DOTW: Secret Agent of SRGMP

Posted: 13 years ago

Dear Friends!!!

We had a good feast with our dear old wise bird "Jatayu" last week.

This week we are going to have another wise friend to grill .From intelligence reports we knew that he is acting as Secret agent of SRGMP section.He cleverly agrees and disagrees with us in Debate Mansion and brings his gang of clever friends from SRGMP section.

Our Debator of the Week is none other than -

WinkSecret Agent of SRGMP - SAREGWink

Sareg aka Vineet ji is a  good debator of Debate Mansion who delivers his point with classy humour.Intially we may think he is so cool dude like Snow man but he showers fire like a dragon when the debate becomes serious...

Here is what we have learned from him:

He is Vineet;Lives on East Coast of USA with  wife and a kid and is originally from Maharastra of India

He visits Debate Mansion and SRGMP sections of IF

He enjoys:

Playing with kid,surfing net,playing tennis and watching sports

His favourite:

Books: Radhey, anything on Karna
Movies: Anand, Andhi, RDB, Sarfarosh, One Flew over Cuckoo's nest
Actors: (Desi and Firangi) AB Sr, Om Puri, Nasir, Sanjeev Kumar, Amir, Madhuri, Kajol,Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Ashley Judd, etc
Serials: SRGMP, but not anymore, Sapranos, Law & Order
Debaters: Abhijit, Buffie to name a few

Interestingly ,when asked about the reason for the visit to Debate Mansion,he says that he  visits DM to try to understand the Indian mindset

His Philosophy of life is "Do what you feel is right, hopefully people will understand"

So our challenge  is to grill this secret agent well and  make him the brand ambassador of Debate Mansion.

So Ladies and gentle men with the inspiration given by SRK in KBC today...let us start grilling Vineet ji Wink

Vineet ji!

Here  is your Siggy and hope you like it .They are made by Ananya ji.

Sowmyaa ji is little bit busy with her work.So She gave this wonderful oppurtunity to me ,to make this post.


Mythili Kiran


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Posted: 13 years ago
Clap Clap Clap Congrates SAREG, AND WHO ALL ARE IN YOUR sare GANG Confused Confused
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Posted: 13 years ago
Dear Vineet Bhayya!
Congrats becoming the DOTW of Debate Mansion.
We really enjoy your debating style.Your views are very practical and modest.
I will not miss this golden oppurtunity to grill you Wink .This post will be mother of all spam posts LOL
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Posted: 13 years ago
Ok Sareg ji, here goes my first set       LOL LOL LOL

1. Till now, What is your greatest achievement in life?

2. If you could start fresh in virtual world, what are some of things you will do and wont do?

3. If virtual world was coming to an end, what are your parting words gonna be to me?

4. One movie you can relate to

5. One character in the movie you would never want to be in their shoe in real life.

6. Have you ever used a pick up line out of fun on someone? - Which one?

7. Has someone ever turn down you for a date?

8. How would you like to meet your would be wife?

9. What qualities would you like in your wife?

10. Your worst quality?

11. Your Best Quality?

12. Have you ever sacrificed something big for you family?

13. Are you possessive in real life?

14. If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

15. When was the last time you cried?

16. When was the last time you laughed hard?

17. What touches your heart?

18. Do you ever say sorry knowing you are not at fautl?

19. If you could go on a world tour with 5 people from DM who would they be?

20. What is your fav. color?
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Posted: 13 years ago
Thanks Ladies, Secret Agent of SRGMP, no not me
LOL LOL LOL , they torture secret Agents these days, so I resigned

will be back in the noon, manic monday here
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Posted: 13 years ago
Hey Vineet....congratulations to us!! Embarrassed and Good Luck to you!! Tongue Wink ....would love to read ur answers and ask you questions if time permit..but most of teh time members do great job with questions so will have fun seeing you grill. Also, thank you for your time.

Mythili, thanks you sooooooooooooooooooooo much for the wonderful post. !!! Embarrassed Hug
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Posted: 13 years ago
Congrats Vineet!! I wish you a great week here!

When your manic Monday is over,

1. do kindly tell me what games you play with you kiddo.

2. I don't know his / her age, but do mention your favorites such as Thomas / barbie/ Pooh whatever is applicable LOL

3. Also describe the positive changes you see in yourself after becoming a father Big smile I know you were always perfect even before, but I am sure some progress towards betterment happened after Wink

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