Debate of the Day: Good vs Evil

Posted: 13 years ago


Hello I-Fians

Today's Topic is quite controversial..

We all know or have heard that eventually Good overpowers Evil.. But do u think good really always win over evil in reality and if it does is it worth waiting for ages to see that triumph?

For e.g. in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Tulsi has been shown an epitome of truth but eventually evil Meera was successful in throwing her out of Virani's house. EVen if Tulsi finally comes back to the Virani house she has wasted 20 yrs of her life in exile. Similalry, with all the centre characters of the serials. Their whole life is a struggle to make good win over evil.

SO friends do u think is it fair to spend one's whole life waiting for justice?

Our media portrays that good will always win but there are certain stereotypes- what do you think about that?

Is saying good will always win over evil too simplified? What may sounds good to me maybe evil to you--who draws the lines and where are they drawn?

Well friends lets think about this overhype Good VS Evil theme of our serials and share your thoughts Smile


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Posted: 13 years ago

The first PostBig smile

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Posted: 13 years ago
a really nice topic to debate on..Smile
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Posted: 13 years ago
u know what yaar? its not worth it! Cry Ouch theres no point in living !! im so tired of it! only tv. makes the boredom in my life a little less. Ouch
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Posted: 13 years ago
really intresting...
I believe that good is always worth any price u have to pay to achieve it whether its giving up ur life or giving up ur happiness. I am a strong believer in God and believe that all men should do such deeds that they are able to face God after they die.

What is shown in TV serial is exagerated and presented in an extremly dramatic form which is far frm real life. But whatever the case maybe, i personally would prefer to live in exile like Tulsi for 20 yrs then be evil and rule the house and its people for years

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Posted: 13 years ago
Good always overpowers evil,that mostly happens in TV serials only.People who do bad do not get punished for what they have done on the other hand good people have to face alot of problems in life even though they have not caused anyone any harm.But I think that happens because good people are bound to be in heaven and maybe thats why they get punished for those small mistakes now but bad people get punished for all their sins in hell.In serials justice is not always shown.For example the super bahus' in-laws believe them one minute and then the other minute they dont.I dont even get whats the point of showing all this.Maybe they are showing this so people can see the strength of a woman but actually they're just showing that women will always suffer in life,which is wrong.You may have heard of that quote "Sabar Ka Phal Meeta Ho Ta Hai",its actually quite true...........good people have to wait a while before they can get rewarded for their good deeds.

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Posted: 13 years ago
Gud topic! well to have my say...i'l say k Ya! i really ,firmly believe dat watvea da situation is,how mch hard it b....da Triumph is always of da "good!!" In da start it may seem dat Evil is winning of evil gonna win...but Ind a end ...Jeet hamesha Gud 1's ki hoti hai!!! jisko apne sach pe,apne ap par yaqeen ho k wo sahi hai....He/She fights 4 dat right!!!!! n God is den automatically wid Him/Her!!!! da gud 1 wins after alll!!! though evil tries to make him lose BUT guyz remmebr !!!! no matter wat happens-----The Truth/Good has Power....and When It has Power...It Shows!!!!!!!!!
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