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Originally posted by lola610

@ Gunia - millions of thanks for liking the SiyaRam sigs sweetie, very happy you liked them HugHugHugHugHug Glad you liked the pratigya text, will do those dialogues very soon... what a scene Day Dreaming Closest we've got to the lovely Arun-Bhanu moments in your avi Embarrassed

Here are the pics of the 1st Chanoor, they're very very blurry but I can pretty much confirm - having seen his way of sitting, I totally agree with you - he's gotta be our Sugreev, no one else sits like that LOL

And here's the 2nd one, just had to include him so we could get a glimpse of the larger than life nose ROFL

And totally agree with you about the repeat dubbing artists - me and Shivang bhaiya have been trying to keep track of how many characters were voiced by the guy that dubbed for Dara Singh - poor guy, they kept him soooooo busy LOL. Lagta hai 4-5 awaazein standby pe rakhte hai dabbe mein, baar baar wahi nikalte rehte hai LOL New sigs are AMAZING, perfect text and adorable hearts you added to the Kevat one...

Aur DOTW ka kya kahoon... kuch kehne ke liye bacha hi nahin Shocked ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap And millions more taalis for your admirable analysis! Every single point you made is a brilliant observation, and your connections with today's society are spot-on perfect. One that I found particularly outstanding was what you said about wives encouraging husbands to get involved in shortcut moneymaking schemes that are often illegal and/or immoral - this is unfortunately so true, and so goes against what Shri Ram says in that scene. Such a sacred relationship is best put to use when the two steer each other away from evil deeds and towards good ones, as Ramji says and in another scene I mentioned - the Mandodari one that comes right after Angad warns Ravan and leaves. She also says in that scene that your wife is your best friend, and in that capacity I'm trying to help you do what's right and keep you from destruction. Not only does the opposite happen in modern times, but those of you who are catching the Sudama epis of SK on Star Utsav nowadays are probably seeing/already saw Sudama's wife do the contrary to a lesser degree. When she sends him to falsely praise that raja so they can finally feed their children, no matter how harmless her intentions are, she is steering him away from his dharm - the lies and hypocrisy are not part of his nature and she should be thrilled about that, but instead she forces him to engage in them for material gain. I honestly cannot say what I would do if I was put in that situation, but from our comfy outsider perspective it is clearly not in line with what Ramji says in that dialogue. Another observable occurrence of this I can think of is in Sanjeev Kumar's early film Dastak - tragic, well-written story of a newlywed couple who moves into a red-light district and gets tempted by the material gains it leads to. So, this particular husband-wife duty that you described so perfectly and related so well with conditions in the modern world - that they must keep each other on the right path and away from sins, no matter how small - is, I think, one of the most important lessons to be taken from Ramji's dialogues in that scene. Bravo, behna Hug Simply can't wait to get your analysis of the all other scenes, I'll be anxiously looking forward to checking IF each day to see what you've written about each one because your input has proved so enjoyable and enlightening. Keep rocking ClapClapClapClapClap
Frst of Behna I m sooooooooooooooo sorry for not replying to dis Gulaabjamun postActually....as I menioned to Lalitha Di...I skipped d pg by mistake.......feeling realy bad abt it! 
Now after apologizing for dis blunder mistake....I m trying to reply Ur post.... sweetiepie sis!Awwwwwwwwwww.....no need to thank me millions of times...all those thanx reached to me straight frm Ur heart!Btw I too luv d Arun-Bhanu song sooooo much....they sing dis in their frst night....really sweet moments dats why I req diff scenes frm d same song....becoz all d scenes...I mean d whole song z sooooo romantic n cuteLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Hehe....m glad....Ur confusion regarding 1st Chanoor is gone!Ya U correctly pointed out grt thing abt him.....d way of sittingha.... ha.... ha... ha....Hey....Lolu Polu...wat U want hun??Shocked Why did U post d pic of Massive....errr....larger than life nose.............ha...ha.....ha.....ha......ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLnow don't make me laugh dat much....or else my stomach will satrt achingROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Btw All d Best to U n Shivang Bhrata....for Ur project of tracking d voices hunWinkLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL...haannnn I too feel sorry abt d guy who dubbed Dara Singhj's voice...ha..ha.....a busy manLOLLOLLOLLOL @ d same time.....ha..ha...dubbing for soooooomany peopleShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Btw mujhe bhi yehi lagta hai....tabhi to ye voices repeat hoti rehti hain.......mere haath ye dabba lag gaya na to kahin chupa dungi...fir dhundhte raho...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL I can hope den we will get some new refreshing voices...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLWink
Awwwww....really glad U liked my Kevat sigs, d texts n esp d hearts I used
So sorry for I did not post my further view regarding DoTW...will comment today positively!Awwww......made my day.....I m sooooo glad U liked my analysis!Ur analysis abt Sudama's wife was also correct!U described husband-wife duties very well! Can't express much or else....d post will be toooo long....to express Ur brilliancy...which is much more than a diamond's!
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Originally posted by lola610

Wowwww I can't wait to reply you guys, way to amaze me with such awesome posts... will do that in just a sec, but until them, I mentioned an Anup Jalota bhajan based on Jatayu's sacrifice a few pgs back... inspired by Janu's req, I made a VM of that bhajan with her sig and clips from the show... will share the lyrics also, hope you enjoy! It's really a touching song Cry



Ram katha mein veer Jatayu ka apna anupam isthaan x2 - in the story of Ram, brave Jatayu has a place of his own
Tulsi ne badbhaagi kahekar kiya Jatayu ka yashgaan - calling him the fortunate one, Tulsidas sang his glories
Ram katha mein...

Sita haran samay Ravan se yuddh kiya, veer gati paaye - when Sita was being abducted, he faught Ravan and attained a valorous warrior's death
shurveer sharnagat rakshak, dharm praan-tyaagi kahelaaye - chivalrous protector of refugees, a righteous martyr was he
par hit mein apne praanon ka dharmveer karte balidaan - for the sake of others, such saintly warriors sacrifice their lives
Ram katha mein...

ant samay bole Raghuvar, "lo, amar tumhe kar deta hoon!" - as his end neared, Ram said, "let me give you immortality"
kahe Jatayu, "nahin taat, bas mukti ka var leta hoon" - Jatayu said, "no brother, I'll just take the gift of salvation"
moksh dwaar par Ram roop mein mahapraan ka mahaprayaan - at the gate of heaven in the form of Ram, the great soul undertook his greatest journey
Ram katha mein...

praan viheen deh godi mein liye Ram karuna barsaaye - taking the lifeless body into his lap, Ram bestowed compassion on it
kamal-nayan ki ashru dhaar se prabhu antim snaan karaaye - with the tears of his lotus eyes, the lord gave him his final bath
"rini rahunga Gidhraaj ka" Lakshman se bole bhagwan - I'll forever be indebted to this king of vultures, the lord told Lakshman
Ram katha mein...

treta yug ke avtaari nar apne haathon chita rachaakar - in treta yug, God's own incarnation prepared his pyre
maan pita sam, agnidaah de tribhuvan ke swami karuna kar - giving him the respect of a father, the merciful master of the three realms cremated him
sadhu Jatayu, dhanya Jatayu, mahabhaag, stutya mahaan - Saint Jatayu, blessed Jatayu, the great soul recieved great praise
Ram katha mein...
Grt vdoU made suiting wth d song....grt lyrics...really touching!Thanx for d precious vdo
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Here is a small sig updt in 3 diff styles!Tongue

Hope U'll likeTongue
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Navdha bhagati kahahun tohin paahi, Saavdhaan sunu, dhar man maahi.
Now I am telling you about 9 types of devotion to which you carefully pay attention and imbibe into heart.

Pratham bhagati santan kar sangaa, Dusari rati Prabhu kathaa prasangaa.
First type of devotion is 'To seek company of saint people', and the second type is 'To develop love for attending the events of story telling about Lord.'

Gurupad pankaj sevaa, teesari bhagati amaan,
Chauthi bhagati Prabhu gun-gan, karai kapat tyaji gaan.
Third is 'To serve the lotus feet of Guru without any pride/ego', and fourth is 'To sing the virtues of Lord leaving aside all the cunningness/decietfulness.'

Mantra-jaap Prabhu dradh biswaasaa, Pancham bhajan suved-prakaashaa.
Fifth well known in Vedas is 'To chant the mantras of Lord keeping faith on that Supreme power of Universe',

Chhath dam sheel virati bahu karmaa, Nirat nirantar sajjan dharmaa.
Sixth type is 'To regulate senses, to have pure character & nature, detachment from excessive works/ambitions and to follow continuously duties of noble man'.

Saatam sam Harimay jag dekhaa, Hari te sant adhik kari lekhaa.
Seventh is 'To see the entire universe equally staying in Lord and to treat devotee saints more than God'.

Aatham jathaa laabh santoshaa, Swapanehu nahi dekhahi pardoshaa.
Eighth is 'To feel contented with whatever available and not to look at anyone's faults to be one's faults even in dreams.'

Navam saral sab san chhal heenaa, Hari bharos hiy harash n deenaa.
Ninth is 'To follow simplicity and innocence in behaviour with all without cheating anyone ever and to keep faith in heart in all situations with neutrality of reactions in both joyful & sorrowful situations.

Navdha bhagati sabari kehe denhi, Saadar Sabari sis dhari linhi.
Thus, HE conveyed the knowledge of nine types of devotion to Shabari and Shabari also grabbed/grasped the message like an order of Lord with total respect.
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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Originally posted by Debipriya

<font size="3">2nd Discussion of the Week

Very Nice and BROAD topic indeedThumbs Up! Yes, we have the scope to discuss the role of Men-Women in society, their Inter-Personal relationship as well as how they contribute to Spiritual journey of the partner- everything can be discussed under this topic.

So, am I the first one to post Embarrassed ? Honestly I don't have many points right now. Just trying to write about the scenes which have Touched Day Dreaming me in various ways'

I love to watch all the scenes of Sunayana Devi. The way she tells Sita about the Duties of a Wife, I think Shri Krishna also have a scene like this where Devaki's mother advices her about the same.

Where Sunayana Devi advices Urmila-Mandavi-Shrutakeerti about staying in Ayodhya and taking care of the elders as that is the primary duty of them at that stage and Most Importantly that she will welcome them all in Mithila only after the problems of Ayodhya are sorted out (i.e.-after the homecoming of Ram-Sita-Lakshman)'Such a Great Lesson from a motherStarStar'

I loved the Mata Anusuya-Sita meeting very much'The whole scene teaches us how an Ideal Wife should Behave. Today, the world has changed a lot and we feel that the Morals/Ideals represented by these chacters are TOO HIGH (Members, please forgive meEmbarrassed for saying this, but that is my opinion, as I have already mentioned in my introductory posts in CC2Smile). But now I feel that those Ideals should be there for us to follow, otherwise there will be no parametre to measure how we are doing in our personal lives, those Ideals should be there for us to compare-learn and improve ourselves whenever we can.

We have discussed a lot about Raavan-Mandodari in our Orkut Ramayan CommunityStar 'Wife has so many roles to perform and Mandodari was a perfect wife'It is really sad that her endeavours could not change the fate of Raavan, but indeed that scene is just TOO GOOD Thumbs Up!

We have also discussed about the Bharat-Maandavi meeting at Nandigram(in prev posts with Sis Lola in CC2 or CC3 ' I don't remember exactly). There we find that Maandavi's duty as a wife(serving her husband) is in conflict with the duty Bharat assigns her(to look after Kaikeyi).

Now one of my favourite scene is when Shri Ram decides to sleep on bed of grass after Sita's exile' I was filled with Respect for Lord Ram watching that scene. And Ram explains to Lakshman that Without the wife a husband must not enjoy any pleasures of life'Such High Ideal Day Dreaming'Just motivates us all to behave in the proper way, to value the sacrifice the other person is making. The LOVE shared by Ram-Sita are just HeavenlyDay Dreaming!

Yes, Vasudev upholding the duties of a Husband after the Akaashvani is another Powerful scene. I also loved that scene, along with the High Ideals, the Sincerity in the relationship of Vasudev and Devaki is also evident here.

Another scene which I remember quite well is the scene where Lakshman and Urmila meet for the last time before Lakshman going to Vanvaas. There also Lakshman gives priority to his duty as a brother(serving elder brother) in comparison to his duty as husband(to look after his wife).

I feel I have moved a bit from the original topic of discussion, but I have this problem of not been able to apply those Ideals in our existence in this KalyugCry. So just tried to do that [i.e.-connecting Treta and Dwapar yug concepts with this(ourConfused ) world

here in my postLOLLOL.

That is all I have to say in the beginning of the discussion. Very sketchy indeed, just touching on the dialogues mentioned by Lola (and left some scenes which I don't remember correctlyEmbarrassed, will definitely watch and comment on them soon). Really interested to read the views of all the members regarding all those scenes. Will catch up with all of you as the discussion progresses in future.

@ Lola,
Excellent way of making it easier for the members to go though all the scenes, you have taken Sooo... Much painSmile in arranging the Topics and mentioning the Youtube links with all of them'Great Work Dear Clap Clap !

Jai Shri Krishna. Jai Shri Ram. </font>

<font color="#6699cc" size="4" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">Wooow, very nice inputs, Debipriya!ClapReally enjoyed reading how you explained the beautiful meaning behind each and every scene, and the true meaning of an ideal husband and wife in each one, really gives a lot for a person to think of.Day Dreaming</font>

<font color="#6699cc" size="4" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">I always enjoy reading your posts sooooooooooooooooooo much, the way you put across your thoughts is just.......wow!StarEven from your Orkut discussions, I can tell that you are such a pro when it comes to debating.Approve I know I'd never be able to express myself as beautifully as you. Am still thinking of the words you and Gunia wrote, they're going through my head right now.EmbarrassedThanks sooooooooooo much for sharing your thoughts.Big smile</font>

So many NICE WORDS for me DearDay Dreaming ??? Love you for all the Love and SupportHug Hug   …

Oh, you are such a Darling SisterHeart! You are initiating all these CCs and taking care of the errands(like the ToC)Star..and also posting regularlyStar…You are a master in multitasking Dear Star…I am not a good debator at all. In fact, my points were of very very elementary levelEmbarrassed. You all are going into great detailsClap…Loved to read about your views on the topicSmile. Anyway, will comment on that later as you finish your analysis, Great going Sister…Enjoying to read itClap

Now coming to your creationsSmile:- The Ram Sita Sig in parchment transparent style with the words "once upon a time" – is Just WOWThumbs Up   !
Loved the use of Yellow in Sita-Rukmini Sig(pg 131)- specially the one with pink border is really very Nice Day Dreaming
All the 4 Ram–Sita Sig of page 126 are brilliantSmile!

BTW- Enjoyed all the Picture Updates DearStar (Shabari Scene, SiyaRam's most romantic first night, Sita Haran and Sita Ma going back to Dharti Ma). And specialy Pic Update of Sita-Luv-Kush (Pg 119) is really Cute Dear! I just Love to watch those episodes again and againDay Dreaming.

Really Excited Thumbs Up Thumbs Up to know about your novel and specially since you are using those famous photos as your characters in the novel- Such a Creative Idea DearThumbs Up ! Enjoyed the Sig and avi version Ram-Shatrughan-Prithvi, and specially the name-The Warrior BrothersClap !!!

Loving the 'Geet' Avi in your profile picSmile…Hope your Laptop is working nowSmile


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Originally posted by Dpka1415


Originally posted by Debipriya

<font size="3">2nd Discussion of the Week

. </font>[/B

<font color="#cc3300" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">OMG !!! Debi di i must say ur sense of Observation is veryyyyy strong.... an honest confession i wasnt able to read ol ur posts earlier bcoz of my examz n preparations n ol .... Angrybt i read dis 1 aaraam se ....n i seriously loved the way u analysed n depicted the comparision in values n practices vich were present in Treta & Dwapar.....n those vich we hav now... aaj kal toh not only in a Husband-Wife relation but in each n every relation lack of trust,lack of respect for each other etc etc etc is veryy common ..i always say to my mom "kaash Kalyug ka ant ho jaye then we'll take birth again in Sat yug.... it'll be fun..."LOLWink</font>


<font color="#cc3300"></font>


<font color="#cc3300" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">wat ur thot on this 1??? LOLWink</font>


<font color="#cc3300" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">lo btao main bhi topic se deviate ho gai ...hehehee...</font>


Sweet SisterHeart…Lots of praise for meHug …Love you DearSmile…You know I still feel that I don't know about Ramayan in details, as I havn't completed the whole series till now Embarrassed…Will try to do it definitely in June. Those comments were my overall impression of the whole series. I am looking forward to your additions Dear Smile…Tab maza aayega jab sab apni views post karenge.

Yes, you are right, lag bhag sabhi rishte me trust aur respect ki abhaav hai aajkal. But I guess that is the feature of Kaliyug. Tabhi to maine apna dukh vyakt kiya tha post meLOL. But agar aap next satya yug me janm lengi bhi, to bhi shayad aapko is janm ka yaad nahi rahegaLOL…ki kabhi humne us bhavishya ki baare me discuss bhi kiya thaLOL…Nahi Sis, aap main topic se deviate nahi hui, Lola ne to kaha hi hai ki aaj ki yug ki reference me bhi discussion chal sakte haiBig smile.

BTW- Very nice Sig on Maharaas, I personally Love thoses lines-" tribhuvan ka swami Bhakto ka das hai"…It tells us everything about the LORDDay Dreaming!
And the Ram-Sita Sig of page 125 is just Excellent!! Specially the 1st oneClap

Another thing, I am very happy that MB CC is a bit active these daysSmile. Like you, I am also very much interested in MB but that remains inactive most of the time…

Now tell me how are you? Busy with the admission of your sister? Forms completion aur submission chal rahe hai? Bahut din se tumhe address nahi kiya CC me ? I know, I am always late in replying EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Love you DearHeart. Take Care.

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Hey Guys,

I made a winterish siggie of Ram and Lakshman....the eternal brothers.Big smile Hope you like it.
Snowfall Effect
Blue Glitter Border
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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Here are more questions for you Ashykins!



Thanks again! PS Anyone else, if you asked me questions, could you please tell me the page number here because I'm not looking back as I have very little time. Studying for exams But thank you all really, really appreciate it!


A List of Favorites


Top Five Favorite Books (please mention authors as well so that we can find them if we want to read them): [QUOTE

The Help by Kathryn Stockett, Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, Mahabharat by Ganesh and Ramayan by Valmiki


Favorite Fictional Couple and Why: [QUOTE

Darcy and Elizabeth from P&P, loved their whole story


Least Favorite Fictional Couple and Why: [QUOTE

Edward and Bella, they call themselves in love. I call it lust


Which Book do you wish was made into a movie and why?[QUOTE

The Help!


Favorite American TV Show (still running):[QUOTE

Nothing really


Favorite American TV Show (ended):[QUOTE

Full House!!!!!


Favorite Indian TV Show (still running):[QUOTE



Favorite Indian TV Show (ended):[QUOTE

Ramanand Sagar Ramayan =) And this one show called Chakravakam in my language


Favorite American Onscreen Couple:[QUOTE

Sonny and Chad from SWAC? Haha, or Rebecca/Jessie from Full House


Favorite American Offscreen Couple:[QUOTE

Selena and David


Favorite Indian Onscreen Couple: [QUOTE

Umm Geet and Mann?


Favorite Indian Offscreen Couple: [QUOTE

Ahh don't have any L


Favorite Mythological Show:[QUOTE

BRC Mahabharat or RS Ramayan


Favorite Historical Show:[QUOTE

Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi's Chanakya seriall


Worst American TV show that has ever been aired (or is still airing):[QUOTE



Worst Indian TV show that has ever been aired (or is still airing):[QUOTE

Now it's MJHT!!!!


Favorite American Movie:[QUOTE

Ahh I don't want TV really. I don't know. Hmm FINDING NEMO!


Favorite Indian Movie:[QUOTE

Magadheera and Chatrapati – Telugu and Hindi – Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham


Favorite Cartoon Show:[QUOTE

Tom and Jerry


Favorite Classical Disney Movie:[QUOTE

Tie between Mulan and The Lion King


Favorite Language after your native tongue:[QUOTE



Best Actor/Actress Role Model in America (why?):[QUOTE

Selena Gomez? Lol


Best Actor/Actress Role Model in India (why?):s[QUOTE

Genelia D'Souza, doesn't expose much =)


Favorite Hobby on a Weekend (when you have no homework to fill time):[QUOTE

Playing tennis, going on computer, watching movies, singing[/quote


Favorite Day of the Week:[quote



Least Favorite Day of the Week:[quote



Favorite American Food:[quote



Favorite Indian Food:[quote



Favorite American Dessert:[quote

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies =)[/quote


Favorite Indian Dessert:[quote

carrot halwa[/quote


Your Favorite Possession:[quote

spelling bee trophies! And family photo albums[/quote


Your Favorite Friend (you do not have to mention her name if you don't want to)....why do you like her?s:[quote

I don't wanna mention her name but she's my favorite friend because she's true and we have never fought in 11 years. Not once.[/quote


Your Favorite Color:[quote

Black, Green, Light Blue[/quote


Bollywood or Tellywood?:[quote



Hollywood or Bollywood?:[quote

Hollywood. I used to love Bollywood so much more but now they are really ruining it.[/quote


Bollywood or Tollywood?:[quote



Hollywood or Tollywood?:[quote



Any wood?  (as in, do you like any TV?):[quote

don't watch too much..lol[/quote


Favorite Quality you like to look for in a person when you first meet them:[quote

Honesty, pertaining anything[/quote


A quality you HATE in anyone:[quote

Hypocrisy, can't stand it[/quote


Favorite Person in this CC:[quote

aww I love everyone lol[/quote


Least Favorite Person in this CC :[quote

*aghast* Nobody![/quote



Hmm....all I can think of for now....will be back with more.....much MUCH more. [quote

can't wait =P[/quote


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