Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#3 DONE!(Page 108)

Posted: 2010-05-13T21:46:36Z
Dug up some more stuff on Sunil Pandey aka Vasuji, I swear I wasn't looking too hard LOL

A recent pic (he's 51 now):

An in-costume pic on a not too old historical show:

And his profile on the dubbing artists database site.... damn he knows a lot of languages Shocked And apparently it's not only in Lav Kush and SK that he voiced every other person... he can be heard in Gadar, Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Jodha Akbar, Jab We Met, Saawariya, and many other big recent flicks!!! I'm thinking people like his voice a lot LOL: http://www.bollywoodhunts.com/profiledetails.aspx?uid=3731&cid=18

And... why split these up: a couple of VD wedding sigs in the same style as one version of Lali's req... made them fast, they're not that great but... here goes:

And this one I tried some new lighting effects... any thoughts?

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Posted: 2010-05-13T22:06:06Z
Just realized we don't have the translations to Yahi Raat Antim yet, so here they go... credit for posting them originally goes to Shivang bhaiya, although I think Juhi did them too a long long time ago in FC1 or FC2... where did she go Cry Oh yes, the lyrics LOL:

Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari
This is the final night, this one is the gravest
Bas ek raat ki, ab kahaani hai saari,
The whole story boils down to this one night
Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari.The

(Raavan in thought process)
Nahi bandhu baandhav, na koi sahaayak,
No friends, no family, no one to lend a helping hand
Akela hai Lanka me Lanka ka naayak;
Alone in Lanka is its leader
Sabhi ratn bahumulya ran me ganvaaye,
All the valuable treasures were lost in battle
Lage ghaav aise, ke bhar bhi na paaye;
Leaving wounds that will never heal
Dashaanan, isi soch me jaagata hai,
The ten-headed one lays awake wondering,
Ke jo ho raha, uska parinaam kya hai;
what will be the consequence of all that's been happening (so much for the attempt at sounding like a Karmyogi towards the end of his time, right bhaiya?)
Yeh baazi abhi tak na jiti, na haari,
This hand has yet to be won or lost
Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari.

(Ram in thought process)
Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari,
Wo bhagvaan maanav to samjhega itna,
I think it's "Ho bhagwaan maanav", so if God were man, then he'd understand this much
Ke maanav ke jeevan me sangharsh kitna;
That man's life is full of struggle
Vijay antatah dharmveeron ki hoti,
In the end, victory belongs to the righteous
Par itna sahej bhi nahi hai yeh moti;
But reaching this pearl isn't as simple as it sounds
Bahut ho chuki yuddh me vyarth haani,
Enough has been lost in the war unnecessarily
Pahunch jaaye parinaam tak ab kahaani;
Let the story reach its conclusion already
Vachan poorn ho, devtaa hon sukhaari,
May promises be fulfilled, may the angels rejoice
Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari.

(Mandodari in thought process)
Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari,
Samar me sadaa, ek hi paksh jeeta,
In war, only one side ever wins
Jayee hogi Mandodari ya ki Sita;
Either Mandodari will win, or Sita will
Kisi maang se uski laali mitegi,
One's parting will lose the redness from its sindoor
Koi ek hi, kal suhaagan rahegi;
Only one will remain a married woman tomorrow
Bhalaa dharm se, paap kab tak ladega,
Well, how long can sin last against virtue anyway?
Ya jhukana padega, ya meetana padega;
It'll either have to surrender or be destroyed
Vichaaron me Mandodari hai bichaari,
Poor Mandodari is lost in thought
Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari.

(Sita in thought process)
Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari,
Yeh ik raat maano, yugon se badi hai
This one night can be considered longer than eons
Yeh Sita ke dheeraj ki antim kadi hai;
It's the very last straw of Sita's patience
Pratikshaa ka vish, aur kitnaa piyegi,
How much more of this poison of waiting can she drink?
Bina praan ke deh, kaise jiyegi;
How can a body last without its soul?
Kahe Rom Rom, ab to Ram aa bhi jaao,
My fav line, this and the next 2 Cry Every cell says, "come on already Ram"
Dikhao daras, ab na itnaa rulaao;
Show me your face already, don't make me cry this much
Ke ro ro ke mar jaaye, Sita tumhari,
That your Sita will die in her own tears
Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari.

Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari (Ram),
Bas ek raat ki, ab kahaani hai saari (Ravan),
Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari (Mandodari),
Yahi raat antim, yahi raat bhaari (Ravan).

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Posted: 2010-05-13T22:25:02Z
Gotta wash that down with a happy song... didn't realize we don't have Radha So Shyam, Shyam Soi Radha yet... it's the really beautiful bhajan set in raag bhairavi which Narad sings when Shri Krishna reveals his plan to incarnate and Narad asks for a sneak preview of the divine jodi in their "separate forms"... here's the whole scene, it's beautiful:

Radha so Shyam, Shyam soi Radha x2
Radha is Krishna, Krishna only is Radha
Ek hi roop dhare do naam x2
One form with two names
Rahat hai ek bina ek aadha
Without one, the other is incomplete
Radha so Shyam...

Shyam prem, Radhe paribhasha
Krishna is love, Radha is its definition
Shyam tripti, Radhe abhilaasha
He is fulfillment, she is the desire that leads into it
Ek chandra, ek chandrika
One is the moon, one is moonlight
Ek kavita, ek arth
One is poetry, the other is its meaning
Ek shakti, ek shaktimay
One is strong, the other is his strength
Dono sarva samarth!
both are omnipotent
Radha so Shyam...

He thakurani Radhika, he thakurji mor
Oh my queen Radha, oh master of mine
Yugal nayan nidhi yugal chhavi, namo yugal kar jor!
These two eyes together treasure your dual image, and these two palms come together to salute it
Radha so Shyam...
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Posted: 2010-05-14T01:45:16Z
Originally posted by ShivangBuch

Jai Shri Krishna. Pranaam behena. Hame bhi aisa hi lagta hai ki you are actually my sister. So natural feeling.
Pranaam Bhratashree! Aapki sachmuch ki behena hona mere liye sacchi mucchi saubhagya ki baat hai!
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Posted: 2010-05-14T02:14:24Z
Originally posted by ~angelz16~

Hey everybody!! :D I just wanted to share new pics of the idols of Lord Krishna and Radharani at our home. Bcoz we got a new dress stitched for them. Its a new color - RED :D So I just wanted to ask you all how the dress is Embarrassed Let me know if you like it or not :) here they are:--

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwww!angel-desi-glitters-124 How b'ful! Really b'ful vastra! I m just luving d color of d dress n wooooowwwwziiies dat b'ful paag (turban) z just adding to d beauty of Krishna! Suiting him soooooooooooooooo much!  Hey my angelzzzz di....do U want me to kill permanently??LOLLOLLOLLOLWink.... frst U killed me...by Ur b'ful n ever sweet comments.....n now by these divine....gorgeous idols! angel-desi-glitters-118 Luv U!
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Posted: 2010-05-14T02:42:19Z
Originally posted by lola610

@ Gunia - hiiiiii behnaaaaaaaaaaa Hug First of all thank you sooooo sooooo SOOOOOOO much for the good wishes, you're the sweeeeeeetttteeesttt sis in the whole universe and I'm sure Ramji listened to you and they worked, so thanks a million Hug And you're most welcome for the pixlr/screencap taking advice, hope it helps... yes, if you're using the snap-a-shot program for which I had posted a the link and tutorial, you can take pics from dvds/vcds also if you're watching them on the computer. For adding text right on pixlr, you know that toolbox on the left side from where you get the lasso? In it there is a button with an "A" 2nd from the bottom in the right column... just click on that and you'll get the textbox. An if you want any effects like shadow, glow, and that bevel thing I use to make the words look kinda 3D, go to that box on the extreme right where you choose the blend modes like "Screen", "hardlight", etc which I did the tutorial for last time, and right-click on the layer with the text. Choose "layer styles" and play around with it, I'm sure you'll figure it out. If you have any trouble let me know, I'll try to come up with another pic tut... good luck! And wowwwwwwwwwwwwww I don't even have enough words to tell you how much I loovvvveeee the new sigs, that glow effect you've been using is toooooooooo stunning... very heavenly and divine-looking, awesome idea and can't wait to see more like that.... beautiful work hun Day Dreaming Glad you liked the VD sig btw, sooooooo sweeeeettttt Hug
Hey behna....HugHugHugHugHugSo glad 2 meet U again!O woooowwww......so Congo...for doing well in d exam! Awwwww.....its not only my prayers n good wishes......evry1 who z related wth  d CC z wth U...n prays for Ur success behna!Awww......u r too chweeeeeeeeeeeet to consider me d sweetest sis of d universe....don't U think...dat dis z such a big...title for me?? 1 think if U cud tell.....Do I need to download Snap-a Shot software in d PC...?? Awwwwwwww.......cho chweet of U to explain me to add text in d easiest way...!! I'll try it n let U know...!!  Yeah 1 more thing....thanx a tonne for d precious info n pic of  Vasuji....btw I too luv his voice! Thanx a bazzilion for sharing wonderful lyrics...made my day!For all Ur sweetest of sweet words...ur tutorials n ur appreciation of my new sig effects I have no words bt a glittering..............
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Posted: 2010-05-14T05:23:24Z

Hamaare liye bhi saubhaagya ki baat hai Gunia. Aur haan. Those lines were based on the song of the movie Burning train - Pal do pal ka sath hamaaraa, pal do pal ke yaaraane hain. Is manzil par milnewale, us manzil par kho jaane hain. The concept of detachment and endless journey of soul of Geeta ke sath fit baithata hai (Vashisth ke teaching ke sath bhi - anant path par milte bichhudte aur phir milte rehte hain). But steadfast devotees who are eternal companions, un ke liye (Jinke liye saare naate Ramji se hain - common thread of devotion to God) prem ke bandhan wala change kiya hua lyrics bhi chalega.SmileWink


Chalo to ab Gunia ko bahut badi company mil gayee. Shuddh hindi me baat chalu hogi phir se ke mix?Big smile

Aur woh Bhoot Bhaashan (Kya varnaanupraas banta hai - warna mai usko Bhoot Sambhaashan kar detaLOL ROFL) Sahajam karm O Lole! sadosham api na tyajet. Lecture dena hi to mera karm hai. Lolzzzzzzzzz. Ham bhi aapse is vishay me gyaan lenge behena. Any idea what is the exact meaning of the word 'ADHI'? Why in the end of Adhyay 7 and in the beginning of Adhyay 8, this word is repeatedly used? Adhibhoot, Adhidaiv, Adhiyagn. Why not just bhoot, daiv and yagn? And what a beauty of the internal relation in definitions - Dehdhaari = Praan and Praandhaari = Deh. Dono ek doosre ko dhaaran karte hain. Ek wo jiske bina doosra avyakt hai. Aur ek wo jiske kaaran hi doosre ka chetnamay astitva hai.

Aur Sunil Pandey ka voice kab kiske liye diya gaya hai un movies me? Kaun se dialogs me aataa hai?
Edited by ShivangBuch - 2010-05-14T05:30:15Z
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Posted: 2010-05-14T09:36:41Z
Shivang - Thank you so much! Would really appreciate if you could translate some parts I most likely won't understand :)
Lola - Thanks a loot Lola! No problem, take your time with the reqs.
Gunia - Thank you soooooo much Guns for liking Lali's req! Means a lot!
And anyone else who liked it, thanks a loot :)
NOTE: Guys finals are coming up, 7 finals to be exact. Gotta study for all of them unless I don't want to pass :( So I'm going to be extremely inactive. Just thought I would let you all know!
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