Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#3 DONE!(Page 78)

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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Aww, you're very welcome Gunia!
Yeah sure, I'll updt the avi if you want. Did you see it? Do you want to wait until it's been fixed or should I put it in your avi box now?
Btw, to update your avi, all you do is go under My Dashboard, click on Update Profile, then click on Preferences.
Go all the way down where it says Avatar Link and paste the link of your avatar into it (without IMG codes). It's easier than updating your signature.Smile
LOVED your answers to Aish's questions, very well phrased!Clap
And thanks soooo much for liking my Kaalabhairava sig, means a lot as I love that movie.Embarrassed
Thats sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet of U dear Di!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Yea I've seen d avis....I wanna wait till we get its correct version!!! Hope U'll not mind!!!Embarrassed
Awwww.....thanx a bazillion for telling d steps of updting an avi....bt I dunno how to make d avis...or if I requsest them....den frm where I'll get d links of my avi???ShockedShocked O...sooooooooooooooooo glad that U like my answers to Aishi Di...means alooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot to me!!!Btw....visited Ur Treasure house.....n I was just mused that how can a person be soooooooooooooooooooooooo creative!!! Grt work!!!!!!!!!Dis crown for U...for Ur magnificient creations n for d 'Jankiji' who resides inside Ur heart n guides U for all d magic U create!!!
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Today (April 20, 2010) is a very special day for every fan of Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan, and for the family of the said person himself, for it is the 47th birthday of Mr. Samir Rajda, who played the divine role of an incarnation of Lord Vishnu's Panchajanya, Shatrughan, Prince of Ayodhya and King of Mathura!Party
So everyone, please visit our Shatrughanji a very happy birthday! He played the role of Shatrughan very well and even made us crack up in the initial epis after the Royal Family heard about Ramji breaking the Shiv Dhanush and he a Bharat fought over who was going to read the letter.ROFL He was a superb actor and did full justice to the role of Shatrughan.Clap
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Here is a small Pic Update of Samir Rajda/Shatrughan....I did not complete it yet but will do so this afternoon with more pics.Big smile
Some pics of Shrutakirti, Subahu, and Shatrughatee/Chitrasen to add to the update.LOL
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Hey Guys,
This is my Magadheera avi req from Ssaba! I wuv it sooooooooooo much!Day Dreaming
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Double Post....lol, I seem to be doing that a lot these days.LOL
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@ Deeps - awwww we do miss you yaara, you have no idea how much Cry Deep ke bina to andhera hi andhera hai yahaan Wink shishya dharm ka paalan karke shigra hi laut aana, best of luck sweets Hug And thanks so much for liking the sigs, soooo looking fwd to yours when you get back!

@ Gunia - thanks a bazillion for liking the sigs, made my night Hug no probs sweets, take your time getting to the discussion of the week topic... lolz that's just what they call it at other forums, no reason we can't keep it going longer than a week LOL filhaal to tumne jo Indra ka aaj kal ke netaaon se comparison kiya... wowwwww Shocked ClapClapClapClapClap I agree with each and every word of it, bahut sahi likha... Giridhar ko hi aake sabak sikhaana padega! So do you then feel that their "fall from grace" too wasn't as innocent as Indra's? Like him, do they not even realize when they cross the line of greed and corruption, or do they know perfectly well and go against their conscience anyway? In fact, do any of these temptations like wealth, power, etc really have some irresistible pull that can overtake our better instincts or do we always have control and can therefore be held responsible, in your opinion?

Again, this above underlined portion ties into the DOTW so everybody can jump in on it Big smile

@ Shivang - thanks for liking the sigs bhaiya, yeah I remembered that mutual fav scene of ours cuz of you only... ussi daanton ke beech jivha wali line pe baat huyi thi, na... what a line Cry Among all the other virtues for which we admire him, this line highlights Vibhishan's incredible humility also... only one who has no ego can stand insults every day like that and still be as positive as he was Clap So, thanks again for liking, really means a lot! Also, so happy you liked the DOTW idea... brilliant start ClapClapClapClapClap The progressive tax scene from Lav Kush was really a valuable addition, fits in perfectly well with the topic... and in general, with the kind of leadership that all of our fav shows advocated. And "work as isht-dev" also makes perfect sense... especially since sometimes this econ "hammering" feels just like the toughest tapasya there is LOL but seriously, it's true... people complain that life's so busy nowadays, everyone has to work, no time to think and reflect and pray, blah blah blah, but how much happier would they be if they treated work like worship... as Krishna says in the scene, "woh jo tumhe khud karna chahiye, uske liye keemat maang rahe ho?"... the misery our works get us comes from our expectations, which reflect pride and ignorance... to do work for work's sake, without these expectations, would probably make it much less burdensome and just as beneficial as any pooja-paath. The other point on ritualistic practices and motives for worship, I'll save for later Wink

@ Lalibali -yeps those LK avis are tooooooo cute... glad to know it's your fav scene, makes me even happier that I put it up or else you woulda never seen it Tongue LOL j/k... the kids really were talented, Lav's sour expressions when mommy's holding Kush and churning the kheer are priceless ROFL  And thanks a million bazillion for liking and using the new sigs and making me feel all special... wuv you Hug The flower wasn't a brush actually, I just find 6-7 diff textures on photobucket/deviantart and rip out whatever pieces I like, overlay/screen them on the sigs depending on whether they're lighter or darker than the pics, and use as brushes LOL I'll try to find it again and send you it! And no worries, if it gets to a CC a week I'll alternate with you on opening the threads and take charge of the pain in the butt ToC, deal Wink But by then we'll have a forum, na, what to worry about Tongue Can't wait to see and snag the rest of the pastel sigs! And take your time with the DotW, like I told Gunia it can last as long as we want... looking fwd to your insights though, and whatev topics you can round up for later!
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Posted: 2010-04-20T20:54:17Z
Adorable b-day sigs and pics of our Shatrughan guys! Didn't have time to make any, here are 2 of his songs from Uttar Ramayan that were halved in the dvds... I managed to put up the full versions... enjoy!


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Posted: 2010-04-20T21:31:32Z
Awwwwwww what a treat.. thanks for BitS'ing me again Lali, I feel like a real star LOL you da best Hug But it might take me a day or two to work the sig into my sigbox, no time to make a new slideshow today... that ok?

Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

1. Who is your favorite actor in RS's Ramayan & Shri Krishna?
Awww too hard... too hard Cry Obviously the leads so I won't mention them, from the supporting cast of Ramayan Sanjay Jog as Bharat, Sudhir Dalvi as Vasisht, and Mukesh Rawal as Vibhishan stood out. In SK, Sunil Pandey as Vasudev, whoever played Garg, Shahnawaz as NandBaba, and Pramod Kapoor as Akroor. But then again I could be picking based on love for the characters, I don't even know anymore!
2. Favorite actress?
As above, the leads go without saying... from the supporting cast of Ramayan, Aparajita as Mandodari and Anjali Vyas as Urmi. I even liked Urmila Bhatt as Sunaina Maa a lot. In SK Paulomi of couse, Damini Kanwal as Yashoda, and the lady who played Yogmaya.

3. Favorite Vanar?
Lol prob the only place where I'll give one answer: Dara Singh as Bajrangbali Dancing

4. Favorite Rakshas?
Can we count Vibs again LOL Also loved Vijay Arora as Meghnaad. In SK, Vilas Raj was perfect as Kans, best one there's ever been... entertaining, hilarious, and despicable at the same time!

5. Which of the Rajmata actresses do you think did best?
Solely based on that scene where she goes nuts after "O Maiya Tene", Padma Khanna Clap

6. Do you imagine any of these actors/actresses as their onscreen counterparts? If so, which ones? (for example, seeing Dara Singh as the real Hanuman)
  Each and every one of them!!! I mean, the only other visual aid we have for these epics are the drawings and paintings that portray them, and its easier to picture live ppl enacting the scenes than cartoons. also helps that they were all portrayed so naturally, and so much trouble was taken to recreate the time period through the sets and costumes. till now when my family recites the hanuman chalisa, I picture the scenes being described as they were shown in the serial.
7. Did you see Ramayan in its original telecast more than 20 years ago? How about Shri Krishna? If so, how was the experience. If not, when did you see this serials and how?
I'm 20, so no Embarrassed but I was lucky enough to watch the original Doordarshan recordings my grandma sent from India and the first ever VHS set, totally unedited with scenes unavailable in today's dvd sets, right from birth!! my first hinduism and hindi lessons came from ramayan!! (no worries, since then I've been exposed to much more, read many scriptures in the original text, and have gotten the facts straight, but I wouldn't have cared if it wasn't for Ramayan)
8. What is your favorite scene in the Ramayan and Shri Krishna serials (choose only one from both, as hard as it is!)?
JUST ONE!!! Are you trying to kill me Shocked LOL OMG.... it's like asking me to choose between my hands... or my parents... or something crazy like that LOL Let's just arbitrarily say Bharat Milaap and Soja Lalla, but know that I actually rank 100s more scenes right up there with them LOL

9. Which scene do you think they could have filmed better in both serials?
In Ramayan, that Viraag monster they run into before settling down at Panchvati... he looks and sounds ridiculous, the graphics are way below par, and it just kinda sticks out like a sore thumb given the excellence of everything before and after. In SK everything in the post-RS, post-Swapnil years except for Sudama was just... enough said Unhappy
10. Were you disappointed with any of the actors/actresses and wished the Sagars could have chosen better ones? If so, which ones?
lol no one important enough for me to wish for any changes, but remember the scene right after Subahu and Mareech have destroyed Vishwamitra's havan, and the rishis discuss a solution?? the one rishi other than Vishwamitra who actually speaks sounds totally hilarious LOLLOLLOL listen to him at 2:14 onwards in this clip, you'll see what I mean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-afSx4PdEQ thank God he wasn't given a bigger role or he'd kill it; with what little he did its ok cuz its just a funny memory from the show and nothing important EmbarrassedSimilarly the guy that played Aghasur before the Ashtavakra Muni cursed him was pretty awkward, though the scene itself is really beautiful in its meaning and depth... such brilliant monologues come in the Ashok epis!
11. Would you call yourself an obsessed fan or a moderate one?
You tell me Wink

12. If you could spend one day with an actor from either Ramayan or Shri Krishna, who would it be and how would you spend the day?
with anyone at all involved in the show, even a lightman or someone that brought them coffee during breaks, would be a dream come true! any behind the scenes insight would be cool, esp would love to ask questions like the ones I'm answering now (like their fav songs, scenes, costars, etc.) o and would live funny stories from them abt on-set pranks (vanars having rock fights during the bridge building scenes, maybe LOL), mistakes, bloopers, etc.
13. Which of today's New Mythos do you like best and why?
NDTV Ramayan was nice sometimes, pretty much whenever it seemed to pay tribute to our version...the familiar Ravindra Jain music, the dubbing voice they used on Vashisht that we'd previously heard on Hanuman/Garg/Shursen/Bhishma/Brahma in Ramayan and SK, the word-for-word same scenes... whatever seemed familiar felt good to watch LOL And Pankaj Kalra was pretty good as Dashrath. And Ganesh Leela isn't too bad compared to the rest of today's shows, the morals don't seem as forced as in others and of course, it had Shweta to remind me of SK LOL

14. When you watch the new mythos today, do you unconsciously compare them with their old classic counterparts or do you view them with an unbiased air?
Unfortunately yes, I do, so nothing else lives up to expectations. I try to appreciate what I can from them, a decent actor here or a nice dialogue there... but with the old ones, there was nothing not to appreciate! It was all perfection!

15. Do you like any actor/actress from any of today's mythos more than you liked a particular actor/actress from the old ones? If so, who and why?
Nah!!! Pankaj Kalra was decent, but I would never switch any of them. Why mess with perfection!

Will be back with more questions for sure!Thumbs Up Enjoy your fortnight!
Alrighty, looking forward to it Dancing Thanks again Lali Hug
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