Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#3 DONE!(Page 50)

Posted: 2010-04-06T08:41:54Z
Originally posted by Dpka1415

u deserved it dear ...its entirely ur hard work jo usme dikh raha hai ... blog sahi chal raha hai ji aap sabh ki dua se.... bas aap sab aate rahiye aur hume ache kaam ke saraahte rahiye n galityan ho toh woh bhi hume btate rahiye.... thnx a ton ... fr ur wishes magar yeh baat nahi samjh aa rahi ki university ne examz lene hai ya nahi??? ab tak koi datesheet ka naamo nishaan nahi hai ..AngryAngry
Awwwww....thank U so much!!! by d way grt lyrics frm NDTV Ramayan....!!!! Thanx for posting!!! Chalo.....glad to hear Ur blog z going well!!! Acche kaam ki saraahna n galatiyan batana ye kaam to aap na kehti to bhi ham karte....thats what a real sis z all abt !!!! Hai na....!! Ohhh! Koi baat nahi don't panic....time-table aa jayega....pata hai yaar....sab exams deke jaldi se jaldi free hona chate hain....hai na!!! Luv U sweetie pie sis!!!!
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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

@Rajnish, welcome back to the CC! Missed you a lot

Thanks di missed you a lot too. I missed this IF and all of my friends here but due to my project i was not able to reply but believe me whenever possible i use to come here and read most of the post, replies creations e.t.c. But i will reply here as b4 and soon i will try to be active Embarrassed

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Posted: 2010-04-06T13:02:15Z
Originally posted by aishi.muffin

And Rajnish! Welcome back! It's good to see you after a loong time. Remember me? LOL

Thanks Big smile, Yes i do remember you, its nice to be among people like you who are still RS FansEmbarrassed. And yes thanks to remember meTongue
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Posted: 2010-04-06T13:08:27Z
Originally posted by arun-deeps

Hi Rajnish bhaiya!!!!Have never had an opportunity to chat wth U!!! I've seen Ur post.....after a long long time....How're U doing???  Btw thanx for d new info U gave at d new show of Sagar Arts.... I did not hear anything like dis till now.....!!!! I just know dis much that Sagars were abt to start a serial on Saint Ramanujachrya....!!! Not confirm abt Ur news!!!

ThanksBig smile, Even I just heard abt this so i thought to ask over here even i am not confirmed  LOL and thanks for information about RamanujachryaEmbarrassed. and yes funny and cute emoticonsTongue especially monkeys Big smile. Jai Sree RamEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2010-04-06T13:16:13Z
Originally posted by Dpka1415

Originally posted by _rajnish_

wow very cute emoticans deepikaTongue. anyways i was watching a news chaneel where i came to know that sagar art are planing for a show based on raghuvansh or based on literature raghuvansham where they will show Ram ji ancestors like  harishchand e.t.c. can anyone confirm whether this news is true or not ??
heheheheeee thnxxx Rajnish credit goes to Gunia fr these smileys .....hw r u?? .. wah yaar dis is a gr88 news agar aisa hai toh... i did hear about dis... konse channel pe dekha tha??by ne chance humare fav. actors bhi honge kya usme????
i'll also search fr it n will post it here ....
Hi I am fineBig smile, and these smilies are really very cuteTongue. I have not seen on any Chanel but just came to know from somewhere, as many of production house keep there future show a secret just like i came to know Swastika picture( one whose show is Agle Janam mohe bitiya hi ki jo in Zee) are making Mahabharata for star plus but its still a rumor or truth who knosErmm. And yes do keep care of my farm its been a long since i visited there you know where LOL I don't know anything about actors but I wish hamare Fav actors ho wahaEmbarrassed

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Posted: 2010-04-06T15:14:01Z
Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath


Can anyone plzzzz post the lyrics to the Stotras which are said by the sages during Shri Ram Rajyabhishek? I really like those stotras. :)
If anyone is confused, this is what I mean:
(0:35 to around 2:00 or more)
And can someone give me the translation to those stotras as well please? Thanks!
Love you!

Those are shanskrit mantas, I am trying but i wonder i may provide good pronunciation in English and in romanUnhappy. Please I am sorry for any mistakesEmbarrassed

 Ohm Agni naya subh karay!!

          Aswame vishwani deva!!

          Vayudhani nidwa!!

          Bhujo dhasmah juhurana melo!!

          Uhishthante namah utyam vidhemah!!

Ohm  shastri na inndrvihashwah!!

         Shasti na puncha vishwavidah!!

         Shasti na aa rakshoarashtmeh!!

         Shati na vo brihashtapi tha dhatu!!

This Rajyabhishek mantra has been used thrice in RS Ramayana, durin Ram, vibhision and Sugreev Rajyabhishek,

      Anyways Do you know Telgu??Big smileEmbarrassed


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Posted: 2010-04-06T17:14:20Z
@ Deeps - thank you soooo much for liking and using the VD sig yaara, means a lot Hug

@ Gunia - wowwwwzzzz the new SiyaRam-RadheShyam sig you made is just heavenly!!! Best one you've made so far ClapClapClapClapClap Keep rocking, sis!

@ Rajnish - welcome back once again Big smile

@ Lali - Hi hun... here goes the sequence of Shanti Mantras we hear in every Rajyabhishek in our two fav shows, along with their translations:

Om agne naya supathaa raaye
asmaan Vishwaani deva
vayugnaani vidvan;
Yuyodhyas majjuhu raanmeno
Bhooyishthaam te nama-uktim vidhema.

O Supreme Lord, who art light and wisdom, Thou knowest all our thoughts and deeds.  Lead us by the right path to the fulfilment of life, and keep us away from all sin and evil.  We offer unto Thee, O Lord, our praise and salutation.
Om Swasti Na Indro Vridha shravaah
Swasti Nah Pooshaa Vishwa vedaah
Swasti Nastaa rakshyo Arishtanemih
Swasti No Brihaspatir Dadhaatu
May Indra who is extolled in the scriptures, Pushan, the all-knowing Trakshya, who saves from all harm, and Brihaspati who protects our spirituality maintain prosperity in our study of the scriptures and the practice of the truths they contain.
Om Dyahu Shantir Antarikshagvam
Shanti Prithvi, Shanti Rapaha, Shanti Roshadhayah,
Shantih Vanaspatayah, Shanti Vishwadeva,
Shanti Brahma, Shanti Sarvagam
Shanti Revah, Shanti Sama, Shanti Redhi,
Om Shanti Shanti

Let there be Peace in high world, Peace be in mid region, Peace be on earth. May the waters flow peacefully. May the shrubs and herbs grow peacefully. May all the Divine powers bring Peace to us. Brahma the Supreme is Peace. May all be in Peace, and may that Peace come unto me. Let there be Peace forever.
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Posted: 2010-04-06T17:17:12Z
My first attempt at a transparent background siggie using our very own pixlr.com... which is why it's kind of free-form and blobbish... what do you think??

EDITED - crap, just realized it's not transparent... I'm such an idiot ROFL

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