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Wowzies Deeps, that was amazing work with the answers to our questions!Clap Just loved reading each and every answer, it was very well thought out. I agree to most of your questions, esp the ones concerning old Ramayan and SK. Despite the fact that they lack in today's technology, they continue to touch their fans' hearts because of the sheer sincerity and divinity displayed throughout the serial by Ramanand Sagarji. He really put in a LOT of research into the ancient scriptures for as much accuracy in the storyline as possible, that his family already has most of the work done where it concerns storyline for their new mythos today. They only need to concern themselves with how best to use today's technology to catch people's eye. Like you said, old Ramayan, SK, and MB are irreplaceable.
Where it concerns New Mythos, while NDTV Ramayan and JSK at least catch the eye in terms of technology, some of the actors, and the divinity in some episodes, Ekta's KHMK just lost everything a mytho was supposed to have.OuchDead At first, I did not want to judge her serial by one episode itself, so I watched every single epi of KHMK until Amba was given in marriage and I could not watch anymore, because she completely butchered the storyline and ruined the relationship of Radha and Krishna to make it seem like today's everyday teen dating.Thumbs Down While Anand Sagar and Meenakshi Sagar have at least retained the divinity in their shows despite what other faults NDTV Ramayan or JSK may have, Ekta completely lost everything. Compared to KHMK, I'd have to say that NDTV Ramayan and JSK are God's gifts.
Leaving that too aside, however, I have to agree with you that I too enjoyed NDTV Ramayan more than JSK when it comes to comparing the two. JSK was a very cute enjoyable serial while Dhriti Bhatia acted as Krishna, but after that, it just got boring for me, as RadheKrishna's relationship was shown very mundane and not that special as compared to SK and BRC's MB. While at least Anand Sagar showed some special scenes to make the relationship of Sita-Ram extraordinary in Ramayan, Meenakshi Sagar failed to capture that, while she showed the relationship between Yashoda and Krishna, played by Aditi and Dhriti, very sweet. Also, Ramayan still retained the 'Ramayan-like' feeling for me for the most part throughout the serial, while JSK did not seem like the story of Krishna after Dhriti left the show.
Great job with the questions, will be back with more!WinkClap Also, superb RadheKrishna siggie, it's soooooooooo mesmerizing and the new style is just awesome! I already snagged it into my slideshow!Big smile
Wowzies, talk about amazing siggies, as your new DevakiKrishna one is soooooooooooooo gorgeous beyond measure!Day Dreaming The texture and brushes, as well as the text, are so perfect in every possible way, def one of your best!Clap I already snagged it into my slideshow.Wink Keep up the good work, hun! Keep making more please!
And thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for the Pic Update, awesome scenes and captures, LOVE the babies, they're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!Heart Just want to squeeze their little cheeks.LOL Will def make some siggies of them soon, I esp love the expressions of Yaahoda Maiyya when looking at the baby, just like a real mommy!Day Dreaming And your req by Kaju is amazing, it's sooooo bright and cheerful and makes me feel happy whenever I look at it, love it! Already snagged that too.Tongue
Wow, nice siggies, Swati! LOVE them! Both Lola's and Gunu's suggestions came out perfect!Clap Please do make more Old Mytho creations, as you have a very unique lovely style!Embarrassed
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@Aishi .... awwww thnk u soooooomuch dear for liking my work ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed m glad u liked the new style ...Embarrassed
@ Gunia ... thnk u sooooo much dear for liking nd using the Radhe-Krishna sig..will make more using the same style ... Big smileBig smile
m done with the answers
wwwooooowwww.... dis is awesome .. such an emotional one.. loved it dear ... will def. use it ... Smile
@ Lola .. heyyyy thnks alotttt for liking the Radhe-Krishna sig... love ya... thnks for using it too... Embarrassed
loved ur ques. ... will them then in few mins .... LOL
thnks alotttt for that super cute pic update too ... it awesome ... Big smile
no words to descibe this one.... sooo touchy... using it in my slideshow ... EmbarrassedSmile
@ Lalitha di ... yeah di .. no matter wat new technologies or research r introduced ... first thing always remains the first !! nd the best in case of our mythos .. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
m glad di u liked my answers.... n more imp. u agree with my view point regarding the new mythos ....Wink
well i must say u hav alots of patience  as u hav actually watched Ekta's KHMK...lolz... LOLLOL
thnks alot for liking the radha-Krishna sig.... nd thnks for using it too.. Embarrassed
will def. come up wid more siggies in this style ... Wink
will wait for ur ques. di ... really enjoyed answering them Big smile
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Originally posted by lola610

Ok Deeps... here goes your first round of grilling from me!!! Ready, set, go Dancing
Okkkk... Lola ... m not yet done .... !! but posting here the incomplete test paper LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL will complete it slowly slowly .... Big smileLOLBig smile

Color - Blue & purple ..
Subject in school - Maths nd accountancy
Food(s) - Rajma chawal
Movie (Bolly and Holly) - longggggg list hai .. LOL few examples : Bolly - Hum aapke hain kaun, chupke chupke(starring Dharmendra),Golmaal(Old),3idiots,DDLJ,Chak De India .. ,Baaton Baaton me (*ing Amol Palekar), Chhoti si Baat (*ing Amol Palekar), Angoor(*ing Sanjeev Kumar), Gadar,Border... etc.... etc... LOLLOL
Holly- Titanic, Series of Harry Potter ..i dont watch much of holly movies ... SACHAA HINDUSTANI HOON LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL 
Actor (Bolly and Holly) - Dharmendra, Salman, Anil Kapoor, Aamir..

Actress (bolly and holly) - no one in particular .. Tongue
romantic song - is kadar pyaar hain by Sonu nigam ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
party/dance song - all punjabi pop songs... in particular ... all the party songs of Jazzy B StarStarStarStarStar
book - Death on the Nile .. by Agatha Christie & I too had a Luv story by Ravinder Singh ...
personality trait - loyality ..
type of weather - Rainy & winter .. Embarrassed

Least favorite...
Subject - any theory subject Angry
Actor - Tushar Kapoor
Actress - Deepika Padukone
Movie - Raavan ROFL
Food - i eat ol veg. things ... m a good girl ... LOL
book - Angels n Demons by Dan Brown
Song(s) - any song sung by Anu malik .. just can't tolerate him ... except .. kasam li hai humne kasam na todne ... Wink
personality trait - show offs.. .. back bitching .. AngryAngryAngryAngry
ghissa pitta filmi dialogue - AAPKO PEHLE BHI KAHIN DEKHA HAI LOLLOLLOL
type of weather - summers ... yukkkk... !!

First thing you think of when you hear the word...
freedom - Struggle !
royal - status
college - fun
justice - everyone right
honor - respect
impossible - nothing
tolerance - is must in todays times
prejudice - bad
flashy -
failure - 1shade of life
success -  the other shade of life
friendship - blessing
Lola LOL - Sweetheart .. :D

And now for some mythooooooooooooo:

Fav actor in Ramayan who didn't have a lead role, and which was their best scene -
Sanjay ji as Bharat ....i loved his performance in the scene of Bharat milaap .. .. i really love that scene nd can watch it again nd again !! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Fav actress in Ramayan who didn't have a lead role,
and which was their best scene - Lalita Pawar as Manthra .. no doubt ... she's a fantastic actress... Star... i loved the scene where Ramji comes to meet her after 14years ...

Favorite actor in SK who didn't have a lead role,
and which was their best scene - The actor who played Arjun's role...i liked him while Geeta Updesh... but no one can replace our own BRC's Arjun Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

Fav actress in SK who didn't have a lead role,
and which was their best scene - Seema ji as Yashoda Maa . .. she did awesome job in the whole serial ... the best scene was wen she comes to know from Akroor ji that Krishna is not her son but Devaki's son ... loved her expressions in that particular scene ..

Fav actor in MB who didn't have a lead role,
and which was their best scene -
Pankaj Dheer as Karn nd Mukesh Khanna as Bheeshma .. i loved the scene wen Mata Kunti comes to Karn before yudh n offers him to come to Pandavas side... that whole samvad was the best .... loved Pankaj ji acting in it..
& there r lot of scenes of Mukesh ji which i love .. .. but the best one is when Pandavas come to Hastinapur n Pitmah asks Arjun "GALE NAHI LAGOGE PUTRA" and i loved Mukesh ji in the very last scene of MB also ..

Fav actress in MB who didn't have a lead role,
and which was their best scene -
The lady who played Subhadra... sory dont know her name ..  . .. but i found her the most graceful in MB ... she potrayed the character very nicely ..
her best scene i would say was wen she meets Arjun in the pushp vatika for the 1st time nd ask him about the physical appearance of Arjun EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Fav actor in NDTV Ramayan who didn't have a lead role, and which was their best scene -
Vibhishan ... (Our Dushaasan of BRC MB Big smileBig smileBig smile )...  i think he did well as Vibhishan ...wats ur say?? Wink

Fav actress in NDTV Ramayan who didn't have a lead role,
and which was their best scene - Mandodari ... though i loved the Mandodari of RS one also but i think this new one also did a pretty well job ..

Fav sad/touching scene in...

Ramayan - The rainy day scene wen Sitaji in ashok vatika is remembering the happy times back in Mithila & Ayodhya ...
SK - Krishna - Sudama meeting
MB - there r two .. one is after Abhimanyu's death .. wen Arjun comes back to the Shivir .... and the other one is the very last scene of MB ... Bheeshma pitamha death ... CryCryCryCry

NDTV Ramayan - there r soooo many ... Whole sequence of Bharat milaap, Mat Jao Ram Mat jao scene, sitaji goin back to Dharti maa.. ,Mahapryaan of Ramji... i cried like hell for more than 2hrs...wen i saw Mahapryaan scene .. as Ramayan was over ... TongueTongue

Fav cute/romantic scene in...

Ramayan - Pushp Vatika scene .. no doubt !! Big smile
SK - Aaja re Kanhaiya tohe Radha bana du ... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
MB -  can't recall any scene like that except the Arjun-Subhadra's  1st meeting
NDTV Ramayan - That remarriage prank which Ramji plays on Sitaji .. LOLLOLLOL
and the the one where Sitaji tries to protect Ramji from sunlight & Heat while he is meditating ...

Fav funny scene in...
Ramayan - well its not funny exactly but i liked Sunil ji's acting... wen Bharat was coming to meet Ram,Siya n Lakhan for taking them back nd Lucky bhai sees the army of Ayodhya ... he rushes back to Ramji nd shouts with a lot of agression... LOLLOLLOLLOL nd ramji gives Shaant Lakshman Shaant reaction... LOLLOLLOLLOL ... i really enjoy that particular scene ...



SK - all the bal krishna's scenes where he stole maakhan with his frnds .. Embarrassed
MB - in MB I enjoyed all the small small NOK-JHOK between Krishna ji nd Dau ... LOLLOLLOL
NDTV Ramayan - Wen Shatughan wanted to see Shrutkirti in Mithila before marriage nd asked Dashrath ji if they can just hav a look on the broken Shiv dhanush ... wen they reach the bhavan all other 3sisters' painting were also placed, only Shrutkirti's potrayed wasnt yet ready LOLLOLLOLLOL

Fav sad song in

Ramayan - Bharat chala re apne raja ko manaane .. & vidhna tere lekh kisi ki samjh na aate hain ..

SK - Vidaa song by Radha ji ...

MB - Mahabharat sa yudh naa ho ... na ho anyaaye ki koi baat ..

NDTV Ramayan - Bhoomi ki beti sharan bhoomi se ... nd Naari ka samvidhaan aisa hi likha hai ... plus all the vidhna teri songs

Fav energetic/peppy song in

Ramayan - Ramji ki sena chali ... Har Har Maha Dev.. mast hai ... jab suno tab naya lagta hai ... full of energy .. RJ Rocks !!!

SK - Maharaas song.. .. love it like anything .. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  and Shyaam tere kaaj bade achiraj bhare .... Big smileBig smile

MB - Yeh dharm yudh ..(commencement of Yudh),Kripa krishna ki .. haldhar ka hal ... Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile plus i also like Subdhra's intro. song .. Embarrassed

NDTV Ramayan - May be the marriage songs... Dharmsheel gunvati puneeta..jyoti lutati aa rahi Sita ... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed nd the Swayamvar Jaimaal song

Fav classical dance song in

Ramayan - can't really figure out yaar OuchOuchOuch

SK - Maharaas song EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

MB -  Uttra's dance was fantastic....wen she was learning dance from Brehanlalla EmbarrassedBig smile

NDTV Ramayan - Jagdambe jag kalyani...(Gori puja before pushp vatika scene)

Fav song bcuz of the meaningful lyrics in

Ramayan - Ram kahani...sunu re Ram kahani .. & Jin par kirpa raam kare vo pathar bhi tir jaate hai...

SK - Manva...prem jagat ka saar.. love it alotttEmbarrassedEmbarrassedBig smileBig smile

MB - has to "Mahabharat sa yudh na ho...na ho anyaaye ki koi baat ,,!! "

NDTV Ramayan - "Jiske Putra swayam Narayan ,uska tyag ho kyu saadharan,
Ek ne vachan pe Ram ko vaara, ek ne Ram pe Vaara Lakshman ,
Tyaag murtiyan dono Maaye, ashru bahaye moh ke Kaaran,
Vidhna teri neeti kisi ki ... Samjh naa aaye ri..
Jab jise chahe apne teer ka ,lakshya banaye ri... "

Fav song just for the music (tune/singing/orchestration) in
Ramayan -  the background song of Indrajeet - Lakshman combat wen he hits Lucky bhai with his barchhi .... infact RJ used the same song in NDTV Ramayan also nd the music is improvised ... loved it in NDTV one too.. Big smileBig smileBig smile
SK - i loved almost every song ... Big smileBig smileBig smile
MB -  the title track.... awesome music !! soooooo much inspiring,divine & energetic  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
NDTV Ramayan - Mahalakshmi aur vishnu ka ,hai yug yug ka sang.. Anuraagi mann par chada amar prem ka rang !!

Character who most inspired you and why:

In Ramayan - 
In SK -
In MB -
NDTV Ramayan -
there's a combined ans. for above ques. :
Leaving these shows behind i am inspired by a lot of characters of Ramayan & Mahabharat times ... During Ramayan times def. Lord Ram ... for all his Marayada purushottam qualities, his calmness ... there's a longggg list of qualities.. then ofcourse Sitaji for her sacrifices .. which r actually the destined karma of all the ladies...(though nowadays no one appreciates.. AngryAngry...rather dont even bother to notice ! Ouch)
then m deeply inspired by Lucky bhai nd Bharat ... for their love for their elder bro.
i really love such things ...then in Dwapar ...def. Krishna ji for all his teachings which he gave to the mankind in the form of Sri Bhagwat Geeta....then i m also inspierd by Daanveer Karn ...he showed LOYALTY in its true sense...even though he came to know the truth about his mother and his family , he didnt leave Duryodhan ... n for me Loyalty is everythng ... i really love them who r loyal to me .. in the end last but def. not the least ... i m inspired by Radha ji.. recently i read a play named "RADHA'S PREM" (posted its link in Bhakti Lounge too.. )
i was deeply inspired by her earlier also but after reading that play i respect her more..
phewwwww..... i think i hav written alottt.... though m not yet done...lolzzz..
but will continue later ... Big smileBig smile

Character who most irritated you and why:
Ramayan - Kaikeyi .. becoz of her make up .. LOL
SK - no one actually .. Embarrassed
MB - bilkul bhi nai .... every one did fantabulous job !!! Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
NDTV Ramayan - Sroopnakha... just didnt like her at all ...+ Raavan (A. Mishra) becoz i really feel he did not performed well at all ... i mean Raavan according to wat i hav read was very intelligent person .. only the thing is he wanted MUKTI so he had to do all this abduction of Sitaji n ol .. but A.Mishra has looking like a corrupt, THARKI villian like we see in the bolly movies too.. AngryAngryAngryAngry

One meaningful, memorable dialogue which you'll never forget from...

Ramayan - 1st nite convo. b/w Ram-Sita aftr their marriage ... Big smileEmbarrassed

SK - the convo b/w Radha-Krishna jst before aaaja re kanhaiya tohe radha banadu track .. Big smile

MB - the whole Geeta saar !!
NDTV Ramayan - Wen Sitaji is gooin back with Dharti maa she sez... "Swami meri bhagwan se yehi prarthana hai ik agar main dubara is dharti par janam lu toh aapko hi swami roop me pau...par kisi bhi janam me aapke dwara yu tyaagi na jau .. " 

Lolz that should be enough headache for now, will be back with more soon Evil Smile
eheheheeeee sure yaar ... really enjoyed answering them ... soryyyy for taking such a long time ..  will look forward for ur remarks on my test paper.... LOLLOLLOL
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A few pending lyrics of Ramayan songs.Smile

Bharat chala re, apne raja ko manaane,
Bharat chala re, apne raja ko manaane,

Raja ko manaane, raja ko manaane,
Raja ko manaane, raja ko manaane,
Bhagat chala re, Prabhu darshan paane.

Ram darash ki, ur abhilaashaa,
Bole nayan prem ki bhaashaa;
Raam swaatijal, Bharat papiharaa,
Swaatibund bin tript na jiyaraa;
Viyogi chalaa re, jee ki jalan mitaane...

Avadh Ram ko arapan karane,
Prabhutaa Prabhu charano me dharane;
Raajtilak ke saaj sajaa ke,
Maataaen chalin sang prajaa ke;
Raja ka adhikaar, raja ko lautaane;
Bharat chala re apne, bhaiyaa ko manaane;

Raja ko manaane, bhaiyaa ko manaane,
Bharat chala re, apne raja ko manaane.

Ganga teer paanvari tyaagi,
Nange paanv chalaa re bairaagi;
Sir bhar jaau uchit as moraa,
Sabten sevak dharamu kathoraa;
Punya prayaag hi kinh pranaamaa,
Pohoncheu Bhardwaaj ke dhaamaa.
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This one and the next one were posted on Orkut by Harishprasad Semwal.

Har Har Mahadev, Har Har Mahadev,
Har Har Mahadev, Har Har Mahadev.
Jai Bhawani, Jai Bhawani, Jai Bhawani, Jai Bhawani.

Paapiyon ke naash ko, dharm ke prakaash ko,
Paapiyon ke naash ko, dharm ke prakaash ko,
Ramjiki sena chali, Ramjiki sena chali,
Shri Ramji ki sena chali, Ramji ki sena chali.
Har Har Mahadev, Har Har Mahadev,
Har Har Mahadev, Har Har Mahadev.

Paap anaachaar me, ghor andhkaar me,
Paap anaachaar me, ghor andhkaar me,
Ek nayi jyoti jali, ek nayi jyoti jali,
Shri Ramji ki sena chali, Ramji ki sena chali.

Nishicharheen karenge dharti, yeh pran hai Shri Ram ka,
Yeh pran hai Shri Ram ka;
Jab tak kaam na pooran hoga, naam nahin vishraam ka,
Naam nahin vishraam ka;

Use mitaane chale ki jiska, mantra "Vayam rakshaam" ka,
Mantra "Vayam rakshaam" ka;
Samay aa chalaa nikat Ram aur Ravan ke sangraam ka,
Samay mahasangraam ka;

Teeno lok dhanya hain, devta prasann hain,
Teeno lok dhanya hain, devta prasann hain,
Aaj manokaamnaa phali, Aaj manokaamnaa phali,
Shri Ramji ki sena chali, Ramji ki sena chali;
Har Har Mahadev, Har Har Mahadev,
Har Har Mahadev, Mahadev, Har Har Mahadev.

Ramchandraji ke sang Lakshman, kar me le kar baan chale,
Kar me le kar baan chale;
Liye vijay vishwas hridaya me, sang veer Hanuman chale,
Sang veer Hanuman chale;

Sena sang Sugreev, Neel, Nal, Angad chhaati taan chale,
Angad chhaati taan chale;
Use bachaaye kaun ki jiska vadh karne Bhagwaan chale?
Vadh karne Bhagwaan chale;

Aage Raghunath hain, veer saath saath hain,
Aage Raghunath hain, veer saath saath hain,
Ek se ek bali, Ek se ek bali,
Shri Ramji ki sena chali, Ramji ki sena chali.
Har Har Mahadev, Har Har Mahadev,
Har Har Mahadev, Mahadev, Har Har Mahadev.

Saagar tat par aa gaye, sainya sahit Shri Ram;
Kripasindhu Prabhu ne kiya, saagar dekh pranaam.

Maryada me ek se, Saagar aur Shri Ram;
Apni Upma dekh kar, Prabhu ne kiya pranaam.
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Ramji ko sang le, veg le umang le;

Ramji ko sang le, veg le umang le,
Ramjiki sena chali, Ramjiki sena chali;
Shri Ramji ki sena chali, Ramji ki sena chali.

Kab Lanka par dera daale, kab mahaasaagar paar ho,
Kab mahaasaagar paar ho;

Kab ho saphal abhiyaan hamaaraa, kab sapnaa saakaar ho,
Kab sapnaa saakaar ho;

Paap aniti mite dharati se, dharam ki jay jaykaar ho,
Dharam ki jay jaykaar ho;

Kab hon vijayee Ram hamaare, kab Ravan ki haar ho,
Kab Ravan ki haar ho....

Ramjise aas hai, Ram pe vishwaas hai,
Ramjise aas hai, Ram pe vishwaas hai,
Ramji karenge bhali, Ramjiki sena chali, Ramjiki sena chali.
Jai ShriRam ki, Jai Shri Ram ki,
Jai Shri Ram ki, Jai Shri Ram ki.
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Posted: 2010-08-10T05:37:18Z
fab work done guys..
n thank u for liking mine..
here is d lyrics of a song frm new ramayana requested by lalitha di..

(when ram ji n sita ji go in a village after marriage n do abhishek of shivlingam)

om namah shivay
shivji ke hai asht(8) vasu
gyarah(11) rudra mahan
dwadash(12) jyotirlinga se jyotit shiv bhagvan
om namah shivay
ram aur shiv hai ek samana
dau(both) bhagat dau bhagvana
ram k priya shiv, shiv priya ram
ek duje(each other) ko kare pranam
om namah shivay

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Posted: 2010-08-10T05:38:56Z
hey lalitha di..i justsaw ur avi carefully..in last avi u hv many scenes of ram  ji n sita ji..OMGGGG...last scene in dat one is soooooooooo painful...ram ji crying....god..rly can't see dat....
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