Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#4 DONE!(Page 108)

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Jay SiyaRam. Jay RadheShyam.

You always give me insights and carry the discussion to the highest level. I always enjoy the discussions.Hug Shoorsen's point was in particular a great one - that he wouldn't want to save his life LEAVING BACK HIS ENTIRE PRAJA SUFFERING IN MATHURA ALONE. Being a king, he took it as his responsibility to bear what comes along the way as destiny of all citizens.

Point of Devaki's knowledgebale punyatma loving God and HIS leela of accomplishing noble purpose is well taken. She obviously demonstrated that gyaan, vairaagya and maturity too which I love in a woman, in Krishna's life throughout later. Despite so many years of tolerance, she allowed Krishna to stay away from her for most of the time for accomplishment of the purpose of dharmasansthaapan in the entire aaryaavart. I was just emphasizing on which character trait on screen demonstrated I love to see in her rather than what character trait was dominant in her personality overall in her life throughout. That you already know now. My most favourite Poulomi Mukherjee scenes also happen to be couple of your most favourites. One is when she is bright & charming (Flowers around in the jail) just after Garbh stuti song. And one is in raajsi vesh with black & white hairs in the middle period when Vasudev-Devaki w ere temporarily released around Naming ceremony episodes. And of course 'Mamta banwari' song.

And great additions to in Kaushalya maa's maturity scenes. You gave examples of my point - "Hamne aap se hi sikha hai didi". Shri Ram always knew that his mother will like that he offers respect first to others. The mutual understanding level between mother and son was that great. And so far as comparison with Kaikasi is concerned made by me, Kaikasi's demonstration of maturity was anyhow just in one incident and that too after living aloof from the world seemingly for so many years that such vairagya becomes achievable. Considering Treta yug ages of people, Ravan's mother is likely to be some 100 to 1000 years elder than Ram's mother at the same time and also the wife of a sanyaasi who did demonstrate common mother feelings too in flashback scene when Hrishrava sage was leaving the sansaar.

And now regarding that Bharat milaap scene you posted, I am loving your post once again just like Govardhan debate. RSji's yet another master piece of merging political concepts so minutely and implicitly with devotion. Pata bhi nahi chalta ki kab bhaktimay scene dekhte dekhte democracy aur non-corruption ki bhi sikh de dete hain. Jaise Ugrasen ka democracy par darbaar me bhaashan. I will look forward for your dialog post of Ugrasen with Kans. And I will go forward in Chitrakoot scenes posting and will also continue giving my interpretations of the same in terms of that innocent devotee's journey to please God. And what a time to post that Lalita's siggie (Prem kiya hai to bin mol bik jaao). I love that character portrayed by RSji. And actress has done a wonderful job too. Kya hua tha kal? Kaun sa tonic liya tha? Itni zabardast additions!!!!!!!! Clap Particularly Angad and Lalita siggies apart from your dialog posts and lyrics posts.


That's my big honour if people like you and members here say that my all posts are always worth to press like button. Without your presence, this platform wouldn't have been there. Members still would have been there other than me (just in continuity of our dialog going on at MB CC). But this CC itself wouldn't have been there without you. I will try my best to justify this statement of yours. May Krishna stay always with me for that.

And LakhanUrmi siggi colors and Nand-Yashoda-Vasudev-Devaki-Rohini all in one were brilliant.Clap
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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Hey Guys,

Here is my first siggie update for the day.LOL Hope you like it, feel free to use, and please do comment/criticize.Embarrassed
Foggy Effect
Different Texture
Tarnished Version
And here's a puzzle incase anyone wants to print it out and do it.WinkLOL
Wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww its superb Di!!!!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap I luv radhe rani's dressDay Dreaming all d styles U used r awesome....bt d tarnished version rocksWinkDancing WELL DONE!!!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Originally posted by lola610

@ Gunu - lolz verryyyy happy you enjoyed that Viraat Swaroop pic sooooo thoroughly behna LOL In fact I made it on pixlronly, just cropped very very carefully... but wowwwwzzz look what you did with it... such a divinely gorgeous siggie, love it like anything Day Dreaming Reminds me of the circular style I've been using all over my shop, but you used it even more creatively with the three rows of pics... awesome work, this "sumiri Siya" series is turning out to be a big hit... can't wait to see more, keep it coming ClapClapClapClapClap And very very glad you liked the sigs I posted behna, your sweetness inspires me to make more and more.... thanks a bazillion Hug
Ha...ha...yes I did enjoyyyy it veryyy wellWinkLOLLOLLOLLOL just hope dat Sunilji was also there as Arunji's SheshnaagLOLWink j/k...den probably Iwud have enjoyed it moreLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL 
Btw thanx a bazzillion for d lovely pic updts...can't tell U how happy U're making me everyday wth such cute Lolu-poluish updts..mum...mum..mumm..muumm.....ahhhaaa....cho cute behna....LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLooooops I lost itROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Btw yes U recognized Ur circle...WinkLOLI was waiting for dis comment only frm Ur sideLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL yuppp...all thanx to U n Laltha Di for telling me abt deviantartEmbarrassed 
Awww....thanx for Ur best wishes abt Smiri Siya series...Embarrassed......ya...off course I'll kepp coming wth moreLOL how can I snatch Ur daana-paaniLOLLOLLOLLOLj/k.....ha...ha...I'll keep coming...n U too plzzz keep coimg wth such Lolu-Golu-poluish siggie n pic updtsLOL  I just luv dem all!!!Day Dreaming
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Hello guys!!!Big smile
Here's 1 more siggie frm Sumiri Siy seriesLOL Hope U'll like!!Tongue FEEL FREE TO USEEmbarrassed n plzzz commentEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
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Originally posted by lola610

In other news... errr... replies LOL:

@ Deeps - arre tumne to kaha ke aaj kal dimaag nahin chal raha, phir itne ati ati ATI sundar sigs aur jawaab kaise diye Clap The new sigs are incredible, I already mentioned at yourblog but jitna kahoon kam hai so here I go again - the Ramji-Shivji one as well as the ndtv Hanuman one, both are soooooooo stunning, I can't even tell you hom much I love them! The colorization and texture are so royal and beautiful, you really rocked this update big time!!! Can't wait to use and see more, esp since I'm about to post a new pic update... hint hint Wink I gotta send you pics of the LavKush scene when Hanumanji open's his heart and reveals SiyaRam, I'll type up the lyrics too... that way you can make us a sig to match the Sindoori Hanuman one and I can use both Dancing
thnk u sooooo much dear for liking nd appreciating my wrk sooooo much ,,,loved ur comments.... sure i'll wait for ur req. ... saw the pics u pm'd me... let me know wen u r done wid collecting ol the pics .... i'll make it asap .... Big smile
m really on the 99th cloud rite now... WinkWinkWink
itni tareef ....yaaayyyyy hehehe...
yeah the new pic update is very clear ,... gud job dear... will make sm siggies using them .. but i really get confused with the text to use... chalo dekhti hu ...use the subtitles ...LOL
yaar plzzz post the "VIDAA" song pic update ... i want to make sm siggies from that scene ... EmbarrassedBig smile
no hurry ...wenever u r free... Smile 
And thanks for the NDTV pic update, will def have to do somethng with them cuz they're sooo beautiful Day Dreaming
u r most welcome dear... Embarrassed waiting for ur siggies from dis pic update Big smileEmbarrassed
Now for those jawabs.... A+++++ LOL You even justified out opposing weather preferences perfectly ShockedLOL The only disparity we're left with is my take on the aggressive Sumitra scene I meintioned, but I spent a whole long post explaining it so looking forward to your reply to that... either way totally respect your opinion. Baaki sab to same to same yaara, your "most inspiring characters" combined response was soooo.... inspiring Day Dreaming Will give you another small set of questions based on that, hope you'll enjoy it as much Wink And thanks for mentioning the Radha play, I'm def reading that right after I finish posting here! And yes I did like Vinod Kapoor as Vibs in NDTV, totally made me forget Dusshasan with his calm, cool bhakt act LOL I esp liked him in the first-meeting-with Hanuman scene cuz he sings Shri Ram's name so beautifully, remember!!! I love the song Uttara dances to in MB, but prefer the dance that Urvashi does when Arjun visits Swarg... jhanak jhanak mori baaje, paayaliya DancingAnd Along with Mahashiv Sadashiv, Gauri Pooja song is my fav in NDTV!!! I don't remember the mom's sacrifice version of Vidhna Teri that you posted, but the lines are sooo lovely.... I'm already planning a sig on it Wink Overall really really enjoyed your answers, helped me confirm one thing for sure - WE LOVE DEEPS Hug
wwwwoooowww m really glad u liked the answers... almost jaise hi views hai humare ... Big smileBig smile

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Originally posted by lola610

@ Deeps - in the related point we discussed regarding Mata Sumitra's behavior during the early vanvaas epis, I do agree with you that the motive was modernization. When they did it with Ramji's character by having him fast when Sita Maa did, serve her and declare that all men should follow his example and serve their wives who do so much for them, let her win their game of chausar, play the portrait joke, etc., I was totally for it - this kind of modernization, I loved, because not only was it entertaining, it also put forth messages about love ad equality that today's world needs and that do not go against the characterization of Shri Ram that we've loved and worshiped for so long. And the modernization of Sita - except for the slap Confused - I also didn't mind, because by answering back to Ravan, she was demonstrating faith in Ram's capabilities - and that on its own fits Sita Maa's character just fine, while giving an appropriate lesson about courage that wouldn't be wasted on a modern audience. However, that slap scene as well as the Sumitra blasting Kaikeyi and telling her she killed Dashrath - those two scenes exemplify modernization that I neither understand nor appreciate. If freaking out like that instead of being patient and forgiving like Sumitra Maa used to be is supposed to be modernization, then have virtues like patience and compassion gone out of style? And if they have, isn't it the responsibility of shows like this to bring them back in style, given that they reach out to so many people in so many places? If they added to Ram's loving and just nature by making him teach us more about equality in relationships, then why didn't they use that same creativity to add to other characters' virtues rather than reducing them to angry, irrational, and out-of-control lallus? Today's world has enough of that, old-fashioned hi sahi but I'd like to see these characters as ideals I can aspire to, not mirrors of my own faults and failings.
Very very very sorry for ranting on and on, lol didn't mean to say so much but it just kinda tumbled out... I really do like the show, it's a mytho after all... but just expressing my opinion on what could've been better. Super sorry if I hurt any feelings, jhappi dekar maaf karna Hug
no no ... no need of sorry dear.. well actually u hav a point ... sahi baat hai yaar ... if u r showing mytho show then u hav to show the facts not the customised stories... AngryAngry
actually the aggression was natural on part of Sumi mommy but we hav to keep this thing in mind that these characters were not humans ... they were supernatural humans ..
but yaar aaj kal television pe itna competition hai na ki koi bhi kuch bhi dikhata hai ...  
m really happy u discussed this topic ... plzzzz dont say sory nd ol ... every1 has his/her views.... TENSION NOT ... Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile chill baby !! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOLLOLLOL

@ both Janu and Deeps - so I don't seem like I complete wacko for appreciating something about KHMK, I dug up vids of the scenes in question so you could decide for yourselves. Don't want you to go through the pain of watching the whole clip, so just skip forward to my suggested timings LOL

here is KHMK's, who stands up to Kans with full faith in God (3:25 in, try to ignore the painfully bad acting - overdone by her, underdone by him LOL but it's the thought that counts)


and here is JSK's, who yells at Vasuji and God instead, contemplating abortion and suicide (starting at 4 mins)


KHMK's again, speaking of Krishna affectionately and sending him food through Rohini (starting at 6 minutes... how she's allowed in there, I will never understand Confused)


JSK - to be edited

And the reunions:
KHMK'S quiet emotional interpratation, 2 mins in:


Will find and edit in JSK's when I find it tomorrow... but any fond memories, anyone Confused

To be continued... or not, if the madness wears away overnight LOL
eheheheee.... will see these vdos later... first i'll see ol the posts i hav missed in last few days Big smileWink
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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Wowzies, the Shivji siggie you made is just wonderful, yaar. LOVE it! As you can tell, I snagged it, along with the NDTV ones you made. Really amazing work.Big smileClap And thank you so much for the tutorial on how to make avis in Anim Shop, will def try and see if it works.Embarrassed Thank you!!!!
thnk u sooooo much di for liking nd using those siggies ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed awww u r most welcome for those tuts... did they help u??
di plzzz post the tut for stacking the avis .. TongueTongue
And super answers, really enjoyed reading them!Clap I agree with you. I too did not like Akhilendra Mishra in the role of Ravan, he made it seem too comedic, that all his scenes were kind of annoying, I prefer Arvind Trivedi so much more. He was brilliant.Embarrassed And though I do not prefer Vijay Bhatia that much in the role of Bharat, I have to admit that he was not that bad....Bharat Milaap was def his best scene - but my main problem with him was that he did not really seem to connect with the role of Bharat, whereas as Guru, Debi, Lalit, and even Ankit seemed to get the deeper meaning of their respective roles. Though I agree that Hanuman should have been portrayed as more stronger, Vijay Sharma was not that bad. I rather liked his soft side, though I do wish he had stronger scenes. His Ram Katha to Sita Maiyya in the Ashok Vatika was soooo melodious and his expressions superb.Clap
hmmm may be di ... or may its the magic of RJ's music vich moved my heart in that Bharat milaap scene ... nd wat to say about Mishra ji ... as lola said lesser we talk about him nd Sroopnakha ,the better it is.... lol ..
yeah i also loved Vikram's expressions in Ram Katha scene ... plus i also liked his acting in the scene in uttarkand where Ramji asks Sugreev,Vibhishan ,Angad nd Hanuman to leave for their respective kingdoms ... it was an amzing super senti scene b/w Lord nd a Devotee ... wwwooowwww... full marks to both guru & Vikram for that scene ,... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedClapClap
And I hope you feel better soon, am soooooo sorry to hear about your fever.Cry Take tons of rest and drink lots of fluids. And do not worry about logging on until you feel 100% better, and don't you dare start with my req until you feel fine again, missy, your health gets first preference.Thumbs Up
thnks alottt di ... Hugm fully recovered now.... nd m done wid ur req. ... hope u like it... i posted it in HP forum too ... Big smileBig smileBig smile
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Originally posted by lola610

@ Deeps - sooooo happy you hear you're feeling better Hug To celebrate, here's a new round of questions... no hurries, no worries.... enjoy Wink

Bhaashan Challenge: short essay portion of your exam LOL Just like I had given Gunu and Aish, these are values/opinions questions based on the mythos that you must give in minimum 3-4 sentences.

1) You told us loyalty is one of the virtues most important to you, based on which Karn is one of your fav characters. You also told us that Vinod Kapoor as Vibhishan is one of your favs from NDTV, which implies that you respect the character too. Sooo... how do you harmonize his actions (leaving adharm for dharm at the risk of being called disloyal) with Karn's (staying with adharm in order to remain loyal), and which do you think is preferable? If both, then what is it that makes them both acceptable and admirable?
Well there's a slight confusion .. i answered Vinod Kapoor bcoz of his acting as Vibhishan .. but yeah that doesnt mean i dont like him...
look dere is a difference in both the characters .. so i hav to giv different justifications ..
Loyalty means not betraying anyone rite??? okk .. Lets talk about Karn 1st .. yeah i adore him for his "Daya bhawna" n Loyalty .. .. he never left Duryodhan alone inspite of the knowing the fact that he is one of the sons of Kunti .. becoz wen nobody supported him Duryodhan came forward to help him .. even though he was a "BAD MAN"LOLLOLLOL still he valued humanity instead of caste system n dis is the main point .. Adharmi hote hue bhi he did some dharm karm for Karn .. n if Karn wud hav joined Pandavas then friendship naam ki koi cheez nahi bachti duniya me ..
Vibhishan's state was diff. ... Karn was unaware of his identity n ol nd Duryodhan helped him in his tough times .. nd u know those who help u in ur tough times r the best for u even if they the worst human being rite??
Vibhishan ka case ek aur way me bhi dekh sakte hai ..
he was very loyal ... he wanted his bro. to realise that Shree ram is the Supreme Lord.. but Raavan uncle kicked him ...
So basically my point is .. dono ke maan samaan ko chot pohchi thi .. Duryodhan ne Karn ka nd Ram ji ne Vibs ka saath dia ...
so if somebody has helped u in such tough times then u can't betray that very person .. dharm adharm ki baat nahi matter karegi .. matter karega usne kis time tumhari help kari ..

2) Brief reflection on Sindoori Hanuman scene in AS Ramayan, on which you recently made us a mindblowingly gorgeous sig. What was its message, what should we learn from it?
1st of all .. its a supreme scene . ..
very very pure... its message was.. wen u love n respect some one .. whether its ur family, God or any one .. it should be SELFLESS love.. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
we shud not think about ourselves before doin something for those whom we love .. like Hanumanji .. Embarrassed

3) As above, reflect on a scene - this time the SK one that Shivang Bhaiya and I have been discussing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1kSKpn2u-c

4) Fanfic challenge (my favorite Dancing) - write us a short scene based on one the prompts below... can use mine and Lali's that are listed in the ToC as examples for length/structure...
- A scene from Shri Ram's childhood which, like the shooting-mangoes-off-trees one that's in both RS and AS Ramayan, gives us a clue of his divine qualities early on - humility, tolerance, etc.

When you seem free again, will def bother you with more... until then, enjoy Wink
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