourage religious topics based on issues they lead to in past. Here is note on that
  3. Personal / Sarcastic, direct or indirect remarks are NOT allowed. .
  4. There is no excuse for instigating / insensitive remarks, even if they were in response to an offensive post by someone else, report that post.
  5. We will be thrashing posts that are non appropriate for this section or violating rules without notice.
  6. If there are related topics already open, share your argueable points / POV there, DO NOT open new topics for everything or everypoint that comes up related to recent happenings. 

It is sad to see that because of few members, who solely intend to dismantle decorum sensible / matured members are also defaulting.


We assure strict actions on defaulters, henceforth, so please be reminded. Humble request to ALL! Keep this place for what we love it and have considerate/intellect/informatics debates OR arguable discussions while enjoying the fun.


Any concerns / suggestions / questions PM me.


Seek your cooperation and help!!


Thank You,


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Posted: 14 years ago
Many of you will have noticed that a lot of opinion polls and Bollywood/Television topics have been locked.

Recently, many new topics opened have been very subjective opinion polls with no basis for debate or frivolous discussions. Too many of such topics are being opened regularly. They either become a basis of chit chat/spam, subjective baseless arguments, or personal attacks against members or celebrities.

Henceforth, no subjective opinion polls like who is more beautiful, who is better, who is more hyped or topics of such likes will be allowed. Topics either supporting or attacking a single celebrity subjectively will not be allowed.

When you open a topic, please consider it can support a broader debate or discussion. For example a discussion on beauty or what constitutes acting skills rather than subjective opinion polls. If a celebrity/person was involved in a significant current affair then this can be discussed. Simply opening a topic to support or diss a celebrity is not debate.

I would also remind every one of other DM rules - here - These rules will be strictly upheld. Anyone who opens such opinion polls or frivolous topics on anything and everything that has no concrete debate value will receive an increase in WL. If you are unsure or feel that the topic you have in mind warrants exception feel free to PM me or someone in the DM DT to clarify if you can open the topic or not. 
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Posted: 14 years ago
Things have been too lax for too long around here and there is a lack of basic decorum in the posts and topics around here. There are some rules and regulations that will be enforced in DM moving on.

1) No Over Quoting: It is ridiculous to have an excessive amount of quotes. There should be no more than three sub quotes in a single post.

2) No ALL CAPS or Large Font in regular posts.

3) No single word responses or off topic messages like 'hi' 'Im bored' etc. This is Debate Mansion, and you should be posting if you actually have something relevant to say/debate/discuss.

4) Most importantly no flooding or spamming. All of us go off topic now and then, but if you are taking away from topics and creating a forum of spam and flood - that is unacceptable. There is a chat club as well as PM and scraps, for those who want to take a break and just goof off.

I have been guilty of some of these myself, and I know that it has been so lax for long that its almost second nature. However, to maintain decorum, ensure that topics stay on track and people can engage in discussions without sifting through pages of spam such rules will be imposed.

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Posted: 13 years ago
A reminder for all newbies on the expected rules of DM

Please take time to review these topics & familiarize yourself with the rules and expectations of debate and this section.

The Spirit of Debate Mansion

Key things to keep in mind

1) All topics must have some content for debate/discussion. Topic starter must state clearly expected debate/discussion. This does not mean there is no room for lighter things. It means that there has to be structure and purpose.

2) Absolutely no chit chat and spamming.

3) Jokes, random videos and other things without concrete discussion/debate direction can be posted in the Symposium thread

4) No non debate/discussion threads without permission of DT.

5) No frivolous polls/topics, comparing polls/topics, celebrity/show discussions. Create a topic only if there is a debatable subject.

Please note that IF has sections for chat, games etc. There are respective film, music, lifestyle and music sections that can be used for topics that are non debatable. DM is a separate section specifically for debates, members on DM come here to debate, so please try to respect that. Dev Team will be compelled to take action if members do not follow these expectations. We do understand that not everyone can be serious all the time and always try to balance things out by having an everything goes thread, as well as certain threads to share songs/videos, occasionally having contests/games/MOTW. However, this section tends to be more concrete and structured compared to other sections on IF.

Your cooperation and understanding in this aspect is much appreciated.
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Posted: 13 years ago
Additional Clarifications

Definition of DEBATE (NOUN)

: a contention by words or arguments: as a : the formal discussion of a motion before a deliberative body according to the rules of parliamentary procedure b : a regulated discussion of a proposition between two matched sides

Definition of DEBATE (VERB)

intransitive verb
obsolete : fight, contend
a : to contend in words b : to discuss a question by considering opposed arguments
: to participate in a debate
transitive verb
a : to argue about <the subject was hotly debated> b : to engage (an opponent) in debate
: to turn over in one's mind <he's still debating what to do>


Debate or debating is a formal method of interactive and representational argument. Debate is a broader form of argument than logical argument, which only examines consistency from axiom, and factual argument, which only examines what is or isn't the case or rhetoric which is a technique of persuasion. Though logical consistency, factual accuracy and some degree of emotional appeal to the audience are important elements of the art of persuasion; in debating, one side often prevails over the other side by presenting a superior "context" and/or framework of the issue, which is far more subtle and strategic.