Her Hatred Vs His Love Ongoing

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Maya Jai Singh had been waiting for eight years to have her revenge and she will let nothing get in her way and use anyone to have her way . And her first target was Rudra Roy ,son of Mrityunjay Roy the man who destroyed her life. Rudra Roy wanted to live outside the shadow cast by his powerful father , after a painful past with regards to his ex girlfriend. He had no interest to fall in love until he met her ,Maya . The siren to his heart , the girl he would risk his life for in a heartbeat but whose heart was locked for him . Maya hatred and Rudra love clashes together . Their past comes back to haunt their present and confuse their future . Two lost souls bound together on a journey where one longs for love ,the others longs for blood . Based on the Hindi show Beyhadh 2 , but doesn't follow the show track ..
Author's Note:
A Warm Welcome to any one who gives this story a try. The story doesnt follow the show and is written based on my imagination . And the story is darker and may not be appropriate for everyone. And i am still writing it ,so the updates could be slower
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Beyhadh 2 

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