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Beyhadh Pyar...Limitless love...Part 1

Harshwardhan and Rajeshwari were busy arranging their house.

Suddenly they heard some voices:Dadimaa..Dadaji...

They smiled seeing them.



Rudra and Preeti hugged them.

Rudra and Preeti are not related to Harshwardhan and Rajeshwari.But they were close to them.They were like their grand children.Rudra was Harshwardhan's company manager's son who works in their company itself.Preeti is Rudra's best friend.

Rudra:Why you both are busy?

Preeti:Any guest?

Rajeshwari:Our grand daughter is coming back from abroad after her studies.

Rudra and Preeti were surprised.

Preeti:You mean Maya?


Rudra:Wow!You both talk about Maya always.I am curious to see Maya now.I want to know how Maya is in real.

Harsh:She is above all the imaginations.

Preeti:Is she a bomb?

Rajeshwari:Time bomb!

Rudra and Preeti laughed.

Rudra:Then we will have to see her.

They smiled.

Finally Harshwardhan-Rajeshwari's longest wait got over as Maya arrived.

Maya hugged them:Dadaji..Dadimaa..missed you both a lot.

Harsh:We too missed you.

Rajeshwari:Now we won't leave you.

Maya:Even I am not planning to leave you both.

Beyhadh Spoiler: Post Leap Arjun Breaks Up With Maya; Saanjh ...



Rajeshwari:You really made us happy with this decision.


Maya smiled.

Harsh:Now onwards you should look after our business.

Maya:But Dadaji...

Harsh:You did business studies and MBA.You can do it well.

Maya:Thank you dadaji for the support.I will do my best.

They smiled.

Preeti entered the house.

Preeti looked at Maya anxiously:Maya?

Maya nodded her head.

Preeti ran towards her shaking her hands in excitement:Wow Maya.You look stunning than I expected.

Maya gave a questioning look to her grand parents.

Harsh:She is our Laadli Preeti.

Maya:O Preeti...Dadaji and Dadimaa always tell about you and Rudra.Nice to meet you.

Preeti:Nice to meet you too Maya.

Maya:Where is the other person Rudra?

Rajeshwari:Right.Where is Rudra?

Preeti:Rudra is busy with his work dadimaa.He has not finished his work yet.

Harsh:Rudra is the most sincere person in our company.He is just like his dad Mrityunjay.

Maya smiled.

Harsh:Maya will be joining our company.Now onwards it's complete rest for me.Maya will do everything.

Preeti:That's cool.Welcome Maya.

Maya:Thank you.

Preeti and Rudra are not only best friends,but also neighbours.

Preeti told Rudra about meeting Maya.

He was surprised:Oh you already met Maya?

Preeti:Yes.I can't describe her.She is beyond everything.

Rudra:Cool.I want to see her.

Preeti:We can see her daily.Because she is going to be our new Boss.

Rudra was surprised:Really?

Preeti:Yes.Tomorrow we are organizing a party to welcome Maya.

Rudra:But I have field work.

Preeti:Cool down.Anyways you will come before the party ends.Then what's the problem?


Maya was welcomed grandly in the party.

Maya:I heard that all the arrangements are made by you Preeti.You have done a good job.I am impressed.

Preeti:Thank you so much Ma'am.I am glad that you liked whatever arrangements I made.

Maya:Why are you calling me Ma'am?

Preeti:Because now you are my boss.

Maya:Call me Maya .That's what I like.

Preeti:Ok Maya.

Maya smiled.

Everyone wore masks to dance to the rocking music.

Maya looked at Mrityunjay who is not only the trustful manager of their company,but also Rudra's father.

Maya:Hello MJ.I heard a lot about you from Dadaji.Dadaji always praises you.Thanks a lot for being the right hand of my Dadaji.

Mrityunjay:It's your dadaji who gave me a job here when I was nothing.I will always be grateful to him and this company.Till my last breath I will live for this company.So please don't thank me for that.

Maya smiled:No wonder why dadaji loves you.

Mrityunjay smiled:I taught the same to my son also.He will also do everything for this company.

Maya:Nice.But still i did'nt see Rudra here.

MJ:Sorry for that.He is workaholic,He is into field work now.He will come soon.


Where is your wife?I would like to meet her.

MJ:Yes sure.

Mrityunjay brought his wife holding her hand:This is my lovely Antara.

Maya smiled.

Antara:Hello Maya.

Maya:Hello.You both look so much in love now also.

Antara:True love is like that Maya.Age is not a barrier in love.

Maya smiled.

Everyone got busy with the dance.

Rudra entered the hall.

Suddenly his eyes fell on the girl who was standing on a corner.He saw her gown's back zip being open.

Rudra:Oh no..guess this girl did not even know it.I have to tell her that.Otherwise she will get defamed before public.

Rudra went near her:Excuse me.

She looked at him:Yes.

Rudra:Sorry..your zip is open at the back.

She felt embarrassed that without being able to face him she looked down.

She tried to put the zip.But she could not.Rudra understood her condition.

Rudra:If you don't mind I will help you.You can trust me.

Since there was no other option she nodded her head in 'yes'.

She turned back.He zipped her her dress up.

She looked at him.Though her face was covered Rudra could see her lovely eyes.

He was lost in her eyes.

She:Thank you very much.

Rudra:It's ok.No need of thanking me.

She:If it was any other man he would have tried to take advantage of the situation.But you did'nt do that.So I really need to thank you.You are really a nice man.

Rudra smiled.

She:May I know my saviour's name?

Rudra giggled:Saviour?How?

She:You saved me from public humiliation.So you are my saviour.

He smiled.

Rudra:Ok.My name is Rudra.

Her eyes glowed hearing his name.

Rudra:What about your name? I have not seen you here before?

She smiled:Because I just joined now.Maya..that's my name.

Rudra was stunned:Maya?

Maya nodded smiling.

Rudra:Oh my God!I am sorry.I could not recognize you Ma'am.

Maya:It's ok.But call me Maya.That's what I want.


Maya extended her hand towards him:Nice to meet you.

Rudra shook her hand:Nice to meet you too.

Preeti came near them removing the mask.

Preeti:Finally both of you met each other?

Rudra-Maya:Yes. wore the mask.But you did'nt dance.

Maya:I did'nt get a partner.

Preeti:Even I did'nt anyone.So I danced alone.

Maya:I don't like dancing alone.That's why.

Maya looked at Rudra:Can I have the pleasure of dancing with you?

Rudra was stunned.

He became nervous:But how can I?

Preeti:Rudra...come on.Maya is your Boss.Listen to her.

Rudra nodded slowly:Ok.

Maya smiled.She held his hand and started dancing though he was nervous.

Rudra was getting goosebumps while dancing with Maya.

After a few days....

Rudra entered Maya's  cabin as Maya called him.

Rudra:Yes Maya.

Maya:Rudra,we need to have a meeting with Joy companies soon.For that you need to do a presentation.

Rudra:Yes sure Maya.I will do that.

Maya:But this presentation will not be that easy.You really need to work on it.

Rudra:I will do anything for this company Maya.I will really work hard and give my best to prepare the presentation.

Maya smiled.

After a few days Rudra did the presentation and they grabbed the project.Maya was very excited.

Maya:We won Rudra.We won.It's because of your presentation that we got such a big project.

Rudra smiled:Thank you Maya.

Maya:Actually I had doubts whether you will be able to do it.But dadaji assured me that you will do it,that's why I told you to do it.But you really surprised me.Too good Rudra.

Maya embraced him in excitement.Rudra was stunned.Slowly he smiled.They broke the embrace and smiled at each other.

When Maya took a few foot steps backward she slipped and fell on the chair.Rudra too lost his balance,but he managed to hold her chair.He was standing close to Maya who was sitting on the chair.They looked at each other's eyes.

Rudra realized that he was standing close to Maya.He moved backward and said:Sorry Maya.I..

Maya:It's ok.

He walked out of her cabin shyly.

Maya parked the car to go somewhere.A man came in front of her.She was shocked to him.

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Wow!!! This is really interesting... smiley32 smiley32

So, MJ is a trustful manager in Maya's grandfather's company... And Rudra and Preeti also work there...

Rudra and Preeti are neighbours as well as best friends... 

Loved Maya and Rudra's scene... Also loved Rudra and Preeti's friendship and their scenes with Maya's grandparents...

Loved it... smiley27

Waiting for the next part...

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Nice startsmiley20

Posted: 1 months ago

Amazing smiley20loved the screenshots. smiley42

Posted: 1 months ago

great job dear...fantastic

Posted: 1 months ago



Awesome updatesmiley9Surprised to see Avika as Preetismiley9Rudra excited to meet Mayasmiley9Everyone welcomed Maya in the office was cutesmiley9Family scenesmiley27MJ as good is funnysmiley37Rudra Maya scene in the party and then in office superbsmiley9Rudra falling for hersmiley9Now who is the person whom she got shocked to see? Perfect pics smiley27

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Interesting story

Waiting for next

Posted: 1 months ago

amazing chapter

awe dadaji & dadima were so happy to see maya back but got more happy when she said she will stay with themsmiley4

awe mayra first meeting & they got lost in each othersmiley2

everything were going perfect in their life even they got new projectsmiley4

uff mayra little momentsmiley43

now who is that guy seeing him maya got shocked?smiley42

continue plz

Beyhadh 2 

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