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Here goes that SK Gauri Pooja update with Radharani an the gopis... the smaller and less clear pics at the end are from the opening shlok that's missing in the DVDs, best I could do... hope you like!

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Originally posted by lola610

The Mandodari-Meerabai comparison is awesome actually, nothing's to strange for me who finds animal shapes in the floral design on the carpet LOL That comparison can be perfectly mirrored in the many we've had of Vibhishan-Kumbhkaran and Vibhishan-Meghnaad, don't you think? Mandodari and Kumbhkaran/Meghnaad on Team Grihast-Ashram, where you live by the rule "I'll try as hard as I can to keep you away from your downfall but if you go towards it, I'm going down with you" because of the more general grihasti rule that SiyaRam, VD, etc followed, "your sorrow is my sorrow". Vibhishan-Meerabai on Team True Bhakt, where you move constantly towards God, trying to bring others with you but not staying behind with them if they don't want to come. You're probably right, Mandodari utni badi bhakt nahin thi - but here goes chhote mun badi baat - I feel God appreciates and rewards her course of action just as much. She herself neither committed nor condoned any sins, she only stayed with a sinner because she saw it as her dharm to do so. Just like Kumbhkarn who, knowing what the outcome would be, went into battle as a bali ka bakda to fulfill both his worldly duty of supporting his brother and his higher duty of surrender all at once. Hai ki nahin???

Thanks dear sister. For the welcome and for the correction of dialogs.Hug And excellent explanation and expression of thoughts Lola. Brilliant. As always. Clap Clap Clap I agree with every word of yours but in slightly different sense and not in all sense or not completely I would say. Personally I don't respect Kumbhkarna and Mandodari as much as Vibhishan and Meerabai respectively (Same way I don't like Karna, Vikarna, Dron or Bhishma compared to Vidur or Yuyutsu). Not because of their choice of actions (because what they did was perfect according to the demand of time but because of the very state of spiritual realization due to which they had to sense that to be their highest duty at that time) but because of the very state of spiritual realization of soul. God would definitely appreciate their course of action just as much as that of their counter parts. I agree with you 100%. But that is the growth part. Development of their souls would be same due to the fact that both Kumbhkarna and Vibhishan followed what they thought to be their dharma and they sacrificed everything else for their supreme dharma identified. But the fact itself that both of them identified subjectively to be their supreme dharma was not supreme objectively in both cases. Vibhishan's level of knowledge was greater and so as his devotion and hence karma. I believe about a thread between the entire trio - gyaan, bhakti and karma. Greater the level of knowledge, greater will be the level of devotion (Level of your chosen master & virtues) and hence greater will be the level of karma (Done to please that master). Vibhishan had knowledge about Ram to be the supreme entity and hence he devoted to Ram and hence his actions were also for HIM (and hence automatically consistent with the noble greatest cause). Kumbhkarna had knowledge (rather the information) that Ram was supreme but that realization was not followed or experienced or felt by him from the beginning throughout the life. Meghnad was even below him. He didn't even know or believe Ram to be supreme entity. For him, Ravan was the supreme. And he therefore devoted to Ravan and hence his actions were to please him and for him and therefore of negative qualities. 'Ram was the supreme' was the knowledge obtained by him very late in his life at the end (the benefit of which can only extend to next birth because what you are going to do at the death time would be the same what you must have done throughout the life). Here I feel that the verse of Adhyay 8 is applicable - Yam yam vaapi smaran bhaavam tyajatyante kalevaram; tam tam evaiti Kaunteya, sada tad bhaav bhaavitah.

Vibhishan throughout the life was cooking his khichadi separate from his family due to his greater virtues and different nature. He never accompanied their inferior deeds. Kumbhkarna accompanied Ravan in his actions of harassing devatas. What he did for the entire life was ignoring Ravan's wrong actions. So at end time, he had no right to leave Ravan or authority to preach Ravan for long and firmly. What he did at the end time was the duty naturally identified & followed by him due to the level of spiritual life he lived throughout and the state in which he found himself due to his own nature throughout the life. He did sacrifice by identifying it to be his duty. So God's grace upon him would be the same as God's grace upon Vibhishan. But he would move further towards Vibbhishan's status and Vibhishan would move even further I believe. So growthwise, both approaches were appropriate and righteous but not in terms of their beginning and ending status comparatively. In fact, Vibhishan followed his duty as brother also to the highest level - more than Meghnad and Kumbhkarna. Because Meghnad and Kumbhkarna had to shut their mouth when they felt they had no right to teach Ravan or it was too late and was going to be futile. Vibhishan did that till his last possible breath when Ravan was about to kill him. He didn't stop after just one or two attempts in his duty to bring his brother to right path. So I believe Vibhishan to be superior over Kumbhkarna not just in devotion or surrendership to Lord but also in terms of social duty because of the overall virtuous life he lived and hence due to his authority to preach others.

Same thing can be applied to Mandodari's case. What Mandodari tried to do to explain Ravan was out of her fear of dharma's victory and her husband's forthcoming downfall (Like Gandhari had fear of dharma - she had fear that her husband and son wouldn't win if they don't obey the dharma - Waise Krishna Akrur ko ye avashya kehete hain ki unhe to jo darr kar bhi sahi raaste par chalte hain we log priya hain). Mandodari's efforts became more intense when Ravan kidnapped Sitaji and his end came near. Paap ka ghada bhar chuka tha and Mandodari knew that Ram was born to kill her husband. Why did she not try to stop Ravan when Ravan, way before the birth of Ramji, was harassing the cows and Brahmins and killing them? Her efforts went futile because she was very late. She lived the entire life happily with her husband and she tried to bring him to the right path too late when her husband's death was already decided by his self made destiny. Treating your spouse as yourself is spiritually alright (And Karmyog should certainly uplift you), but in devotion to God, you even sacrifice your own desires. You just try to give up your own vices. You don't get attached to your own vices because they are your own vices. Sada hua ang shaastra ke anusaar kaat kar fenkna hi padta hai. She felt her duty towards her husband to be her sense of duty because of her attachment to him from the beginning. She had to remove his vices rather than leaving him & his vices but she didn't leave him even after trying her best to remove his vices was only her attachment to him rather than completely true love for God/dharma I think. Vibhishan never had that attachment with Ravan and hence with his vices and was purely following sense of duty as duty and love for dharma rather than fear of dharma. Meerabai never had such attachment since she was more upgraded soul. And she was very clear at the time of marriage itself that for her, only Krishna is supreme and nobody else. She treated her husband to be her co-passenger in the journey. And her husband didn't want devotion. Meerabai didn't force him as she didn't want to change herself for her husband. Consistent approach. Treat others the same way the way you want yourself to be treated by them. She open mindedly hoped throughout that her husband became like her but it didn't.

And I feel Vasudev-Devaki would fall in the team of Vibhishan and Meerabai. The fact that explicitly they followed or could follow perfect gruhasth jeevan can't put them in the category of Mandodari-Kumbhkarna because we don't know what they would have done had they found imperfect spouse and conflict between their role as spouse and role as devotees. They were the best devotees and perfect match for each other and sacrifice for each other in marriage life never contradicted with their devotion. Even Vibhishan had his own Gruhasth jeevan before Ravan's death. And you also must be knowing that Mandodari/Taaraa married or had to marry Vibhishan/Sugreev after the death of Ravan/Vaali (as per some source possibly Valmiki Ramayan). Any idea?
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Hey Guys,

Here is a Shwetaji siggie I made just now from the gorgeous pic update Lola posted.Big smile Feel Free to Use...
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Originally posted by arun-deeps

Hello frns!!!Big smile I'm fine now...!Smile Though I'm feeling bit weak....bt dis can't stop me frm posting hunLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL.....will try to reply each one...gradually....hope U all won't mind dis.....Btw I'm very sorry for not replying Ur PMs....regarding Ur creatin gallery.....Rajmahal updts...etc...etc.....so plzzzz forgive me for dat!! Thanx to all for all those well wishes n prayers....which made me fine!!Embarrassed
Now let me present a cute Siya-Ram sigEmbarrassed.....I made today.....after feeling fine......Big smile Hope U all will like....I was not making sigs frm a few days......so I must have become not dat pro.....U all call me....so I'm sorry if I upset U!!Dead 
Here is d sig..... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
OMG Gunia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ShockedShockedShocked This sig is soooooooooooooo spectacular, am just loving it so much!Day Dreaming The textures, brushes, everything is just soooooooooo pro, am not even joking. What do you mean, you lost your touch? You are as superb as ever at your creations, this one is rocking our CC after such a long time!Dancing Am def going to snag it into my slideshow soon! Love the 1st and 3rd styles the best, can't choose!Tongue
Aww, don't worry hun, reply to PMs and shop updates when you feel up to it. Take tons of rest.Big smile Am so glad that you're back! I too will be taking my time reply to all PMs, so you're not the only guilty one.WinkLOL
Wuv you!Hug
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Originally posted by lola610

@ Lali - adorable sigs, glad you posted Aish's here too - what a super cute idea you gave!!! will use both!!! Love them soooo much, awesome blending and pic choice Day DreamingAww, thanks sooo much Loli, means a lot! Aish will be happy too.Big smile She's busy with her summer school so can't find time to come online much, but will tell her. And thanks for sharing the avis, LOVE the RadheShyam moment in the Sharona one!!!The Kampit Charan or Aaja Re Kanhaiyya? You're welcome, I love the avis so much too, LOVE how she softened the vids so that they all match!Day Dreaming You'll see those pics soon too then how about a matching sig WinkCan't wait! And thanks for the gorgeous Gauri Puja Pic update, LOVE LOVE LOVE it, esp the shweet expressions you caught on our Radherani's face, she looks sooooo lovely in that outfit!Day Dreaming As you can tell, I already put the pics to use.LOL And thank you soooooooooo much for updt'ing the ToC, wowz you actually found time... and it's perfect ClapClapClapClapClap Thanks! I supposed that if I put off updating it any longer, it would be a nightmare for me to do it once the CC becomes fully active again and the pages keep moving twice or thrice a day like before. And... took those extra pics, so Gauri Pooja pic updt coming right up. Thanks again for it! I too took a Pic Update from Ramayan, of the reunion scene after Ram, Lakshman, and Sita return from Vanvaas and everyone greets them, about 130 pics...will post them when I find time.Embarrassed
By the way, thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous new sigs with us, love them soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, esp the Pre-Kans Vadh Swapnil one, it's just mindblowingly superb, truly innovative style.Day Dreaming As you can see (if you're keeping up with my slideshow, that is), I snagged it.Wink I also love the Yashoda Maiyya one, adorable pics and perfect blending!Clap And as usual, your VasuDevaki ones are always so sweet and lovely, esp the 1st one where he's looking at her, soooooo cute!Embarrassed 
I have one request. Can you make a Gauri Puja siggie with the pics you just posted, in the style of the NDTV Ramayan SiyaRam Vivah sig you recently made for Swati, and previously the Geet 'Kurbaan Hua' one? Only thing is, can you mix pics of Sita Maiyya's Gauri Puja with Radherani's Gauri Puja and make it a combo sig? I know it'll look spectacular, will be waiting to snag!WinkClap
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@ Shivang bhaiya - awesome pointe made bhaiya, will reply in full later this week... feeling lazy now LOL but as usual, our thinking is the same - just expressed differently. Like you I personally prefer Vibhishan more, obviously, cuz there's more to learn from him... but you knew that already Wink Mandodari/Kumbharn itne bade bhakt nahin the jaise Vibs aur Meerabai, I already agreed with in my previous post - and God appreciates their nishtha anyway, even though it's towards a different duty than the highest one, that you agreed with in this post. A comparison that comes to mind right off the top of my head is Shri Ram's words after liberating Khar's son Makraaksh. The guy came out raving about how he want's Ram's head on a platter so his mom can feel satisfied, so obviously he was nowhere near the highest goal. But Shri Ram, like the Karuna Nidhaan that he is, appreciates him for the dharm that he did follow, his devotion towards his parents. That's what I meant, and I think you agreed... still, I'll find something to bakbak about in a couple days, don't worry LOL
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@ Lali -the Gauri Pooja sig is just blowing my mind, it's soooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!! PErfect brushes and LOVE the 3rd colorization effect, it's mesmerizing Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Using now, but I'm thinking you'll be coming up with so many awesome ones from these pic updts that I'll have to send you a loooonnnggg slideshow additions pm real soon Wink Seriously though this is one of the prettiest sigs ever!!! In other news, your most welcome for the pic updt and many more to come, so don't breath a sigh of relief about updating the ToC hun I'll keep you on your toes LOL And thanks for the sig liking, night-making, and superb suggestion!!! Love it, will get on it real soon? Ramayan Gauri Pooja text, SK, or something totally different? And until then, how's this one... still working on it, more versions to follow:

Modified version of Ramayan Pushp Vatika text (premi ksheer sagar ke)

Modified version of NDTV Ramayan Gauri Pooja text:

Actual SK Gauri Aarti:

Storing raw version here too, just in case I come up with any changes:
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Anddddd how about one more pic updt for the night Big smile I'll start with the translations to the related song cuz it's so short, it'll only take a second... Shivang bhaiya posted the originals here: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1311014&TPN=144

Heere moti daan mein de, bhakti ki bhi raah dikhaave nyaari
He gives away diamonds and pearls as alms, and gives a lesson on the path of devotion
Sab kuch deke pariksha leta, ke kaunsi or chale sansaari
he'll give you the whole world to test you, to see which way you choose to go
Aise moh ki jaal bichhaaye, ki phanskar reh jaaye buddhi bechaari
He spins such a web of attachment, that your poor mind might get trapped
Soch samajhkar sauda kijo, yeh Nand ka laal bada vyapaari
Think hard before making a deal with him, this darling of Nand is quite a businessman!

And with that, I give you a new pic updt:
Krishna and the fruit seller!

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