MayRa (Jenny/Shivin) DT #11 "Sirf Tum Mere Kaabil Ho Rudra"

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Hello! Everyone

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Here in this Discussion Thread, You can discuss everything related to Rudra, Maya & others too.

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Maya Jai Singh

An enigma is perhaps the best way to describe her. There are several facets to her and to peel off every layer, you need to exercise patience. 

If you’ve to fit her in a box, you could say she is a successful author who comes with her baggage of emotional trauma. She has been wronged in the past. She is extremely shrewd, manipulative yet endearing and has a fiercely protective side which can be glimpsed when she is with her mother. 


Rudra Roy

Rudra comes from an elite and affluent family and you’d expect him to climb the ladder by using his familial connections but he is as independent as they come and loathes his ties to his father. He is extremely fond of his younger brother. 

Rudra has a clear conscience and a strong sense of ethic, whether it is in regards to his work or his relationship with his best friend. 

He is stubborn but not stupid, fierce but not aggressive and protective but not overbearing.

Their Journey So Far 

Maya and Rudra has embarked on a journey which is invigorating, to say the least. 

The words and expressions used to define their explosive rendezvous could be:


The word which Maya often uses when it comes to Rudra. They both need each other. Though their reasons are diametrically different but in its purest essence, they are extremely vital to each other.

Mujhe ek aise insaan ki zaroorat hai jo mujhe apne seene mein chupa kar rakhe... jo iss duniya ke gandi nazar tak mujhpe padne na dein.

Maya has used this dialogue to trap Rishi and it sounded like the wickedest way to ensure that he keeps her identity a secret.. but this, in hindsight, was more than that for her. It sounded like it was her wish. 

The way Rudra spun her around and hid her from the world, LITERALLY. 

They need each other. In every which way. 


Another word which has been explicitly used in the show. Both of them have absolutely no trust in each other, yet, but things are bound to change, considering when she was in throes of panic, she seeks comfort in him and has unconsciously latched onto him. 


Rudra always manages to throw Maya off. There’s an infinitesimal expression of approval when he heeds to her plans but then he goes ahead and does something which garners her respect, albeit grudgingly. Little gestures which speaks volumes. She didn’t think he’d send the contract over to his lawyer. She wasn’t expecting Ananya to have an equal footing in the company and when Rudra hands over that contract to her for her signature, there’s this grudging amount of admiration that he isn’t your regular jock who’d be so smitten by her and over the moon by signing the investor that he desperately needed. He didn’t just bulldoze through everything but sought out his business partner’s decision as well. 

Commitment, loyalty and passion.

These traits are extremely vital to her and he has proven himself to be worthy and somehow in the process, managed to unnerve her.

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Shivin Narang

Shivin Narang is an Indian television actor and model. He is primarily known for his work in small screen industry.

Born : 7 August 1990, New Delhi, Delhi

Jennifer Winget

Jennifer Winget is an Indian Television actress. She is primarily known for her work in small screen television. Jennifer is a beautiful actress who has also appeared as a Child artist in Bollywood films.

Born : 30 May 1985, Goregaon, Mumbai

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