Debater OTW - Vishesh

Posted: 14 years ago

Hey guyz i am baq wid another gr8 i-f debater just as good as last weekz ladies n gents put ur handz 2gather all the way from india it is:


vishesh all ur debates in this section are wonderful i believe u have a many storng views on each topic posted here n just want 2 say thanx th@ we have debaters like urself who is helpful n friendly in everything u postSmile

so over 2 u guyz n vishesh

Regards DM Dev. Team


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Posted: 14 years ago
Hey Vishesh , now i have you on the hot seat .( Thx Samie for releasing me . Smile )

As you asked me about your avatar .....Mozart sahab .My question is related to him .

Do you like Classical music ? Do you like listening to Mozart . Whats your fav symphony of his ?

Are you studying or working ? If studying , what subject ? If working then , doing what ?

As for now just 2 questions . will be back with many more !! Wink
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Posted: 14 years ago
hw did u land up in i-f?
wh@ section do u like more fg or our small but cool debate gang? Smile
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Posted: 14 years ago

Originally posted by Vishesh

hmmm..for a short time..i was very much sit on Hot-Seat.. but i very few ppl know me, so i will be safe at this seat.. Wink

..ohh, Congrats Vishesh!!ClapSmile  Well ..I dun know that much about u gonna start with general ques.

    Fill in this sentence " I-F to me is like ____________" What are ur hobbies? Where in India, do you live? Have u travelled anywhere else? (Canada ..states ..etc) Wht's is ur fave colour(s)? Besides this section, wht other sections are you active on? Wht is your career/profession or ..wht do u study?
  1. Whn's ur b-day?  (just month/date)
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Posted: 14 years ago
Originally posted by Vishesh

Originally posted by meghavi


  1. Whn's ur b-day?  (just month/date) August 18th wayyyyy ..lolz..u have the same b-day as my dad!Tongue

Anyways ..thx for answering my ques!Smile

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Posted: 14 years ago
Congratulations Vishesh- here are my questions-

1. what language do you speak at home?
2. How many and what states have you visited in India?
3. What is ur fav. discussion topic? politics, books, movies, tv shows, weather, globar warming, finance, or you can add ur own.
4. Are you workholic or laid back person?
5. do you like winter, summer, or monsoon? and why!

Guess, thats about it! enjoy ur hot chair! Tongue
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Posted: 14 years ago
congrats vishesh Clap Clap
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