Depending on 'saboots'. Is that right?

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Posted: 13 years ago

Hey guys,

I know u guys probably don't know me as I am not a regular in this section but i just love the debates that go on here and have been  a silent reader for quite a while.

Coming back to the topic, My topic of debate is that is depending on 'Saboot's' to solve a case always necessary? I mean to say that we all know that the court of justice, also known as the 'adalat', is fully dependent on proofs or witnesses. So is this right? I mean the proofs can be planted on the site or the witnesses can be bought with money anytime so how is this justice then?

Do you think that relying on proofs is not the best thing? I know that I don't a real experience in this stuff and this is probably coming from the movies but its not wrong is it? This stuff does happen in the real world too in every continent, country, city or village.

I mean we all are here sitting safe in our houses at this moment (*touchwood* i must say) but there are so many ladies who will be raped or people who will be murdered in the lonliness of the streets where no one could hear them but who will have the proof of the rape or that murder? The case will be automatically suspended coz of lack of proof or even if there is one, it can be manupilated by threats or money so then how is this justice?

Do you think the system of justice needs to be changed a bit? I know this is not possible but then the system today is not perfect, is it?

Then what is being done or what can be done to ensure that there is perfect justice in such cases because the people with power, authority or money can get away with anything but what can be done to ensure that the regular middle class or lower middle class people get justice that they have been striving for in such a case?


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Posted: 13 years ago

Originally posted by abhijit shukla

Indian Judiciary

The topic is already discueed this week. Judiciary system stinks.
Welcome to the forum and the real world.
Thanx abhijeet. yes i checked out that topic but not much was being discussed and it was only abt the indian judiciary whereas here i wanna question the whole system that believes in nothing other that the 5 letter world 'proof'.

 yes u are right. real world it is. i usually am seen in serial forums but yes this is very intresting to be talking abt real issues. I mean i am sure we are not the only people who see wrong in this then why is not step take to improvise it? Why do they let it stink? Are they not bothered or is it too difficult to think up of a way to expand their horizon and stop depending on the proofs n witnesses which are so easily available with money and power?

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Posted: 13 years ago
A person is innocent until proven guilty.

Basically you need "proof" to prove a person guilty. But the problem with the "proof" is that it can be easily fabricated... there needs to be a better way to handle evidence and the underlying problem of corruption.
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Posted: 13 years ago
I think evidence (or saboot) is very crucial in a case because no one can be trusted. You can't base a case or verdict on merely someone's statement. You need hardcore phyical proof to prove your point.
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Posted: 13 years ago
I think it is to give benefit of doubt to innocent.

However, the way they show importance of saboot in indian soaps or bollywood like last minute they come to know that saboot is missing is just to comical to me. LOL
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