Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#2 DONE!(Page 143)

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Child Krishna getting older – Morning prayer of Yashoda, prabhat geet to wake up the boy and Ashok Balkrishnan's entry – two back to back songs

He Padmnaabh supadhmlochan swayam padmaayukt ho;
Is yugal chhabi ka bhavya darshan jo kare bhav mukt ho;
Is divya chhabi ka nitya poojan jo kare bhav mukt ho;
Jaanu na aahvaahan visarjan, mantra pooja vidhi kriyaa;
Karke kshama nij bhakti do, he Vishnu he Vishnu priyaa;
Karke kshama nij bhakti do, he Vishnu he Vishnu priyaa;
Vishnu he Vishnupriyaa;
Jay Vishnu jay Vishnupriyaa;
Jay Vishnu jay Vishnupriyaa.

Jaago, maiyaa ke pyaare, lalanaa, jaago, Nand-dulaare, lalanaa, jaago, jag ujiyaare, lalanaa, jaago, jeevan-praan hamaare;
Jaago, maiyaa ke pyaare, lalanaa, jaago, Nand-dulaare, lalanaa, jaago, jeevan-praan hamaare.

O Brijbhooshan! Shaiyaa tyaago; jaago jaago, ab to jaago;
Tum jaago to saaraa Gokul,
Tum jaago to saaraa Gokul,
Jaage sang tihaare, lalanaa, jaage sang tihaare, lalanaa;
Jaago, maiyaa ke pyaare, lalanaa, jaago, naino ke taare, Krishnaa, jaago, jag ujiyaare, Krishnaa, jaago, he Brijraaj dulaare.
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When people are waiting for the 8th child and are under great sufferings from Kans's soldiers

Taaranhaar! Sun le pukaar! Karunaadhaam! Ab ki baar!
Der na kar, Prabhu der na kar;
Aa bhi jaa ab der na kar;
He dukh bhanjan der na kar;
Sankat mochan der na kar.

Sankat me srishti saari, aa aa aa
Hinsaa ke megh chhaye;
Dhwani traahi maam ki, aa aa aa
Tino lok se aaye;
Chaaron ore andheraa, ek bharosaa teraa;
Taaranhaar! Taaranhaar!
Sun le pukaar! Sun le pukaar!
Karunaadhaam! Karunaadhaam!
Ab ki baar!
Ho o o o
Der na kar, Prabhu der na kar;
Aa bhi jaa ab der na kar;
He dukh bhanjan der na kar;
Sankat mochan der na kar.

Gaj ki pukaar sun ke, aa aa aa
Gaj graah se chhudaayaa;
Tune hi aag se, aa aa aa
Prahlaad ko bachaayaa;
Jisne tek lagaayee, usko hua sahaayee;
Taaranhaar! Taaranhaar!
Sun le pukaar! Sun le pukaar!
Karunaadhaam! Karunaadhaam!
Ab ki baar!
Ho o o o
Der na kar, Prabhu der na kar;
Aa bhi jaa ab der na kar;
He dukh bhanjan der na kar;
Sankat mochan der na kar.

Deen dukhi daliton ke sahaare aajaa...
He sharnaagat ke rakhwaale aajaa...
Ek swar me har praan pukaare aajaa...
Aajaa taaranhaar hamaare aajaa...
Aajaa.. Prabhu aajaa..
Aajaa.. Ab aajaa.. Aajaa.. Ab aajaa..
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Posted: 2010-03-12T03:10:35Z
wwwooooowwwww... awesome bhaiya... thnk u sooooooo much fr such lovely lyrics ... they r truely magical .... Ravindra Jain is the finest person for dis field Smile
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Posted: 2010-03-12T03:21:18Z
hey Lola ... here is Gokulashtami sig. wid 3 diff. shades ..
hope u like them .... Wink
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Posted: 2010-03-12T03:24:16Z
My pleasure dear behnaa. Ravindra Jain is truly the best. His creations are highly divine and heavenly for sure.

Is baar teeno pictures download hue. All slowly due to pen drive speed after waiting with patience.

All are excellent in different shades. Clap Clap Are these all creations of you all editable after creating or the program used for that doesn't allow that luxury? Edited by ShivangBuch - 2010-03-12T03:31:33Z
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Posted: 2010-03-12T03:58:08Z
Originally posted by ShivangBuch


Good. You are learning it very fast and very well. Waise Arun Govil - Deepika aapko pehle childhood me kyun pasand nahi aaye the ek baar dekhne par aur ab kyun bahut pasand hai uska logical reason ho sake to zaroor likhiye. Members would be more keen to know the reason, if any, for the change in liking.

Yes, I'm enjoying the FORMAL conversation hereSmile.

Will let you know if I decide/need to copy-paste any of your Orkut-posts in IF.

Coming to your particular question about liking Arun Govil and Deepika- actually it is much more complex than just liking Ram-Sita. The main question was to accept Ramayan, create a place for it in my life and placing it in the same plane as my favourite serial Mahabharat. That was the struggle I was going through during last few months. Now i have come up with DETAILED answer (i.e.- analyzing/trying to find out a logic behind my emotional responses)…ENJOYSmile!

During the original telecast of the serial, I was very young and could not understand its ESSENCE. Actually All the characters were too good and acted in such a proper/ideal way- it was hard for me to believe that all these could happen in real life! The morals/values shown in the serial are TOO MUCH idealistic. I have always felt that Arun Govil and Deepika are to be worshipped from a distance, I never properly loved them, adored them as all the fans do. Side by side I was also having my tuitions on Sunday mornings, so missed out many episodes. I never felt any urge to catch the repeat telecast of Ramayan until last year when I joined Orkut as well as when I started watching Shri Krishna for the first time.

By the time Mahabharat started, I was a teenager, it was a bit easy to understand the intricacies of the plot. Adding to it-I have always found Nitish Bharadwaj more handsome, charming and amusing, just loved to watch him on screen. Ramayan was like a 'far-fetched story', while MB has always been a 'real life presence' in my life. It was the plot, the glamour, the wide variety of characters which attracted me to Mahabharat. (As opposed to it, these days I get more interested in Feelings- quite surprising indeed!!!).

Another reason for not liking Ramayan was the element of Emotion in it. As I never liked TOO MUCH display of Emotions on screen. Back then, I felt that Ramayan depends too much on Emotions (or Devotion- as I state it now…). And my favourite Mahabharat always had some situation or the other which made me think. (Very surprising – why I haven't felt the same with Ramayan???).

Later I have also found out that my childhood views about Mahabharat were somewhat immature and partial. Reading Orkut posts have helped me a lot to think from a new angle and having a balanced view about Ramayan and Mahabharat.

Well , there was one more aspect still left to be mentioned hereSmile– as I went to a missionary school, the effect of Christianity has always been very active on me right from 1st standard. I remember very well that I used to get up at 2:30 or 3:30 am to watch the live telecast of Christmas celebration from Vatican City. I have done it all through my student life(along with reading Bible and memorizing the psalms) . Till Now, I feel the same Love and Respect for Jesus.

Now Relating this topic (Christianity) with my present post-- The element of Dharma is more subtle in Mahabharat(i.e.-according to my understanding at that ageSmile), but in Ramayan it is more explicit (so many sages…yagna…gods...devotees…). So prefering Mahabharat was easier as that never came in direct clash with my liking of Christianity. This was another reason of experiencing repulsion about Ramayan in my younger ages.
It was on much later stage of life that I realized that all the religions are same, the same Message has been delivered by all the prophets with the same Aim (i.e.-to show the path of Salvation to all).

Now, interacting here with you allSmile… I must say that IF has motivated me to watch the Ramayan in a great way! Otherwise I was postponing this for a long time... But as I come across the posts of all the members everyday – how you all are just crazy about Ramayan! I decided to find out the real treasure of the serialSmile.

These days, as I am watching the serial, I guess I am getting the real flavour. Ramayan is only enjoyable when we get involved in it, when we feel for the characters, their standpoint, their struggle.
BTW- I also liked the last few episodes of Ramayan (recently watched on Star Utsav), but as TV-viewing is always with commercial breaks (combined with Power Cuts- a permanent problem in our areaSmile), so I never got a chance to get involved in the story that much, as I am doing now by watching it on DVD. In fact, I loved Ram and Sita in Uttar Ramayan also (which I watched a few months back on Star Utsav). The story, its social message, the characters and their emotions- I loved them all.

While watching Ramayan now, I am finding it as much appreciable as my favourite Mahabharat. May be with HIS blessings, after watching it a couple of times, I will start loving it more because of the BLISS it generates. Here I have tried to explain why and how I had to overcome my own prejudices before starting to love the characters/story of Ramayan. Also I have tried to combine all the experiences of this present viewing and the previous(mostly childhood) viewing of Ramayan and Mahabharat.

Now, I won't say that I have become a great fan of Arun Govil and Deepika, but at least I have started to Appreciate their work because this time I am getting involved with the story and feeling their emotions as well. Like the scenes in Pushpa Vatika, Gouri Mandir, and Ram's tremendous maturity while convincing everyone before 'vangaman'.

OK, at last I have come to the end of this really lengthy postSmile…guess members are bored enough…Smile Smile Smile

While explaining my point of view, hope I haven't gone beyond the rules set by Lalitha, in the 1st page. (I just tried to explain the changes in my perspective at different stages of my life, regarding different religions, value systems– which all Combine to make us a Matured Human Being). Still if you(Dear Sis Lalitha) feel any particular part of my post could hurt anyone, please feel free to instruct me to edit my post.

With lots of best wishes for all.

Jai Shri Krishna. Jai Shri Ram

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Very good. To aapko lengthy posts likhne par laa hi diya.Smile Actually as you know, I always knew about the transition of your preference from just Mahabharat to balanced liking for both Ramayan & Mahabharat. That's why I called this as formal conversation because I think all the members in the forum would be happy to know about you well before interacting with you. However, I still kept it open for you to write anything not discussed between us before specifically regarding Arun Govil and Deepika. As such the reason of liking of actors' acting is strictly & directly related with your age and the respective serials only and the liking of the serials in turn is strictly related with the respective epics themselves; I think I have read mostly every information familiar to me in your post. You are right to express your views constructively & logically I think - both the serials & epics have got everything – both the elements of THINKING and FEELING but Mahabharat has more proportion of the former and Ramayan has more proportion of the latter; and THINKING is the necessary stage to be achieved by any person before achieving the stage of FEELING. The more we are exposed to an object/subject, more we think about it. If we think again & again, we think deep about it later. Deep thinking eventually leads to feeling. As you rightly used the word INVOLVEMENT - Yoga. Your love for Mahabharat developed the thinking of requirement of balanced mind in your intellect and your developed balanced intellect directed your mind towards the desirable liking for Ramayan. That's it.

And you also have explained the IDEALISM part very well – Dwapar is closer to Kali than Treta obviously. However, if I say in my case, the difference between our attitudes is that I always like to see and enjoy the things which are rare & ideal and not normally found everywhere in the real world and in the life. The more we attach ourselves to idealistic stories than realistic stories, more ideal thoughts get developed. More ideal we think, more ideal we are likely to act in future naturally. And for the world to become IDEAL in REALITY, it will always begin with one person. Someone has to be the first one. Therefore, I prefer to enjoy that idealism in my modes of entertainment rather than same boring external world around watching again also on TV with the grief of being born in this SANSAAR.

Even my most favourite movies & movie characters are more IDEALISTIC than REALISTIC (And I think this sentence I have used for the first time in our conversations explicitly though implicitly you know about my movies from orkut profile and their possible type known to you). Well it's all about personal choices and personalities and if you logically mention the criteria of your selection convincingly & successfully, I think people with completely opposite choice also won't get hurt I feel. So not to worry.

Now my lines completely known to you in this current entire paragraph which I am just writing formally for others reading our conversation in the context of the subject of our talk to make my reply complete - Ramayan characters make me feel cry due to its plenty of scenes of sacrifices & surrendership. The more great character I empathize, more emotional I can become. And that crying experience always purifies the entire body and mind – the state with which I always like to be. Aur aapne bhi aisi hi emotions Shri Krishna dekhte hue feel karna shuru kiya aur baad me Ramayan me aaye. And in my case it is reverse journey completely. Pura bachpan Ramayan ke sath beeta. Aur kuchh dekhne ki ichchha bhi nahi hui aur zaroorat bhi nahi lagi. Uttar Ramayan dekhne ki bhi nahi (Actually both Uttar Ramayan and Mahabharat were not watched in the original telecast due to the fact that the stories themselves were not of interest to my family – not such case with Ramayan upto Rajyaabhishek though which was liked by my entire family). Rajyabhishek tak ki story ki bliss hi mere liye sufficient aur satisfying thi. Then I read Geeta at the age of 19 because I was reasonably matured then and also was facing dilemma in life regarding the choice of the right career and profession. It won't be wrong to say honestly that I completely lost direction in my life which was regained due to the grace of Geetaji. Then I became curious to know about Mahabharat story to practically relate Krishna's philosophy, thoughts & orders with his life (Scattered BalKrishnaleela stories only I knew from storybooks, listening from elders & listening to Bhaagwat Saptahs but not the entire story of Pandavas & Hastinapur until the age of 24). After completing my graduation & post graduation, I read the novel Krishnaavataar but that story was incomplete and was not covering Kurukshetra war due to the sad demise of the novelist Kanhaiyalal Munshi after writing upto Dhyut. So the need arose to know the end of the story and about the war. That made me watching for the first time in life Mahabharat serial two years ago (since then I have watched it 4-5 times). The short length of its BalKrishna episodes didn't satisfy my thirst and hence just in the last year I became eager to watch Shri Krishna serial. That's the logical steps paved by God in my journey to make me reach upto the current point. In this span of 6-8 months, I have watched that serial also 4-5 times. That's all about me. Whatever I had mentioned about me to other members when I posted first in this chat club, I have repeated it this time with logical reasoning.

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Dear sis, here is the song you asked for.

Agnipariksha Song

Suni Prabhu vachan bhaalu kapi harashe,
Nabh te, suranh suman bahu varashe;
Sita pratham Anal mahu raakhi,
Pragat kinhi chah, antar saakhi.

(Listening to the words of lord, bears & monkey became joyful; Gods showered flowers from the sky; Firstly, Ramji had kept Sitaji safe with Fire God, and now the knowledgeable of that internal secret wants to bring her in front of all.)

Ehi kaaran Karunaanidhi, kahe kachhuk durbaad;
Sunat jaatudhaani sab, laagai karai bishaad. (Doha)

(For that reason, graceful God uttered some harsh words listening to which, the demonesses started becoming anxious.)

Prabhu ke bachan sis dhari Sita,
Boli man kram bachan punitaa;
Lachhiman hohu dharam ke negi;
Paavak pragat karau tum begi.

(Obeying the words of Lord, Sitaji, pious by thoughts, speech & actions, said: "O Lakshman! You become helpful in following of duty & quickly generate fire for me over here".)

Suni Lachhiman Sita ke baani,
Birah bibek dharam niti saani;
Lochan sajal jori kar dou,
Prabhu san kachhu kahi sakat na ou.

(Listening to Sitaji's words full of sorrow of parting, wisdom & sense of duty, Lakshman got tears in eyes with hands joint, but couldn't say anything to Lord.)

Dekhi Ram rookh Lachhiman dhaaye,
Paavak pragat kaath bahu laaye;
Paavak prabal dekhi Baidehi,
Hriday harash nahi bhay kachhu tehi.

(Looking at the angry/serious face of Shri Ram, Lakshmanji ran & brought the wood for generating fire. Looking at burning powerful fire, Sitaji didn't have any fear in heart but had joy instead.)

Jo man bach kram, mam ur maahi,
Tyaji Raghuveer aan gati naahi;
Tou krusaanu, sab ke gati jaanaa,
Mo kahu hou Shreekhand samaanaa.

(Sitaji saying/thinking in mind: "If I haven't sought any shelter other than Raghuvar in life by my thoughts, speech or actions; then O FireGod - knowledgeable of state of mind of all! Please become cool like sandal for me.)


Shrikhand sam paavak prabes, kiyo sumiri Prabhu Maithili;
Jay Kosales Mahes bandit, charan rati ati nirmali;
Pratibimb aru laukik kalank prachand paavak mahu jare;
Prabhu charit kaahu na lakhe, nabh sur siddh muni dekhahi khare.

(Remembering & cheering the victory of Lord Ram - the Lord of the Kaushal kingdom,
who is worshipped by Lord Shiv & whose feet are purely loved by Sitaji herself; Sitaji entered the burning woods which were as cool as sandal for her. Sitaji's secret shadow only burnt which was prone to be affected worldly pollutions & impurities and Lord's play couldn't be understood by anyone present over there and all Gods & achiever saints were stunned looking at this from the sky.)

[After Agnidev returning original Sitaji]

Dhari roop paavak paani gahi Shri satya shruti jag bidit jo;
Jimi ksheer saagar Indiraa Ramhi samarpi aani so;
So Ram baam bibhaag raajati ruchir ati sobha bhali;
Nav neel neeraj nikat maanahu kanak pankaj ki kali.

(Then after taking the human form, Fire God appeared and holding the hands of real Sitaji known to be symbol of truth by Vedas, he presented her to Shri Ram the way Ocean gifted Lakshmiji to Vishnu. Sitaji came and stood beside Shri Ram and she looked gorgeous & beautiful left side part of Lord; as if a golden lotus bud is shining near a fresh navy blue lotus.)

Youtube links--


(It would have been impossible for me to post this song without the help of Shivang, as i have very limited knowledge of Hindi.)

Jai Shri Ram.

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