MayRa/ShivJen DT #70 "Jo Jag se Kaha na Jaaye, Bas Tujhse Kehna Ji"

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Here in this Discussion Thread, You can discuss everything related to Rudra, Maya & others too.

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Maya Jai Singh

An enigma is perhaps the best way to describe her. There are several facets to her and to peel off every layer, you need to exercise patience. 

If you’ve to fit her in a box, you could say she is a successful author who comes with her baggage of emotional trauma. She has been wronged in the past. She is extremely shrewd, manipulative yet endearing and has a fiercely protective side which can be glimpsed when she is with her mother. 


Rudra Roy

Rudra comes from an elite and affluent family and you’d expect him to climb the ladder by using his familial connections but he is as independent as they come and loathes his ties to his father. He is extremely fond of his younger brother. 

Rudra has a clear conscience and a strong sense of ethic, whether it is in regards to his work or his relationship with his best friend. 

He is stubborn but not stupid, fierce but not aggressive and protective but not overbearing.

Their Journey SFar 

A seemingly deceptive journey of two equals who have qualms about love has been embarked on; which is laced with half truths, malice, trust, begrudging respect and chemistry which is off the charts. 

As time has passed by, a lot of facets to their personalities have been revealed and their has been a paradigm shift in their dynamics. 

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Shivin Narang

Shivin Narang is an Indian television actor and model. He is primarily known for his work in small screen industry.

Born : 7 August 1990, New Delhi, Delhi


Jennifer Winget

Jennifer Winget is an Indian Television actress. She is primarily known for her work in small screen television. Jennifer is a beautiful actress who has also appeared as a Child artist in Bollywood films.

Born : 30 May 1985, Goregaon, Mumbai


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 Beyhadh 2 Forum Rules and Regulations

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MayRa/ShivJen DT #68 "Khushbu teri chhu ke kastoori ho jaaoon"

MayRa/ShivJen DT #69 "Lost Inside Your Love Forever"

Link of Next Discussion Thread

MayRa/ShivJen DT#71 "Aakhon mein Nami, Hansi Labon Par"

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Welcoming All the New Members to this Discussion Threadsmiley31

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~~Credits: Tiaraa~~




~~Credits: tournesol~~



~~Credits: _._shibani_._~~
















#Beyhadh2 when vms are the only way to feel happy these days missing MayRa 🥺.. this song speaks my heart actually more than Rudra@shivin7

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11:08 AM - Apr 15, 2020
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Members are welcomed to give thier pieces of creativity to add to the beauty of MayRa and their story to this threadsmiley27

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~~ credits: tournesol ~~



We met and I fell in love with you. What were those droplets of rain that soaked my blood with peace and calm? I still question if the day we kissed was a mistake or our destiny. I still question if the burden of our pasts was a stab or a lesson. Have I shed more tears or more blood in your love? Perhaps the blood and tears found each other and flowed into the Holy water to never take birth again. When I loved you I wanted to be yours forever. I know you wanted the same. I wanted to be Beyhadh in your love. I know you wanted the same.

When a boundless love takes flight, it has to pay its cost to every limit that stands in the way. It has to give answers, be eligible for its boundlessness. When love loses its limit, so does hurt, pain and hatred. The fire of passion can burn down the town in its ire. I wish our love to reaffirm its purity in the fire. If Maya (illusion) is Beyhadh, then so is her Rudra (passion/anger) when Maya shatters. Rudra is Maya's and Maya is Rudra's. When Rudra is hurt, Maya is born again.

I have hidden us from the world, protected you in my heart. Because only you can erase my darkness. I know you have done the same. Both Maya and Rudra are Beyhadh. Whether in love, in hatred or in pure passion, we would burn down every illusion. My blood rests in my veins to dedicate my last breath to you.

Tod do apni hadhe. Beyhadh ho jao. We can do it.

Happy 2nd month Wedding Anniversary to MayRa <3

~~ credits: Armu4eva ~~


I love you like I hate you and I hate you like I love you


Rudra Mrityunjay Roy would have never thought that love had the power to destroy him and his world once again, but then this love is not just a love of youthful glee or a fleeting moment in history. This love is a tempest and Rudra Roy has been swept up. Maya Jaisingh came into his life as a nemesis but entered his heart as its only beat. The journey of Maya & Rudra, from foes to friends and then to lovers has not just every MayRa fan hooked but even neutrals left buzzing. Their confessions of love, the declarations of marital vows, the commitments made, and the moments spent are easily the highest points of this show. MayRa prove that in darkness also, there will be light.


As Maya JaiSingh once famously said, kabhi kabhi galat log sahi waqt par mil jate hain aur sahi log galat waqt par, today Rudra would be wondering, waqt galat tha ya Maya? The wheels of his brains have started to turn post the shocking reveal of Maya being responsible for Rishi’s death but again shayad waqt galat hai coz Maya has forgotten his very existence.


As a diehard MayRa fan, having enjoyed the journey of this unconventional and once in a lifetime couple, I look forward to the tumultuous road that lies ahead. A huge congratulations to the entire DT for hitting the half century. Aur jaate jaate, here’s a small dedication:



She's an obsession that I just can't quit
She's a way of life and I'm in love with it
There's no wrong that she can ever do
Because I will always be in love with you..

Jordan Trodick

~~ credits: dusk2dawn ~~


Rudra ka beyhad Pyaar

Main jitna door jaana chaahta hoon tumse

Tum utni hi paas rehti ho mere

Khwaab bankar,

Kabhi khayaal bankar

Ya ek meethi si yaad bankar

Kya kahoon ki tum kya ho?

Mere jeene ki wajah

Ya meri zindagi ki nayi subah..

Meri beyhadh mohabbat ka sabab ya

Meri saanso ki talab..

Meri rooh ka tum sukoon,

Tum hi mere ishq ka junoon..

Mere haath mein tumhaara haath,

Zindagi bhar maanga hai tumhaara saath.

Kaise bayaan karoon inhe alfaazo mein.

Tum har jagah mere ehsaaso mein.

Tum hi ho meri zindagi,

Tumse hi meri bandagi..

Tum hi ho meri zindagi ki seher,

Mujh par mere khuda ki meher..

Kitni mannato ke baad hai tumhe paaya..

Tum ho Rudra ki Maya..

Aur main Maya ka Rudra..


Beyhad nafrat

Yeh kaisi hai kashmakash,

Ho gaya main bebas..

Main jhujh raha hoon iss qadar,

Na mujhe khud ki hai khabar.

Nahi rehna chaahta tha tumse door

Waqt ke haathon huva main aisa majboor..

Tumhaare dil ne di thi mujhe panaah..

Phir kyun huva tumse yeh gunaah,

Jaanana chaahta hoon main uski wajah..

Tumhaari har yaad ko dena chaahta hoon jalaa..

Nahi paa raha tumhe bhulaa..

Phir kyun ho rahi hai yeh dard bhari chubhan..

Kyun mehsus kar raha hoon main yeh ghutan..

Kyun mujhe ho raha hai ehsaas,

Tum yahin ho mere aas- paas..

Mita dena chaahta hoon tumhaara saaya..

Kahaan ho tum Maya..

Dil se maang raha ijaazat,

Ki ho jaaye tumse beyhadh nafrat..

Kaise bhul paaun tumhe,

Karta tha tumse beyhadh mohabbat..

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