Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#2 DONE!(Page 102)

Posted: 2010-02-13T05:25:53Z
Originally posted by sita11

<font color=#330099>thanks shivang,i hv posted the bhajan in JAI SHRI KRISHNA FORUM & i hv mentioned ur name !!!!</font>

That's your honesty sister. Anytime no problem in posting lyrics with or without mentioning my name as such there is no creation of mine in that except pleasant labour work of typing. Otherwise also no problem.
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Posted: 2010-02-13T07:12:44Z
Oh wowwie, thank you so much for all those votes for me guys! :) I just found the link of the MA's, thanks a lot!!! !
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Posted: 2010-02-13T08:46:54Z
HI every1!HugHug
Hi Laitha Di!!!! Thanx a bunch to understand my computer down problm!!!Embarrassed But woooooowwwwwie Di Ur new Deepika ji creation z soooooooo sweeeeeeeet n cute!Embarrassed U cose one of er great pics!! Fabulous jobClap BTW i too visite Ur shop n literally its a treasure!!Clap Ur siya Ram creation zzzz out of this world n so pso perfect quotes U put always n beautify d creation!!!!Embarrassed
Hi Lola Di! Sooooooo gorgeous creations .....woooooweiiies!!!! Clap Behna aapki Ram-sIya aur Vasudev-Devkiji ki sunder kritiyo se humari anataraatma me divyata ka prakash fail jaata hai!!!Day Dreaming Aapki ye tucch behen aapse sada kuc na kuch seekhti hi hai!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Soooo sorryy for not giving U d dozes which z Ur foremost adhikaar...but kya karien humara yantra humara sang tyag deta hai.....Cry aur humaari virah vedna badh jaati hai!Cool And wooooooooooowwwww! So nice pic updates of ShriKrishna!Clap

Hey Seete!! HugAwwww...I felt soooooo nice that U asked abt me!!!Embarrassed Really glad to have such a great n sweet hearted sister like U chweeetie chweetiee pie Seete! I felt so nice 2 have a sis who misses me when I'm not connected......EmbarrassedEmbarrassed really great heart U have n thats why U r SEETABig smileLOL Luv U alooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!


Welcome Khushi Di n ShivangBuch bhaiya!!

Sooo soryyy 2 welcome U sooooo late!!!!! But hope U'll understand my comp. down problm!!!!EmbarrassedOuch  N great post both Khushi Di n Sivangbuch bhaiya...I enjoyed Ur lyrics alooooooooooooooooooot! Glad 2 join such creative n talented members like U!Star

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Hmm so many creativity going on here. fav siggies lola Clap. I just want to share today how my interest grown on RS Ramayan. When the show first came on TV I was too littile. i remember ones i was too scared and began to cry when i saw Hanumanji fighting with crocodile while he was on his way to bring sanjeevani. But when i grew up a littile more my interest began to develop and when i was 10-12 yrs I was a big huge fan of the show. It happened as during every Navratri I use to visit my village with my parents. there in my house grand celebration on Durga puja used to take place and almost all of my family members my uncle, my cousins e.t.c use to visit the village at least during that occasion. There during every 9 days, During the night my uncle use to arrange for TV and he has all VHS sets of ramayan and every year the arangement was done for the villagers to watch the entire show during Navratra Puja. I remember huge crowd of villagers assembling for the show and they use to stay late night in open air to view. The people use to be so exited. My father use to take my their and as i was kid he use to explain me few things during the show till i remain awake and while watching i often fell asleep in his lap. when i begun to grow my interest use to grow bigger and during navratra i use to be too exited to visit my village not only for Durga Puja but also for the reason that i will get change again to watch my fav show RAMYAN Tongue. Hope you like it
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Posted: 2010-02-13T10:09:51Z
Originally posted by ShivangBuch


Thank you very much to you too respectable sister for the welcome and for the updation of first page (I knew you would have done that before starting to read your response so much as I know you from the posts of SK FC1). You have kept this forum very systematic and organized. Utilizing the technology and features to the fullest. Orkut has got this limitation that older posts can't be edited or re arranged and if any member deletes his profile then threads created by him/her and posts get deleted and others' response lack context of the reference. Also when profile names are changed, the response reference and the previous post name don't match. I don't know about IF yet in that but hurrey!!! I have successfully learned how to reply to a specific post. I just clicked by guesswork on Quote button to reply to sister lola and you and it worked at first trial. Smile Thank you very much for going through the orkut communities so immediately. I would hope/request you and lola to send me the link of your orkut profile or add request some day whenever you feel free and appropriate to do so. As sister lola observed, I find lack of support over there in the communities in terms of participation but I continued it as I was not aware about this site. I continued it since I started it and found very user friendly. Had I come in touch with this site earlier or decided to post earlier, it would have been much greater. But better late than never. Thanks to Kushal (flashykush), the member of SK FC1 who is my common friend here and on orkut. He is a big Mahabharat fan since childhood and now a giant fan of Ramayan too. He gave me the link of this forum. And I have already posted in orkut communities of Shri Krishna and Ramayan the link of these forums a few days ago in threads named 'Pictures/wallpapers'. I hope I haven't missed any link posted over there. I also suggested my friend on orkut through the communities - sister Debipriya - to go through these forums. She initially started solo participation in SK orkut community and became my friend through BRC MB community. She also is going through currently with me the first fanclub of SK mainly to enjoy the pictures uploaded initially (Myself including written contents).

Ramanand Sagar is my childhood hero and his devotion is my inspiration. I even had presentation during my MBA on 'Ramanand Sagar - a great entrepreneur' in our subject of 'Entrepreneurship Development' in which I had one by one presented all his qualities as an entrepreneur relating them with the theory books. So it is my great great great great pleasure to find friends alike. I will try my best to find my time to read the contents and also to post whenever appropriate.

I had one comment regarding posts of yours in SK FC1 regarding special effects (technology) of BRC creation vs special effects of RS creations. Even I used to think earlier that special effects of MB are better than Ramayan or SK. But by reflecting over it, I changed my opinion. I think we sometimes mix up between special effects and costumes & set up. You yourself are the expert of technology creations none can understand better. In my opinion, special effects (Computer and camera trikcs) of Ramayan are better than MB. There are very rare occasions in MB to use them. For example, Bhishma/Ganga going inside and coming out of the river walking, Bhim lifting Nakul-Sahdev-Kunti, Hidimb-Hidimba-Ghatotkach-Hanumanji growing & shrinking (And Bhim standing beside them), Arjun arranging water from the earth for Bhishma. Special effects in all these scenes look pathetic and easily caught. Other rare incidents are Kaaliya daman, Govardhan dhaaran, Dhobi's killing in Mathura, Kans's killing, Shishupal-Jaydrath-Karna's head cut, Vishwaroop scene and Virat darshan. They are alright. In Ramayan, they had to use such effects plenty of time for Hanumanji, Indrajeet and others. Numerous uncountable occasions. And they are not always caught & good in terms of quality. Even relatively inferior effect of 'Kandhe par dou veer bitha kar' is better than 'Mata aru laghu bhraat do chale utha kar Bheem'. In Viratdarshan, Arjun seems to be sitting behind the Viratswaroop and there is empty space around virat swaroop and we can see the battlefield also. Appearance and disappearance in Ramayan is also smooth and gradual (like transition effect of slide animation) whereas in MB, Shiv appearing in front of Arjun, Arjun's chariot appearing before Uttar etc is sudden with a strong sound. Though arrows (Divyaastras) appearing in hands or on the bow are sudden in both serials. I think BRC's MB looked better on screen just because of its simplicity and costume/weapons selection.

Regarding music, I like music, dohas, choupais and songs of all the three serials. Songs of MB in BalKrishnaleela part are most classical. But if still someone asks me to compare relatively, background music, song lyrics, devotional impact, just everything in Sagar's creations is better than any other creation in the world due to unmatchable Ravindra Jain in his genuine emotions and expressive voice. Amazing synergy was there between great Dr RS and RJ. Great synchronization, great noble objective of their creations and great great great devotion for Shri Hari and even for Lord Shiv and Parvati (all forms of Gods of Hinduism and their harmonized way of viewing them and bundle of research of Dr Sagar of all the Hindu scriptures not just epics).

Looking forward to contribute soon.

Jai Shri Krishna. Jai Shri Ram.
Hello ShivangBuch,
No problem, we all are very happy to have you  here. I've gone through some of your posts in Orkut and all your explanations to people's posts are really enlightening.Clap I'll go through more whenever I find time, it's definitely interesting to see what others think of Ramayan and Shri Krishna.
Thanks for your sweet compliments. Here in IF, every famous show, book, or movie has its own forum, under different categories, so that the fans of each respective thing can go to their separate forum, but our great Ramanand Sagarji does not have his own forum.Ouch I have talked with the admins of IF before and they said that forums are created only for recent shows and movies, which is kind of unfair because all these new mytho shows like NDTV Ramayan, Jai Shri Krishna, and Meera all have their own forums where polls and various threads can be created. So I initially created Fan Club 1 for Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan in the NDTV Ramayan Forum in the form of a single thread, but when we finished 150 pages (it is a rule in IF that once about 150 pages are completed, new thread must be created) and created Fan Club #2, and when we finished FC #2 as well as FC #1 of shri Krishna in JSK Forum, I decided to merge Ramayan and Shri Krishna together and create a new Chat Club in the Chat Clubs Forum. We also had some trouble in the past about Ramanand Sagar's shows not being allowed to be discussed in the New Mytho Forums, and I didn't want our FCs to be locked, so the Chat Club Forum seemed like the best place where we would never be disturbed and our CCs would be safe. Now, Lola and I are trying to convince the admins to create an everlasting forum for our old mythos, but we don't know if it will work. So until then, I try to keep these CCs as organized as possible so that it feels like a mini-forum though it's only a separate thread.Smile
I'm not very frequent in Orkut. To be honest, I only logged on yesterday when you gave us those links.Embarrassed
But here's my profile...
Yeah, I agree that the quality of technology varies in Ramayan and MB. In the war episodes, MB's tech was better but in showing the naturalness of the vanvaas and the cottages, Ramayan was better. Having been directed around the same time though, I think both Ramayan and MB looked a bit alike in terms of technology.Smile
I also like many of the songs in MB, especially Kripa Krishna Ki, Prem Sagai, Binati Suniye, and the RadheKrishna songs, but like you said, while MB's songs were more lively, RJ's songs were more devotional, which is why I'm often pulled towards his choupais and bhajans. My fav songs in SK are the Maharaas Leela (Jab Antaryami Ne Dekha), Soja Lalla Soja, Kaliya Naag, Na Jaane Tose, Prem Jagat Ka Saar, and basically all the RadheKrishna songs and Bal Krishna songs. I also love the Devaki Vasudev wedding songs. In Ramayan, it is soooooooo hard to list my fav, but I never ever tire of Ram Kahani, Luv Kush Ram Kathas, Sita Ram Vivah, Swayamvar, etc, etc, basically all of them.LOL
Even my favorite form of the Hanuman Chalisa is the one sung by Ravindra Jain, it truly touches my soul.Day Dreaming
Take Care!
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Posted: 2010-02-13T10:17:26Z
Congrats folks for completing 100 posts!!!PartyParty
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Posted: 2010-02-13T10:42:15Z
Lol, you're welcome Loli! Hope you got to sleep last night.Wink I wasn't sure if Pizza and PooriChole was perhaps the best combo for an evening meal, but it sure was tasty, wasn't it?
No one really visits the "Other Shows" so I think the best place would be General Discussion, right next to HP.Wink
Hmm, maybe we could call the Forum Classical Mythologicals or something so that we can limit it to any old RS or BRC or any other old director's shows. If more than 5 people send letters begging the admins for a new forum, with 'valid' reasons of why, they may actually consider it. But whatever we do, we shouldn't mention our CCs because they'll claim that since our CCs are so famous, we don't need a forum. So we should act like forum-less poor IF people.LOL
Hmm, a whole show on the saints sounds like a superb idea, wish we'll be able to do something like that in the future for real, using money from your blockbuster movie and my book to fund it.Embarrassed 
Radhe Shyam pics sound like a superb idea. If possible, I'll try to click pics of Luv Kush today and post them...if not, I'll try someitme next week or next weekend.
Aww, thanks so much for liking the sigs and snagging! You're too sweet!Big smileEmbarrassed It really comes as encouragement to post more.Big smile But how do your textures fit soooo well into your pics? Do you do those layer things? How do you do that? Thanks for the advice about the texture not going into Sitaji's face, I'll def try it out.
Thanks so much for liking the sigs Sita, you're tooooooooooo sweet!Hug How have you been? Haven't seen you online lately.Embarrassed
Welcome Gunia! We missed having you.Big smile Hope everything's good with your comp now. Thanks soooooooooo much for liking the sigs, you're too sweet!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  And congrats to you too for completing 100 pages. We couldn't have done it without you and your lovely creations! Rock on Gunia!Hug
Wow, thanks a lot for sharing your experience for watching Ramayan for the first time, it was really interesting!Clap It must have been great being introduced to such a great show surrounded by so many other fans.
How have you been? It's really nice hearing from you after so long.Star
Did you see the awards you won Rajnish? I think they were on Pg. 98.Wink
Thanks so much for liking the sig, it means a lot.Embarrassed And thanks a bunch for posting more lyrics! I'll def add them to the Songs Gallery when I find time this afternoon.Big smile
Hey, no probs Aish! Congrats again! And thanks for using.Wink
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Posted: 2010-02-13T11:25:48Z
Hey folks! Big smileI'm posting a creation hope U'll like!!Tongue
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