Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#2 DONE!(Page 99)

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Congrats for completing 100 pages everyone! CC #3, here we come!DancingParty Just 50 more pages folks! Not bad at all, we literally flew through these 100 pages, didn't we?Tongue Can't wait until we hit a decade with CC #10!Dancing Or maybe even a century in the future, who knows?Day Dreaming Pity, we could have been on CC #4 (or #5) right now if we hadn't started those initial FCs in the NDTV Ramayan and JSK Forums, oh well.Embarrassed All good things start slow, don't they?LOL And without those forums, we wouldn't have met many of our great friends in this CC.
@Lola, thanks a bunch for the songs! The Mahalon Ke Adhikaari song is full of siggy-able lyrics! Awesome!Dancing Lol, it's ok. Once you get to your cousin's house, I'll prob be done with one SK epi.LOL Hope you have fun - er - studying.Wink Seeing those Orkut communities and all those polls makes me want to have a separate Ramanand Sagar Forum on IF....do you think there's any way we could convince the admins of this site to create one? It'd be so awesome creating a banner with our fav chars for everyone to see and admire.Day Dreaming
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I'm baaaccckkkk Wink Most welcome for the Mahalon Ke Adhikaari words Lali, but check out that post now, it's a tad different LOL Hope you enjoy the SK binge, I will meanwhile try to actually study for at least five mins LOL I really do think that there's a possibility of us having our own mytho forum here, the rate at which we filled this CC and the way it's attracting members from all of the other social networking sites is reason enough to get us one... lets work on it!!! Until then, here are the Shyam Tere Kaam (bal-leela summary song) lyrics along with the pics from it, and some other HQ ones thrown in from makhan-chori, govardhan, and kans vadh (btw Lali, in the Table of contents, where you have Kaliya Naag pic udpt could you plz change that to Govardhan lifting, so that it doesn't get confusing when I actually do a Kaliya one Embarrassed Sry for the trouble!!! Btw the order of these pics is backwards thanks to imgshack... sry abt that too. Here we go:

Shyam Tere Kaam Bade Achraj Bhare ' Krishna, Your Works Are Full Of Surprises
Krishna Gopal Govind Madhav Hare ' No Need To Translate lol

Naath Tu Toh Janam Ka Chor Hai ' Lord, You Are A Thief Since Birth
Teri Leela Ka Or Na Chhor Hai ' Your Story Has No Head Or Tail
Aadhi Raat Ko Chori Chori Bandigrah Mein Aaya ' At Midnight, You Sneakily Came Into The Prison
Chori Chupke Sabse Chhupke Gokul Dhaam Ko Dhaaya ' Hiding From Everyone, You Stealthily Moved To Gokul
Apne Hi Ghar Chori Karke Maakhan Tune Khaaya ' In Your Own House, You Stole Butter And Ate It
Aur Phir Chori Karna Saare Gwaalon Ko Sikhlaaya ' And Then You Taught The Art Of Theft To All Your Little Cowboy Friends
Jamuna Ke Tat Pe Sakhiyon Ke Tune Cheer Churaaye ' At The Banks Of The Jamuna You Stole Your Friends' Clothes
Dheeth Anaadi Chhaliya Jhootha, Prem Ki Gaali Khaaye ' Show-Off, Fool, Cheater, Liar; You Bore All Their Loving Insults
Teri Sakhiyon Ne Naam Tere Kya Kya Dhare ' Oh, The Kinds Of Names Your Friends Called You
Chori Kare Aur Barjori Kare ' With Your Stealing And Your Teasing
Krishna Gopal Govind Madhav Hare ' You Get It        
Shyam Tere Kaam Bade Achraj Bhare' Krishna, Your Works Are Full Of Surprises
Paapi Kans Ke Bheje Saare ' All Of The Sinners Sent By Kans
Tune Ek Ek Kar Sanghaare ' You Defeated One By One
Putna Ne Aake Tujhe Vish Bhara Doodh Pilaaya ' Putna Came And Had You Drink Poisonous Milk
Maata Ki Gati Dekar Apne Dhaam Usse Pahunchaaya ' You Gave Her The Status Of Your Mother And Brought Her To Your Abode
Dusht Trinaavart Aaya Toh Tinke Sa Usse Udaaya ' Evil Trinaavart Came And You Blew Him Away Like A Twig (Brilliant Metaphor, Since Trinaavart Was A Tornado. Get It? Blew Him Away Lol)
Daitya Bakasur Aur Aghasur Ko Sur Lok Pathaaya ' You Even Sent The Demons Bakasur And Aghasur To Heaven
Naag Kaliya Ko Nath Daala, Tan Pe Kiya Tune Nartan ' You Destroyed The Serpent Kaalia And Danced On His Hood
Brij Ki Raksha Hetu Utha Liya Unlgi Pe Govardhan ' To Protect Vraj, You Lifted Govardhan On You Finger
Jai Jai Govardhan Giridhaari, Jai Jai Govardhan Giridhaari! ' Praise The Bearer Of Mount Govardhan!
Indra Aur Brahma Ke Maan Bhi Hare ' You Even Rid Indra And Brahma Of Their Pride
Krishna Gopal Govind Madhav Hare ' You Get It
Shyam Tere Kaam Bade Achraj Bhare ' Krishna, Your Works Are Full Of Surprises

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Originally posted by lola610

Yes Lali, I'll be on lots tonight... looking fwd to Lolalitha time for the next few hrs LOL yayyy for the Ramdasu vids and upcoming pic updt (though I too have the same one saved on here somewhere LOL), but SK DEF comes first  LOLLol, you'll be proud of me. I finished 4 parts while you did all this.Approve And boy did I enjoy it! I didn't take the Luv Kush Ram Katha pic update yet. I was going to take pics and post it tonight but if you want, you can do it.Embarrassed You know how many pics I start clicking when I start, there's no end to it and you all end up being forced to see every single expression on the actors' faces, even a slight twitch on their cheek or whatnot witll bring forth another pic.LOL As for the Ramdasu mytho serial, lets make it RS-style together DancingIt's a plan! Let's start researching then. We don't want to be like these new mytho makers who make up their own weird stories because they can't find enough genuine ones, do we?Thank you soooooooo much for being soooooooo sweet and encouraging about the new texturing style in the sigs, I'm really thrilled you're liking and shall proceed to make a similar Shatru-Shruti (ShatruKirti translates to enemy's glory - I don't like that LOL how about ShrutiGhan Wink ShrutiGhan is awesome, it reminds me of Shaktimaan.LOLAnd we didn't decide between BharMan and Manat!!! I like BharMan because again, it sounds like Shaktimaan, but since we have that for ShrutiGhan already, we could do Manat. Or...I have one. How does BharAvi sound? Kind of like Bhairavi, a real name? Lol, it's not that good is it?LOL Or do you hae a cooler one for them LOL) Thanks a ton for liking and snagging again, your cake-and-ice-cream-defeating sweetness is what keeps me going Hug And Oh God, do I agree with you on the tortuousness of the Ahi-Mahi story arc... only RS mastered perfect pacing of the mytho genre to suit viewers like us who like our share of fluff but not in the barf-inducing proportions that the junior Sagars seem to have mastered LOLOf course you agree, silly, you wouldn't be Loli if you didn't.LOL And another torturous part - the LuvKush Dora adventures (as we RF members started calling those epis when they came) which were almost a month long with no Ram and Sita in between. I mean, I'm not that big fan of Gurmeet and Debina as Ram and Sita, but they did play those roles and the serial was called Ramayan, so it'd make sense to show some Ram and Sita scenes, right? To skip them for a whole month kind of made us wonder if we were watching Ramayan or something else.Geek And awwww the Sunaina-MrsKushadhwaj hug reminds me of my mom and aunts too, that's why I like it!!! Yayyy on another similarity Tongue And thanks a bazillion for the yummy-licious cake and your even sweeter words and your friendship in general, I do love raspberries and I Heart you of course Embarrassed Aww, thanks a bunch sweetie Loli! Glad you like the cake. Aww, you're so sweet, many hugs to you!Hug 
Okkkkkkk..... that being said.... here are the lyrics for Mahalon Ke Adhikaari, as promised (moving Shyam tere kaam to the pic updt post)... enjoy!
Once again, thanks for the lyrics Loli! And thanks soooooooooo much for the Shyam pics, they're super clear!Day Dreaming Definitely siggyable.
I'm thinking we all should write PMs to Vijay or Priya Nair asking for a Ramanand Sagar Forum to be created under the General Discussion section...we could ask for it to be called Mythological Forum so that other mythos could be discussed, but then people would start creating threads for the new mythos which already have their own forums, which isn't fair, so hmm.....
Lol, thanks for correcting my mistake. I always get mixed up between the Kaliya Naag and Govardhan scenes for some reason. Will change right away.Embarrassed
Hmm, since we've been giving each other sweets for a long time, how about a change? Here's my new gift to you for the gorgeous pics and lyrics!
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Hey guys!
I recently tried out a few new techniques on pixlr which Loli told me, so here's my first attempt. Hope it came out ok. :)
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Awww thanks for all the yummy food Lali... now I'll have to stay on IF even later cuz how can I sleep after all that Wink

Glad you enjoyed the pics, can't wait to see what you do with them!! yeps, everything is soooo much clearer when I watch the dvd on a shrunken screen!!!

The letter to the admins sounds like a great idea, we should start trying to figure out what we'd want to include in the forum (other than RS and BRC) and where would be the best place to put it (GD or the big "other shows" category? GD seems good since that's where HP and twilight are, and we could show the tons of mytho fans on FB, orkut, and youtube as potential IF recruits to "strengthen our case" LOL)

And yes, I remember NDTV's Hansel and Gretel phase... it was painful to say the least LOL

And we could do a whole series on lesser known saints so that we don't end up over embellishing Ramdasu's story... how abt that Wink

And cools, would do the LavKush pic updt right now (although I'm just as bad abt trying to catch every muscle movement Wink) but I'm having issues finding it right now... C drive, D drive, E drive Confused How about RadheShyam pics from Prem Jagat... and some cleared up Holi ones? In the next post Wink
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Originally posted by lola610

<font color="#ff0066">Hi Shivang, welcome aboard Big smile
Really really glad you've joined us here, it's always nice to have company especially for such divine discussions... Your most welcome for everything you saw and liked so far, we really appreciate it, and even that you're going through the previous fanclubs so thoroughly is very very sweet of you... thanks a million!!! Hope you continue to enjoy and contribute...

what a brilliant start, with those much needed additions to the cast list... wowwwwww I know who played one of my fav characters - Vibhishan!!! I've wondered forever!!! And Sunaina Maa was Urmila Bhatt... as in the one who was in tons of bollywood movies in the 70s and 80s, like Geet Gaata ChalShocked</font>
<font color="#ff0066"> Shocked</font><font color="#ff0066"> Shocked</font><font color="#ff0066"> Shocked</font><font color="#ff0066"> Shocked Or is that a diff Urmila Bhatt? Thank you for this precious info!

And I just finished going through the Orkut communities... you've done a really commendable job with them, hats off to you Clap</font>
<font color="#ff0066">Clap</font><font color="#ff0066">Clap</font><font color="#ff0066">Clap</font><font color="#ff0066">Clap The dialogues from Ramayan and your philosophical analysis of Shri Krishna were really incredible, hope to see that (and other Orkut membersLOL) happen here too, it'll be great fun!!!

And I must thank you again a million times for your defense of Shri Krishna there, sharing my whole "RS portion - non-RS portion" explanation with the others and helping everyone appreciate its magic as an RS series upto the pre-Dwarka Nirmaan epis. Did you happen to see my youtube videos of the alternate, superior RS versions of the Dwarka and Varnaavat scenes that originally aired on Doordarshan? They were posted in the first SKFC, but if you haven't gotten there yet I'll gladly repost the links - you're in for a huge surprise Wink

Finally thanks a ton for all the lyrics posts... so appropriate for the occasion Clap I listened to Damroopani Shoolpani at least 10 times on the way to college this morning LOL Hope I didn't bore you with my typically long post, and I really look forward to your valuable contributions both here and at Orkut! Jai SiyaRam, Jai RadheShyam!!!


Thank you very much respectable sister for your lovely welcome. I would love to be part of this fanclub forever and contribute more and more. Do feel free to copy or to ask me to copy any contents of my posts on orkut to post the missing songs over here or dialogs or whatever so that there is no duplication of typing of work already done by someone on orkut which is just required to be transferred over here and this wonderful place on internet is quickly supplemented for its missing parts. And I also thank for the appreciation of my effort in orkut communities. But same words are applicable to you people here. In fact, I am not able to find the words at all how to thank you or praise you. You were so fast in reading my posts on orkut in just 1 day. On the other hand, I am very slow in catching up you guys. I would first wish to read everything you have posted. But it seems that parallel reading of ongoing forum will also be required or else I might not be able to catch up you people ever the kind of speed with which contents are moving on all your fanclubs. Clap Clap Clap

And so far as your post is concerned, I myself type very lengthy posts, so no question of feeling bored. Big smile Big smile It is always great to meet one of own kind to share likes and emotions as you people have been saying rightly to all new members. And same was my hope about the response over here. Only thing is that I was not sure about how quickly I would be able to learn features over here and successfully post. But it seems that I am learning ok. I have learned how to show LIKING for somebody's post.Smile If I start doing that from the beginning, I think in all the previous FCs and CCs which I am tracking right now daily, all the posts would be responded by me to have been liked.Wink

I saw the link of youtube videos posted by you in the earlier posts of SK FC - The videos of Swapnil and Sarvadaman for the same event/story. But somehow I couldn't see those videos.Cry Confused Perhaps because I am just a guest and not registered member of youtube. I have account on facebook too but just have found orkut userfriendly so far and haven't even switched over to new version of orkut. Even though I am a quick self learner once my mind is set in new thing, I am very slow in setting up my mind first in new things. But in this case, I will have to do it at any cost. Smile

I will try my best from my busy schedule to catch up with you people, or even if in near future I can't in terms of sharing the information which already might have been covered (Like for example, I was knowing about the name of adult Radha to be Anuradha Singh but it was written as Reshma Modi. I wished to post about my information immediately but then later reading more pages, came to know from here itself - SK FC1 - that it was her screen name. Big smile Good that I didn't jump to participating before going further in the forum), surely for the missing lyrics and answering your specific questions addressed to me. As I said already, so far as posting for appreciation of yours, Lalita sister and others' work is concerned, I will have to start a chanting post.

Let me know if there is any maximum limit of characters in one post. If not then I will be able to post all the dialogs of the same scene collectively in one post copying them from orkut. I will come up with more such technical queries to be asked to you and Lalita sister asking them within the contents of my post itself.

Jay SiyaRam. Jay RadheShyam.
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Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

Hey guys!
I recently tried out a few new techniques on pixlr which Loli told me, so here's my first attempt. Hope it came out ok. :)

It's reaalllllyyyyy gorgeous Lali Clap You went with hardlight? Perfect StarPics and quote choice are brilliant too!!! Just a quick sugg - to get the flecks of texture outta her face, take the eraser, choose one of the fuzzy-edged versions, and set the opacity really low, like 10-20%, click into the texture layer, and erase... depending on whether you use the texture on top of the pics, under them, or both, I have some other ideas too... like if you saw the lighten and darken modes, they are perfect for when the texture's waaayyy lighter (in which case you'd pick lighten) or way darker (then choose darken) than the pics you're using... hope that helps!!! It really is gorgeous, can't wait to see more Clap

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Here's another sig before I go to sleep guys. :)
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