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Ok Lali, here's the post aaja re kanhaiya dialogue... it's too sweet, couldn't stop writing... and it's all interconnected, so had no idea where to stop it... their convo continues up in Golok between SDB and Reshma, and this whole "you owe me big time" thing is resolved there, but then she goes, "teach me to play the flute, so we can both feel restless together instead of just me"... and THAT convo is picked up by Swapnil-Shweta down on earth, leading into the scene we discussed and loved earlier in which he proves to her that all the gopis are her only, and so's the whole world... and it's all such deep and beautiful stuff, that I wanted to just keep going! but... alas... I only took it as far as the "resolution" of the first matter, leaving the flute lessons dialogue for another day Wink hope you enjoy!! BTW pink is Radha, blue is Shyam.

Lo, Ban Gaya Na Poori Radha

            There, Now I'm A Full Fledged Radha, Right?

Poori Nahin, Yeh To Keval Radha Ka Bahari Roop Dhara Hai Tumne.

            Not Full-Fledged, This Is Just Radha's Outer Form You've Assumed.

Jab Poori Radha Banoge, To Is Muskaan Ke Peeche, Prem Ki Peeda Ke Aansoon Jhalakne Lagenge.

When You'll Fully Become Radha, Then Behind This Smile, The Tears Of Love's Pain Will Shine Through.

Abhi Tumhaare Vaksh Mein Radha Ka Hriday Nahin Hai, Aur Radha Ke Hriday Mein Jo

Krishna Ke Liye Prem Hai, Vo Bhi Nahin Hai.

Right Now Your Chest Doesn't Have Radha's Heart In It, And That Love For Krishna Which Fills Radha's Heart – You Don't Have It Either.

Jab Tum Dur Raho, To Milan Ki Tadap Hoti Hai. Aur Jab Milan Hota Hai Toh, Aane Wale Virah Ka Dar Us Milan Ki Muskaan Mein Bhi Peeda Bhar Deta Hai. Vo Sab Kahaan Hai, Is Nakli Radha Mein?

When You Remain Far, Then I Burn In Longing For Our Union. And When We Meet, Then Fear Of The Coming Separation Fills Pain In That Smile Of Togetherness Too. Where Is All That, In This Phony Radha?

Tum To Anadi-Kaal Se Nirmohi Ho; Tum Moh Ke Bandhan Ko Nahin Jaan Sakte!

You've Been Detached Since The Beginning Of Time; How Would You Understand The Bonds Of Attachment!

Kabhi Kisi Baheliye Ki Jaal Mein Phanse Huy, Kisi Panchhi Ko Phad-Phadaate Huye Dekha Hai?

            Ever Seen A Bird Fluttering Around In A Hunter's   Trap?

Bas, Krishna-Prem Mein Phansi Huyi Radha Ki Phad-Phadaahat Bhi Vaisi Hi Hai.

Jab Is Avastha Tak Pahunchoge, Tab Radha Banoge.

That's The Same Way The Trap Of Love For You Makes Radha Flutter About. When You Come To That Stage, Then You'll Become Radha For Real.

Kabhi Kabhi Sochti Hoon, Ke Tumpar Mere Prem Ka Jo Rin Hai, Usse Tum Kabhi Nahin Chuka Paaoge.

            Sometimes I Think That The Debt Of My Love That's Upon You Is So Great, You'll Never Be Able To Repay It.

Haan Radhe, Tum Theek Kehti Ho. Tumhaara Yeh Rin Chukaana Ati-Kathin Hai!

            Yes Radha, You're Right. To Repay This Debt Of Yours Is Indeed Very Difficult!

Kathin Nahin, Asambhav Hai! Tum Mere Chir-Rini Ho, Aur Sada Rini Hi Rahoge!

            Not Just Difficult, But Impossible. You Are My Ever-Debtor, You'll Owe Me Forever.

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And the conversation continues between the "adults" in heaven... same color code applies:

Vah, baaton baaton mein tumne humein apna chir-rini bana diya!

            Wow, in a simple chit-chat you turned me into your debtor forever!

Keval baaton baaton mein nahin, aap sach-much humaare chir-rini hai. Humaare prem ka rin hai aap par, jise aap kabhi nahin utaar sakte.

Not just in chit-chat ; you really are my debtor forever. The debt of my love is upon you, and you will never be able to pay it off.

Kyun nahin utaar sakte ?

            Why can't I pay it off?

Kyunki aap par to moh ka bandhan hai hi nahin. Na kisi se moh karte ho, na kisi se prem. Isi liye prem, jo ek gaheri peeda hai, uska aapko pataa hi nahin. Kisi se prem karoge, tab to pataa chalega na.

Because you don't have any attachment, therefore you don't have any love. That's why this deep anguish called love – you don't even understand it! Only when you love, can you know what love is.

Parantu, hum kis se prem karein ?

            But, who should I love ?

Kyun, koi aapke prem ke yogya nahin hai?

            Why, is no one worthy of your love?



Hum bhi nahin? Kahiye na, hum bhi nahin?

            Not even me?! Tell me no, not even me?

Dekho radhe, prem to dusre se kiya jaata hai. Hum mein dusra kaun hai? Hum dono to ek hi hai !

Look Radha, love is to be shared with another. Who of us is the other? We both are but one!

jaise doodh mein safedi aura aag mein garmi hoti hai, jaise dharti se gandh aur nadi se nadi ki leheren alag nahin hoti, vaisi hi, hum aur tum dono ek hai.

The way whiteness is a part of milk and heat a part of fire ; as fragrance in the earth, and ripples in the river are not separate, in the same way, we both are one.

Hum mein koi bhed nahin! hum sarva-shaktimaan parmeshwar hain, aur tum humaari sarva-shaktiyon ki samuh, mool prakriti parmeshwari ho! Hum atma-swaroop hain, aur tum humaari sharir swaroopini, athva triguna-chaar swaroopini tumhi ho !

There is no difference between us! I'm the all-powerful Supreme Lord, and you are the source of my power – the mother of creation in its totality!

Jaise aatma ke bina sharir mrit hota hai, vaisi hi sharir ke bina aatma bhi nahin dekhi jaa sakti ! aise hi humare bina tum nirjeev ho, aur tumhaare bina hum adhrishya hai. Aatma aur sharir ki ekta ke bina, yeh srishti kaise chal sakti hai ?

As a body without a soul is dead, so is a soul without a body invisible. In that same way do you feel lifeless without me, and I cannot be seen without you! Without the unity of body and soul, how would this universe work?

Aisa lagta hai, aap humein apni shabd-jaal mein uljha rahe hain. Apni maaya se bhramit kar rahe hain !

It looks like you're trying to trap me in a web of words – you are trying to get me lost in your illusions.

Nahin radhe, aisa nahin hai. Dekho is srishti ko ; is mein anant-aanant bramhaand humaare hi sankalp se bante-bigadte aur vileen hote rehte hain.

No Radha, it's nothing like that. Look at this universe – within it, countless and endless galaxies are born, ruin, and dissolved according to my will.

Is jagat mein, hum swayam apne aap ko hi, kabhi vyakt, kabhi tirohit karke, apni hi leela ka anand lete rehte hai. Achhe bure, har praani mein swayam hum hi to hain!

In this world, I only come and sometimes accept, sometimes reject myself, and sit here enjoying my own game. Within the good and bad, within all creatures is me alone!

Maarne-vaale bhi hum, marne-vaale bhi hum. Maata bhi hum, putra bhi hum. Yogi bhi hum, bhogi bhi hum. Krishna bhi hum, aur radha? Radha bhi hum hi hain! To jab koi dusra hai hi nahin, to hum kis se prem karein?

I am the killer, and I am the one he kills. I'm the mother, and I'm her child too. I'm the renouncer, and I'm also the pleasure-seeker. I'm Krishna and Radha? I'm her too! So, when there is no one else at all, who should I love?

Yadi aapka yeh darshan satya hai, to phir humein aap se itna prem kyun hai ? aur humaare hriday mein us prem ki itni tadap kyun hai, ke humse ek pal ka virah bhi nahin saha jaata?

If this philosophy of yours is true, then why do I love you so much? And within my heart, why does that love ache so much, that I can't bear to be apart from you for even a second?

Aap bhale hi humaari baaton par muskuraaiye. Parantu yeh mat bhooliye, ke humaare praanon se hi aapka sharir bana hai. humaare man se, aapke yeh charan-kamal bane hain. Aur aapki yeh jo murli hai, yeh to humaara hi sharir hai na?

Go ahead and smile at my words. But don't forget, it's my soul from which your body is made. From my heart, did these lotus feet of yours appear. And this flute that you always have – that's me, isn't it?

Yeh hum kaise bhool sakte hai radhe? Parantu hum tumhe jo yeh samast peeda aur shok ka naash karne vaala, aadhyaatmik tatya bataa rahe hain, usse tum kyun nahin sunti?

How can possibly I forget this Radha? But this pain-reliever of a philosophical principle that I'm telling you about – do hear it out please.

Dekho radhe, har aadhe ka ek aadhaar hota hai. Jaise phal ka aadhaar phool hota hai, phool ka adhaar patta, patte ka adhaar vriksh hota hai, aur vriksh ka adhaar beej hota hai, isi tarah saare bramhaandon ka adhaar hum hain.

Look Radha, everything has a complementary part that supports it – as the fruit is supported by the flower, the flower by the leaf, the leaf by the tree, and the tree by the seed – in that same way do I support the whole universe.

Aur humaara adhaar? Aap! Kyunki hum nitya aap hi mein sthit rehte hain.

And my support? It's none other than You, Radha! Because only within You do I dwell constantly and consistently.

Parantu aap humaari ahelaadini shakti hokar bhi, apni maaya ke bhram mein aakar, kabhi bhakton se, kabhi gopiyon se, eesha karne lagti hain! Jabke humein to har gopi mein keval radha hi dikhti hai!

But despite being my sustaining power, you fall for your own illusion and sometimes envy your devotees, and sometimes the cowgirls. But I can only see you in all of them!

Dekho radhe, is srishti mein, jahaan kahin kisi bhi yug mein, athva kisi bhi roop mein, jab do premi milte hain, vo aur koi nahin: swayam radha aur Krishna hote hain!

See Radha, in this universe, whenever – wherever – and in whatsoever form two lovers meet, they are none other than You and I!

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Posted: 2009-10-07T21:18:24Z
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, thanks a ton for the dialogue Loli!!!!HugHugHugHugHug Your hard work really paid off, it's brilliant!Big smileClap Love the meaningful words said by Radha and Krishna. We can apply some of them in today's life too!Day Dreaming This scene is another masterpiece of RS, he is the only one who showed Radha and Krishna's love so truly, deeply, and purely.Big smile Love it!
And thanks for the vid too!
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Posted: 2009-10-08T09:23:28Z
Come on guys, just 5 more pgs....spam quickly! ;)
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Posted: 2009-10-08T15:28:28Z
Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, thanks a ton for the dialogue Loli!!!!HugHugHugHugHug Your hard work really paid off, it's brilliant!Big smileClap Love the meaningful words said by Radha and Krishna. We can apply some of them in today's life too!Day Dreaming This scene is another masterpiece of RS, he is the only one who showed Radha and Krishna's love so truly, deeply, and purely.Big smile Love it!
And thanks for the vid too!

Most welcome Lali Hug Thanks for the awesome suggestion... it was so lovely n deep that it was a blast to do! RS was really the only mytho-maker who showed us exactly what it is that makes RadheShyam so lovable that non-Hindus, -non-Indians, and even non-believers find themselves attracted to them. And I also loved how he presented it as a continuous, like-Faulkner-but-better stream of consciousness conversation; it was the same discussion that bounced back n forth between the divine couple on earth and their eternal heavenly versions... very cool idea Clap
One of my fav parts is the whole "Radha, leaves are supported by branches, branches by trees, trees by seeds, seeds by earth, earth by me.... and Me by You Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingHeartHeartHeart And Shweta is definitely the best Radha ever, it shows in this scene.... Love it love it love it!!
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StarSome Maharaas SiggiesStar
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Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

Originally posted by lola610

Hi guys... will put up that RadheShyam dialogue in a bit, till then wanted to share this super sweet siggie that our super sweet and talented friend Deepika made for me... hope you love it too, n if so feel free to use and I'm sure she'd welcome some comments at her brand new shop!! :http://www.gurmeet-debina.com/forum/index.php/topic,164.0.html

Wooow, it's gorgeous Lola! Will def visit Deepika's shop, I received a PM from her too.Big smile It's soooo cute, and she chose superb pics. Aww, can't take my eyes off of it!Day Dreaming I'd totally snag it but I don't know which sig to get rid of as they're all regs from other peopleCry (the avis at least), and I have one more request from my avi/sig friend coming up, and she told me she's posting it sometime today or tomorrow, and I'm already at a dilemma which sig to replace....
Love the sig, Deepika! Keep up the great work, dear. And keep more coming!ClapClapClapClap I totally love how you're taking some of Lola's demands off of my backWink....just kidding Lolli-kins!WinkLOL Love ya both!
thnk u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much both of u.....wooooooooooowwwwww nw m on d top of d world.....wooooowwwwww.... its lovely to hear ol dese comments frm u guyzzzz......
thnk u soooo much fr ur wishes nd support....luv u both......EmbarrassedSmile Hug
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Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

StarSome Maharaas SiggiesStar
wwwwoooooooowwwww awsm di....dis is fantastic....ClapClapClapClap
it reminds me of d whole song of Maharaas....bohot sundar hai.....nd d text makes it more beautiful nd meaningful...
can i use d 2nd cg in my signature???
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