Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#3 DONE!(Page 48)

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Lali - thx for additional Uddhav pics, Shweta really look divine Day Dreaming  the sig is marvelous, that with the avis is making your posts soooo romantic and heavenly and fun to look at!!! can't wait to see more, this new RadheShyam spree is a blast ClapClapClapClapClap
You're right, poor Deeps is in Tipu Sultan with that old dude when she should be with Arun LOL But we'll take her wherever we can get her!
Most welcome for lyrics n translations, Danka Kiska... coming right up. Any others?
Guddi req is SiyaRam, methinks we'll both love it Wink
Thanks for liking n booking the setu sig, luv u sooooooo much Hug
Most welcome for the SK links, actually pics are getting cleared up thru laborious processes of shrinking and color editing... but good idea, genius! Guess I'll do that now! Can't wait to discuss when you watch Dancing
Welcome for Arun as Lakshman vid... lolz yes, very very confusing casting choice ConfusedNot normally a Jayaprada fan but she made a good Sita... her hair was too high though, I was distracted by it LOL
The RadheRani sig's a stunner!!! Will def use soon, your transparent backgrounds discovery has led to major masterpieces ClapClapClapClapClap

Deeps - lolz aapki prasannata se hum gadgad huye LOL Most welcome yaar, you deserved all that and more ClapClapClapClapClap and thanks for attacking the reqs soooo quickly (lol get it, sherni attacking LOL) it's absolutely gorgeous Day Dreaming!!! Blending, the diff effects, the pastels... all perfect! Can't wait to see more!!! Text ke liye jo pg10 pe swayamvar ke dohe hai, those would've worked on a princess one - but pics ke hisaab se tumhaari choice perfect thi Clap And req post kiya blog mein, separate sig for each one ho sake to bahut achha Embarrassed Devaki Maa's text could come from that stuti on 19, Urmi ke liye how about something from NDTV Ramayan's mehendi sangeet song? That Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai one? Can't wait to see how they turn out, you're amazing!!! And thanks for liking the setu sig, made my day sweets Hug also most welcome for those lyrics!!
Debi di - hi di!! So glad to see you here again Dancing Most welcome for the Sudama vids - yes the storyline was kinda long, par ek ek part sirf 8-10 min ka hai so it shouldn't be too bad... it's worth it, it's the only part of the later epis that lives up to the magic of the earlier ones at least to some extent. Yes, that karuna-nidhaan aspect of the lord is really well brought out in these epis Cry Can't wait to discuss further!
Your choice of those classical numbers is excellent, I esp love that portion of main nahin makhan khaayo too Day Dreaming I'm sure you'll also enjoy that song from Jarasandh-Banasur's meeting, let me know when you hear it lol LOL Aur haan Mandavi ke bare mein aapne bahut sahi kaha, I also feel that she would put her universal duties above the more subjective ones... Sita Maa ka sang jo tha bachpan se, rang to lagna hi tha WinkAnd thanks for liking the chaupaai, Nand Baba scene analysis, lyrics, translations, and sigs!!! You're really on a roll making me feel special di, luv u sooooo much Hug I read up the added notes on Putna in the orkut thread, very well written Clap Really it's a lovely explanation RSji gives, something most of us never knew before watching it on SK and something that totally changes our perspective on these mytho stories. Like I said in my SK write-up that is on pg1 of the CC,  no other Krishna leela movie/show has revealed the deeper meanings of each bal-leela and elevated it above a simple, cute prank ' agar kisi ko Unki divyata aur daya par shaq hai, they should watch SK!
@ Gunia - so glad you loved the sig honeybunch Hug Thank you soooo much! All the texture/backgrounds I find on deviantart.com and photobucket.com, they have so much variety! And lolz very true, Arunji ko Lakshman ke roop mein dekhna bahut ajeeb laga Confused he is meant to play Ramji only LOL But even in the wrong role, his performance was soooo great' such perfect expressions ClapClapClapClapClap Normal survey aur agle bhaashan ke bare mein exams ke baad hi bataati hun, or should I post the Qs and you promise you'll be able to resist answering them until you're exams dharm is fulfilled Wink superb answers to Deeps's questions btw, sooooooo sweet Day Dreaming our Gunia's a perfect family girl!!! Luv u sis HugAnd' that RadheShyam sig is heavenly, perfect blending hun!!! I'm using it as my screensaver now ClapClapClapClapClap

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Two new sigs for the day... One SiyaRam (text from old LavKush Ram Katha), one VasuDevaki (text from mahalon ke adhikaari), 2 slightly diff effects on each:

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Translations of Danka Kiska Bajega... thanks for the lyrics bhaiya!

Danka kiska bajega, jhanda kiska jhukega,
Who's victory bell will ring, who's flag will fall?
Aaj dharm aur paap ki ladaai hai,
Today is the battle between good and evil
Aaj dharm aur paap ki ladaai hai;
Nirnay ki ghadi ab aayi hai,
The time for a decision has arrived
Nirnay ki ghadi ab aayi hai.

Agni lagi hai Praano me pratishodh ki,
The fire of vengeance burns in his soul
Aaj nahi seema Ravan ke krodh ki;
Today, there is no limit to Ravan's anger
Maryada Purushottam Shri Raghuveer hain,
Shri Ram is the ideal man
We rann me bhi dheer veer gambheer hain;
Even in battle, he is calm and composed
Ravan kehta yudhham dehi,
Ravan says, "Give me war!"
Ram dekhi, muskaaven tehi;
Ram sees him and smiles
Praano ka moh naa, mrityu ka bhai hai,
Neither has attachment to life, nor fear of death
Maha samar nahi Maha pralay hai;
This is no battle, it's an apocalypse!
Ek dharm path gaami, Ek lobhi khal kaami,
One is a staunch follower of righteousness, the other is greedy, evil, and lustful
Do dishaon ki aan takraayi hai,
The prides of two directions (literally North vs South, figuratively right vs wrong) have collided
Aaj dharm aur paap ki ladaai hai,
Today is the battle between good and evil
Nirnay ki ghadi ab aayi hai,
The time for a decision has arrived
Nirnay ki ghadi ab aayi hai.

Ram aur Ravan doun ke, viphal bhaye bahu baan,
Both Ram and Ravan shot many arrows in vain
Dono hi rann baankure, dono hi balvaan;
Both are skilled warriors of great strength (I think that 4th word is baapure, diff tense of baapuro which we hear in Prachi Dishi)
Kaun vijayee rahega, naam kiska mitega,
Who will be victorious, whose name will be wiped away?
kehne me badi kathinaayi hai,
It is quite difficult to say!
Aaj dharm aur paap ki ladai hai;
Today is the battle between good and evil
Nirnay ki ghadi ab aayi hai,
The time for a decision has arrived
Nirnay ki ghadi ab aayi hai.

Kuldrohi ko dekh kar, Raghuvar dal ke saath;
Seeing the family traitor on Ram's side
Ravan ne nij bhraat par kiya shakti aaghaat, kiya shakti aaghaat.
Ravan attacked his own brother with his powers
Nahi Raghuvar sa mitra koi, nahi prabhu sa pratipaal;
There is no friend like Ram, no other caretaker like the lord
Mitron ke sankat sahen, ban kar unki dhaal.

taking on his friends' difficulties, becoming their shield

Then Ravan faints and his Saarthi takes him away and then he returns.

Jyunhi sachet hua Dashaanan yuddh ko puni aa gayaa,
As soon as Ravan became conscious, he came to battle again
Le kar prachand prakop seedhaa Ram se takraa gayaa;
Bringing fierce rage, he headed straight for Ram
Shri Ram ke chahun ore chakraakaar sa ik chhaa gayaa......
Ram seemed to be surrounded by a force field on all sides
Divyaastra sab khandit hue, yah dekh ahi chakraa gayaa.....
All the divine weapons were destroyed, seeing this the snake was bewildered

(Now next chhand is from RCM)

Bhaye kruddh juddh biruddh Raghupati tron saayak kasmase,
Upon Ravan's angry return, Shri Ram's arrows were itching to slay him
Kodand dhuni ati chand suni manujaad sab maarut grase;
Hearing their terrifying sound against his mighty bow, the demon army shivered with fear
Mandodari ur kamp kampati kamath bhoo bhoodhar trase,
They made Mandodari's heart tremble along with the whole earth
Chikkarahin diggaj dasan gahi mahi dekhi kautuk sur hase.
Even the mighty elephants supporting the earth were frightened, the angels smiled at this incredible sight

Ravan ko Prabhu khel khilaave, yuddh kalan ki saadh mitaave;
The lord plays a game with Ravan, simply quenching his thirst for battle
Chhal bal maayaa, Ravan jaane, maayaapati ko nahi pehechaane;
Ravan knows all about power and illusion, but he failed to recognize their master
Kabhi himmat na haare, puni puni lalakaare,
Not kabhi, the first word is Dambhi Embarrassed So, it translates to the show-off never gives up, he challenges over and over again
Abhimaani me bahut dhidhaai hai,
This prideful one is so full of himself
Aaj dharm aur paap ki ladaai hai,
Today is the battle between good and evil
Nirnay ki ghadi ab aayee hai,
The time for a decision has arrived
Nirnay ki ghadi ab aayee hai.
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And... a few questions for our bhakt in the spotlight to answer AFTER her exam is finished Wink Best of luck behna!!!

Favorite romantic song in Ramayan -
Fav romantic scene in Ramayan -
Fav energetic/action song in Ramayan -
Fav energetic/action scene in Ramayan -
Fav comedy scene in Ramayan -
Fav spiritually meaningful song in Ramayan -
Fav spiritually meaningful scene in Ramayan -
Fav sad song in Ramayan -
Fav sad scene in Ramayan -
Favorite romantic song in Shri Krishna -
Fav romantic scene in
Shri Krishna -
Fav energetic/action song in
Shri Krishna -
Fav energetic/action scene in
Shri Krishna -
Fav comedy scene in
Shri Krishna -
Fav spiritually meaningful song in
Shri Krishna -
Fav spiritually meaningful scene in Shri Krishna -
Fav sad song in
Shri Krishna -
Fav sad scene in
Shri Krishna -

Bhaashan topic: hmmmm.... Kumbhkarn's dilemma!
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Originally posted by Dpka1415

thnk u sooooo much ..
woooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww yar this new sig of ur's .. is SUPER DUPER Gunia....u hav shown soooooo many emotions in one sig. ... really veryyyyy veryyyy nice.... hats off to u fr dis1...  
Awwwwwww.....thats so nice of U....to compliment d sig in such a sweet way.....!!!! Luv U!!!!! Btw......thanx for liking my answers!!!! How's Ur blog going on.....????? I know it wud be rocking.....as usual!!!!!! All D best for Ur exams!!!
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Posted: 2010-04-06T01:41:38Z
Thank U frnds!!!! I was sure that U will understand my exam dharm...(word taken frm Lolavati's dictionary)........LOLI respect Ur freindly behaviour n so much cooperation U all show!!!! Just proud of U guys!!!! So for today....as U all have given me a relaxation to answer after 8th....Day DreamingI'll only be able to reply to Ur posts.....n post 1 sig....which I was unable to post tomorrow due to powercut problm!!!!! Thanx a bunch for understanding me .....really such really cherishing to have such sweet heart bhrata-bhaginis like U all !!!!!! I'll surely post my answer as soon as I return frm d exam....on 8th... !!!!Sorry for U all have to wait for d 8th!!!!Cry Becoz I don't wanna hurry n give U just framed answers...... I really  wanna tell U what I feel!!!!
@Dpka Di-
 Thanx.....for giving particular replies on my answers....wese my mom also says d same thing wen I get tensed n depressed like U!!!! She says-Duniya bahut chalaak hai....duniya jaisa mat bano...duniya ko pehchano.... Guniya ho Guniya jaisi hi raho....thats d Best way....!!!!!! And my papa explains...why do U cry for those who make U cry.......they don't deserve Ur precious tears....n I stop crying.....!!!!!
@Debi Di-
 Hi Di!!!! How're U????? Missing U aloooooooooooooooooooooooootttt...U're not coming on d scraps also...!!!!!! Hope all is well !!!!! Luv U!!!!!! 
Luv U all....for being d Best brother n sisters in the world!!!! 1 more thing....I wanted to tell was....on 10th April.....its Varuthini Ekadashi....d Janmdiwas(B'day) of Shri Vallabhacharyaji (Mahaprabhuji )..... (I updated abt him in d last CC...remember no??)....n I will continue  d info after 30th April wen my exams will be over!!!Smileso why not create some b'ful sigs....on d b'day of d great great propounder of Bhakti-marga of Braj bhakt (Gopis)!!!!
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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

 Oh, ok, thanks for explaining it Gunia!Big smile
So you want the scene of Ramji feeding Sitaji, Ramji only during their first night, and another one of my choice? For the third avi, should I do a SiyaRam scene or just Ramji, and that too Vanvaas scene or Rajmahal scene? And do you want any specific text or should I choose for you? Or no text at all? It's all your choice!Embarrassed
Hiihiii!!!  Yeah........U got d two scenes now.....for d third 1 I wanted....just Ramji....Btw its up to U that U choose frm Vanvaas or Rajmahal....whichever U like wud do for me!!!! It wud be soooooo sweet if U choose d text for me....becoz I m just fond of Ur text selections!!!
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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Here is a quick siggie I made guys: hope you like it!

Lol, I seem so obsessed with our RadheKrishna from my siggiebox and avis, don't I? :D
Hey wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowww so b'ful n sweeeet sig!!!! I luv it!!!!! Di...frm where didi U get such sweet effects.....is it Photofiltre...Pl updt me abt how to use dis!!!!Btw somtimes...obsessions do good to us....like it z doing to U....isn't it????
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