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Hey Beyhad fans, there are many amazing stories being written about Beyhad right now and I know that they need to available without much difficulty so I have compiled them together.

Since there are very few right now, I could find them easily, but this won't last long. So this is the thread where the links to every story related to Beyhad 2 are available.

Please help me by giving the name and links of any Beyhad 2 stories on this forum, be it yours or your friends'. Do comment with the names and links. It'll be a great help!

Every time you write a new story, don't forget to comment your story's link. Also, please notify the change in the status of your story.

I'll try updating every Saturday.

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Each post has names of 5 forum members and the list of their stories.

The following indicate the status of the stories to the best of my knowledge.

Image Complete



Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

Post 4

Post 5

Post 6

Post 7

Post 8

Post 9 (https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/post/151967802)

Post 10- Contains Threads of Episode Analysis

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Image|Happily Ever After| ~ MayRu TS


ImageOS : Revenge Completed! 

~~ NamuVyas ~~

Rudra Maya short OS " The first touch"

Image*MUJHME HI TU RAHE* Maya Rudra FF - Part 1 page 1 updated 

Image MayRa OS ** HER PAIN **

ImageMayRa OS... I wanna be urs forever.. completed page 2 14+

Image MayRa FF *Rishis Truth*

Image MayRa FF *love or hate* bringing back Mayas memory.. 4 part ff

Image *Beyhadh hai yeh aashiqui* MayRa FF ( an alternate take) epilogue


ImageMayRa OS: I love you

Image MayRa OS: Healing

Image MayRa SS: Black Widow

Image MayRa TS: For An Eternity (Part 1, pg-1)

Image MayRa OS: For one not won

Image MayRa SS: Not a Love Story

~~ _._shibani_._ ~~

ImagePain- Maya Drabble

ImageIllusion- Maya Drabble

Image Maya Drabble- The Shloka ( based on episode 1)

Image Maya Drabble-Flinch

ImageMaya/Ananya OS- The Journey to Self (Alternative universe)

ImageMayRa SS- Two Negatives make a Positive 

Image MayRa OS- The Drunk Meeting

Image  Ananya OS Series-That's What Friends are for (Alternate Universe, 14+)

Image Beyhad 2 Fun Post- Inside Their Phone

Image Antara/MJ OS-The first heartbreak

Image MayRa OS- The Wrong Kiss (14+)

Image RuRa OS-Never Kiss your Best friend (Alternative universe)

Image Drabble-The Name That is Mine

Image Beyhad 2 Fun Post- Beyhad 2 IVs

Image Drabble-Dear Crush

Image OS- Design me a Tattoo

Image Drabble- The Red in my Ledger

Image Drabble- Raakh

Image OS- How (Not) to Woo Your Crush (Alternative universe)

Image Drabble- Forbidden

Image Drabble- The Last What If

Image Beyhad 2 Fun Post: Beyhad 2 Crossovers

Image MayRa OS Series- Boss Baby

Image MayRa OS- Late Nights with Rudy

Image MayRa OS- Love Potion (?) [14+]

ImageRajeev OS- Princess in Uniform Armour (Alternative Universe)
Image Drabble- Ecstasy

Image MayRa OS-Morning, Love [18+]

Image Beyhad 2 OS- The Start, the End and the Everything in Between

ImageRuRa OS- Quarantimingly Yours

Image Rishi drabble- The Cost of Falling in Love

Image Rudra OS- Between Lies and Truth

Image MayRa OS series- 4 ways of Saying I love you without saying I Love you

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