Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#4 DONE!(Page 29)

Posted: 2010-06-15T01:24:08Z
Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Woooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!! My req turned out soooooooooooooooooo beautiful, Deeps!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming The blending, effects, textures, and brushes you have used are all soooooooooo pretty and gorgeous!ClapClapClapClap And the text you used is perfect for the scene.Big smile Just love it so much!Star I esp love how you boxed the pics of Deeps and Debi in the middle, very original and cute.Clap I am snagging both the first two effects because I cannot choose.Embarrassed And of course you can put it free for use, hun!Wink
awwwwwww thnk u soooooooooooooooooooooo much di .... for liking them .... m glad u liked it....woooowwwww u liked that box idea?????heheheeeeee..... thnks di .... its my original idea ... EmbarrassedBig smile 
Gunia's req is very nice too, love how you blended the pics in it.Clap
thnks alot di .... Embarrassed
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Posted: 2010-06-15T01:28:35Z
Originally posted by arun-deeps

Originally posted by Dpka1415

hey Gunia dear.... m ready wid ur sig. i hope u like it.... yar mujhe Khar-Dushan wali theme use karni padi as agar main sirf Arun ji ki pics use karti toh mujhe enlarge karni padti n the pics were a little blurry wen i streched them .... Confused

if u dont like it lemme know i'll remake it ... Wink
hope u like it ... Embarrassed
do give ur views ... !!
(guyz dont use it without Gunia's permission)
Woooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeesss Deeps Di!!! Grt work!!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap I m using it in my new slide show...plzzzz do watch my new slide show!Embarrassed
wwoooooowwwwww thnk u sooooooooooooooooooooo much for using so many siggies dear....m glad u liked ur request .....now m waiting for the one i requested u ..... Embarrassed
N off course plzzzzzz every one z free to use it!!! Big smileSo U can also write in Ur lounge to use it freely!!Embarrassed N ye kisne keh diya ki main aapko inhe remake karne ko kahungi....ab bhala kaun aisa vyakti hoga jo aisi bindaas creations ko dislike karega?ShockedLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL dear I just luv it frm d botom of my heart....!! I'm alrt wth d Khar-Dushan text.....yuddh chahe koi bhi ho....Shri Ram to har jagah, har situation me ek warrior hi hain!Day Dreaming 
thnks alottttttt dear !!!!!!
m realllllyyyyyy veryyyyyyy haappppppiiiiiieeeeeeee u liked it !!! EmbarrassedWink
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Posted: 2010-06-15T01:34:20Z
@ Gunia .... amazing siggies dear..... all of them in ur new set of siggies r tooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooddddd...... gr88888 job ...as i said before also .... U r getting better day by day !!
Keep it up dear !!
@Lola ...wooooowwwwww yaaarrrraaaa the new Devaki ma sig. is sooooooooooo cute.....awesome effects n loved the way u used the pics n brushes .... Wink
@Lalitha di .... woooowwww di awesome sig. which u made for Lola .... tooo goood......n thnks a ton for the banner u made for me...... its realllyyyyy awesome ....Wink
i'll be using urs n lola's banner alternatively ..... LOL
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Posted: 2010-06-15T15:08:33Z

@Gunu:-- Heya! Yess! Not gonna worry at all. I believe exams khatam hogaye toh hogaye Big smile hahahaha!!! Acha nahi karungii sweetness shuru LOLLOL :P :P....tum bhi mat karna!!! LOL :P ;) Is baar thoda normal baat karte hain :P LOL Acha, toh kab milega result?! And wat u doing these days? hols? Big smile

@Deepika:-- haha! Oh, so ur friend says the same na about our name? I can understand her plight...our name is actually toooo common! AngryOuch Grr :P hehe! Final year? :O Wow, thats great. Studies will get complete soon. Damn, I still got so many years...gee!! Oh well! Ooo, its great to see another cricket fannn =D =D And Yuvi fan as well....I hve got his reply on Twitter 3 times now I think <:o) hehe! Yes, hes going through a tough phase but yeep, he ll be back soonn with a banggg =D Watching Asia cup? Smile

@lola:-- haha!!! Thankuuu!! haaw....even I wanna know how to make sigs and everything...heelp?!! :-D Aur toh kuch nahi. Subah se shaam soti hoon Tongue Uthti hoon...then go out Star Come back in night. Then some time on KaSh heaven in DMG forum and bas! Sojati hoon Confused So bore! LOL But its gonna change with internship if I take it up! Phir toh mostly woorrrk! Sleepy Bleeeh....tum batao?! Star Wats up!? Btw, Lola...can you help me a bit more about the DOTW? As in wat's it about? Going through all episodes is a bit difficult. Toh, can I get a lil more brief? And wat I shud basically post about? Embarrassed

Andddd!!! HEEEYY!!! Belated HAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAAAYYYYYYYYYY LOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PartyPartyHugHugHug U're one of the most awesome person I hve come across on IF and Im really happy to know you personally. Its great talking to you!!! Big smileBig smile And I wish you all the worlds happiness and love and may god always bless you with all that you want hun!!! HugHug Hope you had a blast!!! And I dont hve any siggy/gift to gift you but the pics, I ll post(the one mentioned below)....pls take that as my gift and a special dedication to you!! Embarrassed Wish you a very happy bday once again!! Love always, Anku! Hug

Sorry, I go really inactive guys. But anyways, I have a treat coming up for you all :))) I went to Vrindavan and Govardhan ji on Monday. I wasnt gonna go first but then I did bcoz I thought I cud get pics and everything for you all So, I ll post all of those soon =D Hope you all like them Embarrassed It has a mix of Chintaharan Mahadev, Jamnaji of Goverdhan and yes, there is also new pics of my home's Lord Shiv temple.

I wanted to click Bankein bihari pics also but its not allowed to click pics there :(( But it was SOOOOO WONDERFUL to visit it that day!!! Bcoz, Phool bangla festival is on and it was the day where in evening Bankein bihari comes out from his room till the very front and people can seem him totally clear. He was looking sooooooooooooooooooo* divine!!!!! Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming I cant even describe. And bcoz of our guruji there, we get to go inside this special area created for the "VIP" :p ppl. LOL!! :P :P LOL So, we see him from just 2 hands distance Day Dreaming And I got a very special mala from his neck itself I felt soo blessed EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed And we also got, from a person we know there, the Charnamrit....basically, that water, milk and a mix of few other things from which God was bathed in the morning. We felt very very blessed guys!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

And at Chintaharan Mahadev, we performed a Rudra abhishek on Lord Shiv. We performed a short one this time instead of a long one so that we cud cover all the 4 places we wanted to in one day. Thats why. But it was also such a good feeling to do the short one also EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I ll post all the pics, maybe a few videos too and I ll post it very soon. So again, Hope u all like it!! :))

And hope everyone's doing greatt!!!
Loads of Loveee,
Anku HugHugHug
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Posted: 2010-06-15T17:56:31Z

Hey Guys,

Here is a siggie of our shweet Deepikaji as Princess Sita.Big smile With matching icons as well....please tell me if you like it.Embarrassed The text I used is from Prachi Dishi. I did in a similar style to the Devaki Ma request of Lola's...thanks for liking that sig by the way, means a lot!Hug
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Posted: 2010-06-15T20:12:58Z

Hey Lola!!!! Sorry for my delay in wishing you, but I am soooooooo busy as you knowCry, but before I delay any longer.....

sparkly-have-a-happy-birthday.gif blue birthday image by logan54
Happy birthday my dearest Lolakshi!!!!!!!Party Many many happy returns of the day, may all your wishes come true now and forever!Hug I am so glad I met someone like you, even if it is online, because you have been like a true friend for me ever since I first chatted with you in our SK FC back in the JSK Forum days.Day Dreaming Can never forget all you've done for me, esp introducing me to pixlr and how much fun we had in the Crazy Race, love you!Hug
Here is a little surprise from me....
It is.......
Chocolate (egglessWink) cake...
Hope you like it.BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing After I finished the whole thing, I remembered that I forgot to put our Rukminiji in itCry! Will remake it for you if you want with her as well sometime when I find more time....Embarrassed
Love you tons Loli!  Hoping to chat with ya tomorrow!PartyDancing Until then, go to sleep tight and remember.....
......don't let the bed bugs bite!LOL
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Posted: 2010-06-15T22:10:56Z
OMG... wowwwzzzz, I'm speechless BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing Thank you all SOOOOOOOOOO much for the super super sweet wishes, you made my day even more special and I couldn't ask for better friends than this HugHugHugHugHugHug The sigs are gorgeous, I've slideshow'd and will be using them all week... they're amazingggggggg ClapClapClapClapClap Love you all Hug Once again thanks for being so awesome, thanks for the siggie liking, thanks for everythinggggg!!!

@ Anku - Will totally start cranking out some sig tutorials soon sweets, not to worry... and lol apan dono ke sone ka pattern ek jaisa hi hai, I'm more of a night owl LOL but lately I've been having to wake up all early and help dad at the office all day loooonnng... so, sleep enough for both of us now LOL And cooolllzzzzz internship! Best of luck Hug I was gonna do one this summer but the economy's soooo bad that I was like, why bother... will try during winter holidays. As for dotw, basic idea is this - discuss the messages that mytho characters like SiyaRam, UrmiLakhan, Mandodari, VasuDevaki, etc convey about ideal man-woman/husband-wife relationship, duties, expectations... did these duties ever come into conflict with other dharmas? How did the character handle such dharm-sankat? And how can we apply their approach to modern society? I copied everyone else's responses so far on page 25-26, so you can read through them when you get a chance... they're really enlightening, and would love to get some back-and-forth going between them and your insights! Looking forward to it! And the pics ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked yayyyy getting goosebumps just thinking about it... got blessings for all of us from Vrindavan na? We need them!!! Couldn't possibly get a better gift than that!!! You're soooo lucky, man Day Dreaming Andddddd thanks again for the super sweet wishes, luv ya Hug
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Posted: 2010-06-15T22:31:45Z
Lol I'm too tired to make a sig right now, but I can't leave without having an even number of posts... don't ask LOL... so here go the translations to one of my fav bhajans from SK, I've always loved it cuz it falls under the "multipurpose" category like Ram Naam Ke Pankh, Ram Naam Adhaar, and Tu Dheeraj, as in its meaning applies to life in general and not just the particular incident for which it is used in the serial... plus the music is awesome, esp towards the end... it's Taaranhaar, Sunle Pukaar which the Mathura vaasis sing when Kans is torturing them, as a plea to Shri Krishna to come save them. Random fact - the tune was reused in one of NDTV's Uttar Kand epis, when Lav and Kush are in some perilous situation (as they often were) and Sita Maa is singing to Vishnu Bhagwan "Raksha kar prabhu raksha kar, sukumaaron ki raksha kar".

Here's a really good quality vid of it with clear sound and subtitles:

And the translations, original lyrics courtesy of Shivang:

Taaranhaar! Sun le pukaar!
O Savior, hear our call
Karunaadhaam! Ab ki baar!
o ocean of mercy, just this once
Der na kar, Prabhu der na kar;
do not delay, lord
Aa bhi jaa ab der na kar;
come already, don't delay
He dukh bhanjan der na kar;
remover of sorrow, don't delay
Sankat mochan der na kar.
destroyer of troubles, don't delay

Sankat me srishti saari,
the whole world is in peril
Hinsaa ke megh chhaye;
clouds of violence darken the sky
Dhwani traahimaam ki,
cries of help resound
Tino lok se aaye;
in all three realms
Chaaron ore andhera, ek bharosaa teraa;
darkness is all around, you're our only hope
Taaranhaar! Taaranhaar!
Sun le pukaar! Sun le pukaar!
Karunaadhaam! Karunaadhaam!
Ab ki baar!
Ho o o o
Der na kar, Prabhu der na kar;
Aa bhi jaa ab der na kar;
He dukh bhanjan der na kar;
Sankat mochan der na kar.

Gaj ki pukaar sun ke,
Hearing the call of the elephant
Gaj graah se chhudaaya;
You freed it from the crocodile's grasp (I never understood this until recently, google the story of gaj and graah with the words crocodile and bhagavat puran in there somewhere - it's really interesting!)
Tune hi aag se,
From the fire, you yourself
Prahlaad ko bachaayaa;
saved Prahlaad
Jisne teR lagaayee, usko hua sahaayee;
whoever called out to you, you went and saved
Taaranhaar! Taaranhaar!
Sun le pukaar! Sun le pukaar!
Karunaadhaam! Karunaadhaam!
Ab ki baar!
Der na kar, Prabhu der na kar;
Aa bhi jaa ab der na kar;
He dukh bhanjan der na kar;
Sankat mochan der na kar.

Deen dukhi daliton ke sahaare aajaa...
Sole support of the poor, the sad, and the broken ones - come!
He sharnaagat ke rakhwaale aajaa...
protector of those in your refuge - come!
Ek swar me har praan pukaare aajaa...
in one voice, every soul cries out - come!
Aajaa taaranhaar hamaare aajaa...
come, our savior, come!
Aajaa.. Prabhu aajaa..
Aajaa.. Ab aajaa.. Aajaa.. Ab aajaa..

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