Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#4 DONE!(Page 8)

Posted: 2010-06-05T11:33:41Z
Originally posted by Dpka1415

yyyyaaaaayyyyyy....another Landmark achieved !!!
CONGO frns !!!
here's a fresh set of sig. i made yesterday n saved for CC#4...here it comes ... hope u like it...free to use... Wink
Hey Deeps,
Am finally back to give all of you replies to your posts!Big smile First of all, thanks a ton for liking my creations, soooooooooooooo sweet of you!Hug
And next, wowzies, this creation is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful and lovely! LOVE the effects you used, and the way you blended the pics is just mindblowing and 100% pro!ClapClapClap I snagged the 2nd one into my slideshow as well as the Dharti Ma Sitaji one, and two others you posted in your gallery which I loved, esp the Flute playing Krishna one with the beautiful lines from the bhajan.Big smile Sooo sorry I haven't commented on all your creations in your gallery. As I stated before, we have guests in our house so I don't have as much time as before.Embarrassed But I will def comment on each and every one when I get the chance. I also love the NDTV Ramayan SiyaRam first night sig you made, I was going to include it in my slideshow but I already had too many frames.Cry If you have a chance, can you plzzzzzz make a combo sig of NDTV and RS Ramayan Ram Kahani (Hanuman at Ashok Vatika)?
Miss you soooooooo much, miss talking to everyone here!Cry
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Posted: 2010-06-05T11:37:40Z
Originally posted by ...PARiNA...

CC 4 !!!!!!
congratulations every1 !!

u ppl are really working hard on these.
sorry wasn't in town.. my work making me busy a lot.

Hey Parina,
Nice to have you back here!Hug Thanks so much for liking the sigs and pic updates, so sweet of you.Big smile 
No worries, come whenever you find time. We understand.Embarrassed
Originally posted by Aradhana87

WOW #4 am so happy Big smile
btw..I thought "vasudev"" jis real name was shah nawaz
Hey Aradhana,
How are you? Long time, huh?Hug We miss you tons here!Embarrassed
We too thought Vasudevji was Shah Nawaz, but Lola found out through the title credits of SK that Nandji was Shah Nawaz and not him.Embarrassed
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Posted: 2010-06-05T11:46:46Z
Originally posted by arun-deeps

Hello Janu DiHugHere is a sig U requested......!!Embarrassed Hope U'll like!!Tongue Plzzzz comment or suggest...if it lacks something!Embarrassed Feel free to use it if U want toSmile
In different styles:
Wowzies Guniakins!!!!! You sure have been keeping this CC alive with your marvellous gorgeous posts, esp your lovely siggies!HugParty I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE each and every one, but this one the very very best!Day Dreaming Wow, textures, text, pics, colorizations, everything is soooooooooooo pro and lovely!Tongue Good work sweetie pie sis, thanks for making such a lovely siggie. Will def use soon when I make my next slideshow!Wink 
The rest of your creations are also very nice, esp the latest SiyaRam one, the effects and everything are sooooooooooooo beautiful!Day Dreaming Will also use that one! Btw, thanks for the gorgeous KrishnaSudama Pic update! All the pics are lovely, will def make a sig soon!Wink And the fizii creation is sooooo cute, left a comment in her shop too.Tongue
To answer your question, I put the starry glittery effects on my latest siggie by a glitter stamp brush found through deviantart. It's a really pretty brush and makes any creation glow.Star Deviantart is full of such beautiful stuff you can use.
Also, thanks for the nice long reply you gave to my post in the previous CC. Yeah, I agree with everything you said.Clap I too do not think it was necessary to make any more Ramayans or Shri Krishnas, because in this day of television soaps, every single director gives importance to TRPs over everything else and because of TRPs, often times ruin their serials.Ouch Not enough importance is given to the storyline and characters are butchered for 'modern day women' to relate to, often times making the divine characters seem rude and offensive when they're not supposed to be at all.Disapprove The costumes are more revealing and the sets more glamorous than realistic just so it would catch people's eyes. For people like us, who treasure mythological serials like these to be authentic and devotional more than just 'eye candy' like Lola rightly said, we would not enjoy it at all, though tons of those who do not care much about devotion in the storyline would not care and prefer these new serials just because of its 'better' technology and more 'glamorous' sets and costumes. If all the other things are more important than Bhakti Rasa and authenticity in a devotional serial, why make it in the first place and misguide people?
I also read that interview of Anand Sagarji where he said his father had no wish to make another Ramayan before he died in 2005 because he put his whole heart and soul into the Ramayan he already made that he felt he would not be able to do the same justice to a new one with different actors and actresses. He grew too close to his Ramayan actors, as they all addressed his as 'grandfather' on the sets, that he felt he would be biased against the new ones and therefore did not want to make another Ramayan in his lifetime.Embarrassed He gave his sons permission to direct what serials they wanted, but he, Ramanand Sagar, would not make another Ramayan and Shri Krishna because the originals would remain originals, and every other seiral made in that family based on either Lord Ram or Lord Krishna would be compared to the originals and would remain only remakes no matter how well they were made.
But personally, I'm sure that had Ramanand Sagar himself directed NDTV Ramayan and Colors' JSK, they would have been much much much better serials in terms of storyline and authenticity, and especially...the right kind of Bhakti Rasa more than just 'looking' glamorous and better technology. All of those things are inconsequential when the characters are butchered and therefore the devotion is failed to be portrayed.
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Posted: 2010-06-05T12:44:19Z
Originally posted by lola610

@ Lalibali - huge thanks for the gorgeous SiyaRam pic updt, was gonna ask for that scene but you read my mind Wink I LOVE that scene prob even more than the teasing-about-pregnancy one, cuz the dialogues are soooo sweet and touching - esp Ramji's - when he's like, "you are NOT an ordinary women, how can you say that?!" and, "Site, tum mere prem ko jaanti hi nahin..." now that's a sweet line if there ever was one Day Dreaming And the sig off of them is really really pretty, love the flowers and brushes you added and the colorization and the perfect blending... will def use soon Clap Also loving how both your sigs and those geet avis kinda match, color-wise LOL
No probs Loli, glad you enjoyed it!Wink I too love that scene, because it shows the depth of love they had for each other, really want to thank RS for thinking of such a scene.Day Dreaming And thanks for liking the sig, and also for the pre-snagging.Hug
Lol, got rid of those Geet avis now, but don't you love the sig Fizii made? It's so bright and colorful.Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2010-06-05T19:53:31Z
@ gunu - soooo glad you enjoyed the vm behna, and you made PERFECT use of the lyrics... that sig is outstanding, I love it!!! all the effects are brilliant and the way you've combined them in your slideshow... it's magic ClapClapClapClapClap even I'll be using soon Wink

@ deeps - thanks a ton for liking the vm dear, I know it's the most awesome bhajan, Lakkhaji rocks!!! and thanks for liking and booking the sig also, made my day Hug

@ debi di -  most welcome for those lyrics di, and one more kyun, dotw mein to aapke bahut saare points ka intezaar hai, the first few were sooo enlightening and intriguing and awesome ClapClapClapClapClap Mrs. Sudama ke baare mein aapne jo bhi kaha, bahut sahi aur sundar observations the ClapClapClapClap I also really loved Vasundhara's refusal to eat without Sudama, and though unrelated to the dotw, her refusal to accept all the wealth unless the rest of the town got it also was another example of her greatness. Similarly, Sudama exemplified an ideal husband when he refused to eat with Murli Manohar until he heard of the bhandara that came to his town (courtesy of none other than Murli Manohar Day Dreaming)...  and in another unrelated note, how adorable are the little moments he has with his kids before leaving for Dwarika Day Dreaming But anyways, speaking of the dotw, maine aapke saare points par apna feedback/additional observations likhe the pichhle CC mein... did you get a chance to see those yet? Can't wait for your responses!
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Posted: 2010-06-05T19:59:40Z
Originally posted by Debipriya


So it took around 45 days to complete CC3Clap Clap Clap...   Lets see how fast can we reach CC5Smile...

With Lots of Best WishesThumbs Up ...

Jai Shri Krishna. Jai Shri Ram.
Congo to you too Debs!Hug We couldn't have done this without any of the members of our CC, because each and everyone of you makes it special.Big smile
Wow, you actually counted? 45 days is awesome! Yes, let's see if we can finish this CC sooner.Wink
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Posted: 2010-06-05T20:03:03Z
Here go the translations to Kubja's prayer from SK after Krishna straightens her out... original lyrics courtesy of Debi di:

Sir dhari charan maahi
Bowing her head to his feet
Vinay vivash bole vachan
She spoke with utmost humility
Ang raag yeh naahi
This is not fragrant body paste
Yeh Prabhu mam anuraag hai
This, my lord, is my love for you

Tere darshan ki balihaari,
I'd trade everything for a vision of you
Tera sparsh bada sukhkaari;
Your touch has given me such bliss
Gayi tan ki vikriti saari,
Gone is the body's twistedness
Teri dekhi mukhaakriti pyari;
Seeing your lovely face
Tere darshan ki balihaari,
Tera sparsh bada sukhkaari.

Sada prem ka mol chukave;
He always reciprocates true love
Rinn rakhe na Banawari.
Krishna never leaves such debts unpaid

Shabari ne dheeraj dharke,
As Shabri remained patient
Jaise Ram ki rah nihaari;
and watch her path for Ram
Aise hi janambhar shyam,
Krishna, my whole life too
Dekhungi mai panth tihaari.
Will go in watching for you
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Posted: 2010-06-05T20:05:02Z
Originally posted by lola610

Here's a Sudama sig, but I love soooo many of the lines from the song the pics were in that I couldn't decide on just one - nope, I had to do four LOL The first one means "there is neither great nor small, neither upscale nor downtrodden, neither king nor pauper -  in the land of love, a friend is simply a friend"  Day Dreaming the second one says "there is no pauper at this moment, and there is no lord of the lowly... just a two childhood friends holding hands"... and the last one says, "he seated his friend on his own throne; Krishna's greatness can't be described"... aren't they all soooo sweet?!!! how could I pick one... help LOL

Wow, GORGEOUS sigs Lola!!!Clap The textures, sparkles, pics, and text are all lovely choices, very superb dreamy effects.Day Dreaming LOVE it!
And awesome VM, the bhajan is sooooooooooooooo nice and melodious and as usual, your VM scenes fit into the song perfectly, great job!Clap
When you get a chance, can you please make a sig with the SiyaRam pic update I posted, with a dialogue of Ramji's as text?Embarrassed
Btw, I have a HUGE Ek Van Mein Pic update planned with some sad pics of other peeps and scenes too, which I will post tomorrow or the day after, so stay tuned!Wink It's going to create some waterworks.Cry
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