Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#2 DONE!(Page 145)

Posted: 2010-03-13T02:04:31Z
Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

Wooooow, great going guys, 5 pages overnight!ClapParty  To all the new members here who don't know much about IF, once a thread completes 150 pages, the mods of the forum lock it because too many pages for a thread slows down the forum. That is how we are on CC #2 right now, because CC #1 we completed 150 pages (if we accidentally go over to like 151 or 152 that's fine too). We are very close to completing this CC too, so keep up the great work guys! I am working on the CC #3 thread, so once it is completed, I will post the link here and we all can meet there then.Big smile
wwwooooooowwwww di m vryyyyy excited abt CC#3 LOL
OMG, I thought I commented on the SK sigs Deepika, I am soooo sorry.Confused I honestly thought I had commented on those, but if I didn't, I'm really sorry!Cry  Gunia is right. Whenever you post, it feels like Deepikaji herself is posting because of your username. How could we ever be angry at you????Blushing You are like our CC's sweet Sitaji. Anyhow, the SK sigs are really gorgeous and colorful, just like the new SiyaRam RadheShyam and Sai Baba ones, each of your work is MINDBLOWING!ClapClapClapClap LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Can never get enough of them!Big smile
no probs di ... plzzz dnt feel sorry at all... i know u guyz r always dere...  Hug
n thnk a ton fr liking the new sig. of mine ....Hug
awwww.... SITAJI of CC ... how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
thnks alot .... m honoured Smile 
i love the new sig. of Sitaji u posted yesterday .... its veryyyyyy sweeeeet n beautiful ....ClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

This weekend I will be relatively free compared to the coming ones, so is there any kind of pic update you would like put up from Ramayan (I don't have SK vids so the quality would be terrible since they'll be from youtube)?
I want to put the new pic update up at the new CC since we'll prob finish this one by tomorrow. What kind of scene would seem good for the opening of a new CC? We already have Rajyabhishek, Vivah, and the Swayamvar ones done.
acording to me ... either agnipariksha or sitaji going back to dharti mata ....if m not wrong we dont have pics of these scenes ...
or the pics of Ramji goin to Vanvas ..
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Posted: 2010-03-13T02:15:48Z
Originally posted by arun-deeps

@Dpka Di-Hi Di! Oh! So sorry to hear abt d quarrel wth Ur closest friend!Unhappy Plz don't worry...n don't hurt Urself by recalling her! Though I'm yonger than U so if meri koi baat aapko aachi na lage ya kuch elders jaise salaah dene lag jau to Plz forgive me!OuchCry Bt I can't bear that any sorrow or that dirty line of worries coming on the forehead of my dear ones! Cry And U r my dear Di... I know that it hurts alooooooot when a close frnd leaves us that too ecoz of a 3rd person who is no one B/w that strong n lovely bond of friendship........ so I would say that don't hurt Urself due to such a person who does not cares at Ur feelings!Angry
hmmm ... thts rite ... thnks fr d advice .. no probs .. humesha zaruri nahi ki bado ki advice hi sahi ho ... kabi kabi chhote bhi sahi hote hai .. n my younger sis also adviced me the same wat u said .. ... SmileSmileSmileSmile
And off course...we r Ur family n are always wth U! And don't feel bad at all abt U released Ur anger.....WE r ready for that tooSmile We can do anything for our dis cute family! Big smileAfter all that is what we learn frm our mythos!Big smile  
ek dum sach baat hai .... !! Big smileLOLSmile
And yeah that d spirit Di! Thumbs Up We'll keep rocking as always!Dancing No worries n tensions!
we r actually rocking .. abt to land on CC#3  LOL
Btw I m studying good!Big smile Thanx for d good wishes!Smile 
thts veryyy good hope you get excellent results .. Smile
And yes....Ur Gokulashtami sigs were beyond ossum....d things I liked d most were-1. The pic selection 2. The diff shades U gave n 3. The text U chose n that too with a b'ful font!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
thnk u sooooooooooo much dear for liking my work ... Hug
yeah i also loved dis font ... mythos ke saath match ho raha hai .. Wink
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Posted: 2010-03-13T11:50:15Z
@ Shivang bhaiya - lol mera ek naam chun paane par aapko bahut badhaai ho, aaj kal yeh kaarya itna sahaj nahin hai jitna pehle hua karta tha LOL I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could get those Chalo Re Chalo Krishna Premiyon lyrics down for me until it airs here, millions and billions of thanks for that HugHugHugHug And if by then you find a way of recording it too, then I can explain step by step many diff ways by which you can copy to the computer and really put me on cloud 9 Wink but lyrics bhi ho to I'll be delighted... thank you! And wowwwwzzzzz sooooo many of the lyrics from orkut you brought over... I was gonna do like you said and copy them over with translations this week, but you beat me to it LOL Thank you soooooooooooooo much, brilliant work with all of them... can't wait for more ClapClapClapClapClap

@ Gunia - tumhe kritarth kiya, to hamaara post karna saphal hua... hum dhanya ho gaye LOL Plz do keep me posted on the exact release date of that LavKush animated moive, holidays mein aayegi to we can both watch soon as it comes out and discuss Dancing And sowwie for not posting yesterday, was just trying to get that sig update ready at the gallery... kshama karna behna Embarrassed

@ Deeps - Dad said most welcome, he really really loves it Big smile And everything you said about our CC is absolutely true, we're all like one divinely connected vansh and I hope it stays that way Dancing And wowwwwwwwwww that Gokulashtami sig is beyond perfection... text, texture, pics, all are perfect... left a much longer comment at your blog, I'm really in love with it and def gonna use it soon as I get a chance to play around with my sigbox again! Keep rocking ClapClapClapClap

@ Debi di - awwww thanks for the lovely post on your mytho-watching and fandom-accumulating experience di, it was really an enjoyable read... we all can definitely relate to your experience! Agreed that Ramayan is heavy on emotion when compared to Mahabharat, and Mahabharat is more relatable to modern times cuz nobody's supposed to be perfect... but like Shivang bhaiya I also watch in order to feel like I'm being transported to this whole different world where everybody's on the right track, not to get more of the same imperfect reality we already live in LOL... and because of all the violence, my grandmas only showed me MB fully after I started school, before I had only seen the Krishna leela epis. RAmayan and SK I had seen since infancy probably, that's why I'm more attached to them... but together these three can't be beat by any other serials and are simply immortal... they deserve endless appreciation and provide material for countless fruitful discussions, so I'm really really glad we have thes CCs and communities and each other so we can do both Star And million thanks for those lyrics, saved me all the work! Lovely job ClapClapClapClapClap

@ Laliballi - never imagined our little CC biz would get this far this fast, we feel like proud parents don't we LOL Thanks for the shoooo shweet compliments, what can I say... your company makes me better and better each day Wink Idk if Paulomi's younger than Reshma and Pinky, but in scenes like this and the Janmashtami flashback moment she sure looks like it! But my mommy theorizes that people like me, her, and Paulomi who have roundish faces rather than long skinny ones always look younger anyway LOL
But anyways your Deepika sig is sooooo cute, the
flower just adds the perfect touch to the adorable pics ClapClapClapClapClap As for the next CC's opening pic updt, how about something from Kishkindha or Sundar Kand for a change? Like Hanuman's flight upto the burning of Lanka, minus the Ram Kahani ones since we have them already? Or... something later, but still focusing on our beloved Vanar Sena? I will have the music banner done real soon, promise... and btw your HP-mytho hypbrid name idea sounds perfect... way to reflect your interests, my screename's so blah in comparison LOL Any ideas for an SK pic updt? How about the Dashavtaar stories from the beginning of the show, would that be good?
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Posted: 2010-03-13T12:00:28Z
Here's a sig of lovely Paulommi:
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Posted: 2010-03-13T12:16:03Z
Shivang bhaiya, I've just scrapped you with my suggestion as to which dialogue post I'd like to see next... but thanks for all the lyrics once again, besides the fact that we really needed them, you reminded me of something I wanna share with all of you guys... since my audio editor program is up and running again, here is the downloadable MP3 of one of my absolute fav songs from Ramayan - the 2nd to last battle track, Nirnay Ki Ghadi Ab Aayi Hai... it is acctually a two-parter as bhaiya showed us, with a break in the middle when Ravan loses consciousness, but with the help of that program I've turned it into one continuous track... enjoy!
I also used it unite the entire Janmashtami song sequence from SK, hope you like!
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Posted: 2010-03-13T12:44:20Z
Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

Here's a sig of lovely Paulommi:

Awwww it's a real stunner, Lali... I LOVE it ClapClapClapClap All the bruses are so perfect and warm and happy... and the Krishna-Vishnu paintings you blended in are soooooo lovely! You know I'm snagging it... gotta make a whole new slideshow and this along with Deep's Gokulashtami sig are def going in Dancing Can't wait to see more, keep rocking honeybunch!
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Posted: 2010-03-13T19:57:40Z
I tried making icons....here's my first attempt.Embarrassed
Without Text:
With Text:
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