Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#2 DONE!(Page 144)

Posted: 2010-03-12T12:32:07Z
Wooooow, great going guys, 5 pages overnight!ClapParty  To all the new members here who don't know much about IF, once a thread completes 150 pages, the mods of the forum lock it because too many pages for a thread slows down the forum. That is how we are on CC #2 right now, because CC #1 we completed 150 pages (if we accidentally go over to like 151 or 152 that's fine too). We are very close to completing this CC too, so keep up the great work guys! I am working on the CC #3 thread, so once it is completed, I will post the link here and we all can meet there then.Big smile
OMG, I thought I commented on the SK sigs Deepika, I am soooo sorry.Confused I honestly thought I had commented on those, but if I didn't, I'm really sorry!Cry  Gunia is right. Whenever you post, it feels like Deepikaji herself is posting because of your username. How could we ever be angry at you????Blushing You are like our CC's sweet Sitaji. Anyhow, the SK sigs are really gorgeous and colorful, just like the new SiyaRam RadheShyam and Sai Baba ones, each of your work is MINDBLOWING!ClapClapClapClap LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Can never get enough of them!Big smile
Wow, Haripriya Janaki is a nice name, Gunia, thanks!Hug I am still thinking hard before I choose, because once we change our username, we can't change it again for a whole year. I want either Lalitha or Janaki in it, or else my IF buddies won't recognize me in their friend's list and might delete me by accident.LOL
Wow, thanks a bunch for those articles! The telugu dubbed version of the new Vikram aur Betaal comes on Gemini TV (telugu channel) but I don't like the serial that much.Confused Like all these other new shows, it seems too over-dramatized and it seems like the directors are going for muscular curvacious people more than the soul of the stories. I prefer the old version with Arun Govil.Embarrassed I did not see all the epis, but whatever I saw are very nice.
Woooow, a million thanks to you for those songs!ShockedClapClapHug  I never expected so many, thanks sooooooo much! These will be really helpful for siggymaking.Wink I will update the Songs/Lyrics gallery tonight once I go home, because right now I'm at work and my break will be up in a few minutes.Embarrassed
No problem about the info. Yeah, I too do not prefer to order things online, because I don't like giving my credit card number to just any site. If I were you, I'd buy them in India. If you live in India, it would prob be easy for you but if you live somewhere else, I'd just wait until the next time you visit India to buy them. Until then, I can give you pics from the Luv Kush DVD set of a scene you haven't seen yet.WinkEmbarrassed
Aww, I really enjoyed your post dear. No, not at all, you didn't break any rules, so no worries.Hug Those rules are just for the troublemakers on IF who like to leave controversial posts and never leave one nice one. I've had trouble with people like that in the past who join IF mainly to get in arguments with people and stir trouble, so don't worry, your post was sweet. We all are fans of both BRC and RS, and I've met people before who preferred BRC to RS or who prefer Mahabharat to Ramayan because of the realistic aspect. It all just depends on perspective and interest. We won't judge you because of that. Even in a family, members have different interests, but I'm glad you are watching Ramayan now and liking it. It really is a good serial and will be worth your time.Thumbs Up Thanks for you post. You explained how you got introduced to Ramayan and Mahabharat very well.Clap
And thanks so much for the Agni Pareeksha song and translation. I really love that song a lot, and you translated it beautifully.Clap
Aww, no probs Loli! I really do love the sigs.Hug They're sweet just like you. Oh wow, whatever you did with the pics, the quality is very good. Yeah, Devaki does look very young. Do you think the actress is younger than Reshma Modi?
Lol, thanks for the name suggestion. I've added it to my list of names and will give you guys the list once I compile it so that you can choose. Do you think it'd be possible to make my new username a mix of HP and mytho?Confused How does Lily_Janaki or something like that sound? A lot of my HP IF buddies, esp in the HP Forum, call me Lily because it sounds like a nickname for Lalitha and because I love Lily Potter.LOL
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Posted: 2010-03-12T12:34:10Z
This weekend I will be relatively free compared to the coming ones, so is there any kind of pic update you would like put up from Ramayan (I don't have SK vids so the quality would be terrible since they'll be from youtube)?
I want to put the new pic update up at the new CC since we'll prob finish this one by tomorrow. What kind of scene would seem good for the opening of a new CC? We already have Rajyabhishek, Vivah, and the Swayamvar ones done.
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Posted: 2010-03-12T19:37:58Z
I updated the front page again, as well as the Song's List. I put the links to all the lyrics you posted, but I don't know if I did it in the right order as they appear in the shows, so I'd really appreciate it if you can look it over and tell me if I put them in the right order for both shows.Smile
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Posted: 2010-03-12T19:53:04Z

Will be busy at home for next 1-2 days. Please be patient with me. Will come back with my responses for all the messages addressed to meSmile.

With best wishes,

Jai Shri Krishna.Jai Shri Ram.
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Posted: 2010-03-12T21:38:26Z
Here is a simple siggie I made tonight before going to sleep. Hope you will like it. :)
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Posted: 2010-03-12T22:04:20Z
Hi every1!Big smileBig smile
@Dpka Di-Hi Di! Oh! So sorry to hear abt d quarrel wth Ur closest friend!Unhappy Plz don't worry...n don't hurt Urself by recalling her! Though I'm yonger than U so if meri koi baat aapko aachi na lage ya kuch elders jaise salaah dene lag jau to Plz forgive me!OuchCry Bt I can't bear that any sorrow or that dirty line of worries coming on the forehead of my dear ones! Cry And U r my dear Di... I know that it hurts alooooooot when a close frnd leaves us that too ecoz of a 3rd person who is no one B/w that strong n lovely bond of friendship........ so I would say that don't hurt Urself due to such a person who does not cares at Ur feelings!Angry And off course...we r Ur family n are always wth U! And don't feel bad at all abt U released Ur anger.....WE r ready for that tooSmile We can do anything for our dis cute family! Big smileAfter all that is what we learn frm our mythos!Big smile   And yeah that d spirit Di! Thumbs Up We'll keep rocking as always!Dancing No worries n tensions! Btw I m studying good!Big smile Thanx for d good wishes!Smile And yes....Ur Gokulashtami sigs were beyond ossum....d things I liked d most were-1. The pic selection 2. The diff shades U gave n 3. The text U chose n that too with a b'ful font!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
@Shivang bhaiya- Pranaam Bhratashree!Big smile Awwwwww......thanx for praising my devotion!Embarrassed Haann Bhai! Prabhu to nirantar hi aap par kripa varsha karte hain...aur hum par bhi....Embarrassed tabhi to unke in madhur Geeton ka saara gyan bhandar...saare sangrah ke atah sindhu Shivang bhaiya ko unhone hume uphaar me diya...taki hum bhi aapke is gyan aur bhakti saagar me dubkiyaan lagaye!Big smile When I opened my PC today...I was like awwwww.........Bhakti vibhor with those wonderful lyrics presented by U,Day Dreaming Ravindra Jain ji's creations r truly divine! ClapClapStarStarStarStarStar Ati sundar bhratashree!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap Haan aapne uchit kaha...RSji jaisi Vkram Aur Vetaal na kabhi bani aur na hi kabhi banegi!StarStarStarStarStarStar 
@Laitha Di- Hi Di!Big smile Awwww....so sweet U liked my suggestionEmbarrassed Oh yes....Alle ye to maine socha hi nahi....LOL that if U will completely change Ur name Ur buddies might delete U hon frm d bddy list!LOL Ya...U said it correct...I dunno why all d directors r going for d muscular curvacious people.....n they don't at alll care abt the dying soul in d mythos today!Cry Or in d words of Arunji I'd say- "Aaj in serials me kahaniya to hain..par aatmaye nahi hain! Agar aaj kisi myto serial ka title chupa diya jaye to darshakon ko samaj hi nahi aayega ki hum dekh kya rahe hain...kyunki ek serial me hi itni kahaniya thus di jaati hain....ki we can't even recognize that which serial is going on!"LOL This was a part of Arunji's interview I read  in a daily newspaper  n today U recalled me abt what he said in that interview!LOL  I laughed after reading specially dis thing "agar title chupa diya jaaye....."LOLLOL  Ya I luvd d old version of Vikram n Vetal....I've seen all  d epis n they are super! At dis new version...I wud say.......even after improved technos. it can never reach up to that Vikram Aur Vetal!
   Well.....Abt d pic updt....I can't suggest much...but I can chose if U tell me some options going in Ur innovative mind!Wink Becoz all d epis of Ramayan r wonderful so its difficult for me to chose 1 for updt I'll enjoy anything Frm Ramayan!EmbarrassedBTW luving d sweet Dpka sig! ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapShe looks b'ful in this scene! Day Dreaming
@Debipriya- Hi Di!Big smile Awwww...that Agni Pareeksha lyrics takes me away!Day Dreaming Thanx for sharing I luv d music n chhands by Tulsidasji r  out of dis world!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStar No prblm abt U r busy at home! Embarrassed Waiting for Ur wonderful replies!Big smile Awwwww....Luving that U r watching Ramayan n luving it...don't worry U'll become a fan of Arunji or Deepikaji one day or the other as U watch more!LOL
@Lola- He Losundari! Kahan hain aap?LOL Hume aapki yaad  aa rahi hai!CryCry
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# Yes Lalitaji. I reside in India so buying from the shop anytime will not be any problem. Cost will also not be a problem for these creations ever. Just the question of mind set. These days I am involved with SK. A year ago I was completely involved with MB. And UR I have watched before anyhow so I know the entire story. Only a few scenes like Urmila in fun mood with Lakshman about Shoorpankha are such which seem that I have never watched them before perhaps because of the fact that I have never seen UR in continuity. I saw earlier parts on Cable and later parts on Video Cassettes. So I have seen the whole series but few parts in between might have been skipped or might be out of memory. But for that previous fan clubs are complete for me to watch anything until I purchase the set some time later this year perhaps. The inertia of not watching it for so many years was mainly its tragic ending (Also shameful Ayodhya public when we empathize them in the midst of IDEALISM - Dharm nagar ke vaasi kaise ho gaye atyaachaari - For same reason I don't like to watch entire dhyut episode - Krishna saving Draupadi just salvages the interest in that shameful story part - one would not like to be in anybody's shoes - not even Draupadi with self respect but going through the suffering) and also the fact that no other family member had interest to give me company in viewing after buying the set. The entire story of Lavkush is completely separate, isolated & collateral to the essential story upto Rajyabhishek - main aim of Ravan vadh. And in Ramcharitmanas also I guess, Lavkush kand was later addition. Uttar Kand was also not available in Valmiki Ramayan online sometime back (might still not be available) while all other kands were/are available. So in general, devotees themselves have given less importance to Lav Kush story I feel and that part is separated or discriminated I feel by people with prejudice by some sense of observation I feel which I have not found anywhere in these fanclubs & chatclubs. So I have got treasure available here for the time being.

# Now regarding those songs, thank you so much for your continuous appreciation sister. Those songs were already there on Orkut (And I also had posted mahaaraas - your favourite song sequence and 'Na jane tose' over there too but they were also posted here by Lola and hence I didn't have to post them). So please do visit your communities whenever you want any contents/lines to be written on siggies for the songs which I have still kept pending over here. Also especially you can visit Mahabharat serial community for Doha lyrics. I also have sent mail of all word files of saved contents of orkut to Lola so feel free to ask me or ask her to get those contents in your mail whenever you get relatively more free time in future.

# Now regarding the suggestion of the picture on the first page of next chat club, how would be this - Ram lifting the bow and identifying & declaring his true aim on the earth of Dharmsansthaapan (a turning point of the serial/epic) - Mai pratignya karta hun ki is prithvi ko raakshas vihin kar dunga - Sab asuran ke naam ke dhari tarakas me teer. This is my favourite picture still of the serial as it generates tremendous electricity inside the body reminding me about the verse - Yada yada hi dharmasya.

Similar situation is there in Mahabharat twice - once after bringing back Sandipani's son - Navyug ka aarambh hai Paanchajanya jayghosh; naad sujan paritosh prad, durjan ke prati rosh (Paritraanaay saadhunaam vinaashaay cha dushkritaam). Second such situation in MB is soon in the same or next episode when Parashuram and Krishna meet - Sambhaalo apne yug ko. Maine to maryada purushottam ke kaal me hi avakaash le liya tha. Parantu kshatriya phir se tedhi chaal chalne lage hain - Dharm karm nishchit karo, sun kar samay pukaar; jag me aaye kis liye, iska karo vichaar.

In SK, it is difficult to find such landmark situation but I think Swapnil with Sudarshan or Saarang fighting with the entire Jarasandh army might be appropriate.

One more - How about - Kandhe par dou veer? - Aaj nahi jag me koi Bajrangi sa dhanvan.

# Now table of contents. I knew about your dedication so also knew that you would do it to organize the things very soon. Everything is in order in Ramayan lyrics list upto Rajyabhishek except the song 'Danka kiska bajega'. That is 2nd last night war song so it will come after Meghnad's death and just before 'Yahi rat antim'. For Uttar Ramayan songs order, you are much better judge than I am.

For SK, I am posting the correct order below between Janmashtami and Kaaliya naag songs. Rest everything is correct. (And I know the correct order upto Kans vadh and don't remember for last 3-4 songs):

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki! (Gokul's Celebration)
Devaki and Maharishi Garg's Dialogue
Bal Roop Dekhen Jo Kanhaai
Jabse Hua re Tera Baal-roop darshan
Soja Lalla Soja (Devaki Maiyya's Lullaby)
Ek Jogi Aayo Ri Tere Dwaar
Hari Ko Maat Sikhaave Chalna
Haath me Makhan, Dhool Bhara Tan
Daau Ke Sang Daudan Laage, Kanha Nand Ke Aangan Mein Ji
Ati Viraat Brahmand Mein Dharti Ek Laghu Kunj
Shesh Ki Sej Pe Soyeke Jo Prabhu
Yug Yug Ke Saathi Hain Dono
He Bhaktvrindon Ke Praan Pyaare, Namaami Radhe Namaami Krishnam
Heere Moti Daan Me De, Bhakti Ki Bhi Raah Dikhaaye Nyari
Prem ke panth pe rakkhen jo paaon to
He Padmanabh Supadmalochan Swayam Padmayukt Ho
Jaago Maiyya Ke Pyaare, Lalana Jaago Nand-dulaare

How about changing the colour of the line of dialog title? I mean different colours of song lyrics and dialog titles in the table of contents.

And yes one more thing Lalitaji. Now that you have specifically asked for the correction. In the cast list of Mahabharat, Krishna & Nitish Bhardwaj are swapped in their order. I mean actor in place of characters' names and character (Mahaanaayak) in place of actors' names. I will edit this post of mine deleting the last part answering for correction asked for after you will make those changes.

Jai Shri Krishna. Jai Shri Ram.
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Posted: 2010-03-13T01:55:02Z
Originally posted by ShivangBuch

My pleasure dear behnaa. Ravindra Jain is truly the best. His creations are highly divine and heavenly for sure.

Is baar teeno pictures download hue. All slowly due to pen drive speed after waiting with patience.

All are excellent in different shades. Clap Clap Are these all creations of you all editable after creating or the program used for that doesn't allow that luxury?
thnks alot for liking my work ...
well i save these creations as .jpg so they r not editable once they r saved .. Smile
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