Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#4 DONE!(Page 90)

Posted: 2010-08-10T15:59:27Z
Here goes my latest req from Henna, it's a VD sig with text from Chaandni's "Lagi aaj saawan ki phir woh jhadi hai"... lolz random choice but Aish and I were discussing Sridevi a few days ago so I thought of it... means "if only someone could hold onto my heart and put the broken pieces back together".... awwww Cry She did a gorgeous job as always, feel free to use!

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Posted: 2010-08-10T16:12:49Z
Here goes a lyrics update from me after quite a while, caught the Shivratri fever thanks to Swati's post and her gorgeous icon Wink Sooo.... happy Shivratri guys! Will edit in translations if necessary Embarrassed

Sadashiv Mahakaal - Krishna's jugalbandi with Sandipani Muni in SK (goes in ToC before Gyaan Tihaaro):


sadashiv, mahakaal jyotirmaye x2
amarnaath mahadev, mrityunjaye x2

panch'akshari mantra priya, sarva tyaagi
he panchabhuton ke swami viraagi
maalkauns durga paanch swaron wale
madhu-yukt raagon ke raag anuraagi
nataraja din raatri nartan laye x2
sadashiv, mahakaal jyotirmaye

jogi janon ne sada tumko dhyaaya
kahin par kisi ne yugon tak na paaya
kahi aap jal se bhi jal ho gaye
bhavani dayaani ke mann bha gaye
sadashiv, mahakaal jyotirmaye x2

Mahashiv Sadashiv (the matching song from NDTV Ramayan)


mahashiv, sadashiv namah shankaram
ramapati, siyapati, jayati raghuvaram
namaam'ish, gaurish, rameshwaram
hriday patra par punya hastaksharam
mahashiv, sadashiv namah shankaram
namah raghuvaram, namah shankaram

var yaachakon ko vardaan tum ho
yogi janon ko nirvaan tum ho
sharnaagaton ko kalyaan tum ho
mam yog tum ho, mam dhyaan tum ho
shiv omkaar omkaar antar swaram
hriday patra par punya hastaksharam
mahashiv, sadashiv namah shankaram
ramapati, siyapati, jayati raghuvaram

prabho, ram hai shaiv mann se, vachan se
hai shiv ram mein leen saachi lagan se
ke ek dusre par hai hum nirbharam
hriday patra par punya hastaksharam
ramapati, siyapati, jayati raghuvaram
mahashiv, sadashiv namah shankaram
namah raghuvaram, namah shankaram
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Posted: 2010-08-10T16:19:23Z
Originally posted by lola610

@ Janu - first off thanks a zillion for sharing your req from Henna, your whole SK-MB combo idea was brilliant and she worked wonders with it Heart Very touching sig, will def use soon! And thanks a zillion for liking and snagging the reunion sig, you da best
Hug and mosss welcome for the pic update, gotta agree those babies look like little angels... love them Day Dreaming And Seema's expressions are so motherly and sweet to match. Can't wait to see the cute and cuddly sigs you make with them Wink
Glad you like it Loli, I really love it too, it's so beautiful!Day Dreaming Your req by Henna is amazing as well, I always stare at it for hours whenever you post, mesmerizing siggie! The pics and text are just perfect! And no probs, really like them a lot!Embarrassed Yup, Seema's expressions are super adorable just like the babies', really love her as Yashoda during the Post=Janmashtami epis.
Originally posted by lola610

Originally posted by lola610

P.S, - chiming in on the Deeps-Janu new mythos discussion, I def agree on the order of preference: 1) NDTV Ramayan for great costumes, music, sets, and good acting (only minus points for the writing sometimes), 2) Meera for good performance and sometimes really touching stories, may have been fictional but still made me tear up esp during childhood epis, 3)JSK solely for Dhriti 3) KHMK... the costumes, sets, performances, were all.... lolz like NDTV Shurpnakha, less said is better LOL

Ekta did pretty miserable in attempting to do something "new" with KHMK, her dark and dingy costumes (or lack therof) and her saas-bahu cast didn't give off the mytho feel at all... BUT there was one and only one are where, IMO, she scored higher than JSK, something important to me - her characterization of Devaki. Will try to dig up the one or two scenes I'm thinking of, where she made her affectionate, courageous, and admirable  (not gonna talk abot the performance, it was as weak as the others, but the way she wrote her). In this matter JSK failed miserably. Ekta's Devaki sent Krishna the little food that she got in prison through Rohini, stood up to Kans, and had a really sweet and simple reunion with him. JSK's whined incessantly, attempted suicide, and gave Krishna the silent treatment during their reunion Confused Guess it'll make more sense when I post links, will try to do that soon.

Another point I'd make would be my appreciation for Debi in NDTV Ramayan - her growth as an actress was really wonderful to watch Clap In the Mithila epis, she seemed uncomfortable... esp the scene when she finds out that her sisters are getting married to her devars and they'll all be together in their sasuraal. There was such lack of expression, I doubted her ability to take on the role of Sita Maa and feared the show wouldn't continue if she stayed like that. But then during the Ashok Vatika epis there was steady improvement, when she raises her blade of grass at Ravan and shows him that Shri Ram's viraat swaroop is there to protect her, I was really really impressed and glad the Sagars picked her for the role. Then in Uttar Kand, she totally outdid herself and portrayed such strength and devotion that she'd put any other current telly actress to shame. Of course when I picture Sita Maa I see Deeps cuz that's how it's been since I was small, but gotta give credit where its due... so hats off Debi, you came a looooonnng way Thumbs Up
Heyyyy Lola,
Was really waiting for your input on this, great stuff, totally agree with you!Clap Esp about KHMK's Devaki vs JSK's Devaki....though KHMK was so unbearable to watch, Devaki in JSK was just Dead. It seemed as if JSK cared so much more for Yashoda than Devaki by the way they chose a better actress for Yashoda and characterized her better, whereas with Devaki, they just....I do not even know what they did. You're right...KHMK's Devaki was not that bad if you ignored the acting.
And totally agree with you that NDTV had its annoying moments when some of the characters had anger fits where they were not due, esp those slapping scenes which really took away the divinity in the showThumbs Down, but other than that, it has got to be the best show out of these new mythos by far. Probably because the majority of it was based off of our old RS's version, so some of RSji's work shows in it too in terms of storyline, but when compared to the other mythos, which sometimes dramatized the scenes too much, I prefer NDTV Ramayan by far. Also agree with you that it had the best actors when compared with the other new ones.
You and Deeps are right. Guru was really good in the Bharat Milaap epi, though I can't say much for Vijay Bhatia, as I did not like him in the role of Bharat due to under acting, but as usual, the songs and divinity in that scene, along with the acting of Guru, Debi, and Janakji, it was not that bad.
Other than the way NDTV portrayed Ramji as weak in Uttar Kand, it was actually not that bad as everyone said. Sure, I hated the way they made Ram cry too much and seem as if he wanted to give up, and how they portrayed Sitaji as an amazon woman compared to him, but as the epis went on and Luv Kush were born, Sitaji's role really improved a lot. Debina portrayed her wonderfully in Uttar Kand, and also during the Vanvaas epis including the Ashok Vatika ones. Other than the fact that I hated how they made her slap the rakshasis (though they deserved it), because it went contrary to Sita Mata's forgiving persona, Debina in terms of acting alone really improved a ton then. My scene during the Lanka Kand has got to be the Ravan vs Vishva Roop one where Debina as Sita shows Ravan that she has got Lord Vishnu as her protection, and that her blade of grass is not grass alone.
Have to agree that I was put off by her during the beginning epis of Ramayan with her as Princess SitaEmbarrassed, as she still seemed kind of amateur for the role, and either overacted or underacted the scenes, but she was fine during the Swayamvar and Vivah epis, and after Ram and Sita return to Ayodhya, she was okay too. But like you said, Lola, her improvement was truly portrayed after the Sita Haran part. Really wish she and Guru do another show together, and am soooooooooooo relieved that she refused the role of Sameera in Geet, it would have been sad for Gurmina to have less chemistry than Maneet.Unhappy
Yeah, def have to agree that our old RS actors come to mind for their onscreen counterparts even today for me, but after Arunji and Deepikaji, Guru and Debi are def the next best Ram and Sita. Would love to see them in other mytho roles soon if they're up for it.Big smile 
I think the biggest factor for me is that NDTV Ramayan had the feel of Ramayan. Of course, our RS one is my all time fav and will be forever, but I always like other Ramayans or Shri Krishnas based on how mythoish they feel to me. NDTV Ramayan felt like a show based on the Treta Yug, while JSK or other mythos did not have the feel of Dwapar Yug for me, more like just Kali Yug shows meant for entertainment.
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Posted: 2010-08-10T18:07:58Z

Hey Guys,

Here is a short Pic Update of Shri Ram's Arpana to Lord Shiva during the beginning of the Uttar Kand epis....am planning to make some siggies of this scene so decided to post the Pics here for anyone else who wishes to do so.Wink

These lines from NDTV Ramayan always come to my mind when I see this scene...."Ram Ke Priya Shiv, Shiv Priya Ram...Ek Duje Ko Kare Pranaam!"Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2010-08-10T18:13:10Z
Hey Guys,
Here are the lyrics from NDTV Ramayan which Swati posted at the top of Pg. 89...Lola also sent them to me (since I PMed Swati, her, and Deeps by accidentLOL, and also due to my impatience for having the lyrics quicklyEmbarrassed), but with the translations.
Shivji ke hai ashta-vasu, gyarah rudra mahaan - Shivji has 8 minor forms and 11 major ones
dwahdash jyotirling se, jyotit shiv bhagwan - from the 12 luminous shiva lingams does he shine
om namah shivay!
Ram aur Shiv hai ek samaana, - Ram and Shiv are two of a kind
dou bhagat, dou bhagwaana - both are devotees, and both are God
Ram ke priya Shiv, Shiv priya Ram - Shiv is dear to Ram and vice versa
Ek duje ko karein pranaam - they both bow to one another
Om Namah Shivay!

Thanks a bunch Lola and Swati!Hug
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Posted: 2010-08-10T21:11:57Z

Hey Guys,

Here is the first of my RamShivji siggie sequence....hope you like, and feel free to use.Embarrassed Will post more tomorrow.Big smileWink
Fog Effect
Different Colorizations
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Posted: 2010-08-10T22:16:39Z
Yes Lalita, Lola. It is needless to say that they all are my favourite songs too. And my pleasure Lola.Hug And thanks to you too for the Suresh Wadkar's song lyrics of Mahaakaal. The songs around it (Krishna getting all vidhyas and kalas merging inside him) are too good but less heard as that part is seen less frequently (perhaps just once or twice on TV only and not on DVD).


TOC order of songs is perfect in Ramayan. Thumbs Up Particularly, your great presence of mind while distinguishing the place for Ramji ko sang le and Papion ke nash ko.

Akrur and Garg's dialog will come just before 'Prem poorvak gauri maa ko" song and after 'Re manva' song. The song and dialog are in fact over lapping. Dialog starts after the first part of the song and second part comes in between. I will edit my dialog post and change the words 'Re Manva' by writing 'Re Manva - part two' to be more appropriate. You can also change the title of the dialog by adding the words 'Surdas scene' since there are multiple Akrur-Garg dialogs in the serial.
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Posted: 2010-08-11T00:43:25Z
gorgeous pix lalitha di....luvd them..
n thank u lola for liking my work...
wow yaar dis cg is soooooooooo nice..

flawless......rly luvd it...
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