Kundaly/ horoscope matching is imp?

Posted: 13 years ago

Abhishek's marriage with former beauty queen, Aishwarya Rai, the proposal ran into rough weather. Amitabh, who is a believer in astrology, compared the horoscopes of the couple and was informed that Ash had some stellar limitations.

they also quietly paid a visit to a temple in Kanchipuram believed to dispel the evil effects of mismatched zodiac signs. They also slipped in together at the astrologer in Bangalore who had compared their horoscopes and spent about two hours closeted with him.

Astro predictions:

Astro1:-Reading Aishwarya's horoscope he said that her seventh lord in Neecha and her lagna is Kanya. Simplifying it he informed us that Aishwarya will surely have a love marriage, but the groom definitely wont be Abhishek Bachchan. She will have a late marriage. Abhishek will get married to a homely and an educated girl.

Bachchans' family astrologer told  that the wedding will be held after the release of their new film together, Guru.

Other one astrologer predict that If marriage happen with in 3 year Big B will die etc etc.

Do you believe in Astro and like this matching things??




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Posted: 13 years ago

I think that destiny is written by no-one's hand but the Lord's and you fashion your own destiny based on decisions you make in life. An astrologer is not God, and therefore cannot say yay or nay.

Talking about matching Kundali's are pointless. Love is love, you fall in love, you fall out of love, these are matters of the heart. Going about it in any other way is inhuman. What is the point of emotion if you only allow yourself to love someone once some priest or astrologer gives the green light?

People change after falling in love and adapt once married, do the kundali's predict this or is this a human trait of survival?

I don't believe in horoscopes. Except as a form of entertainment. Wink They predict doom and disaster, meeting the love of your life around the corner, financial trouble. Don't make major decisionc between the 17th and 21st of the month... uh uh!!! No thanks!!! Life is mine to lead... I make my own decisions. I have a father and a fiance who are intent on telling me how to lead my life... I don't need horoscopes in my life, thank you very much! LOL

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Posted: 13 years ago
^Do you believe in horoscope or other star system? Embarrassed

I dont beleive in Horoscope and other sign or stone system........ Smile Edited by Believe - 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago
I dont believe in such things, but it is fun.
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Posted: 13 years ago
i dont really active follow-up on stars while doing anything but believe there might be some truth to it... If our ancestors thought about it they may be right...its just a matter of finding their motivation on such thoughts...

Routinely horoscopes can be used to make decisions especially in match making where guy and gal are not already decided...

One interesting thing about horroscopes is they just look at the mappings for a person but ignore the looks and time acquired skills...
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Posted: 13 years ago
Dont beleive in it, it might be true, you can predict my future using kundali and all, but there is nothing that can change it then, come-on by doing shlokas here on earth is not going to move saturn from one position to other

so if it is not going to change anything, why know it and be worried about it

About the marriage, well if kundali is an excuse to say no to an alliance, yeah better that than tell the prospective, your daughter/son has decided on someone already and he/she does not have the guts to tell you that Wink
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Posted: 13 years ago
Maybe Kundali or Horoscope dictate or charts one's life but it is what it is. No one can change destiny.

Man has nothing to fear except fear itself and these Astrolgers create fear for others and windfall money for them. :x]
and yeah as Sareg mentioned, an escape route..!!! Edited by lighthouse - 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago

Astrology is a science .The fact remains that like any other subject it needs to be accurate to be right.

Various Pandits and astro readers will have different opinions and readings.  Most of the time the disagreement leads to more confusion and fear.  In our families kundali were matched during marriage because it was an ARRANGED marriage. Its normally a part of the arranged marriage scenario.
In love marriages we don't match kundalis. Once the couple decides about their marriage its agreed.. To see AB senior believing in astrolgy was a little surprising for me. I am sure he has his own reasons and I don't want to belittle them. 

I am happy not knowing what is going to happen in the future. Thats my personal view when it comes to astrology.

I am true believer in DESTINY.

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