Ananya OS Series- That's What Friends are for!

Ananya OS Series- That's What Friends are for! Completed

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Just Ananya helping her friends out as they discover their crushes, sexualities and everything in between.
Author's Note:
When Ananya was introduced in Beyhad 2, I always saw a part of myself in her, goofy, star struck and who wouldn’t shut up. I always wanted Anaya to be portrayed as a feminist and an open-minded person, but thanks to CVs she is marrying off a man who doesn’t love her. Anywho, this 2-part OS series deals with Ananya helping people with their sexual orientations. I will not tolerate any homophobic/rude comments. Please be nice,because even our Indian other mainstream pop cultures, such as web series and books are accepting the LGBTQAI+ groups in their stories and we want Indian TV to do so, even though we clearly know they won't. If you do not like such a story, do not read it, but if you do, like and comment. Also, has light swearing, so if you are uncomfortable, avoid reading. Rating it 14+ because of swearing and vague reference to sex and other such topics,kiddos, don’t read unless your parents don’t mind!
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