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Enigmatic AbhIya #201

Welcome to Enigmatic AbhIya AT, heaven/home for AbhIya lovers..come relive the memories, share, shower your love, memories, experience through this long journey and post everything related to PKYEK and AbhIya. Thanks to everyone who made it happen to 200th AT
P.S Thankyou to HannaHug For such a beautiful Layout for 200th AT,Appy_Andy, Viz (I-Love-Sobti) for the wonder tags, layouts and Dishu for the "ABHIYA DAIRY"Hug.We are thankful from core of our hearts and appreciate Your dedication to AbhIya and Your Work. The text is written byPoco as to her honor we kept it through all the 200  ATs and still it's here, edited by SmokeySilence...
P.S.S. Please do not copy Our Page, Creation, text or anything from this thread with out our Permission

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1)this is abhay & piya appreciation thread & if u are die hard abhiyan/abhay-piya fan as a couple then you are wholeheartedly welcome in the at.only ardent "abhiya" shippers are allowable..

2)AT is meant for appreciation of abhay n piya as a couple so no bashing is allowed.if any member is seen bashing abhiya in at. the fellow abhiyans are free to complain to mods of the at & are free to warn the particular member if repeated.then the person will be not be allowed to be ap shipper anymore & illicited from posting in at.

3)this is any appreciated thread. its not always compulsary to stick to abhay-piya talks but  u can talk about pkyek n your pov n constructive criticism is allowed in accordance but it should be sound fair and modest language is appreciable.  

4)before posting please check your name in the members list. you are not allowed to post a single bit without being a member. use pm service to be a member. If anyone founded doing the strict action will be taken. no exception.

5)if in any case you were found bashing ap n being abhiya shipper in forums u will be without a doubt be barred being a member of at. we are not restricted to invites but this muti facetted personalities will not be tolerated.

6)follow IF COC rules in order. we don't want our beloved abhiya loveland getting warnings n note by modes.

Lastly enjoy drooling in abhiyalicious world ..


1)Vivian and Sukirti do a fab job in portraying our beloved abhay and piya respectively. Let us  show them how much we love and appreciate their work by commenting on their  profiles twice a day and viewing it as many times as possible. this will increase their if rank. do join their fan club if u haven't already!.



it has been observed many people claimed to be a fan for the sake of joining the AT. Please dont do it and refrain from polluting the peaceful environment of the AT. if you are caught on double act and back stabbing you will be banned from AT and to take worse action reported to MODs.

Credit:Thanks to Appy for the beautiful tag. and Thanks to Aqib for the help

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P.S-We are keeping this section due to the immense hardwork and time Dishu gave to this section. thanks so much to her. This section Credit will go fully to Dishu For beautiful writing and Niya(Fantasizing love) for such a Beautifully PS love ya bothHug
PICS CREDT-Niya,Bani,Shivi and Ishi

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CREDIT-DISHU (Abhiyafan_dishu)Hug for writing such a beautiful text really innovativeEmbarrassed . and it took a lot of time and efforts to write this section so we are not changing this section. we appriciate to Coreand Biya(FantasizingLove)For this without You it haven't been possible.
PICS CREDIT-Niya,Bani,Tanzie and Ishi
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Abhay and Piya has endless scenes which makes you smile, makes you happy, make you want to feel like crying, broke your heart, burns your screen, gives your goosebumps but this section is exclusively choosen by fans and media as scenes of AbhIya which tugs the strings of your heart. online media as Fuzion and TC has mentioned some scenes exclusively hearttouching of AbhIya and by taking opinion of fans we have selected some scenes... here's them in images to relive your memories

1.  Abhay takes Away Piya's memories to keep her safe forever: How much can you love someone? So much that for the sake of your beloved's safe keeping even you can leave her or make her forget you forever. That's Abhay and Piya: 

2. They First Meet: The very first time they saw each other's face. Piya fell from the cliff while mountain hiking and Abhay was downstairs he came running and saved her. She fell into his arms and mesmerizing looks at his eyes. The very first time he saved her and the journey started. 

3.  Abhay - Piya as Romeo Juliet: When a play becomes reality for two people.
" Abhay says Romeo's dialogue to Piya as he is saying himself it to her "phir kau ho tum mujhse itni dur...chali ao,chali ao mere paas..." And words come in my mind-an unusually charismatic chemistry &  irrevocably inflaming pair on the making.

4. Kiss under the snow: Abhay supports and saves Piya from Danish and finally Piya admits she justn't want to fight with Abhay as she feels something for him. Under the snowfall on a beautiful dreamy bridge Abhay melts and kisses her. Then vanishes. Still it's a mystery if the kiss was real or Piya was dreaming. 

5. Most Unique Sorry: Can anyone ever apologize in Abhay Raichand style? In rage after knowing Piya was impersonating Maithili to know his secret he fought with her and then left her in a cave all night. In the morning he rescued her himself and guilty of doing this to her. In a closed classroom he apologizes to heals her scratches she got while staying in the cave every scratch with a Healing Kiss. Heart 

6.  Abhay heals Piya in the hospital: He left her but she wasnt supposed to let him go and she was dying so he had to come back for her. to heal her and he just lay beside her because he will be beside her no matter what: 

7. Confession of love: Finally Abhay gives in and tells Piya he loves her and cannot stay away from her anymore: 

8. An Innocent Kiss of Love: How many times we have seen Abhay smile? Well it's only possible for his ladylove Piya. he throws a challenge to Piya to kiss him infront of class and she approves. and the result brings some of the rare smile on his face.

9. Abhay saved Piya endless times: As consequence of shocking revelation as Arnab Dobriyal is Piya's father, Misha pushes Piya and she fells on the bookcase of glass. Glass shattered into her body but her dark knight is here to rescue her from everyone. Nobody can stop him.

10. Possessive Abhay: Piya asks -"who the hell you think you are?--"who am i?...and abhay replies: "I don't need to tell you what I'm to you" - with a pull taking her into his arms.

11. "You are my angel Abhay" - PiyaShe comes back in Dehradun forgetting Abhay. She gets into trouble and he saves her again covering his face. A drunk and lost Piya asks him if he will come to save her if she jumps from a cliff and calls him her OWN ANGEL.

12. Nothing can tear them apart: Abhay takes Piya's memory and though she comes back forgetting him. The pull inside her heart leads him to a frozen Abhay under the ground and when she touches the ice, she breaks the spell and makes him alive again even without knowing what is he to HER.

13. Love of a Predator and Prey: Piya gets her memory back even though so much of Abhay's trying that she should never remember about their relationship. But he cant change the law of heart. Abhay says: Piya can a prey love the predator? 
Piya: Yes Abhay if the prey has the ability and courage to love the predator. Heart

14. Possessive Piya: Finally when Abhay and Piya were in relationship Piya holds Abhay's collar as result of teasing her and warns him sweetly even if she laid en eye on any other woman she will kill him, Abhay is only Piya's.

15. Abhay Proposes Piya for marriage: Abhiya meets a happy ending. After fighting werewolves they are finally together after a lot of hardships in their relationship as Abhay comes back as human. They left Dehradun and finally Abhay proposes Piya to make her HIS forever as Man and Wife: 

Credit: All scene selection credit goes to TC, FuzionProduction, Shreya, Sarah, Indu, Nidu, Snigdha, Diya, Ayesha, Urvi, Peehu, Renu..All Icon making & text credit: SmokeySilence

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(You can gets acessed with every AbhIya Scene with HQ vedio and Edited with effects,Sounds )


All the Youtube channels below contains plenty of beautiful AbhIya video mixes.. to relish and relive your abhiya memories on them.. do see and comment on the youtube channel and if you have more channels which has AbhIya VMs kindly PM in this account to inform us. we will add them here Smile



-Love Bird Pahal-



































Credit-Viz/I_love_sobti for the outstanding tag Hug thanks to Bani, Shivi for the links.
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