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Janu, here goes the "ram searching for Sita" song lyrics and translations that goes with the lovely pic update you posted:

Ashram dekhi Janaki hina, -
seeing the cottage without Sita
bhaye vikal jas praakriti dina -
he became anxious like a mere mortal
Virah vyatha se vyathit dravit ho, -
shaken by the pain of separation,
van van bhatke Ram x2 -
Ram wanders through the forest
Apni Siya ko, praan priya ko -
for his Sita, dearer to him than life itself,
pag pag dhoondhe Ram -
Ram searches at every step
Virah vyatha se vyathit dravit ho,
van van bhatke Ram x2

Kunjan maahi na, sarita teere -
she's not in the pathways, and not by the river
Virah vikal Raghuveer adheere -
pained by separation, Ram is restless
He khag, mrig, he madhukar shayani -
o crow, o deer, o honeybee,
tum dekhi Sita mrig-nayani? -
did you happen to see my doe-eyed Sita?
Vriksh lata se, jahan se tahan se -
to the trees and there branches, here, there, everywhere
poochat dole Ram -
Ram asks this question
Virah vyatha se vyathit dravit ho,
van van bhatke Ram x2

Ha, gunkhaani Janaki Sita -
oh, my infinitely virtuous Sita
roop sheel vrat-neyam puneeta -
pure in form and austere in conduct
praan'adhika ghan'isht sanehi -
who he loved more than life, as much as God
kabahu na dur bhayi Vaidehi -
who had never been apart from him, his Sita
Shri Hari jyun Shri-heen, -
as Lord Vishnu is without his splendor, Lakshmi
Siya bin aise laage Ram -
so was Ram looking without Sita
Virah vyatha se vyathit dravit ho,
van van bhatke Ram x2
Apni Siya ko, praan priya ko
pag pag dhoondhe Ram
Apni Siya ko, praan priya ko
pag pag dhoondhe Ram

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Hey Lola,

As soon as I saw your post, got to work on this.Wink Hope you like it....the pics are soooooo adorableDay Dreaming, and I found the cutest English quote to go along with it. Hope you guys like.Embarrassed
And need I say it anymore? Feel free to use.LOL
Foggy Effect
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Originally posted by lola610

@ Janu - the new sigs are STUNNING, esp this baby Krishna one... it's choooo chweeeeeetttttt Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Aww, thank you so much, Loli, you're the best!Hug Am really really glad you like the siggies....am trying to make up for my upcoming inactivity due to classes by posting siggies like crazy now.LOL I'm glad you like them, really makes me feel specialEmbarrassed, so thank you. Awwwww I could look at it all day, it's sooo soooo cute, perfect brushes and effects... the fog effect is making your new sigs even more magical, great discovery Thumbs Up Thanks! I actually found out about the fog effect a long time ago, but didn't know how to use it properly without making the siggies look too dark or faded out...I experimented a lot in photofiltre, as it too got updated with new cool options.Big smile def snagging along with the SiyaRam virah ones and the awwww shucks adorablness UrmiLakhan one, beautiful job Clap Aww, thanks so much for snagging so many, really really sweet of you! Really makes my day big time.Embarrassed Really enjoying this siggie spree, keep it coming Wink Esp excited to see what you do with that pre-naming ceremony pic updt... hint hint Tongue Lol, check my above post.Wink Made it as soon as I saw this post. How did you know that siggie was on my list of 'to do's'?LOL  Hope you like it.Embarrassed
And thanks so much for liking the SiyaRam sig and the new textures in general... you're such a shweeeetoooo, will def try to keep them coming Blushing No problem, you deserve every compliment, Loli.Hug The new siggies you posted here and in our PMs really are amazing, can't stop gazing at them.Day Dreaming Don't forget to post those three Sita Ma 'Blade of Grass' ones here also, so that you don't lose them. Yess please, def keep them coming, can't wait to see and snag!Dancing Also thx for the NDTV suggestion, I'll def do a SiyaRam grieving for Dashrath sig...Yaaay, can't wait! Also, can you do a Vedavati siggie from NDTV? I really love that story from the Ramayana, and since RS did not include it in his serial, I've always treasured that epi from AS's version. Debi did really great in that sceneClap (though let's leave out mention of Akhilendra, shall we? Best left unsaidConfusedLOL). I posted a pic update of that in RF.Embarrassed Our RF buds have been asking me to do pic updates from the HQ youtube vids for the RF too so I've been juggling between pic updates here and there. Also, Deeps' did a pic update of Dasharath's death in the same pic gallery, but I'm not sure she did the grieving scene, so I'll check and if she didn't, will do that one soon. the upcoming pic updts will allow me to make matching ones here too, how convenient Tongue Lol, I see that that's a hint for me to get a move on with the Bharat Milaap pic update here.LOL Point taken.Wink Are those pics already at RF?
Anddd as you know the RS version of the vishwa roop sig is ready, now the Arun version of Mina's sad Ramji req is too, as well as the Lalita gopi oneYaaaay, can't wait to see and snag!Dancing Plzzzz post them soon, pretty please! (loved your comment on her btw, you put it soo poetically and beautifully and it's so true Day DreamingNot to sound like an idiot, but what did I say? I completely forgot.Confused ) - posting all now along with tonssss of other stuff... hold your breath LOLAm holding....and becoming excited in the process too.
Andddd needless to say, totally agree with you about Deepika, she did a beautiful job in those scenes you mentioned as always. Lol the mispronunciations in the haran scene are not a big deal, she just kinda doesn't finish her words and ends up reminding me of this oldies Bolly star Dharmendra in his drunk scenes... to others it might not be noticeable but crazy that I am, once I made that association I couldn't take the scene seriously anymore LOL Lol, you really are picky, aren't you?LOL j/k, I know what you mean....whenever I watch a Telugu movie based on the Ramayana or Mahabharata and I catch mistakes like those, it really does ruin the moment.Embarrassed But the subsequent one I mentioned, after Ram sees the jewelry Sugreev found and calls her and she hears him, touches me enough for both of them CryTotally true, really love that scene. Will have to do a pic update on that too, a precious moment.CryClap
Here's hoping your tooth feels better now
Hug Thanks a bunch, hun! It does feel a lot better, but it still throbs from time to time that it gets annoying eating something solid. I'm getting sick and tired of mushy food.Cry Just this morning I tried eating chips and couldn't get them down, I was crushed.Cry Lol, I'll survive, I'm just being melodramatic.LOL and that I get to see tons more masterpieces from you today Will try....Aish is getting sick and tired of me hogging the laptop all day so she might steal it from time to time, but will be working on siggies whenever I log on.Wink, as well as that much looked forward to Bharat Milaap pic updt - part 1 Tongue I've got one planned for the BRC CC, hopefully posting that soon too. Yaaay, can't wait! Which scene? Did I miss replying to anything?? Plzzz fill me in if I did! Lol, if you did, I don't remember so you're saved.LOL
Btw, thanks a bunch for the lyrics, Loli! Really really love that song sooooooooooooo much and I've been hankering after those lyrics for a long time! So Koti Koti Dhanyavaad!Big smile Now I can make more Virah siggies with those lyrics.Dancing
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Bharat-Kaushalya convo after he arrives in Ayodhya

Bharat - Maa...maa, main hoon, Bharat.
Mom? Mom, it's me, Bharat.

Kaushalya - Bharat... Bharat, tu aa gaya putra? Main tera hi raasta dekh rahi thi. Yahaan meri baat koi nahin maanta, mujhe mere Ram ke paas koi nahin le jaata! Ab tu to raja ban gaya hai, na? Main praarthna karti hoon, apni sena ko aagya de, jis van mein Ram ko chhod aaye usse van mein uski maata ko bhi chhod aaye!
Bharat... you came, son? It's you I've been waiting for. No one listens to me here, no one takes me to my Ram! You're the king now, right? I'm pleading... order your army that wherever they left Ram, go leave his mother too!

B - Maa! Maa, agar aap bhi Ram ke paas van mein chali gayi, to yeh Bharat kiski godh mein baithkar royega!
Mom! If you also go to Ram in the forest, then in whose lap will this Bharat sit and cry?

K - Bharat...

B - Maa, kya keval Ram hi aapka putra hai?
Mom, is only Ram your son?

K - Nahin Bharat!

B - Bharat nahin? Main to is liye aapke paas aaya tha, ki aap apne sneh ka haath mere sir par rakhengi. Meri ghaayal aatma ko apne aanchal ki chhaaya mein sharan dengi.Parantu... parantu mere bhaagya mein maa ka pyaara kahaan?
Not Bharat? I came to you thinking you'd put your loving hand on my head, give my wounded soul shelter. But... guess there's no room for a mother's love in my fate?

K - Nahin Bharat, nahin...

B - Mere paap ka yahi dand hai. Maata, mera ek hi paap hai, ki maine Kaikeyi ki kokh se janm liya. Parantu iske liye woh vidhaata doshi hai, main nahin! Vidhaata ne is sansaar mein Kaikeyi jaisi krur naari ko janm hi kyun diya! Aur agar janm dena hi tha, to usse baanch kyun nahin banaaya, jisse mere jaisa kul ka kalank paida hi na hota!
This is the punishment for my sins, then. Mom, my only sin was that I took birth from Kaikeyi's womb. But that's the creator's fault, not mine! Why did he bother putting a cruel woman like her on this earth! And if he had to, then why didn't he make her barren so a shameful creature like me wouldn't even be born in this family!

K - Nahin Bharat, nahin!

B - Maata, Ram bhaiya ke van mein jaane se adhik peeda to mujhe is baat ki ho rahi hai, ki aaj aapko bhi apne Bharat par sandeh ho gaya! Main... main aapko kaise vishwaas dilaaun Maateshwari? Main Bhagwan ki shapath lekar kehta hoon, ke jo kuch bhi hua hai, yadi usme meri lesh-maatra bhi sehmati rahi hai, to mera saara gyaan - Guru ki di huyi saari vidya issi samay nasht ho jaaye. Aur sansaar ke samast paapiyon ke samast paapon ka dand keval mujhe mile!
Mom, what hurts me even more than brother Ram's leaving for the forest is that today even you doubt your Bharat! How can I convince you mother? I swear to God that this whole mess that happened, if I was even remotely ok with it, then may all my knowledge - everything my Gur's taught me - be destroyed this instant. And may all the punishments for all the sins of all the world's sinners be suffered by me alone.

K - Bharat?!

B - Maa, aap to mamta ki murti hain! Mujhe pura bharosa tha, ke bhale mere Ram bhaiya mujh par sandeh kar jaaye, parantu aap mujhpar kabhi sandeh nahin karengi. Maa, bachpan se maine aap hi ki godh mein adhik sneh paaya hai. Aur agar aaj ussi godh mein mere liye sthaan nahin hai, to aise jeene se to achha hai ke mujhe mrityu aa jaaye!
Mom, you're maternal affection personified... I had total faith that even if my brother Ram doubts me, you would never. Mom, since childhood I've gotten extra love in your embrace... and if that embrace no longer has room for me, then I'd rather be dead than live like this!

K - Nahin Bharat, nahin! Aisi baaton se tu mujhe aur dukhi mat kar, bete! Ek beta to van mein chala gaya, aur dusra is prakaar dhairya chhodkar marne ki baat karega to bechaari maa kisse sahaara maangegi?! Main to tere aane se samjhi thi, ki mere paas mera Ram aa gaya hai. Meri baaton ka yeh arth kadapi nahin tha, mere laal, ke main tujhpar sandeh karoon! Parantu maa ki aatma sada dukhi putra ki or hi jaayegi. Ek putra to pita ki aagya se raajya sambhaalega, to maa ka hriday banvaasi putra ke liye hi tadpega, na! Isi liye main tere aane ki pratiksha kar rahi thi! Mera Ram... mera Ram to mujhe van mein apne saath nahin le gaya, par tu meri aagya avashya maanega aur mujhe van bhej dega! Mujhe van bhej dena mere laal, mujhe van bhej dena!!!
No Bharat!! Don't make me hurt even more with such words, my son! If one son left for the forest, and the other's losing hope like this and talking about death, then who is their poor mother going to ask for support! When you came, I felt like my Ram's come back to me... I never meant to imply that I doubt you, darling! But a mom's heart will always go out to the son who's suffering... if one son is going to rule the state on his father's orders, then she'll cry for the one in the forest won't she! That's why I was waiting for you... my Ram didn't listen to me but you will, won't you? Send me to the forest my child, send me!

B - Main aapko van mein nahin bhejunga Maa, parantu van mein jaane waale ko aapke dwaar par zaroor le aaunga.
I won't send you to the forest mom, but I'll surely bring back the one who did go.

K - Nahin... aise sapne mujhe mat dikha Bharat, mat dikha.
No... don't show me such dreams Bharat.

B - Is sapne ko sach karna hi to ab mera kartavya hai. Maa, main poochta hoon apne unhe jaane ki aagya kaise di, apne adhikaar se unhe roka kyun nahin?
It's now my sole duty to make that dream a reality. Mom, I'm wondering how you even gave him permission to go when you had the right to stop him!

K - Kaise rokti? Woh to bade gyaaniyon ki bhaanti mujhe naari dharm ka updesh sunaakar, apne pita ki aagya paalan karne chala gaya. Lesh-maatra dukh aur vishaad nahin tha man mein. Apne vastra, aabhushan, yeh rajmahal, yeh saamrajya aise chhod diye jaise koi apne puraane vastra tyaag kar deta hai. Sita apna pativrat dharm paalan karne uske saath chali gayi. Lakshman ko Ram ne bahut roka, parantu woh nahin ruka. Sab ne apne apne dharm ka paalan kiya... aur mera vajra hriday dekho, do do putra gaye... bahu gayi... parantu unhe saath jaate dekhkar bhi mere praan unke saath nahin gaye, nahin gaye! Putra-sneh ka dharm to Maharaj ne paalan kiya... jab tak jiye, uske saath jiye... woh gaya to apne praan bhi tyaag diye, apne praan bhi tyaag diye!!
How could I stop him? Like some big sage, he started lecturing me on a woman's duty and left to fulfill his dad's order. There wasn't a trace of pain or bitterness in his heart! His clothes, jewelry, the palace, the state... he gave it all up like people do with their old clothes! Sita went with him to follow her duties as a loyal wife... Ram tried hard to stop Lakshman, but he went too... everyone fulfulled their duties and went along, but look at my stony heart! Seeing them leave, my life didn't go with them! Even the king managed to fulfull his duties as a father... as long as Ram was with him, he lived... soon as Ram left, so did his life!

B - Maa, mujhe aise mahaan pita mile... aisa bhai mila... phir tere jaisi maa ki kokh se janm kyun nahin mila? Kaikeyi-sut hone ka kalank kyun lagne diya? Yadi aaj aap meri janani hoti, to mujhe aisa kalank kadapi na lagta!
Mom, I had such a great dad... such a great brother... then why couldn't I be born of a mother like you? How could you let me be branded with the stigma of being Kaikeyi's child? If you were my birth mom, this stigma would never have touched me!

K - Janm-maran apni ichha se nahin hota, putra. Yeh sab pehle se hi nirdhaarit hai, isi ko bhaagya kehte hai. Hum sab ussi bhaagya ke haathon ki kathputliyaan bankar naachte hai. Kaikeyi ne jo kuch kiya, woh hamaare bhaagya ne hi karaaya. Usme us bechaari ka koi dosh nahin.
Birth and death are not under our control, son... it's all decided beforehand, that's what they call fate. We're all puppets at it's hands. Whatever Kaikeyi did was part of our faith, it wasn't the poor woman's fault.

B - Maata, aap jaisi udaarta is jagat mein kahaan milegi? Parantu saara sansaar to mujh hi ko is anarth ki jad kahega! Kahega, "Bharat ne raja banne ke liye kaisa shadyantra racha!"
Mom, where else in this universe would one find big-heartedness like yours? But the rest of the world is going to see me as the root of this whole tragedy anyway! They'll say, "look at the cunning ploy Bharat concocted to become king!"

K - Nahin, nahin! Chadrama se aag baras sakti hai, amrit vishaila ho sakta hai, parantu mera Bharat? Mera Bharat Ram se vimukh nahin ho sakta, is ki saakshi main sansaar ko dungi!
No, no! Fire might rain from the moon and divine nectar might turn poisonous, but my Bharat? He would never turn against Ram, I can bear witness to that in front of the whole world!

Vashisht - Surya ko kisi ki saakshi ki avashyakta nahin hoti, Maharani Kaushalya. Uska prakaash hi uska pramaan hai. Isi tarah Bharat, tum Dharm ke avtaar ho - jaise surya mein andhkaar nahin ho sakta, tumhaara karm kabhi dharm viruddh nahin ho sakta. Tum jo karoge, wohi Dharm ka pramaan hai.
The sun doesn't need a witness, Queen Kaushalya. Its radiance is its proof. In the same way, Bharat, you are righteousness incarnated. As there can never be darkness in the sun, so too can your conduct never be unrighteous. Whatever you do will become a proof of righteousness.

That last part's my fav, such a beautiful and accurate description of Bharat's character Day Dreaming
Discussion points) - Was Dashrath really following his duty as a father by dying of grief for his his son? Also, in general, when comforting someone in the wake of a tragedy like this, which is more effective - Sumitra Maa's more traditional courageous words approach or Bharat's kinda sorta reverse psychology of "I'm even sadder, now you're just gonna have to toughen up so you can take care of me!" technique?

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Bharat's dialogues in the assembly where he announces Bharat-milaap

Bharat - Gurudev, aapki aagya anusaar hum raajya sabha mein upasthit ho gaye hain. Kahiye, hamaare liye kya aagya hai?
Gurudev, as you commanded, I'm present at this royal assembly. Please command me further.

Vashisht - Vats Bharat, tumhaare pita dharm ka aacharan karte huye, apne vachan ka paalan kar, yeh dhan-dhaanya se samriddh raajya tumhe dekar, swayam Swarg sidhaar gaye hai. Tumhaare jesht bhraata Shri Ramchandraji ek mahatma ki tarah apne pita ka vachan pura karne ke liye van mein chale gaye. Tumhaare pita aur jesht bhraata, dono ne hi yeh akantak raajya tumhe pradaan kiya hai. Ab tumhaara yeh kartavya hai, ki Suryavanshiyon ka yeh raj singhaasan grahan karo aur apni praja ki raksha karo.
Son, in a display of righteousness, your father fulfilled his promise and left you this bountiful kingdom, and went on to the heavens. Your elder brother Shri Ram, like a great soul, went to the forest to carry out his father's promise. Both your father and your elder brother have given you this kingdom without any obstacles. Now it's your duty to take the Sun Dynasty's throne and protect your people.

B - Yeh aapki aagya hai, Gurudev?
Is this your command, Gurudev?

V - Yahi is samay tumhaara kartavya hai, Bharat.
This alone is your duty right now.

B - Mantri mandal ki kya sanmati hai?
What does the panel of ministers have to say?

Sumant - Jo raajya raja ke bina hota hai, woh pradesh aur us raajya ki praja dono hi surakshit nahin hote. Shatru aise samay ka laabh uthaakar, us pradesh par aakraman karke usse ujaad sakte hai. Isi liye Raghuvanshiyon ke saamrajya ko sambhaalne ke liye is samay keval aap hi hai, jo raja banne ke yogya hai. Yadyapi aap jesht nahin hai, parantu bade bhai ki anupasthiti aur pita ki aagya ka paalan karne ke liye, is raajya ka sambhaalna nyaay-sangat hai.
A kingdom without a king is very unsafe, as are its people. Enemies can take advantage of such a period and attack and destroy the state. That's why you're the only person worthy of the responsibilty and must take care of the Raghu family's state. Even though you're not the eldest, your elder brother isn't here and your dad ordered it - so your accepting the throne is perfectly just.

B - Raja banne ki liye teen baaton ki avashyakta hoti hai: Guru ka ashirwaad, mantri aur saathiyon ka sahyog, praja jan ka sneh aur vishwaas. Aaj mujhe yeh teenon praapt ho gaye. Isi liye, main badi prasannata ke saath yeh raajya sweekar karna chaahta hoon. PARANTU! Parantu mere man mein ek shanka hai. Raaj singhaasan par baithne se pehle aap sab us shanka ka samadhaan kar de to achha hai.
To become a king, three things are necessary: the Guru's blessings, the ministers' support, and the public's love and trust. Today I have all three, so I'd like to be able to happily accept this throne. But... there's a doubt in my mind, which I think it's best you all clear before I take my seat.

S - Kya shanka hai aapko Rajkumar Bharat?
What doubt do you have, Prince?

B - Kuch din pehle mere swargvaasi pitashri Maharaj Dashrath ne aisi hi ek sabha ki thi jisme aap sab upasthit the, kyun? Us bhari sabha mein Maharaj Dashrath ne apne putra Shri Ram ko raajya bhaar saumpne ka prastaav rakha tha, aur aap sab ne ek saath - ek aawaaz mein Shri Ram ke paksh mein apna mat diya tha, kyun? Main poochta hoon KYUN! KYUN aapne Shri Ram ke paksh mein apna mat diya tha?
Some days back, my late father King Dashrath called an assembly jusst like this in which all of you were present, right? In that filled assembly, the king proposed a plan to pass the throne onto his son Shri Ram, and all of you unanimously accepted that proposal - right? I ask you why? Why did you vote for Shri Ram?

Random citizen - Kyunki Ram jaisa raja kisi desh ko bade bhaagya se milta hai.
Because only the luckiest kingdom would be able to have a king like him.

B - Bilkul theek kaha aapne! Phir aapka mat lene ke baad, raja ne apni ek rani ke kehne par sarva-sanmati se diye gaye jan mat ko thokar maarkar aapke pyaare Shri Ram ko ghar se nikaalkar van mein bhej diya, Aur apne ek chaheti rani ke putra ko raja banaane ka nirnay le liya. Kya tab aap mein se koi utha tha yeh poochne ke liye, ki "hamaare mat ka kya hua"? Kya aap mein se kisi ne raja ke is anyaay ki viruddh usse lalkaara? Kya aap mein se kisi ne vidroh ki awaaz uthaayi?! Mat ka adhikaar hona achhi baat hai, parantu jo us adhikaar ki raksha nahin karte - us adhikaar ke liye ladna nahin jaante - unka yahi haal hoga. Mahalon ke shadyantra se unpar isi tarah raja thok diye jaayenge, jaise aaj aap par main thok diya jaa raha hoon. Kya aap chahte hain ki itihaas mein aisa hi hota rahe?
You're absolutely right! Then, after taking your votes, the king listened to one of his queens and kicked your unanimous vote aside in order to exile your beloved Shri Ram and crown that favored queen's son. At that point, did any of you get up and ask "what happened to out votes?" Did any of you challenge the king against this injustice? Did anyone voice their dissent? It's great to have the right to vote, but those who can't protect this right - those who can't fight for it - will end up like this. Schemes from within palace walls will take place and unworthy kings will be forced on them, just as I'm being forced on you today. Do you all wish that history may repeat itself and that this should keep on happening?

Public - Kadapi nahin!

B - To phir uthiye. Uthiye, aur uthaiye woh raajmukut, aur raajyabhishek ki woh pavitra saamagri, aur chaliye mere saath van mein! Taaki jiska yeh adhikaar hai, uska raajyabhishek vahin van mein karke, usse apna raja banaakar apni Ayodhya waapis le aaye!
Then get up. Get up, and pick up that crown and the sacred objects of inauguration, and come to the forest with me! So that he who deserves it shall be coronated right there in the forest, and be brought back to our kingdom as our king!

Citizen - Parantu kya Shri Ram yeh baat sweekar karenge?
But will Ram accept this?

B - Kyun nahin karenge? Yeh meri pratigya hai, ki yadi woh na aaye, to main bhi raja ka nahin - unki tarah ek banvaasi ka jeevan bitaaunga. Aap logon ne yeh kaise soch liya, ke jin Maharaj Dashrath ne apne vachan ke liye apne praan de diye; Jis Shri Ram ne pita ke apne mukh se na kehna par bhi, pita ke vachan ki aan rakhne ke liye ek bhara-pura saamrajya tinke ki tarah chhodkar van ka raasta le liya; unhi Dashrath ka putra hokar, us Shri Ram ka chhota bhai hokar, yeh Bharat hi aisa neech niklega jo bade bhai ka raajya hadapkar jaayega!! Raajya par keval bade ka hi adhikaar hai. Shri Ram mujhse avastha mein bade hai, aur gunon mein bhi sresht hai - keval wahi is raajya ke adhikaari hai. Jo vastu apni nahin, usse lena paap hai. Main guru janon se praarthna karta hoon, mujhe yeh paap karne ki aagya na de, jisse main Raghukul ka ek kalank kehlaaun. Waise kalank to mujhe meri maata ne laga hi diya hai, lekin... lekin aap log to mujhpar daya kijiye! Main is raaj sabha ke beech khada hokar ghoshna karta hoon, Ayodhya ke raja keval Ram hai! Woh is waqt jahaan bhi hai, ussi disha mein main unhe shat shat pranaam karta hoon, aur isi samay unke paas jaane ka pran karta hoon! Aap sab bhi mere saath chalne ki kripa karein. Guru jan, mera yeh sankalp saphal ho, yahi ashirwaad pradaan karein.
Why not? I swear that if he doesn't, then I too won't live as a king, but as a forest-dweller just like him. How did you people even think that the King Dashrath who gave up his life to fulfill his promise; the Shri Ram who - inspite of his father not explicitly asking him to - left the kingdom for the forest in order to help him fulfill his promise; being that Dashrath's son, being that Shri Ram's brother, this Bharat only will turn out to be low enough to lap up his elder brother's kingdom! Shri Ram's elder to me, and he's richer in virtues... only he is worthy of ruling this state. To accept something that's not yours is a sin. I pray to the panel of Guru's that they not command me to commit such a sin and allow me to be even more of an embarassment to my family. I already am thanks to my mom, but at least you guys can take mercy on me! I stand before this assembly and declare that only Shri Ram is the king of Ayodhya! Wherever he is now, I bow to him hundreds of times, and resolve to reach him. I pray you'll all join me. Gurus, please bless me that I may be successful in my resolve.

V - Dhanya ho... tum dhanya ho Bharat! Tum sachmuch dharm ka avtaar ho! Tumhaare kayi poorvaj raja punyatma aur dharmatma ho chuke hai, kintu dharm ke saamne itne vishaal samraajya ko tuchya samajhne wala tum jaisa mahatma aaj tak koi nahin hua! Tum rajaaon ke raja ho Bharat, tum dhanya ho! Tumhaari sada jai ho, sada jai ho!
Blessed are you, most blessed Bharat! You truly are righteousness incarnated! Many of your ancestors have been virtuous and righteous souls, but none was so great as you and to see such a vast kingdom as petty in front of their duty. You are a king of kings, Bharat, you're blessed... may your glory resound forever!

- Not enough words to praise the awesomeness of this scene... the impact of the dialogues and acting never leaves you ClapClapClap And only RSji could manage to work an important secular message about the right and responsibility to vote and ensure that the gov. does what you vote for into such a bhaktimay and idealism-filled prasang. Love love LOVE it, can't wait to hear all your views on it!!!
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Posted: 2010-08-21T17:47:42Z
Hey Loli,
Just wanted to tell ya....Gur's open again! Want to req from her?
Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the dialogues! I esp LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one, very well written and explained!Day Dreaming Will def put in my input for the discussion questions! Right now, I'm kinda in a hurry, so can't really write much, but will reply to all the posts here when I return! Thanks a bunch again, you're the best!
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Posted: 2010-08-21T17:56:21Z
And now for some sig updates Big smile Here's what I've done so far on the post-Sita Haran pic update Lali shared the other day: one of the "van van bhatke Ram" song in which he's searching for Sita, and the other is actually several sigs on the same concept: an attempt at recreating the scene from the new Ramayan in which Sita Maa shows Ravan that her ghaas ka tinka has all the power of Shri Ram's Viraat Vishnu Swaroop, so he better think twice before challenging it! I did one version with the Viraat Swaroop pic from "Ram darbaar hai jag saara" with the low-tech background, and I did the rest with something I made using Arun's head and the more high-tech Viraat Swaroop background they used in SK and again in AS Ramayan. Feel free to use!!!

Here's that pic (Gunu, that's what I meant for your "sumiri Siya" sigs... what do you think behna LOL)

Here's the Van van bhatke Ram sig:

Same but brighter:

The Powerful Tinka series Tongue

Ram Darbaar pic version:

Experimental pic versions:

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Posted: 2010-08-21T18:02:59Z
And the sig update continues, now with the "minor characters series" I mentioned earlier... the SK one I'm ok with, but the other two not so much cuz I didn't take my time and the pic quality was not so hot... but had to start somewhere. More versions, hopefully better ones, to follow:

The Lalita sakhi sig with that fav one-liner of mine from Bharat Milaap:

A Bharat sig from one of the most beautiful lines in RCM that describes him, when the devtas are praising him on his way to Chitrakut: "here's what I think of you Bharat: you are love for Ram itself embodied" Day Dreaming

And Angad in Ravan's court with lines from the song in that scene, one of my fav songs of all: "the whole assemble was shocked, they'd never seen someone so strong and with such faith in Ram, who did so much by just saying "Jai Shri Ram"!" Replacing the pic in the top right with a vid avi later.

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