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StarWelcome Everyone........to Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna Fan Club/Photo Gallery! Any discussions on this serial are welcome, and we'd appreciate it if you can submit some pics as well. Enjoy!Star

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ShriKrishna hspace5

Radha Vallabha, Hare Govinda! Jai Rukmini pati, Shri Krishna!
Devaki Nandan, Hare Mukunda!
Yashoda Ma ki, aankh ke taare,
Jai Nand Kishore, Vasudev dulaare! 
Imp Note: (I would like to tell the mods right now that by opening this FC, I mean no disrespect towards Meenakshi Sagar's Jai Shri Krishna, which is also a great show.Clap We members here also love JSK and are great fans of all the actors, especially Dhriti Bhatia, Meghan Jadav, Aditi, and Zaib Khan.TongueBig smile I am telling any members planning to join this FC beforehand that no bashings of JSK or its actors will be allowed on any note. Avoid comparisons of the actors, and do not argue with others over which serial is better. Both are great shows, and both shows' actors are super talented and much loved by us. So please keep the peace in this thread!Thumbs Up
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Table of Contents:
Swapnil Shweta, young yashoda ~ Pg. 95
Sad Vasudev and Devaki ~ Pg. 96
Rohini ~ Pg. 97
Young yashoda and young vasudevaki ~ Pg. 102
Toddler kanha pranks ~ Pg. 105
Naming ceremony ~ Pg. 106
Happy vasudevaki ~ Pg. 107
Janmashtami ~ Pgs. 108-109
Kans Vadh, Makhan Chor ~ Pg. 114
Bright Clear Pics posted by aalochak ~ Pgs. 115-117
-Cast List-

~*~Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna~*~

Adult Shri Krishna - Sarvadaman Banerjee
Adult Radha -
Reshma Modi
Teen Shri Krishna -
Swapnil Joshi
Teen Radha -
Shweta Rastogi
10-12 year old Shri Krishna - Ashok Balakrishnan
Mata Devaki - Paulommi Mukherjee
1st Narad - Deepak Dave
Kans - Vilas Raj
Vasudev - Shah Nawaz
Rohini - Sulakshana Khatri
Akroor -
Pramod Kapoor
Draupadi - Falguni Parekh
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Another Picture!

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Posted: 2008-10-27T20:02:53Z
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Posted: 2008-10-29T09:48:40Z
Thank you for making this topic Lalitha..and also thanks for posting wonderful pictures.
I have a few too
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Posted: 2008-10-29T12:09:24Z
Your welcome Aradhana!!!! Although, I only got my pics from the Internet. Seems like you actually did the hard workBig smile. Your pics are great!!! Thanks!
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Posted: 2008-10-29T12:12:39Z
Well hardwork kaisa..I enjoy itBig smile
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Posted: 2008-10-29T12:19:54Z
Originally posted by Aradhana87

Well hardwork kaisa..I enjoy itBig smile
TrueSmile! I especially love the pic you posted of baby Krishna. So cute!!!Big smile
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