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Posted: 14 years ago
Lets welcome our next Debator of the week . Her real name is Anu . She is the debator all of you requested for on the Hot seat . Anu , as a debator has known to show clarity in her thoughts , stick to her view points and back up her views with enough credible proof if need be !! Well if you still haven't figured "Anu " out yet ............................her I-F i.d is Rindam !!!!!! So welcome Anu aka Rindam with a big hand !!Clap

Anu tells me she is married , working and loves to watch Movies and T.V. She says she'd like to write more often as that makes her feel better .She has written fanfiction for Kavyanjali and would like to do this more often.She loves good music , especially the classical type and the only 2 sections she visits are Debate Mansion and Kavyanjali !!

So we finally have Rindam on the hot seat and lets grill her with questions .

Let me ask you some customory questions to get the ball rolling:

Name : Anu
Country of residence:
Personality in brief:
Your favourite debate so far on DM :
Your favourite opponent on DM :
Your favourite musician singer:
Your favourite movie and serial :

That should start you off Anu.Tongue Welcome once again on the hot seat and hope you have a good time !!Big smile

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Posted: 14 years ago
congratz rindam Clap

well guys wh@ u waitin 4??????
Rindam~ How did u arrive @ i-f??
Have u eva been in a situation in which u wished the ground would open n swallow u??
Wh@ is ur all time ambition??
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Posted: 14 years ago

Thank you for that hevy duty intro aparnaHug. Here are my first set of answers

Originally posted by Aparna_BD

Let me ask you some customory questions to get the ball rolling:
Name : Anu
Proffesion: R and D
Country of residence: India and US
Personality in brief: It is tough to describe myself. I think I talk a lot but never about important thingsLOL
Your favourite debate so far on DM : a few, the newer ones I think Hindi in South India
Your favourite opponent on DM : many, all those who support meLOL 

Seriously, depending on the debate I have liked many debators.

Your favourite musician singer: Indian-Parveen Sultana in Hamsadhwani raaga (she is superb)
Your favourite movie and serial : Sholay , serial-ER
That should start you off Anu.Tongue Welcome once again on the hot seat and hope you have a good time !!!

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Posted: 14 years ago
samie, thanks for the questions
I googled and got here, I think it had to do with Kavyanjali, I watch this serial regularly LOL

For your second question I can only say I close my eyes and pray to god hard

My ambition, I dont know. Nothing really.

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Posted: 14 years ago

Originally posted by Vishesh

Aparana ..Thanks Big smile

Hey Anu ! Hey Vishesh. thanks for your questions

i am happy to see u here, many times i read ur posts and liked those, and always wanted to know abt u more. Now i will ask u many questions Tongue Tongue Thank you and I guess with all the questions you will know me some more Smile

1. Anu ! ur fav movie is Sholay, i too watched that many times, tell me, what do u think abt Jai, as he used counterfeit Coin ! (ok in the Climax, he used it for good motive) but he used that before too, Was it a good quality of him to use such coin, with a friend who trusted him so much. ?

Jai, I guess I like him but he did cheat his friend I guess. I dont think it was good to use a counterfeit but here is how I take it if in real life this happened then one would look the good against the bad and he would come out more good than bad so you can ignore the bad qualitites instead of focus on them.

He probably knew his friend well enough and decided this would not cause him that must heartache and so decided to use it. Trust should be measured on the big things in life, the little things one can just let them pass.

2. what is the meaning of "Anu" ? (i think, Anu came from Anupama, and now it has it's own recoginition.)
Anu doesnt come from Anupama in my caseLOL. My friends call me this

3. One advice u will give to me (if i will force u to give one) ? I dont know, if you really force me I will say, I dont know you that well but based on what I have read from your posts you come across as a hard working, intelligent and well read person. So I think you should keep up the good work and thoughts.

4. What is "Rindam" (word), first time i saw this on this forum, how did u choose it, what does it mean ?
I dont know it comes from Arindam and Rindam is from there. I just picked it randomlyLOL
5. what happened on october 24th, 2005 ?I was wondering what what then i noticed I joined India forumsLOL 
(i will keep asking u many questions, u r here for one week Big smile )

Thanks Vishesh. Lets see how well i can answer them

(u can skip any question, and can reply it in any way)

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Posted: 14 years ago
Congratz Clap keep it up. don't have any questions ready yet get it later
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Posted: 14 years ago

Originally posted by Vishesh

If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis.
Would you recommend that she have an abortion?

i got this question in e-mail many times and the answer is if you said yes, you just killed Beethoven.


As far as we can tell from researching the life of Beethoven, it's misleading to set up the question by saying he would have been his mother's ninth birth.
Only three of the children born to Maria Magdalena Beethoven survived infancy, with the composer Ludvig Von  Beethoven being the oldest of the three.
Beethoven himself suffered from deafness in adulthood, but we found no evidence of deaf, blind, or mentally retarded siblings as children.
We found no substantiation of Beethoven's mother having had syphilis.
She is said to have died of what at that time was called consumption or tuberculosis.

i know this question is to anu but i couldn't stop myself from replyingEmbarrassed

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Posted: 14 years ago

rindam!! happy to see you here. i am ready to grill you. are you? LOL

1. who was your first friend on IF?
2. what was your first post on debate mansion?
3. best and worst debate thread.
4. what you like and dislike about IF?

some rapidfire
1. oversmart or idiot?
2. bush or clinton?
3. sonia gandhi or hillary clinton?
4. eijaz khan or iqbal khan?
5. mounaraagam or sadma?

btw, forgot to tell you. you are my fav. debator. you put things in simple way and never twist words.

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