Romantically Involved Cousins

Posted: 13 years ago
Hi to all

         You might have known me from a prevous post W=cousin+love

               I recieved both positive and negative responses. But at that time I was not that much near to the truth factors. But when I get to see the issue of Romantically Involved Cousins in INDIA it was a pleasent surprise.

          More Indians (specially females) are romantically involved with their cousins. And it is a good sign. No body sees it like a incest. But that happens only when people open their mind. and see the facts.

Some say Science is Evil but it is And eye opener.

Taboos always exist but science helps us to eliminate that.

When I was on a google group (Indian Cousin Lovers). I got a chance to interact people and get to know the desi scenario associated with the issue.

If any body on this forum is in Love with their cousin do not be shy. There is a society who wants to help you.

I dont want this post as spam so I'm not posting any URL. But your private messages are welcome.

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Posted: 13 years ago

Wow... this is an interesting topic.. however... it is very shameful to see such actions happening in this world.

I am not aware of such extreme situations at large levels, therefore, my opinion may be considered amateur.

But, this is a form of incest. Cousins in India are like blood relatives and society usually refrains from marrying two people form the case family link, unless it is three or four generation apart.

I cannot imagine marrying one of my close cousins. It is delporable and blashemous.

There needs to be some sort of boundary in human morals and concerns and even though we are in the 21st century, we need to remain in contact with our morals and if we ignore them and think that it is "alright", society is on the pathway of being crushed and corrupt in all areas.

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Posted: 13 years ago
Got your point.

But calling this incest is wrong. If you take bible for example. It gives a list of realtionship which is forbidden and is called as incest. And you will be surprised to know that cousin relationship is not mentioned their.

Every other part of world (like Australia, UK, Europe, US (26 states) even in south INDIA cousin relationship is not a forbideen relationship.

It was once a taboo due to some medical fallacies.
So the customary (where it is still like north india and some states in US) was based on the old theory that interbreeding of cousins can cause medical problems. But the facts are now out. And pretty much clear. New genetics research have made it clear. So laws may eventually change.

And in Hindu religion even Ved has no objection with it.Hindu marriage law states if it is OK with your society you can go ahead.

Some are able to find true love in their cousins. So what they should do????? Since love is not a mathematics no one thinks of even odds associated with it but just love.


But for most of the people it is hard to understand unitl they find themself into same situation
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Posted: 13 years ago
Rakhi is OK. I respect the tradition. But to take on culture you might have known that Wife of Rajputs tie Rakhi to their husband before going to War.

I'm here not to hurt the sentiments of true brother and sister. I have a sister too and love like true sister. Similarly If they love each other like brother and sister. OK.

But if cousins do not show each other like this instead the love more than any one in this world. then it is also Ok. Edited by harrydeo - 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago
Marriage within same blood relation is common in certain communities. But not welcome in some, and they have their reasons too.

I can understand the opinion of the people against it in one side, and the emotional involvement of two cousins on the other.

Many(most of) people view it as a sin, since they relate cousin-cousin relation should be same as brother-sister relation, it's actually good to see that people consider a cousin-cousin relation as such a close one as a brother-sister. So,there is nothing wrong with it.

Love is pure. But when two people get involved inspite of the blood relation, it is sad that they have to face the world against them, all humiliations, embarassments they have to go through,hurting parents and closed ones, at the same time suffering the pain themselves. Even if they end up marring, the society never stops talking about them. Even the kids suffer.

In my opinion, it's better to stay away from your cousin if you have something in your mind for him/her. As long as the society does not change it's view,, your relationship is not welcome here.
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Posted: 13 years ago
I think getiing romantically involved with your cousins is disgusting.....cauz cousins are like your brothers and sister and many religions dont accept such relationships....i mean i am pretty modern buh i still believe that such relationships like that shouldnt really be allowed
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Posted: 13 years ago
When I was younger, like 12-13, I liked one of my mamaji's son very much. It was nothing like elderly love etc. But as I grew up, now he is my good elder bro.
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Posted: 13 years ago
Well there are some religions that allow such marital relationships between cousins to form....and there r some that do not....I come from a culture that allows cousins to marry each other...but i think distant cousins....that come from on side of the family...and the other comes from the other....can get married....bcoz it is a distant relation..... Smile
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