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Posted: 13 years ago

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Why is it that for Indians the minute a person gets married he or she sort of becomes an "Auntie" or an "Uncle" to the single populace in general? Ermm I want everyones opinion coz theres been quite a bit of "Auntying" and "Uncling" going on here in IF too... Wink

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Posted: 13 years ago
after marriage ,after children may be charm of couple dont remain same as before marriage LOL
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Posted: 13 years ago
Ha ha LOL...Pooh! U are trying to catch all the pesky teenz out here....right!!!LOLLOLLOL.
BTW It is not just Indians... but an over-all south asian epidemicLOLLOL... This whole aunting uncling thingyTongueWinkis like an unspoken rule in societies and these titles are awarded to those married couples for the purpose to let them realize that they are "No more eligible for flirting"!!!LOL

OK .. seriously .. despite being a Little teen im a victim of this "Aunt" title...unfortunately! Unhappy ..All my siblings and cousins are married and i am the "Aunt" of all of their childrenConfused... I ask u.. IS this FAIR to a little teen like me..EmbarrassedUnhappyCry???????

And yeah... i have the habit of converting all the "Bhai-loge age group married people" as UNCLES!!LOLLOLLOL...Call me evil.. but here is one incident.. i have a family friend here who is 30+ and has 3 small children.. so instead of calling him Bhai.. i called him "Uncle" and his face went Stern Smile.... So my mom backed up as "Bhai aur Uncle ..aik hi to baat hui naa" ....LOL...but his wife was also going to be likeConfused but i immediately called her "Baji" (Di).. I have this rule in my life: All the bhai-loge are Uncles and their wives are Sure DIs....

I think i have given out a clueWink!!!
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Posted: 13 years ago
Hmmm its not necessary, but shows respect towards another, but also depends on age, like if your friends sis is 22 and just married and you are 17, then no aunty LOL But you can call them apa. But Aunties and Uncles aren't really used till they have a child of their own, but I guess we use aunty and uncle for respect. Smile
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Posted: 13 years ago
my rule....u r over 30 and u r my uncle/aunty (with the exception of aparna di who is forever young Wink )
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Posted: 13 years ago
Over 30 Jav ?? Ouch Confused

Well its dumb kids who think every married person is a fossil!! Angry

But let me tell you , actually very very few people call me Aunty. Not even my friends kids!!! They all call me by my name . Its maybe coz i look and behave as young as them.Embarrassed

Whats even worse ! Now i have several friends through my neighbourhood and through the Indian association. Some of these ladies are in their late 40's and early 50's. I call them "xyz di" out of respect or their names. But when they meet my mom they call her "Aunty"!! .She is barely 8- 10 years older to them!! Confused Ouch This bugs my mom so badly!! LOL Now thats a bad one!! Edited by Aparna_BD - 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago
Hmmmmmmmm..I was a Auntie when I was 12 years old. So auntie is a very common world for me. by the time I was 15 I had a Bahu LOL
But realistically i never took it as offence. I used to take it as a pride to tell my class fellows. Specially when the Bahu had child..i was dadi LOL LOL LOL

No I am married so have lot of realtions...like bhahi (most beautiful) didi (Very cute) have jethani, devrani too now.
But among all i always felt that friends have a special bond which is true here. We do not even meet each other but share our joys and sorrow on net and have a great virtual family. So a family where we seek friends...attaching any other relation then friends..i felt was little awkward. But if it satisfy's anyone then i am all for it...call me granny LOL LOL

And yes to all elders here i also had problem to call them di or auntie ,
In school....generally you think College is big deal...if you do college,, you are really big and married and kids means..you are old (Was my thinking atleast) but as you cross school then college and get married..you inside do not get a feeling of getting old although kids going to school do seem little kids. SO i guess may be that is the reason. Any way giving respect is one thing and being sarcastic is another.
As long as you have due respect for your elders and love for young ones.......that is all matter

2 cents from your AUNTIE LOL LOL LOL
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Posted: 13 years ago
hey, i'm not talking about people who are infact your niece or newphew...

Its like this..I got married when I was 21 and my Hubby was 25. Yet people who were our age or even in some very hilarious cases actually older but single would most sweetly refer to us as "Aunty" and "Uncle"!!!!!
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