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Namaskaar Friends!
You Have Just Entered Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan and Shri Krishna Chat Club#5.
If you are a fan of either of these serials, or even if you are a devotee of the Hindu epics/scriptures, you are most welcome here and your inputs will be much looked forward to.Big smile

But please keep in mind a few rules....

1. No bashing of these serials/actors whatsoever. We are not averse to criticism if done in a constructive manner, but once a member(s) resorts to using names and insults in his/her posts, he/she will first receive a warning and if it continues, the mods of this forum will be alerted.

2. Comparisons between Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan and/or Shri Krishna with other shows will be allowed as long as no one's feelings end up hurt and no mean words are used. Please refrain from talking in a superior tone even if you feel your view is correct, because remember, it is your opinion that this or that show is better, and not a fact. We do not want any feelings to be hurt, and most of all, we do not want these peaceful threads to turn into battlegrounds.

3. Feel free to post any pics or creations, but they must relate to Ramayan, Shri Krishna, or any of the other shows produced/directed by Dr. Ramanand Sagar. They can also relate to the actors only, so if you post pics of another show in which the actor or actress acted, that is fine. Also, creations with God/Goddess paintings are also most welcome. Basically, as long as it has a religious aspect to it, or if it relates to Dr. Ramanand Sagar, any creation is welcome.

4. Don't think only discussions on the serials are allowed here. You are most welcome to discuss any of the Hindu puranas in detail. This is a Chat Club for both the serials and Hindu Mythology in general.

SmileIf you have any questions, please feel free to ask anyone in this CC.Smile

Thanks Guys! Have Fun! And don't forget to press the Like This Post Button if you would like to become a Member. And if at anytime, you would like to leave this CC for any reason, just inform me and I will take your name off the list.
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To Read Goswami Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas, Shrimad Bhagawad Gita, & Hanuman Chalisa:

Sagar Arts Website

For HQ-Quality Photos of Sampoorn Ramayan
For HQ-Quality Photos of Shri Krishna
Visit Sagar World for Information and Photos of Ramanand Sagar's serials and educational information on the divine characters of the Greatest Epics of India! Find out more about the virtual park and shopping you can do online!
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JanakiRaghunath's Creations
Shri Krishna (Farewell Gokul and Devaki Ma Reunion) Video Avatars - Pg. 4
Aish's Birthday Signatures - Pg. 8, 10, 52
Na Jaane Tose Kaun Yugon Ka Naata Signature - Pg. 10
Sita Japti Ram Ki Maala, Ram Hriday Kahe 'Seete Seete' Signature - Pg. 14
Siya Chakit Chit Ram Hi Chaaha, Bhaye Moh Bas Sab Nar Naaha Signature - Pg. 23
Gunia's Birthday Signature - Pg. 24
Shri Krishna and the Fruit Seller Signature - Pg. 39
Khal Bhesh Bikshu Ka Dharke, Biksha Ka Aagrah Karke Signature - Pg. 42
Diya Naath Ke Dusht Ko, Karani Ka Parinaam Signature - Pg. 42
Namo Nararimha, Namo Bhata Paala Signature - Pg. 46
Sung Tumhaare Jaa Na Sakun Mai, Tumko Rok Na Paun Signature - Pg. 50
Preyasi Do Antim Baar Vida (MeghnadSulochana) Signature - Pg. 55
SiyaRam (Gunu's Req) Signature - Pg. 59
Yug Yug Ke Saathi Hai Dono Signature - Pg. 62
Urmi-Lakhan 'Silly Lovers' Signature - Pg. 71
"She's so in love!" Signature - Pg. 75
Ramayan Aranya Kand Icons & Signature - Pg. 78
Shree Krishna & Lalitha Gopi Signature - Pg. 84
Sung Tumhaare Jaa Na Sakun Mai, Tumko Rok Na Paun Signature/Icons - Pg. 90
Vinaysheel Gunvati Puneeta, Hai Yahi Janak Nandini Seeta Signature - Pg. 103
Animated Maharaas Leela Icons - Pg. 103
Angad: the faithful messenger Signature - Pg. 113
Chaaritrya Mein Chudaamani, Tan Sheel Bhushan Sohate Signature - Pg. 114
Soha Naval Tanu Sundar Saree Signature - Pg. 126
Swarna Sita Video Avatars - Pg. 126
Baby LuvKush Video Avatars - Pg. 127
Radhe-Krishna Maharaas Leela Video Avatars - Pg. 128
LuvKush Santaane Sitapati Shri Ram Ki Signature - Pg. 130
Mera Nanha Sa Bhagwan Hai Tu (JSK) Signature - Pg. 131
Prem Pujaarin Radherani, Krishna Prem Avatar (JSK) Signature - Pg. 131
Krishna Kamal Hai Radhe Suvaas Hai (Parina's Req) Signatures - Pg. 138
Karmayogini Param Puneeta, Maat Humaari Bhagawati Seeta Signature - Pg. 139
Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna Signature - Pg. 144
'Thinking of Ramji, eh?' Video Avatar - Pg. 155
Lola610's Creations
Aish's Birthday Signatures - Pg. 9
Gunia's Birthday Signature - Pg. 24
Hey Praaneshwar, Vida Signature - Pg. 28
Jai Narsingh Narayana! Signature - Pg. 40
Ayodhya Ki Maharaaniyan Padhaar Rahi Hain! Signature - Pg. 43
Kans/Devaki Signature - Pg. 48
SK Prahlad/Narasimha Signature - Pg. 48
LakshmiNarayan: a Bond Unbreakable Signature - Pg. 48
Sat-chit-ananda Krishna Signature - Pg. 54
Ram-Sita Chudamani Signature - Pg. 54
SiyaRam Vivah Signature - Pg. 68
VasuDevaki 'Sacredness in Tears' Signature - Pg. 68
Naina Athak Aviraam Apalak, Ram Ko Mag Johate Signature - Pg. 68
Maiya Mori, Tu Man Ki Ati Bhori Signature - Pg. 68
Chaaron Bhraata Ke Shubh Naama: BSLR Signature - Pg. 68
'Hush Little Baby' Signature - Pg. 68
Mahasangraam 'Lakshman/Meghnad Yudh' Signature - Pg. 90
Krishna Re Tose, Janam Janam Ka Naata Signature - Pg. 98
Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein, Baat Ban Gayi Signature - Pg. 98
Aaja Aaja Ri Nindiya Signature - Pg. 98
You may hold my hand for awhile, but you hold my heart forever Signature - Pg. 119
Tulsi Bharose Ram Ke Nirbhay Bokar Soye Signature - Pg. 119
Anisha's Birthday Signature - Pg. 125
Happy Halloween! Signature - Pg. 126
Radhe-Krishna 'hand-hold' Video Avatars - Pg. 128
Shri Ram Rajyabhishek Signatures - Pg. 140
SK Rohini 'Independent Woman' Signature - Pg. 140
Devaki 'Never said goodbye' Signature - Pg. 156
arun-deep's Creations
Aish's Birthday Signatures - Pg. 8, 10
Radhe-Krishna Signature - Pg. 18
Shri Ram Chakit Chit Me Seeta Ka Adbut Roop Nirala Signature - Pg. 38
Ram-Sita Pushp Vatika Signature - Pg. 40
Radhe-Krishna and Srinivas-Padmavathi Signature - Pg. 51
Ramayan and Shri Krishna Icons - Pg. 51
Janam Janam Ki Saadh Mitaa De Signature - Pg. 61
Ahilya Uddhar Signature - Pg. 63
Prachi Disi Sasi Uyahu Suhava, Siya Mukh Saris Dekhi Sukhu Paava Signature - Pg. 66
SiyaRam Vivah Signatue - Pg. 69
Siya Mukh Samta Paavi Kimi, Chand Bapuro Rank Signature - Pg. 74
"A service of worship is primarily a service to God" Signature - Pg. 76
SiyaRam and UrmiLakhan Signature - Pg. 80
Shree Krishna with Gopis Signature - Pg. 81
Ramayan and Shree Krishna Icons - Pg. 81
Sukh Mandir Sundar Shree Sahitam Signature - Pg. 84
He Praaneshwar Vida Signature - Pg. 92
Kaahe Vilamb Karo Aavan Mein Seeta Janak Dulaari Signature - Pg. 95
Wo Deen Dayaala Hai Rakhwala Signature - Pg. 97
Wahin Paayega Mujhe, Jahaan Hoga Tu Signature - Pg. 100
Roop Anekon Dhar Prakat Hue Prem Avataar Signature - Pg. 104
Ram-Siya First Night Signature - Pg. 107
Seetaji and her friends Signature - Pg. 110
Dekhi Roop Lochan Lalchaane Signature - Pg. 115
Sita Swayamvar Signature - Pg. 117
Krishna Kamal Hai Radhe Suvaas Hai Signature - Pg. 120
VasuDevaki Signature - Pg. 120
SiyaRam Negchaar Signature - Pg. 121, 125
Anisha's Birthday Signatures - Pg. 126
SiyaRam Vanvaas Signature - Pg. 130
Diwali Signatures - Pg. 134, 137
Govardhan Pooja Signature - Pg. 142
Dpka1415's Creations
Aish's Birthday Signatures - Pg. 8
'Congratulations' Signature - Pg. 9
Sita Swayamvar Signature - Pg. 16
Jab Jab Dharam Ki Haanti Hoti, Tum Dharti Par Aate Signature - Pg. 16
Gunia and Mina's Birthday Signatures - Pg. 45
Navraatri Signature - Pg. 63
Edited 'Siya Swayamvar' Signature - Pg. 69
God Wallpapers - Pg. 73
Siya Raghuvarji Ke Sang Signature - Pg. 73
He Praneshwar Vida Signature - Pg. 73
Soch Rahi Sita Sukumari Signature - Pg. 74
Siya Mukh Ka Pratibimbh Samajh Kar Signature - Pg. 74 
Shree Narasimha Avatar Signatures - Pg. 74
Ramji Ki Nikli Savari...Ramji Ki Leela Hai Nyari Signature - Pg. 87
He Praaneshwar Vida Signatures - Pg. 92
Aatma Paramatma Ke Milan Ka Madhumaas Hai Signature - Pg. 117
Kaun Ramaa Pati? Kaisa Ishvar? Signature - Pg. 117
Swarg Ke Sukh Bhi Meethe Naa Laage Signature - Pg. 117
Ramji and Guha: a legendary friendship Signature - Pg. 117
Vachan Vida Ka Signature - Pg. 120
VasuDevaki Akashvaani Signature - Pg. 120
Anisha's Birthday Signature - Pg. 126
Swapnil Joshi & Meghan Jadav as Shree Krishna Signature - Pg. 129
RamSitaLakshman Vanvaas Siganture - Pg. 130
Mata Sita & Mata Kaushalya Reunion Signature - Pg. 130
Urmila & Lakshman Reunion Signature - Pg. 130
Diwali Greeting - Pg. 137
aishi.muffin's Creations
Gunia's Birthday Signature - Pg. 24
Vyathik Ahilya Ka Kiya Pad Raj Se Kalyaan (AS Ramayan) Signature - Pg. 31
SiyaRam Virah (AS Ramayan) Signature - Pg. 31
Ram vs Ravan (AS Ramayan) Signature - Pg. 31
Dil Har Koi Deta Hai, Hum Jaan Bhi Tujhko Denge Signature - Pg. 65
Dil Har Koi Deta Hai, Hum Jaan Bhi Tujhko Denge Signature - Pg. 96
Anisha's Birthday Post & Signature - Pg. 125
"Thinking of Ramji, eh?" Signature - Pg. 151
sita11's Creations
Sita Mata & Lord Hanuman Signature - Pg. 129
...PARiNa...'s Creations
Animated Shri Krishna Leela Signature - Pg. 17
Gunia's Birthday Signature - Pg. 24
RadheKrishna Virah Signature - Pg. 26
Animated Krishna Leela Signature - Pg. 79
Animated Arun/Gurmeet Signature - Pg. 82
Ram-Sita 'Unconditional Love' Signature - Pg. 95
Ram-Ravan Maha Yudh Signatures - Pg. 120, 122
Mararaas Leela Signature - Pg. 133
akki-rockstar's Creations
Bole Ram Aaja Ram Video Avatars - Pg. 43
Animated Hanuman Video Avatars - Pg. 56
Uttar Kand SiyaRam Virah Signature - Pg. 64
Shri Krishna and the Fruit Seller Signature - Pg. 64
Bhakta Prahlada Video Avatars - Pg. 64
SiyaRam Mutual Worship Video Avatars - Pg. 119
ILuvGuruDebi's Creations
Hanuman at Ashok Vatika Signature - Pg. 80
Radha Krishna 'True Love' Signature - Pg. 80
LOLAnisha's Creations
Vanvaasi Sita Mata Signature - Pg. 85
'Lost in your Thoughts' Signature - Pg. 114
Other (Request) Creations
Soni's 'Sita Japti Ram Ki Maala' Signature - Pg. 16
Shikha's Ram-Sita Vanvaas Signature - Pg. 19
Shikha's RS/AS Combo 'Ram Kahaani' Signature - Pg. 19
Yulz' Ramayan (RS/AS) Signatures - Pg. 21
Vicky's 'Radha Ka Ma Bhoolke Radha' Signature - Pg. 22
Rachna's AS Ramayan 'Ramji's Vishva Roop' Signature - Pg. 26
Shikha's 'Prem Dagar Se Nav Parichay Hai' Signature - Pg. 28
Zunni's VasuDevaki & Ram-Sita Pushp Vatika Signatures - Pg. 28
Rachna's 'Love stands still when all else has fallen' Signature - Pg. 28
Amna's Lakhan-Urmi and VasuDevaki Signatures - Pg. 28
Alisha's Sita Swayamvar Signature - Pg. 42
Alisha's Ram-Sita & Lakhan-Urmi Signature - Pg. 42
Ragini's Bhakta Prahlada Signature - Pg. 48
Laiba's Arun Govil Signature - Pg. 51
Laiba's Ram-Sita Signature - Pg. 56
SomethingUnique's 'SiyaRam Vivah Kanya Daan' Signature - Pg. 58
Dharti's 'Narayanaa, Namo Narayanaa!' Video Avatars - Pg. 58
Dharti's SiyaRam Vanvaas and VasuDevaki Video Avatars - Pg. 59
Nehanne's SiyaRam Signature - Pg. 59
Yulz' Ram-Sita Signatures - Pg. 59, 60
Laiba's Swapnil Josi as Krishna Signature - Pg. 62
Nehanne's RadheKrishna & SiyaRam Signatures - Pg. 66, 67
Jhanvi's Ram-Sita Chudamani Signature - Pg. 72
SomethingUnique's 'Sita Mata returning to Mother Earth' Signature - Pg. 77
Chip's 'Gunia Birthday' Signature - Pg. 77
Reeno's Lakhan-Urmi Signature - Pg. 79
Aish's 'Raghuvar Jaisa Aur Na Koi' Signature - Pg. 81
Reeno's VasuDevaki Video Avatars - Pg. 84
Jhanvi's Seeta/Mandodari Signature - Pg. 90
Tani's Seeta Rama Kalyaanam Video Avatars - Pg. 90
Shikha's 'Arun-Deeps as Ram-Sita' Signature - Pg. 92
Zunni's 'Ram-Sita First Night' Signature - Pg. 113
SomethingUnique's 'Sita Mata: the ideal wife' Signature - Pg. 114
Aish's 'Janakji & Janaki Ma: a bond unbreakable' Signature - Pg. 118
Shikha's 'Us Dukhiya Ke Raja Dulaare' Signature - Pg. 118
Aish's VasuDevaki (Vivah & Akashwani) Signature - Pg. 119
Jhanvi's Ramayana Signatures - Pg. 121, 125
Mehwish's SiyaRam Virah Video Avatars - Pg. 122
Natasha's 'Narayanaa, Namo Narayanaa!' Video Avatars - Pg. 122
Henna's 'Ramji & Kevat' and 'SiyaRam Pushp Vatika' Signatures - Pg. 123
Liana's Ramayan Aranya Kand Signature - Pg. 136
Ravjot's Soha Naval Tanu Sundar Saree Signature - Pg. 136
Liana's 'Jagmata Haripriya Lakshmi Swaroop Siya' Signature - Pg. 143 
PICTURE Updates 
Purple = Ramayan; Green = Shri Krishna 
Shree Narasimha Avatar (Hiranyakashipu Vadh) - Pg. 35
Ahalya Saap Vimochan (Ahalya's Liberation) - Pg. 36
RadheKrishna Virah & Shri Krishna leaving Gokul - Pg. 48
Ram-Sita Chudamani Scene - Pg. 54
Urmila teasing Lakshman about Shurpanakha - Pg. 54
Ramayan 'Prachi Disi' - Pg. 60, 73
Ramayan Pre-Pushp Vatika Scene - Pg. 67
Gopis Distressed by Radharani's Condition - Pg. 75
Gopis receive a lesson on love from Shree Krishna - Pg. 75
He Praaneshwar Vida (Radherani's Final Farewell) - Pg. 75
Lakshman-Meghnaad Maha Yudh - Pg. 86
Kaahe Vilamb Karo Aavan Mein Seeta Janak Dulaari - Pg. 87
Janakji/Janaki Ma Reunion during Bharat Milaap - Pg. 91
Deepika as Sitaji and Dara Singh as Hanumanji - Pg. 93
Maharaas Leela - Pg. 101, 105-106
Ram-Ravan Maha Yudh - Pg. 105, 109
Angad at Ravan's Darbaar - Pg. 111
Ram-Sita-Lakshman-Guha meeting with Rish Bharadwaj - Pg. 114
Vidhna Tere Lekh Kisi Ki Samajh Na Aate Hai - Pg. 114
Na Jaane Tose Kaun Yugon Ka Naata? - Pg. 119
Sita Ma blessing Shatrughan at Valmiki's Ashram - Pg. 139
Narendra Chanchal's Bhajan on Shri Krishna - Pg. 19
Why Lord Ram is a 'Purna Avatar' - Pg. 33
How Ravan knew Lord Ram is God - Pg. 33
Sitaji as Ravan's Daughter (Different Sources) - Pg. 33
Bole Ram Aaja Ram Song - Pg. 43
Mera Rom Rom Song - Pg. 45
Bhakta Prahlada Movie endling Climax Scene - Pg. 45
Bhakta Prahlad 'He Jagannath' Song - Pg. 46
Bhaka Prahlad 'Narayan Bhajan' Song - Pg. 46
Bhakta Prahlada 'Narayana Mantram Sreeman Narayana Bhajanam' Song - Pg. 46
Bhakta Prahlada 'Jeevamu Neeve Kadaa Deva' Song - Pg. 47
Sri Yedukondala Swami 'Enni Janmalaina' Song - Pg. 47
Sri Yedukondala Swami 'Laddoo for Lord Srinivas' Video - Pg. 47
Sri Yedukondala Swami 'Emi Neethi Idhi Swami' Song - Pg. 47
Paintings of Goddess Lakshmi - Pg. 50
Story of Nachiketa's Pitruvaakya Paripaalana - Pg. 51
New! Animated Ramayana Theatrical Trailer - Pg. 53
Ashok Balakrishnan Pic and Info - Pg. 54
The Works of Saint Goswami Tulsidas - Pg. 57
The Bengali Holiday of Mahalaya - Pg. 58
Happy Navraatri! Posts - Pg. 59, 61-63, 72, 77
How to Colorize Pics in Pixlr - Pg. 65
Chatclub Slambook - Pg. 68
Picture of Arun Govil with Raj Kapoor - Pg. 76
Facebook 'Bhakti Lounge' Link - Pg. 95
Picture of Arun Govil from Maharaj Agrasen - Pg. 97
Gurmeet Choudhary on SK - Pg. 99, 100
New Pixlr Beta Version - Pg. 100
Swapnil Joshi's facebook reply to Dpka1415 - Pg. 105
Arun Govil's facebook reply to arun-deeps - Pg. 127
Happy Diwali! Posts - Pg. 130, 134-135, 137
Samir Rajda's facebook conversation with JanakiRaghunath - Pg. 131
Lola's Diwali VM with Ramayan Pics - Pg. 140
Aaye Hain Prabhu Shri Ram Lyrics - Pg. 140
Samir Rajda's facebook conversation with arun-deeps - Pg. 142
Painting of Govardhan Dhari Shri Krishna - Pg. 142
~Bhakt in the Spotlight~
1. ShivangBuch - Pg. 52-53, 56, 58, 61-62, 69, 121-122, 136, 164 
~Discussion in the Spotlight~
1. Many forms of the Supreme Lord - Pg. 12-16, 19-20, 26
2. Hinduism - Pg. 14-16, 19-20, 42
3. Our Culture - Pg. 30
4. Sita as Ravan's daughter - Pg. 33-34, 37-39
5. Why Tulsidas did not write Uttar Kand - Pg. 41, 43, 48
6. The Duties of an Ideal Child - Pg. 51-52, 55, 57, 64-66
7. Ramji giving Vali a second chance - Pg. 87-89
1. 'Shri Ram's Childhood' by Dpka1415 - Pg. 10
2. Lakshman & Vibhishan's Conversation about Brotherly Love - Pg. 94
3. Child Devaki and Kans about the Lord Vishnu doll- Pg. 94
Chat Club Slambook
 1. JanakiRaghunath - Pg. 68
2. arun-deeps - Pg. 69
3. Lola610 - Pg. 72
4. ShivangBuch - Pg. 74
5. ILuvGuruDebi - Pg. 75
6. Aradhana87 - Pg. 77
7. LOLAnisha - Pg. 108
8. aishi.muffin - Pg. 122
9. Dpka1415 - Pg. 124
10. ...PARiNA... - Pg. 127
Viewbie's Note: Left off at Pg. 164
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(Credit for Video Avatars goes to Sharona)
Ramayan (Bal Kand - Yudh Kand) - 78 episodes
Luv Kush (Uttar Kand) - 39 episodes
Dr. Ramanand Sagar's Sampoorn Ramayan, the first ever mythological show to be shown on television and more than 100 episodes in length, has achieved the status as World's Most Viewed Mythological Serial until 2003. Many critics wondered during its fame while its first telecast and after...what could have caused such popularity for a religious show not only amongst 100s of 1000s of Hindus worldwide but other religious groups as well? Many odd and touching stories were reported by the media like the one of two Muslim brothers who were separated due to a family feud coming together after the touching scene between Lord Ram and his younger brother Bharat during the Bharat Milap episode, or the one where a young girl regained her memory after a long memory loss because the tune of Ramayan's opening song was most familiar to her.

Many have thought that since Ramayan was telecasted at a time when television and television shows themselves were rare, the serial grabbed so much attention. If so, why is Ramanand Sagar's first ever devotional serial, which is like seeing Shri Ramcharitmanas itself on TV, still dear and precious to so many hearts? More than 20 years after its first telecast, Ramayan is still shown and re-shown on not one, but many channels, and it continues to attract not only the old viewers, but newer generation viewers as well. One cannot deny that Ramayan contains magic which only blessings by God can bestow and continues to hold a special place in many people's hearts. Dr. Ramanand Sagar's hard work, dedication, and devotion for Lord Shri Ram, Ravindra Jain's soul touching music, and last but not least, the hard work of the perfect cast and crew is shown in every episode, every scene, every dialogue of Ramayan.   

(Credit for Video Avatars goes to Sharona)
Shri Krishna - 221 episodes
Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna is truly an epic serial. In over 200 episodes, it covers three epochs worth of Hindu Mythology, and even touches on the lives and teachings of recent saints like Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Surdasji. Beginning with Matsya Avtaar, Lord Vishnu's first earthly incarnation, it presents almost every tale from the Vaishnav tradition in a way that is entertaining, educational, and enlightening all at the same time. The heartfelt performances of the cast will draw you in; the detailed account of the scriptures will provide you with all the facts; and the Sagarji's inimitable screenplay and dialogues will leave you with life lessons that you will remember forever.

Sagarji's painstaking research for the show involved combing Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran, the Brahma Vairvart, Agni, Harivansh, Padma, Vishnu, and Markandeya Purans, and the Garg Samhita among other scriptural sources. Through the rarely recounted but highly enlightening stories found in these scriptures regarding each character's past life, viewers understand the characters and the events of the epic better than ever before. Previous presentations of Lord Krishna's earthly activities have only skimmed their surface, which sometimes leads to misconceptions that make his extraordinary leelas seem ordinary and have people wondering why he is worshipped by billions around the world. There is no better way to erase such doubts and replace them with devotion than treating yourself to Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna.

etad-yonini bhutani
sarvanity upadharaya
aham krtsnasya jagatah
prabhavah pralayas tatha

"All created beings have their source in these two natures. Of all that is material and all that is spiritual in this world, know for certain that I am both the origin and the dissolution." - Shrimad Bhagawad Gita (7.6)
Bharat Bhushan - Saint Tulsidasji
Arun Govil - Shri Ram
Deepika (Chikhalia) Topiwala - Sita Ma
Dara Singh - Lord Hanuman
Sunil Lahri - Lakshman
Sanjay Jog - Bharat
Sameer Rajda - Shatrughan
Arvind Trivedi - Ravan
Aparajita - Mandodari
Mukesh Rawal - Vibhishan
Nalin Dave - Kumbakarn
Vijay Arora - Indrajit/Meghnad
Shyamsundar Kaalaani - Vali/Sugreev & Kaal
Bashir - Angad
Rajshekhar - Jambavan
Bal Dhuri - Raja Dashrath
Jayshree Gadkar - Kaushalya
Padma Khanna - Kaikeyi
Rajnibala - Sumitra
Mulraj Rajda - Raja Janak
Urmila Bhatt - Rani Sunaina
Chandrashekhar - Arya Sumant
Lalita Pawar - Manthara
Sulakshana Khatri - Mandavi
Anjali Vyas - Urmila
Poonam Shetty - Srutakirti
Sudhir Dalvi - Guru Vasisht
Shrikant Soni - Guru Vishwamitra
Swapnil Joshi - Kush
Mayuresh Kshetramade - Luv
Vilas Raj - Lavanasur
Vijay Kavish - Lord Shiva & Maharishi Valmiki
Bandini Mishra - Devi Parvathi
-Shri Krishna-
Adult Shri Krishna - Sarvadaman Banerjee
Adult Radha -
Reshma Modi
Teen Shri Krishna -
Swapnil Joshi
Teen Radha -
Shweta Rastogi
10-12 year old Shri Krishna - Ashok Balakrishnan
Mata Devaki - Paulommi Mukherjee
Vasudevji - Sunil Pandey
1st Narad - Deepak Dave
Raja Ugrasen - Vijay Kavish
Kans - Vilas Raj
Nandrani Yashoda -Seema Kanwal
Nand Baba - Shah Nawaz
Rajrani Rohini -
Sulakshana Khatri
Rukmini Devi - Pinky Parikh
Akroor - Pramod Kapoor
Draupadi - Falguni Parekh
Arjun - Sandeep Mohan
Jambavathi - Mona Parikh
 Bheeshma - Sunil Nagar
1st Shiv - Vijay Kavish
3rd Shiv - Amit Pachori
Duryodhan - Kumar Hegde
Revati Devi (Balram's wife) - Swati
 Sishupal - Raj Premi
Hiranyakashipu - Raj Premi
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-Bhakti Sangeet-
Vishnu Stuti
Arre Avadh Puri Mein Baaje Badhaiya! (Ram Navami Celebration)
Aaja Aaja Ri Nindiya (Rajmatas' Lullaby)
Lalit Kare Nav Bhor Vandana
Damarupaani, Shoolpaani, He Natraajan Namo Namo!
Ahalya's Stuti
Dekhan Nagar Bhoopsut Aaye, Samaachaar Purbaasin Paaye
Pushp Vatika (SiyaRam see each other for first time)
Prachi Dishi (Full Version)
Sita Swayamvar Songs (Full)
Sita Swayamvar Jaymala Song
Sita Ram Vivah
SiyaRam First Night Conversation
Mat Jaao! He Ram Ayodhya Chhod Ke Ban Mat Jaao
Raghurai He Raghurai (Kevat aur Ramji)
Vidhna Tere Lekh Kisi Ki (#1)
Bharat finds out about Ramji's Vanvaas (Dialogue)
Bharat-Kaushalya convo after he returns to Ayodhya (Dialogue)
Bharat's formal announcement to bring back Shri Ram (Dialogue)
Bharat Chala Re, Apne Raja Ko Manaane
Aakaashvaani in Chitrakoot (Dialogue)
Night Before Chitrakoot Sabha & Chitrakoot Sabha (Dialogues)
Ram Bhakt Le Chala Re Ram Ki Nishaani (Bharat Milap)
Charan Paduka Dhari Sinhaasan
Bharat-Mandavi Meeting at Nandigram (Dialogue)
Bharat-Kaikeyi Meeting at Nandigram (Dialogue)
O' Maiya Tene Ka Thaani Man Mein
Panchavati Dialogue of Bhavana-Gyan (Mind vs Intellect)
Virah Vyatha Se Vyathit Dravit Ho, Van Van Bhatke Ram
Aviral Bhagati Maangi Var, Gidh Gayahu Haridhaam
Bhilani Param Tapasvini, Shabari Jaako Naam
Navdha Bhagati Kahahun Toohi Paahi
Durgam Parvat Maarg Ke, Nij Sevak Ke Sang Aaiye Swami
Vali aur Shri Ram Samvaad (Dialogue)
Har Koi Hai Yahaan (Sitaji during Monsoon)
He Kapiraj Nahin As Kaaj, Na Aap Se Hoye Jo Aap Vichaaro
Ram Naam Ke Pankh Lagaake Hanumat Bhare Udaan
Ati Laghu Roop Dhareu Hanumana
Ram Kahani, Suno Re Ram Kahani (Hanuman's Song)
Hanumat Jaane Ramji Yadhyapi Sarv Samarth
Navgraha Devi Devataa aur Sakal Dikpaal
Ashish Dinha Ram Priya Jaana (Sita Ma's 1st blessing)
Baar Baar Prabhu Chahayi Uthaava (Ramji's blessing)
Paapiyon Ke Naash Ko, Dharm Ke Prakaash Ko (Har Har Mahadev!)
After Ravan Exiles Vibhishan (Dialogue)
Shri Ram accepts Vibhishan (Dialogue)
Rameshwaram Ki Staapana
Ram Naam Adhaar Jinhe Woh Jal Mein Raah Banaate Hai
Ramji Ko Sang Le, Veg Le Umang Le (Ramji Ki Sena Chali!)
Shanti Sandesha Ram Ka Le Jaao Yuvraj
Shantidoot Angad (Dialogue)
Angad Ke Nahi Dekho Nahi Aiso Raja, Asabhya Aneeti Ko Shaasan
Kumbhakarn at Ravan's Palace (Dialogue)
Lakshman Meghnad Yudh
Shri Hanuman Mahabali, Dukh Metak Sukh Den
Van Paravat Sagar Nadi, Karte Jaate Paar
Lekar Apane Prabhuka Naam, Shri Hanuman Chale Aviraam
Mere Lakhan Dulaare
Meghnad's Farewell to Family (Dialogue)
Preyasi do antim baar vida (Meghnad's separation from family)
Yahi Raat Antim, Yahi Raat Bhaari
Kaahe Vilamb Karo Aavan Mein Seeta Janak Dulaari
Suno Maatu Main Paayo Akhil Jag Raaj Aaj Na Sanshayam (Sita Ma's 2nd blessing)
Suni Prabhu Vachan Bhaalu Kapi Harashe (Agni Pareeksha)
Ram Aave, Avadh Ki Ore Sajani!
Ghee Ke Divlaa, Jalaao Chahu Ore!
Swagatham Swagatham, He SiyaRam Jan Jan Ke Praan
Om Agne Naya Supathaa Raaye, Asmaan Vishvaani Deva...
Ram Darbar He Jag Saara
Sita Ram Daras Ras Barse
Sita Mata's Gyaan (Dialogue in English)
Vidhna Tere Lekh Kisi Ki (SiyaRam separation)
Yeh Rekha Maa Ki Aaghya Hai
Ek Van Mein, Ek Raj Mahal Mein, Ghaas Bichha Dharti Par Soye
Siya Ke Aanchal Mein Khile, Mamta Ke Do Phool (Luv Kush's birth)
Nindiya Rani (Sitaji's Lullaby)
Sita Ma & Valmikiji's Discussion on Astrology
Mahalon Ke Adhikaari Van Mein Palte Hain
Hum Van ke Vaasi, Nagar Jagaa Ne Aaye
Hum Katha Sunaate, Ram Sakal Gundhaam Ki!
Sita Prasthan

-Shri Krishna-
Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murare (Title Song)
Kopa Kaalasya Yo Vigraha, Yo Hiranyakashipu Ripu
Muni Katha Sunaate, Ram Sakal Sukh Dhaam Ki (Ramayan By Maharishi Shuk)
Vasudev aur Devaki's Shubh Vivah
Vidhna Tere Khel Niraale (Vasudev Devaki jailed)
Discourse on Faith and Patience (Krishna to Radha)
Vinti sunane mein bhale, hoi sakti hai der
Taaranhaar! Sun Le Pukaar! Karunaadhaam! Ab Ki Baar!
Y'asmin Sthitah Jagat Sarvam (Garbh Stuti)
Janmashtami songs
Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki! (Gokul's Celebration)
Aisa Deen Dayaala
Devaki and Maharishi Garg's Dialogue
Bal Roop Dekhen Jo Kanhaai
Jabse Hua re Tera Baal-roop darshan
Soja Lalla Soja (Devaki Maiyya's Lullaby)
Ek Jogi Aayo Ri Tere Dwaar (Shivji in Gokul)
Hari Ko Maat Sikhaave Chalna
Haath Mein Makhan, Dhool Bhara Tan
Prem ke panth pe rakhi jo paaon to
He Padmanabh Supadmalochan Swayam Padmayukt Ho
Jaago Maiyya Ke Pyaare, Lalana Jaago Nand-dulaare
Kaliya Naag
Jai Jai Govardhan Giridhaari!
Aksharam Paramam Brahma, Jyoti Roopam Sanaatanam
Indra aur Shri Krishna Dialogue
Govindam Anand Kandam, Paramaanandam Namaamyaham
Shyam Tere Kaam Bade Achraj Bhare
Na Jaane Tose
Holi Hai (Gokul Celebrates Holi!)
Re Manva, Prem Jagat Ka Saar
Prem Poorvak Gauri Ma Ko, Nakh Shikh Lagi Sajaane
Teen Mahine Kaatna (Intro to Maha Raas)
Jab Antaryami Ne Dekha (Maha Raas Leela)
Maiyya Ab Mohe Jaane Do
He Praneshwar Vida, He Parameshwar Vida
Shri Krishna Tumhi, Vishnu Tumhi, Adbhut Mayadhaari
Sir Dhari Charnan Maahi
Bismit Sabha Avaak Jan, Palak Pare Nahi Ek
Diya Nath Ne Dusht Ko, Karani Ka Parinaam
Sadashiv, Mahakaal Jyotirmaye
Gyaan Tihaaro Aadho Adhuro
Uddhavji ko mil gayo
Duvidha Beech Padi, Preet Meri Duvidha Beech Padi
Meri Peer Suno (Draupadi Cheer Haran)
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Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan: All Episodes


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Credit: http://video247.tv/?p=4806

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Must Watch!
Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan is a modern day miracle

Ramanand Sagar's mega epic TV Serial "RAMAYAN", when first telecasted in 1987, created unprecedented records. It blazed new trails all over the world with a unique distinction of achieving something which even prophets, scholars, great thinkers, religious leaders, social reformers and politicians could not achieve in centuries.
The message of "Ramayan" cut across all the barriers of caste, creed, language and political boundaries. The euphoria that "RAMAYAN" created and documented by the media during its telecast, is itself a legend.

Media Documentation
           During that sacred three quarters of an hour, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the largest Indian State, refused to take any telephone calls.

    In Jammu and Kashmir, angry viewers attacked a power station when electricity cuts disrupted the telecast.

    A lawyers' conference in Patna had to be delayed when its opening coincided with the telecast and nobody turned up.

    A bride was late for her wedding ceremony in Satara in Maharashtra because she was watching Ramayan.

    Two ministers turned up one hour late for her swearing- in ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan. They said they were busy watching "Ramayan".

    The Bharat Milap scene brought in Bhopal two Muslim brothers on inimical terms, together after having lived separately for ten years. So moved was the elder brother by the serial, that he transported all possessions which were the reason of the split, to the younger brother's house.

    In a Ranchi mental asylum, usually rowdy or violent inmates ' on Sundays ' when they were out in open pelted stones on monkeys sitting on trees in the compound, watched "Ramayan" peacefully. When they saw HANUMANJI performing various tasks for LORD SHRI RAM, their attitude towards monkeys changed. They started leaving food for the animals and even erected a Samadhi for a dead monkey.

    In Bombay, "Ramayan" even cured a boy of amnesia. After a serious accident, the boy could not remember anything from his past life. Several efforts by his parents and treatments could not revive his memory. One day his sister asked him to see "Ramayan." A faint recollection of the theme music of the serial triggered off a positive response and the boy soon recovered with subsequent treatment.

    A funeral procession in Muzaffarnagar was delayed by an hour to enable mourners to watch Ramayan.

    In Lucknow, distraught patients complained that doctors and nurses had abandoned them while the show was on air.

    A man died in Karnataka while watching "Ramayana". The family members attended to him and cremated after the serial got over.

    Many churches all over India rescheduled their Sunday masses so that church goers could watch the serial.

    After watching the scene in which Laxman becomes unconscious on being hit by Indrajit's arrow ' NAAGPASH ' a wealthy businessman in Madras fell seriously ill and went into coma at the shock of Laxman wounded. The credibility and source of sequence created a great furor, but the Sagar's stood their ground. But when they received a request from the business man's doctors' to help them revive the old man the Sagar unit worked round the clock and prepared a special clipping which they air dashed to Madras. Only after the man saw Laxman reviving back to life in the new clipping ' also based on the authentic research ' did he recover back to normal life from his coma.

    A wedding baraat arrived in Lucknow station 9.30 a.m. on Sunday only to find that all the coolies as well as the rickshawallah's were engrossed seeing the serial. The bride's parents' being influential people attempted to lodge a complaint with the station master, only to find him busy watching the serial. Even threats did not get him to budge from his seat before the TV set. Exasperated, they called up a union minister to seek justice, only to be given a terse reply that the minister himself was busy watching the serial and to call up later.

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-Latest News about the Cast/Interviews-

Arun Govil Today
By arun-deeps (Gunia)

He regularly attends Prabhu Kripa Samagams of Shri Lakshmi Narayan Dham. The founder of this Dham Brhamarishi Kumar Swamiji is his Guru and Arun ji says that he has got rid of many economical problems and mental stress after chanting his divine "Beej Mantras". This programme is telecasted on Sony TV at 5:30-6:25 AM daily. In this programme Arunji expresses his views abt the Beej mantras, he puts up many queries in front of his Guruji abt worshipping God, the real form of Guru etc etc. Once he also delivered the famous "Isi ka naam hai Durdasha" wala dialogue in the Samagam and he ended this dialogue by speaking aloud "Siyavar Ramchandra ki Jai!"

-Actors and Actresses-
Raja Ram: Arun Govil: January 12

Sita Mata: Deepika (Chikhalia) Topiwala: April 29th,1965
Hanumanji: Dara Singh: November 19th, 1928

Kush/Lord Krishna (teen): Swapnil Joshi: October 18th
Luv: Mayuresh Kshetramade: September 26th, 1976

Shatrughan: Samir Rajda: April 20th, 1963
Yashoda Maiyya: Damini Kanwal Shetty: June 25th
Vasudev: Sunil Pandey:August 28th 

 If any of you know the birthdays of any actors (small or big...doesn't matter), plzzz tell us so that we can add them to this list and celebrate their birthdays with pomp and joy!
-Chat Club Members-
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